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Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN 5G GOES LIVE? IT ALREADY HAS........If you travel a lot you better pay attention. The start of the disease is not important, but when they decided to put WiFI inside a metal tube with 250 people inside is a big deal and when they got to 3 G and 4G this is when illness showed up because heteroplasmy rates in mitochondria ramped up in flight attendants. I actually spoke to a Delta union about this and warned them it was coming in the next few years.......and now American is feeling the effect of non-linear aspects of light by seeing medical costs rise. The power density of the network is the key missing link for the airline industry. 5G is going to kill people quickly in a plane. See CARIE FISHER as our canary in the coal mine from 2017 for what is coming soon 24/7 for us all.

    Her lifestyle and job as a shift worker under blue light and nnEMF for decades gave her a low heteroplasmy rate. Heteroplasmy rates rise as our ability to generate heat in the mitochondria DECLINE.

    The hotter an engine can run the more efficient it is. This is why a jet engine is more efficient than the one in your car.........but nothing man has ever built matches the efficiency of the mitochondrial matrix heat engine.

    What atom is in the matrix? H+ = hydrogen in the protium isotopic form. It heats up faster than its other isotopes and it makes perfect thermodynamic sense why nature chose it over deuterium to run our hydrogen heat engine.

    Carnot showed us a few hundred years ago how a hydrogen heat engine like mitochondria really operates. He showed that the best way to increase the efficiency of a heat engine was to increase the difference in the temperature from the heat source (matrix) inside the engine and the exterior surroundings.
    Fisher's life as a shift working actor decreased the colony of mitochondria in her to make heat. As it got worse in her retinohypothalamic tract she could not make the 6 chemicals that come from POMC. One of them is beta-endorphin. When you do not make enough of this because your hydrogen heat engine runs cooler.........you begin to have to use exogenous drugs to offset the inability to make this chemical from the lack of heat your colony can create. As she lived, her heteroplasmy rate lowered further with her drug use. Another chemical made from POMC is alpha MSH. This controls appetite and your skin color. It controls how much melanin is in your skin to absorb sunlight well or poorly. Carrie was white as ghost almost her entire life. As her hydrogen heat engines failed alpha MSH crashed and she became leptin resistant and got obese. There is a deep lesson here for those not ASLEEP because of what they learned in their flawed pasts.

    As heat generation capability drops, less energy is made to do the physiologic work of making chemicals our cells rely on to operate properly.

    Frequent flyers will soon be wise to buy term insurance once the transition to 5G is met. In December 2018 we are at this point. Next weekend I will be bringing this story to Los Angeles to many of Ms. Fisher friends and co-workers. I expect sudden deaths, heart attacks, psychotic breaks, and blood clots to become commonplace on frequent flyers, stewardess, and pilots. Any shift working business traveler better know the real reason why Ms. Fisher had the life she did. It was all caused by how the AC power grid, blue light, and nnEMF conspired to decrease the amount of heat her colony of mitochondria made and it leads to chronic leptin resistance.

    The AC power grid, with blue light nnEMF exposure (2G-5G) day or night, degrades your heat engines = HETEROPLASMY RATE. How does the cascade appear to the clinician? Melanopsin dysfunction = causes melatonin to vanish = leptin resistance = mitochondriac and melanopsin wisdom and proves ‘your’ food gurus continued downward spiral of reliability persists. They have no idea how your hydrogen heat engines operate.

    Black Swan clinicians do.

    More sun = more melatonin = less chance of leptin resistance. More time spent within the AC power grid, = more tech use = more screen time = more blue light = 2g-5G EXPOSURE = your colony of hydrogen heat engines cannot generate heat = sickness comes faster and death comes sooner.

    JUST ASK Ms. FISHER if Uncle Jack is wrong. Be careful who your experts are. Hire the right people......not the popular ones.

  2. Penny

    Penny New Member

    So, basically 5G went live at the same time as the new uniforms? Or is there something about the uniforms?
  3. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Dr Pall gave a compelling presentation recently about 5G and it was chilling.

    Current 4G networks are bad enough from a public health standpoint, but he believes 5G will be far worse. Although wireless industry would have us believe that 5G biological effects essentially manifest at skin level he pointed out that magnetic energy of RF-EMF (RF waves are electro-magnetic) actually go deep into our bodies and (amazingly) are capable of reconstituting the electric energy portion in original frequency and power deep inside body.

    Holy mackerel, that idea sent shivers down my spine.

    Also, he cited a case where a cell tower (apparently 4G) was placed near cattle herds. A calf was later born with cataracts-- RF-EMF had penetrated deep into the mother's dense body and irradiated calf fetus.

