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Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    leptin alert: How does chronic lifelong melanopsin dysfunction in the subcutaneous fat lead to an obesity state that ruins mitochondrial function in old age to cause sarcopenia? The answer is the action of free retinal on leptin. Here is a paper that lays it out the situation clearly for the Black Swan. They found obese subcutaneous adipose tissue impairs human muscle cell regeneration, particularly in old skeletal muscle, via resistin-mediated activation of NFκB! Another Black swan belief gets a BOOM. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-33840-x

    Why do babies born to blue toxic parents with hypermethylated epigenomes get babies with jaundice who get necrotizing enterocolitis? They are blue light babies. They came from blue light sperm and eggs. I hoe for some docs here the NICU dots are connecting.......


    ^^^^TRUTH BOMB
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    NEC = Bazan long loop is destroyed by blue light and causes LR at the liver level (Leptin part deux blog) in the peripheral gut clocks cause by nurses and docs putting these kids under blue light. November 2018 webinar will tell you how to repair it. Jack has been very congruent for a long time. Most of you just did not understand how the pieces fit.

    Human photonics is destroyed by AC power grid powering flickering DC electronic devices.

    Are babies with NEC more likely to get a latent cancer?

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I want to draw your attention to analogy based on light. What do the Higgs Boson and retinal from melanopsin dysfunction have in common? Right now they both appear to control outcomes good and bad. For the Higgs boson its mass sits right between the mass of two major theories in physics.......SUSY and the multiverse. For freed retinal it seems to control the difference between health and illness. What controls the decision making process? Well, we seem to have the answer for retinal. It is the light environment around humans that is the answer. The Higgs, also known as the God particle does not have its answer yet, but I have a deep sense the answer is EXACTLY the same. Why do I say it?
    Finding the Higgs boson on 7/4/2012 caused the "stranded model" of physics a "massive" problem. Pun intended.
    The Higgs boson does indeed play a role in mass, but it's much less significant than you might think. Zooming in on you, we find that your body is made of organs, which are made of tissues, which are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons, and those electrons are incredibly wimpy — so insignificant that for most mass calculations they can simply be ignored. This is a physicist perspective of nature, but could never be a Black Swan perspective because life appears to care deeply about how electrons capture sunlight and excite electrons and cells have become expert in capturing that released energy when the electron falls to the ground state. Nature appears to be all about the light that electrons capture........and the Standard Model's math just wants to ignore this.
    This is why I disagree vehemently about the things with my physicists'' friends.
    Digging into the atomic nucleus, we find protons and neutrons, the meat and potatoes of the atom. But they too are made of even-smaller components — the quarks. Each proton and neutron is composed of a triplet of quarks tightly bound together by gluons, the carriers of the strong nuclear force.
    And here's where it gets really weird for physics. If you added up the masses of the three quarks that comprise each proton or neutron, you would only end up with around 1 percent of the total mass.
    That's right. The total mass of all the fundamental parts of you (electrons and quarks) is just a laughably tiny part of your weight. REALIZE THAT YOUR MITOCHONDRIA DEALS WITH ELECTRONS AND PROTONS EXCLUSIVELY. ALSO, REALIZE THAT YOUR MATRIX IS PARTIAL TO ONE SPECIFIC TYPE OF PROTON CALLED PROTIUM = H+. The other two types mitochondria and chloroplasts, like to exclude for the most part. Nature is attempting to teach physics something deep about her with this data but all of them are too busy looking at CERN data instead of inside mitochondria and chloroplast. Blacks Swans know better...........The answer for physics won't come from CERN. It will come from quantum biology in my humble educated opinion. I can guarantee you no card-carrying Stand Model believer will buy that statement. A consensus is not needed in science, in fact, science is always anti-consensus, because majority beliefs do not make any truths in science. DATA does. Life is nature's best experiment. CERN is physicists using math to model nature. That is a joke when you really think about it.
    Instead, most of the blame for tipping the scales in particle physics is the energy, something light is expert in carrying, determines most of the interactions between your parts. Even physics at its core is points to light energy as the big missing part of their own story, but they seem immune to this logic. Retinal is the supersymmetry I have been looking for in the leptin story that has been completed now by the remainder of the story built by melanopsin dysfunction.
    In physics, those gluons holding the protons and neutrons together are massless, but the very fact that they're doing their job — that is, gluing — gives rise to a binding energy.
    It costs ENERGY to rip apart a proton or neutron, and since we live in a universe where E=mc^2, energy is mass (the c for the speed of light just tells us how much energy is in a bit of mass; the fundamental concept in that famous relation is that mass and energy are totally equivalent).
    Hence, most of your MASS is really the binding energy (light) of your protons and neutrons. And none of that has anything to do with the Higgs boson. How beautiful to the Black Swan perspective is this set of circumstances?
    Even the news media in New Orleans is waking up to this reality I have been painting for 15 years. I wonder when my patients & friends will get the message loud and clear about how melanopsin dysfunction lowers melatonin levels because of the effects of free retinal to cause every disease on this planet? It appears free retinal ruins the bonding energy that allows cells to capture the light energy in electrons to allow life to happen.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    preemies born to moms with poor light environment and high heteroplasmy to begin with.

