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The Gilbert Ling Wikipedia Project

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by PaulG, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Gagnrad

    Gagnrad New Member

    Must have taken you a long time, a lot of work in there. Well done.

    The section that you talk about --


    I read it. Might it be better broken up into shorter paragraphs? That might make it easier for a reader to assimilate.

    It does need proof reading. There are errors of number in verbs -- e.g. "ideas fits". Sometimes plurals are formed like possessives ("identical in both scenario's"), and sometimes the apostrophe is missing from a possessive -- e.g. "worlds smallest particles".

    In terms of style there are some oddities.

    Slang creeps in: so we have "way ahead of his time" for "far ahead of his time".

    We also have:

    Biologists might believe things; biology doesn't.

    There's a similar construction here:

    You could have "The central dogma of biology is ...". Or you could have "Today biologists believe ...". But in that sentence you've got a dogma believing something, which it can't.

    I don't think this kind of thing really matters -- certainly not in informal contexts (such as on a message board) but it does tend to undermine the authority of information put out for public consumption.
  2. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Paul you can add the cites. They are all from his books.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and papers.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Ling’s ideas, were also considered radical and not parsimonious. His idea were a better fit for quantum mechanics but the laws of quantum mechanics were being worked out at the same time Ling's idea's emerged from his mind and his experiments. His ideas fits the way a cell works in vivo. He was way ahead of his time, so far ahead that no one could fathom what his science implied back in the 1950s The development of the MRI by the Fonar corporation and Ray Damadian are a testimony to his acumen. Experiments in physics and biology have finally caught up to Ling’s work now. QED involves itself with the study of the worlds smallest particles. The elelctromagnetic force is the one physical natural force that controls charge particles with infinite range and power. Yet, the central dogma of biology today believes that all life's is somehow tied to the products of DNA, namely genes. Ling's experiments showed the scientists who read them that biology played on a smaller molecular scale than genes; moreover, that scale used electrons, protons, and the electromagnetic force to move these particles around proteins to alter how biochemistry was observed to perform in vivo in many of his animal experiments. Proteins are normally surrounded by water in vivo. When biochemistry is studied most cells are homogenized to remove water to make it easier to study biochemical reactants and just study the proteins within them. This is an unnatural state of affairs, and has led science to some false assumptions for close to 50 years. Ling realized this early on because of his experimental results in frogs. Piccardi also realize that water chemistry could radically alter and experiment if it was not controlled for in experiments in his study of climates. Gerald Pollack mentioned this linkage in his book, The Fourth Phase of Water. A biologic cell is a dissipative system by its very nature. This implies it has the role or purpose to break symmetry and create a metastable system to react to all environmental possibilities that the cell may face. Ling used the idea of "rigor mortis" to make his point about this state in humans brilliantly in his last two books. While a cell is designed to break symmetries, it must be associated with a molecule capable of breaking symmetry. It turns out all proteins are hydrated in vivo. Liquid water is the perfect chemical to break symmetry with in all life forms. The reason is found in water's molecular 3 D arrangements. Liquid water has perfect symmetry in that no matter from which direction you look at the molecules, the view is the same from a molecular standpoint. But water can and does lose its symmetry in nature naturally. If the water freezes to ice, the perfect symmetry is lost or broken and the property of rigidity emerges in its lattice. The same is true when water becomes a gas or a liquid, a hydronium ion, or an OH group in reactions of charge separating events. Symmetry is broken by any phase transition. This occurs many times in biochemical reaction of cells. And as such, all breaks of symmetry require a transfer of energy by the laws of physics to satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Symmetry is also broken any time temperature rises or falls or when electrons or protons are moving in any biochemical reaction. Any transfer of energy has the potential to break symmetry and therefore to give rise to emergent properties in the products of these reactions. Ling showed this beautifully, in his experiments with insulin in frog muscles. Insulin reacts differently at high and low temperatures even though its molecular chemical formula is identical in both scenario's. It turns out changes in the atoms that make up insulin rotate and move within their lattice such that insulin can not act to move glucose into cells for metabolic use as one would expect in temperature below 61 degrees. This keeps glucose in the blood plasma where it acts as an antifreeze like chemical in many amphibians and mammals during winter months. One must remember there is a seasonal variation of the electromagnetic force in winter and it is this force that induces the 3D molecular rearrangement that cause insulin to lose its natural function we expects as winter slowly comes on. As such insulin function degrades in cold temperatures without any changes to it molecular formula.

    In humans, cancer is a state of excessive symmetry breakage for proteins that generate energy in the cytochromes of mitochondria. Ray Damadian read Ling's work and used many of Ling's ideas to develop MRI scanning technology. Ling's AI hypothesis postulated that the protons from water hydration shells should look differently in an altered electromagnetic field because oncogenesis is an process where symmetry is destroyed and wellness is a "quantum superposition" o possible state where symmetry is kept stable by the atomic size of K+ ions and their interactions with water around proteins.

