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The Girl Who Lived

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Vervaina, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    (this title is for my fellow Potterheads…)

    Hello to anyone reading this!!!

    I have been out of the loop since last fall.

    I was upgraded to stage 4 cancer (mets to the bones) and so I went offline (except to pay bills and necessary emails).

    My online time is still very limited.

    update - Dr Gordon (amazing surgeon) performed my mastectomy in July and it was later found (in November) that I had gotten a bad CT scan before the surgery I was already stage 4 before I went under the knife.

    I have been all over the country (and now even to Europe) for latest treatment and info. My journey has even lead me to get treatment at the famed Hallwang Klinic in Germany.

    Cancer research and info seems to change on a daily basis right now and much of the info seems contradictory.

    I would like to post some of what the top cancer docs have been telling me if anyone here is interested in a JK themed version of "Truth or Bullshit" for good fun (or maybe helpful to some)
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would love to read what you will post.

    My DW had a lung cancer that metastasized to her spine.
    She found about all that when one of her vertebra collapsed 50%.

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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Vervaina .....so glad to see you here. I have thought of you so often and wondered how you are doing.

    Please share what you are learning.....

    How are you doing?
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  4. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    I have thought of you often, as well. So good to hear from you!
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  5. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Thinking of you as well. Please share!
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  6. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @JanSz I was sorry to read about your DW last year. I imagine you have a lot of acquired info on this subject.
  7. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

  8. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    It is interesting that when you have a proliferation of cancer cells you are no longer able to enjoy many of the lifestyle and habits that provide “health and wellness” to the average person. I guess this is because the cancer cells are our very own cells and not some foreign invaders we are trying to kill.

    So what makes YOU strong and healthy can often also strengeth YOUR cancer cells as well. Likewise some of the things that are bad for you (and particularly your mitochondria and microbiome) will often be bad for your cancer cells as well. Chemo is an example of something hard on both you and your cancer cells, so is becoming mildly anemic. Glutathione is an example of something that is good for our bodies but can also bring benefit to our cancer cells making them stronger and harder to kill.

    The point is that striving for health and wellness is not always serving you when you are trying to save your life because you have cancer. Once in remission you can then try and repair all the damage that you taken by weakening and killing (or healing depending on your point of view) your cancer cells bringing your body back into a state of redox, balance, and health.

    I have found it so interesting to think along this new paradigm – that something that is “ good “for me isn’t always what I should be doing right now. And that what is “bad” for me may very well be what I SHOULD be doing right now.
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  9. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    But I wonder about the whole picture - of course some of the things we do to treat cancer can cause cancer (both conventional and some alternative treatments can do this). Even some of the natural therapies meant to be hard on cancer can still raise stress hormones like cortisol and increase things like COX2 or VEGF which can benefit the cancer. So was the treatment then worth it in the end? Hard to know.

    But grounding, UV, hydration, and sleep… the fundamental given to us by nature are all safe and mostly cost free ways to benefit your body without benefiting the cancer (well safe UV exposure anyway but see below).
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  10. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Ok so here is one… does this sound probable or like BS?

    One of my doctors that is pro UV says that UV is not so straightforward for cancer patients. Many cancer patients have a mutated P53 gene (as I do) that isn’t working. P53 plays an important role in apoptosis, DNA repair and stability.

    P53 is stimulated by UV light but if the gene is broken then UV isn’t turning it on (or at least not turning it on enough).

    So here is the scenario they have found - The person with cancer goes out in the UV and P53 isn’t working like it should be so they are not protected from the UV. Apoptosis isn’t stimulated and any DNA damage from the radiation isn’t being repaired.

    So basically if you have a P53 gene that isn’t working and you already have cancer you therefore should already have the perfect internal terrain for growing more cancer (like a Warburg shifted metabolism, high lactate levels, sticky blood, low functioning immune system, etc). Then could the sun be dangerous in this situation? Is getting as much UV as you can a bad idea if you have cancer?

    One more finding is that sunlight is mutagenic enough to continue to worsen the mutation of the P53 gene when it is not working to protect us (and itself)

    But I am sure this is not the whole story. I have read that research has found that the highest number of cancer patients effected by this situation are those who live in higher elevations. And since P53 is connected to O2, CO2, and oxidative stress there is more going on here than UV radiation.

    One could try there luck and get so much UV it might fix there P53 mutation which may eliminate the cancer. But AM sunlight sounds like it would be a safer option here

    SO could this be a situation of sunlight being good for our wellness unless one has cancer/P53 mutation?
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I wish I could help in some way Vervaina ......

    But .....I can listen - and think and pray positive thoughts for you xoxo
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I would make assumption that sunlight will not hurt.
    Above comes with assumption that one uses one whole month to gradually and daily condition his/her whole body to the sunlight.
    Myself, I additionally use MT-2 injections to increase my melanin level.

  13. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I am led to think that autophagy and lowering deuterium levels would create conditions that would never give the gene a choice in the matter of cancer. Dr Laszlo Boros reversed cancer pre-cursors by lowering his deuterium levels and intake via plenty of fatty meats and a bit of ddw. I don't remember him mentioning the role of sunlight or other kruse protocols with these steps; which is a question I would like to pose to him that might already be answered in Kruse's private thoughts and writings on deuterium.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I don't think DDW saved him.........moving out of LA for 6 months a year however was more wise.
  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    DDW=Deuterium Depleted Water
    Boros hardly drinks any water. He admits to drinking (0.2 - 0.25) liters/day
    When comparing that to 5-6 liters/day (that you support), it would be immaterial if his water must be DDW.
    But he may be worrying about the deuterium that he breads in.
    In some places, I have seen speculations that air-conditioned air is less humid. So it contains less water. We are breathing about 2 liters of water daily.
    Overall, he is a gong ho, on reducing deuterium intake any way he can, saying that any drinkable water should have no more than 130ppm (D/H).
    He looks good and is active, physically, and mentally.
    I assume that he likely pees out much more than hi drinks.
    What he does doesn't dehydrate him. (I would take that as a given).
    His explanation is based on not getting dehydrated by doing what he does.

    It would not hurt to check osmolality, but when one would exclude peoples with weak kidneys, then it seems that his method may have some validity.

  16. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    @caroline Thank you for just being amazing!
  17. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Hmmm your comment makes me wonder about depleting deuterium and the over all back bone to DNA. When you have a gene or genes that are lacking in expression and you are wanting to increase that expression (like the P53 gene ) could deuterium depletion contribute to the inhibition of such genes?
  18. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Defeating Cancer by Gabor Somlyai - "Deuterium depletion inhibited the expression of oncogenes as well as that of the p53 gene in mice."

  19. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    So he has built up his EZ and lives mostly off metabolic water?
  20. Vervaina

    Vervaina New Member

    Still drinking DDW AND got out of Miami 1 week after our conversation. This should be a double save :) (j/k)
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