    Also why breast milk is such a benefit


    See what happens when I destroy your Dunning Kruger effect.......you begin to see where all the pieces for the first time LOUD and CLEAR. You eliminate all the bull shit food and supplement gurus sell about disease prevention.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MORE ON FACTOR Y: American life expectancy falling, as our tech addiction is rising. Let's not pretend all is well with our 'progress' in this 5G blue-lit world. By 2040, US projected to tumble to 64th place for life expectancy, behind China, a shaming national failure. I hope you really like that fast Netflix downloads for streaming your blue light addictions. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/17/health/life-expectancy-forecasts-study-intl/index.html
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sunlight shines on Earth-ionosphere and makes your protective conductive bubble and that bubble talks to your antenna int he brain called the thalamus.

    nnEMF ruins the fidelity of that communication.

    Artificial Blue light, divorced fo red and purple light in the visible spectrum ruin your protective bubble.

    This is how sleep is ruined.

    DO YOU LIVE IN A BUBBLE AND NOT KNOW IT? The human thalamus connects to the Schuman resonance every AM when sleep has demethylated the brainstem "enough" to allow for the connection to gain wakefulness. The key to understanding the real purpose of sleep is understanding that a hypermethylated brainstem blocks you from entering it under the cover of darkness when parts of the electromagnetic spectrum block you from entering its cycles designed to renew your brain electromagnetic function daily. Alfven waves occur at varying frequency oscillations, including Very Low Frequency(VLF). These Alfven(whistler) waves are created via high-frequency modulation of Earth's electrojets by dipole phased array facilities, such as HAARP and dozens of others worldwide. While this article and accompanying video suggest that VLF harmonics were related with the intended purpose of submarine communications, that is perhaps the least important function of ionospheric heaters, such as HAARP.

    Inducing magnetic fields around Earth are not accidental, as suggested by this propaganda piece below. Weather and military engineering is behind the agenda and that agenda is destroying sleep on a global basis by inducing free retina in your brainstem to destroy your sleep by hypermethylation the ascending reticular activating system that controls sleep. This impedes your connection to the Schuman resonance. l In fact, it was first demonstrated through high altitude nuclear testing can and would disrupt or create additional radiation belts around us. Even back then there were reports around nuclear blasts of people having sleep problems days after the explosions. This crude method of perturbing our ionosphere was later replaced by more precise mechanisms of triggering an Alfven wave because of military experiments around geo-engineering designed to create an atmosphere on the Moon and Mars in case a space force every became a reality in politics. Yesterday's science fiction is now today's reality.

    Additionally, Alfven waves are responsible for our Schumann Resonance. They speed around Earth at near that of light inducing magnetic fields and oscillations corresponding to their revolution per second. Manipulation of these harmonics(even by accident) has serious implications to human health, as our biological functions are tied to those natural vibrations.

    It turns out that very low-frequency waves, called VLF waves, we use for communicating with submarines (Becker's warning to the Navy in 1973) don’t just go deep down under the water—they also spill out into space above our heads and affect all living things ability to enter sleep to clean our DNA of methylation damage from living = melanopsin dysfunction for non mitochondriacs. A physicist and lawyer, Dr. Andrew Marino showed that these magnetic field alterations could change the Van Allen belts 90,000 km above Earth over 30 years ago and he gave this to Congress in Federal testimony. Why doesn't everyone know this? These magnetic fields are capable of interacting with particles in those radiation belts. They form a barrier that NASA’s Van Allen probes can see and you can too if you search google for their data arrays. 5G will affect these belts too and the global ability of all living things to sleep well.