    Among other dire projections, Dr Pall believes within 5-7 years society will suffer a catastrophic collapse in our collective brain function due to microwaves.
  4. JackieNewZealand

    JackieNewZealand New Member

    Yikes ... horrid stuff. Feel sorry for young people. At least at 62 have had some reasonable life behind me,
    but for the little ones it's more than a minor crime ... it's torture and murder. Evil knows no bounds.
  5. recoen

    recoen Gold

    I am not sure how any consumer or industry is ok with biological effects at the skin level anyways- Given the amount of people with eczema and other dermatitis issues.
  6. JackieNewZealand

    JackieNewZealand New Member

    Surely you're aware that the main goal of the upper elite is a lower population. We're just "useless eaters" and destroying
    their planet. They want to kill us and they worship evil. LOADS of satanic symbolism is thrown in our faces with pop culture, Super Bowl, music industry etc etc. Easy to see if you look ... also clearly written on the Georgia Guidestones:

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  7. recoen

    recoen Gold

    Yes @JackieNewZealand . My comment was more about if people are already experiencing increasing problems with their skin then why would they knowingly submit to more. When the industry is clearly saying there will be skin effects (obviously we know there will be effects below as well). I would argue many people really care about their skin (trauma from acne..?). So this really cofounds me but as always they are too busy to look up from their phones. Sheeples :/.
  8. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    You might be surprised how many people would willingly put up with bad skin as a trade off for increased bandwidth on their smartphones and iphones.

    Anyway, from what I observe in public these days plenty of people have lusterless, splotchy, dull skin already. Even many young millennial women who should be in fresh flowery bloom of youth are absent that glow I have seen in earlier young generations.

    I call it the new age 'microwaved' look.
  9. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Please don't confuse stupidity and blind greed with intentional evil. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nice. ^^^^
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What happens in the atmospheric plasma defines how your skin will look appear and operate.

    Are your beginning to understand mitochondria operating as the most efficient hydrogen heat engine nature has ever built by reading my page? If not, here is another lesson for you. As heat is transferred from hotter to colder things inside of a cell, heat is thermalized and entropy must increase according to Rudolf Clausius work on thermodynamics. How does life seeming avoid this downward spiral to equilibrium? The heat created within the colony of your mitochondria hydrogen heat engines must be tightly controlled. It cannot be thermalized. The heat is not thermalized because the water a mitochondrion makes is highly refined DDW. This water has a much higher heat capacity than water with deuterium in it. This water can bury a massive amount of heat capacity inside of it to keep the cell as far from equilibrium as possible.

    In papers animals treated with DDW (deuterium - depleted water) showed an increase of the resistance both to sublethal and to lethal gamma radiation doses, suggesting a radioprotective action by the stimulation of non-specific immune defense mechanism. This makes it a key defense to nnEMF in the environment.

    How DDW is able to engulf and affect the topology of proteins is critical to understand life. Because mitochondria make heat, understanding how this heat affects other physical properties of water is key. It appears nature has figured out how to delay the onset of entropy by using DDW and heat in unison. It appears to me to be the ultimate move to slow the rate of decay by controlling order and disorder physically by altering deuterium concentrations in cells. This is why the parabiosis studies show the blood of younger animals works so well. It is the water that a colony of young mitochondria make that provides the answer. The water in young blood is the key to wellness and disease resistance.

    The decrease in surface tension with increasing temperature in nature is usually associated with a decrease in density due to the increase of intermolecular distances. However, it should be noted, DDW is quite a different animal. In every experimental measurement I have ever seen, they seem to indicate that the changes of surface tension far exceed the corresponding change in density. This means that DDW has a massive effect on the topology of proteins as DDW wets the surface of the protein. This allows proteins to AVOID decay and degradation of ubiquitin marking. This is how cells seem to hold the second law of thermodynamics at bay to stay in a non-equilibrium state. It appears the frequencies in sunlight is the key stimulus our cell needs to make this type of water in our colony of mitochondria. For example, in studies of DDW the temperature range from 0 to 100°C, the volume of DDW is only altered by 4% while surface tension is reduced by 22%.

    This is a massive topologic effect.
    Topology is a branch of mathematics focused on the fundamental shapes of things as they change.

    THE TOPOLOGY OF THE SKIN IS AFFECTED MASSIVELY by the atmopsheric plasma changes in the modern world.

    Topologic changes allow for shapeshifting, in living systems using light from the sun in a very controlled fashion. This "fashion" is referred to as QUANTIZED. This also means that alien light waves can disrupt our topologic insulators quite easily. The changes can be subtle below our perception level to understand what is really going on. Light frequencies subtracted from the rest of the sun's barcode of waves, its energy fingerprint can change how shapes in water clusters change to deal with how we control heat. Examples of other topologic processes in nature using different substance than water are superconductivity, spintronics, the quantum Hall effect, and the inverse magnetic Hall spin effect.

    Black Swans are unique because they see and sense the same things as everyone else, but they are capable of thinking what no one else has thought about what they have observed. This is why their perspective diverges from the crowds and paradigms.

    I'll give you another example of how powerful this divergent idea is........

    Geo-engineering chemtrails, by design, lower the quantum yield of sunlight's power by changing the topology of water around other substances in the atmosphere...........just think about the collateral damage that might cause given what I said above?

    Chemtrails what do you know about their physics? Can they influence your mitochondria's ability to sense light energy from the sun? Yes, they can. A method for forming a cloud of artificial ionization above the earth by initially heating the resident plasma at a desired altitude with electromagnetic radiation having a frequency approximately the same as that of the ambient plasma. As the plasma frequency increases due to heating, the radiation frequency is also increased until the final maintenance frequency is attained.
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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