    The cellular matrix is flooded with specific proteins coded for DNA and translated by RNA because of the special abilities they all contain in their 3 D molecular arrangements. These chemicals are all are designed to react in quantized fashion the environment they are in. Their molecular arrangement is such that they can react to a myriad of different environments by small changes in the atoms, their bonds, and even in the bonding angles within their molecular lattice. Ling was early to recognize that most ions and catalysts play a role in withdrawing or donating electrons to and from key proteins in biochemical reactions in cell to cause physiology to perform. He was also the first person to document that insulin was thermoplastic hormone in frog muscle. This means the hormone functions differently above and below certain temperatures. When these changes occurred in frog muscles during his experiments he was the first person to realize insulin was associated with a phase transition in the proteins in muscles. Symmetry is also broken any time temperature rises or falls or when electrons or protons are moving in any biochemical reaction. Any transfer of energy has the potential to break symmetry and therefore to give rise to emergent properties in cells and tissues. All proteins have bends in them. Most have 4 levels of bending called primary, second, tertiary, and quaternary structure. The first two conformational bends are directly controlled by the DNA and RNA code. In other words, the first two bends are givens of the system. The last two, called tertiary and quaternary bending however are 100% subject to the redox potential of the cellular environment. The redox potential is directly proportional to cellular environments electromagnetic field that the proteins find themselves in. In this way, the system is designed to read and react to these electromagnetic signals and proteins are electronically induced to become activated or deactivated by the movements of electrons in proteins of the absorbants or adsorbants within the cells structure. Protons are liberated from the water hydration shells that surround all intracellular proteins. This occurred natural, without any energy input because when water is adjacent to a hydrophilic substance water is broken down to protons and hydoxyl ions. Since the electromagnetic force is the force in nature that controls all charged particles, electrons and protons could be moved around the cells to control signaling on a subatomic scale. Ling showed experimentally that the proposed theory of ATP hydrolysis to catalyze biochemical reactions broke the second law of thermodynamics by a wide margin. Arthur Eddington had a famous quote that said any idea that is not congruent with the second law is not a natural law but a false theory. Unfortunately, for biochemistry they did not pay attention to Eddington, who was the scientist/astronomer that experimentally confirmed Einstein's Theory of Relativity by showing that sun light bent around Mercury in an jungle early in the 20th century.

    Today, biology continues to believe that life’s stage occurs on nucleic acids, namely DNA and RNA. Ling's work showed close to 50 years ago that life's stage might happen on a much smaller scale by electronic induction and electrostatic forces of association between water and proteins. These two forms of matter are what eventually bound a cell together using intracellular water as the battery and K+ ions as the glue which held the water in a liquid crystalline structure even when the cell membrane was stripped off the cells by Ling in his lab experiments. His work has gone largely untapped by modern medicine and holds promise for future biophysicists and their experiments.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I put what I wrote here so we don't lose it
  7. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    The original plan was to write one article on Gilbert and publish that and then one on the AIH. To this end I asked Gilbert to write a six line summary of AIH and a longer summary in layperson language and with illustrations. Gilbert has done this but unfortunately the latter is 26 pages long and written in first person and needs substantial rewrite for wiki purposes. I also have not seen the illustrations but what I would love to see is animation that compares membrane pump theory with the AIH theory together with voice over explaining it all. Unfortunately I do not have the skills to do this. I could write a layperson account of AIH but I would need to cite it back to the original books and papers which is relatively tricky. I also have reservations whether wiki would accept the article as they have a policy of non original research and there are few independent sources that discuss the AIH.

    So I would like to expand the section on AIH in the current article but it has to be factual and related to Gilberts ideas not Jack Kruse. The second more detailed AIH article I may be able to sneek in what Jack wrote above as it is excellent. Wiki is an online encyclopaedia not a platform for philosophical, political, scientific, social commentary/speculation and the style has to be quite dry.
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  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Could we perhaps have Gilbert's 26 page discussion in a pdf available here?
  9. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    I am way behind in writing up the AIH wiki but it is quite hard to understand and even harder to summarise in plain english that most people could understand.

    As a kid I loved the film Fantastic Voyage

    and although the human body is extremely complex I think it may be possible to depict it not in words but in images. Am I deluding myself?

    This TED talk goes into this vision

    And modern fantastic voyages

    Apparently a decision was made to remove 95% of actual cell activity to make it 'cinematic' and uncluttered.

    So, do you think an animated version of the AIH is possible? similar to the videos below??

    So anyone who fully understand membrane pump theory and association induction theory and can storyboard the animation please forward your CV....
  10. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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