    NASA now plans to experiment to see what we can do with VLFs on purpose...........What might they do with this data? People who cannot sleep well become easier to control because hypermethylated brainstems = low dopamine states. Without dopamine, you cannot think well. We call that cognitive haze in medicine.


  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Life has a tension between comfort and discomfort.

    Does light released from retinal determine comfort and discomfort and health and disease?

    The Schumann resonance is one of the original tensions that attune the thalamus for incoming waveforms of many different types from the environment. They need to be processed to be understood. Very few people know how to think in terms of a system, including academics who are actually not good at theory. They think knowledge is a pile of facts. They do not know how to conceptualize, innovate, or create their own ideas of what their senses bring to them. They do not know how to deduce into the unknown areas and innovate. Or simply operationalize general knowledge into actions and experiments with significance. All sensory input comes from the environment via the 5 senses and our mitochondria. Man is a producer of actions because of his neocortex.

    I would remind everyone reading this that the thalamus sense all its information to the specific layers in the neocortex for specific quantum reasons. It is the process of production of thoughts and actions which allows man to alter his environment, to contravene and interfere in the previously external process of evolution to affect change on his environment and for his environment to affect massive change on him. A sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension. Schumann taught us this in 1951, and yet we still don't realize he was teaching us about how energy can or can't flow from outside in or inside out.

    The Earth is a sphere surrounded by the ionosphere naturally on this planet. This makes Earth unique and how light operates within this sphere unique too. The light outside of this bubble has the full spectrum of light operational but within this bubble, the spectrum of light is not the same is it?

    That tension, from light energy, becomes a pulse wave for anything that lives within both spheres. When the tension changes in the environment the pattern of signaling changes between things in a cell. Blue light and non EMF change the tension in that sphere to increase ubiquitination rates by changing how we assimilate and use UV and IR light in our mitochondria on all things that live upon its tectonic plates. This building idea, in the video below, while done with good intent ignores the work of Rutger Wever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41Rdlb2IoYY
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The Schumann resonance can be manipulated and used in resonate energy transfer safely from the environment to our cells. Our thalamus is the biologig antenna in the system. But it can never be fully blocked, but man's use of the spectrum can and does interfere with this energy and information transfer. This affects the positive and negative feedback cycles inside of the matter in cells. Once that cycle is perturbed the order preserved in your nucleic acids are perturbed and the cycles of chaos take over and take the photochemicals in you and change their behaviors. The photochemicals in you are nothing but fractals. As light varies in this system the trajectory of evolution is perturbed because optical signaling is varied from what the system in a cell was built to respond too. The variation added to the fractal proteins in you, leptin or retinal, lead to a new trajectory for your cell as the environment varies. This is how evolution takes on the butterfly effect in your thalamus when man alters the ionosphere above your head to create leptin resistance inside of your cells.

    The thalamus and neocortex use resonance energy transfers from the Schumann resonance because we see the results in the brain's alpha waves at 7.83 Hz. This frequency matches the Schumann. When light varies in our bubble, so does the outputs waves from our brainstem which rise into the thalamus to affect wakefulness and sleep cycles.

    The magnetic field and atmosphere effects, either interfering or adding to the Schumann resonant frequencies, to alter the waveform emission in the thalamus. The thalamus of the human brain is a giant tuning fork of nature. And humans use this as it giant tuning fork to connect to the environment to turns the chaos of the waveforms around us and try to make sense of them so our neocortex can recreate reality an time in which we live and experience. Blocking the Schumann your life is unwise, but that is what blue light, nnEMF, and 5G are doing to us now. And the retinal protein in you, freed from melanopsin is the main fractal driving the chaos, or butterfly effect in your cells that all lead to modern disease epidemics. Protecting yourself in non-native environments for short times is wise. But you need nature to reconnect always. Don't get fooled again. This is how the Kids might become Alright again.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How much do you know about resonance? How about molecular resonance?

