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The Elephant in the World 2020

Discussion in 'The Kruse Longevity Center' started by KellyR, May 14, 2020.

  1. KellyR

    KellyR New Member

    I am wondering if there is a place here on the site where people are discussing the current situation our world is in and how to best to handle it.
    Being a Gemini I am split ... sit back ... watch the show and say nothing .... take a Taoist approach basically.... or try to awaken the people who are asleep through awareness ?
    The second one comes w a risk ... big brother watching , plus it will take lots of my energy .
    Btw BB is the Elephant.... a very sick, dark, demented one at that .
    What are your thoughts ?
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  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I have been pondering this too.. and not easy for me at all.

    This elefant. It is so weird that I constantly think, when do I wake up from this dream.

    I am not sure this is the right approach, but what I do is, I am speaking out loud what truth is(I keep it very down to earth and not theories).
    I have joined groups. I follow doctors and other people trying to bring reality into this dream. I talk to people, I say what I think.
    I act, like I am not putting on a mask when shopping even if I am the only one (masks are mandatory here when shopping).

    It is a real challenge do be present here and now, not worry, and still see clearly.
    I have to fall deep into myself, into that safe and silent place... also sit back and watch. I think we can do both of those things. We do not need to choose one, you know? :)

    You can talk here about it, I guess. I have been talking about it at several places on this forum.

    Imagine... next week restaurants open here and I can start work again.. but is only allowed to work with mask on.
    This is very hard for me. Really really hard.
    I am sure I will find a way. I try not worry too much on forehand. You never know what happens tomorrow anyways. And when time is there, I trust I will find a solution.
    Huh :)
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you seen Jack's last few webinars and Q&A's?
  4. KellyR

    KellyR New Member

    Hi Inger
    Love your picture of you and Jack
    and your idea to stay present and watch is
    Beautiful !!

    Know that I enjoyed reading your response
    and I can relate to you on many different levels .
    The Shamans say this world is as you dream it . Osho said “ Its not a matter of a different world it’s a matter of a different you because when you change through awareness your whole world changes.”
    I believe there is truth to this .
    Byron Katy comes to mind who seems to live in a peaceful state of constant ever loving joy after her awakening many years ago .
    Through her Work sheet to solve ones issues there are a series of self discovery questions
    and the first question on this work sheet is : Are you sure your issue is true ? Are you absolutely sure this is a problem ?

    Ex I fear there is a very evil group behind this flu and they want to mandate vaccines and Marshal law and make us slaves ”

    If I were to answer Byrons first question I would have to answer “No I am not absolutely sure of this . “
    And with this being the case ...then her response would be ...”Then why am I allowing myself to get all upset or stressing over something that hasn’t happened or may not be true “.
    Our body reacts to such thoughts as though it is real and then these thoughts can become habitual ... brain circuits that fire together wire together according to Joe Dispenza and then that negative thought becomes a habit .
    In order to be fearful we have to go back in history or forward to the future . Staying in the here and now and remembering who “I am “ I am Eternal Loving awareness is where the peace resides .
    So with all that said I have decided to do as yourself ... stay present and stop trying to save the world and work on myself .

    If I had to wear a mask to keep a job I would first try to get away with not wearing it . It is not good to keep breathing the same air through the mask and it decreases oxygen in take .
    If I had to because I needed the job ...I would put a bunch of tiny holes in the mask to breath better or even better make my own mask out of non synthetic cloth with lots of aeration .
    Thanks for sharing .
  5. KellyR

    KellyR New Member

    Hi Caroline
    To answer your question no I have not
    but would like to .
    Would you be so kind to direct me?
    I sometimes have trouble finding my way around the forum .
    Thank You very much
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Kelly. You need to be a silver member to see/read the monthly webinars and a gold member to access and participate in the monthly Q&A's. All this information is on the home page. Sometimes the webinars can be purchased separately.

    It would be a good idea to contact mission control [Christy] and ask about all this.....things seem to be changing a little.

    Alternatively you can become a patreon member and have access to Jack's blogs that way.

    I still have trouble finding my way around here!

    Please let me know how you go.
  7. KellyR

    KellyR New Member

    Thank You Caroline, I will check it out .
    I do remember researching some of his various memberships in the past .
    Appreciate the info .
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