    The volume of a mass is a function of the information contained on its surface… The surface of your brain is special and quite unique. Did you know light resonance controls CNS processing speeds in your brain? Your skull is a cavity within a cavity and your brain has 4 cavities inside it. Cavities are the perfect antenna for standing waves or scalar waves. You might find this relationship interesting: the Phi-damping well in the harmonics of a standing wave will intrinsically form a Fibonacci series. That golden sequence is found in all living things and is linked to fractal geometry. All of nature, self-organizes via morphogenic fields that are created when the incident light hits fractal antennas inside of your cells.

    Cells and all the contents they contain are entirely built around the fractal organization in sunlight.

    Red light balances blue light, and purple is the source of the golden ratio...........It's time to wake up. It is all about light. Nutrition is about light. Everything moves, the most solid piece of granite moves, change moves your beliefs by using light in your frontal lobes because of light signals generated in your eyes. All non local effects.....but they all start with the electron when light hits them on our surfaces, and remember this gem: Non locality is a synonym for information transfer. SQUID transfers depend upon the system being used.

    The SQUID on our brain is using information transfer from electromagnetic waves from the environment and our thalamus where the alpha wave is created.

    The SQUID on the human brain is in the neocortex. The ascending reticular activating system is another one that controls sleep and wakefulness. This is why the thalamocortical tracts are incredibly important in circadian biology. The relationship between speed and information transfer is tied to the fidelity of this system. The neocortex is very sensitive and responsive to the electric and magnetic fields around it and surrounding it. That field is part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is a type of radiation.

    Radiation is an energy/information exchange mechanism of condensed matter. Physics knows that oscillators are able to couple via their resonant frequencies. The Earth resonates at 7.83 Hz and this couples to the alpha waves in our brain. There are harmonics of these waves that affect the basic particles we use in mitochondria. For example mitochondria resonate at 100 Hz and this is a harmonic of the Schumann resonance made by the Earth.

    What physics is blind to that electrons neutrons and protons are all natural oscillators by themselves. This is central to de Broglie waveform of mater. Dual oscillators send out waves with frequencies and receive them at the very same frequency. These are scalar waves. Scalar waves are standing waves that resonant best in a cavity.

    This happens in piano's guitars, and in the 4 ventricles in your brain. These are coded for in the center of the 3 major dual oscillators (electrons protons and neutrons). In electrons, anytime energy is transferred there is a phase transition and a resultant phase difference between the the two waves. That difference is the information biology craves. Light emission by a source, is therefore an effect of the interaction of the two waves and the characteristics of the light carries the information coherently (like a laser) to it targets, namely the condensed matter in the neocortex and to the CSF. This is then propagated throughout the system.

    So what does this mean if you live in sunlight and walk on Earth to your blood? What does it means under an alien sun that man has made while you have rubber shoes on?

    It means retinal is released and chaos ensues in all your fractal antennas and disease ensues. This is how the Black swan sees wellness and illness.

    Do they imply something different in terms our outcomes? Yes, this is what leptin resistance is at its core.

    No food guru has a clue about these things.........but now you do in your training to become a Black swan.

    Yes, it does and it matters deeply and most non-Black swans might now have a clue what they are missing that forms their Dunning Kruger limitations. http://www.tokenrock.com/harmonic.../harmonic_formation.php
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How do we make the KIDS ALRIGHT AGAIN? CHOOSE THE RIGHT LIGHT AND ELIMINATE THE WRONG ONE. It bothers me when I visit a medical school or residency program and see so much talent that is in the pursuit of myth. I think we have a duty to alter that trajectory. The best way to engage the mind is teaching it how to think and not what it should be thinking about. The same is true for the public and all those non-black swans out there. I wonder when they will choose to awaken?
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The reporter says, "They <the consumers> might not notice a big difference, other than speeds...", but I think she forgot the parts about the brain fog, headaches, tingles, migraines, eye irritations, heart arrhythmia, etc. -----BLACK SWAN WISDOM

    The doc below in the video did not get to say it all but she clearly got her points across. Why don't you get these implications? All blue light and 1g-5G effects on cells are called non-linear effects. What is meant by a non-linear effect?
    Give me some examples of a non-linear effects Jack.

    A small stimulus leads to massive amplification = a non-linear effect

    1. A nuclear weapon can be thought of as non-linear action. It is the size fo a small car yet it can level a city.

    2. A star like the sun can be thought of the same way. It is relatively small yet it can warm 9 planets over billions of miles.

    3. Small amounts of UV light from the sun can leach into the eye (1%-3%) yet they have the greatest effect on the RPE dense core granules to drive the central retinal pathway that connects to the SCN and leptin receptor to control the growth and metabolism of every human on Earth.

    4. The change in networking power from 1995 went from 1G to 5G today. That change can lead to the sixth extinction level event on Earth.

    Those are some examples of non-linear effects. All epigenetic effects are also non-linear. Blue light and nnEMF cause HYPERMETHYLATION. <------- That is the major change agent of the epigenome.

  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How does chronic lifelong melanopsin dysfunction in the subcutaneous fat lead to an obesity state that ruins mitochondrial function in old age to cause sarcopenia? The answer is the action of free retinal on leptin. Here is a paper that lays it out the situation clearly for the Black Swan. They found obese subcutaneous adipose tissue impairs human muscle cell regeneration, particularly in old skeletal muscle, via resistin-mediated activation of NFκB! Another Black swan belief gets a BOOM. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-33840-x

  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Did you know muscle fiber type is linked to your dopamine level? Is this why Bolt is the fastest human? Is this why Kenyan seems to win all marathoners today? Is this why out of the top 20 NFL running backs in history 19 of 20 come from the SouthEast USA where the sun is strongest? Yes, this is how light links to your muscle's ability Anyone with fibromyalgia should
    be paying deep attention to this lesson. Will they? Skin in the game fixes muscle problems below.

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MORE DATA FUELING YOUR EDUCATION RE-Boot: The trend this week on the threads are melanopsin defects causing free retinal hypermethylates the genome. That leads to mitochondrial damage. If it becomes a chronic habit get ready for cancer. It has nothing to do with the foods you eat! It is all the about your light hygiene. Wake up to this reality! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30088335
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Phase shifting and sustained pupil constriction enhanced in delayed sleep-wake phase disorder DSWPD. Many with delayed sleep need to avoid light at night due to a hyper-sensitive circadian system. Why? DSWPD patients seem to have increased light sensitivity and a greater sustained pupil constriction after light exposure - new results from Lauren Watson from Monash slide below. The TAKE home: ANY LIGHT AT NIGHT RUINS melanopsin signaling. No shocker but bad news for those of you who are addicted to tech.

  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More Leptin Rx wisdom data with support. When you fix the light cycle Kreb's bicycle begins to do things the food gurus cannot explain. Black Swans can. We repair the engines and do not worry about the fuels. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5786199/
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is an excellent talk showing you that light is the key to the eye clock mechanism. They miss completely why the SCN is affected by temperature. They also miss why blind people are truly at a disadvantage. Without light dopamine levels are never optimized in the eye or brain. They do mention how the blind gut clocks become uncoupled from the SCN but never go into the detail I do about how this causes metabolic syndrome. It turns out the light is the stimulus humans use to proton tunnel, and proton tunneling controls the tyrosinase enzyme that makes ALL pigmented proteins in the body like dopamine, serotonin melatonin, and melanin. Anything that brings protons or electrons closer in geometry lowers the energy barrier for them to tunnel. As a result this allows UV light to interact with tyrosine in the eye to create dopamine. UV light is critical in making ocular melatonin to regenerate all photoreceptors in the eye. If ocular melatonin is low so is ocular dopamine. Dopamine is linked with health and aging and eyewitness. The higher the endogenous dopamine level is the more planar DHA becomes to act like a wire filled with electrons. This UV light stimulus also stimulates the production of things like folate and B12, which are photoreceptors, that make neuronal firing higher. Folate and B12 are made of amino residues that also need UV light to form properly. In the aging eye dopamine levels drop. In illness dopamine levels drop. Dopamine is fundamental in melanin synthesis in the RPE. Without melanin, UV light cannot be made photoelectrically by our blood plasma. Taking exogenous dopamine or its analogs always leads to problems because the exogenous pathways are not specifically quantized to light interactions with the RPE in the retina or skin. This is why our cousins, the chimps sleep 12 hours a day and humans only need 8 hours a day. It is a function of the dopamine levels being made in the eye tissues that generalize to the frontal eye fields and frontal lobes along the central retinal pathways. Chimps do not have well developed frontal lobes like humans do. The higher your dopamine levels are in the eye and brain, the less sleep you need to regenerate. Chimps need more sleep than we do on a comparative basis. This also links to their metabolic pathways because the central retinal pathways control both via the organization of the retina. This makes the stimulus to UV light critical. Dopamine is made from tyrosine and tyrosine absorbs UV light 260-289 nm. Tyrosinase enzyme works via proton tunneling. This is how the gears of the eye clock fundamentally tick and this is what this BBC program is missing. The quantum details of light and temperature are critical ingredients in the organization of the chaos of life. This is what www.jackkruse give people. Details. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06rzd44#play
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Do me a favor......when you Farm do it how we do it at Kruse Longevity Center........as few as clothes as possible. There is a ton of science behind your skin docs are ignorant of because of the cognitive biases. Farming and all that sunlight exposure is associated with a lower risk for depression....... ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30138807
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More nnEMF you live with the more DHA you need.

    SEAFOOD LOWERS METHYLATION FROM the free retinal damage caused by nnEMF and the blue hazard. GET IT? These two hazards raise homocysteine levels in humans due to retinal effects and this is what leads to methylation problems.

    PUFA's in the omega 3 families are important structural components of cells membranes. Consumption of foods rich in n-3 PUFAs, such as salmon, result in increased incorporation and modification of the cell phospholipid membrane (Raatz SK, Johnson LK, Rosenberger TA, et al).
    Twice weekly intake of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) positively influences lipoprotein concentration and particle size in overweight men and women. Nutr Res. 2016;36:899–906.10.1016/j.nutres.2016.06.011

    The composition of the membrane is altered by clustering of lipids rafts containing the n-3 PUFAs, resulting in the formation of large raft domains [76 Turk HF, Chapkin RS. Membrane lipid raft organization is uniquely modified by n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fat Acids. 2013;88:43–47.10.1016/j.plefa.2012.03.008

    As shown in murine obesity models (Kim W, Fan Y-Y, Barhoumi R, et al), n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids suppress the localization and activation of signaling proteins at the immunological synapse in murine CD4+ T cells by affecting lipid raft formation. J Immunol. 2008;181:6236–6243.10.4049/jimmunol.181.9.6236
    and HeLa cells (Chapkin RS, Wang N, Fan Y-Y, et al.)

    Docosahexaenoic acid alters the size and distribution of cell surface microdomains. Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 2008;1778:466–471.10.1016/j.bbamem.2007.11.003
    improving OPTICAL signaling.

    It turns out large lipid rafts can suppress the cell activation by impaired signaling, ultimately affecting cell function through suppression of downstream pathways, including those involved in inflammation. LEPTIN is localized to these lipid rafts and its expression is reduced by n-3 PUFAs!!!!!! Where have you heard that before! Leptin and melanopsin work in unison in the subcutaneous fat and this was the missing link I was waiting for for 15 years.
    Reseland JE, Haugen F, Hollung K, et al. Reduction of leptin gene expression by dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids. J Lipid Res. 2001;42:743–750.

    In humans, cross-sectional evidence indicates differential methylation in the leptin pathway genes with varying n-3 PUFA status (Voisin S, Almén MS, Moschonis G, et al. Dietary fat quality impacts genome-wide DNA methylation patterns in a cross-sectional study of Greek preadolescents. Eur J Hum Genet. 2015;23:654–662.10.1038/ejhg.2014.139)
    and epigenetic control of LEP has been demonstrated in a murine model.

    SEAFOOD LOWERS METHYLATION FROM nnEMF and blue hazards. It restores optical signaling once it has gone awry.
    Why I continually say, "Eat your damn seafood."
    Those in the highest quintile of circulating omega-3 fatty acids had a 24% lower risk of unhealthy aging than levels in the lowest quintile.
    Seafood will only become more important in our increasingly microwaved, blue-lit world, as our techno-centric environment is primed to minimize omega-3 stores.

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