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The blogs and a changing journey ...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sue-UK, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Good work Sue!
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Yes.... it always works.. like magic :)
    great stuff :) :) :)
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love how you are working at all this .... And thinking.... And reading.

    I love how you are in forward motion....
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  4. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Inspiring!.. I think that I'm going to jump in a cold shower right after this post.....

    "But it's working...big time"..I LOVE hearing those words! I feel validated after being ridiculed by my own wife.
    I sometimes feel like the only friends that I got are on this site because no one believes me. about the whole EMF thing. It's like they get fiercely angry with me for telling them the truth. I swear that they are fighting on behalf of their microbiom which is thriving in this EMF environment and what I say becomes a serious threat to their existence
  5. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Got back from Fuerteventura on Saturday, got some sun and relaxed .... Watched the sun rise from the roof terrace of our apartment ...... we should have been in a wifi hotspot but it didn't work :cool:, we didn't report it all week and just went up to the hotel to use their wifi to let the kids know we had got there OK. (It had been accidentally switched off). Decided to have a meal at the hotel .... and it was an all you can eat buffet ..... with lots and lots of seafood ...... Talked it over with DH and we decided to eat there every evening .... I was there to help repair my eye and this was an easy way to get as much DHA as possible. So I had a seafood starter, usually 3 types of fish with some high pigment veges, and then a seafood main, again usually 3 types of seafood and a bit of high pigment veg .... I just pigged out ... Add that to picnicking at lunchtime with tinned sardines and I got a lot of DHA, :D

    Being at sea level, grounding on volcanic rock, the resort street lighting is still the old style and with the apartment shutters I could make the apartment pitch black at night, sleep pretty good, lots of dreams ....

    Tan through clothing is my new best friend ..... Couldn't always do nude on the beach so 80 per cent UV via tan through was a bonus, and if we went into a town or village a tan through tunic top with a short white skirt meant 2/3 of my skin surface was still harvesting light, but I looked dressed. I only got out of the sun if my eyes started getting dry ... which leads me to my other new best friend - eyeball CT ...:D

    I'd got a jade face roller, its one that has a roller at each end, a large and a smaller one .... I used the small one to cool my eye on the flight over, and then got hold of a small plastic cup and if my eye was starting to feel uncomfortable while we were out and about I would get out the sun and put water in the cup and dip the roller in and use it to cool the surfaces of my eye. On the flight home at night this time, the terminal building had left my eyes feeling dry, so I used the cup with a little bottled water after we took off, but then when the service trolley came round I got another bottle of water and asked for a cup of ice ..... As the ice melted I was dipping the roller in and cooling my eyelid surfaces down with the icy water. Gentle pressure, icy cold not just cool .... When the right eye felt better than the left I then treated the left ... About 20 minutes of eyeball CT, and then some closed eye blinking behind blue blockers ... Kept the blue blockers on until I got home, apart from about 30 seconds when I went through passport control, got home at midnight and went straight to bed .... slept really well. Last night I sat in the dark when I went to bed and CT'd the eye before going to sleep ... Again really good sleep, and I think my vision is improving again ....

    So its had me thinking ... if 50 percent of the blood passes behind the eyes every 40 minutes and picks up light, and cold surfaces help assimilate light better ... and presumably the cold would cool the blood slightly as well, like a mini internal CT .... I can use the roller as a tool both day and night ..... I'm working on a protocol for some eye exercises at the moment, which seem to be natural to do now the eye is not inflamed ...
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  6. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    So today was a UV index of 1 ..... I'll take what I can get :confused:An hour outside in tan through this morning.... I took out a printed out blog. Last week I needed either reading glasses or a magnifying glass to be able to read a blog in daylight using my left eye but today I could read it pretty comfortably without. With my right eye I can see the page and that there is text on it, but I can't read it, probably a greater improvement but it just doesn't seem like it yet... But its pretty cool that my left eye is improving, and I now also have a benchmark for the right eye. I thought my night vision was better last night too ...... :cool:
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  7. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I had a couple of days where I thought things were going backwards a bit ..... When I thought about it I remembered that during my holiday I used a 24 hour nicotine patch for 5 of the 7 days... the lowest dose, 7 mg over 24 hours, the last step of a stop smoking programme. I switched to that because I don't think using nasal spray to force my eyes to water is good over the longer term, it almost felt like irritating them into action, and my eyes generally were producing tears better. But after taking a couple of days break from the patches, I hadn't gone back to them..... So I started them again on Saturday and can feel (and see) the difference. Last night I CT'd my eyes and chewed a gum as well before going to sleep and slept really well. But my "need" for nicotine to keep improving is saying something about my redox and my difficulty in harvesting light :(. Nicotine also helps keep the carb cravings at bay. I've been making a soup with some duck fat, stock or water, red onions, carrots, and beetroot for some seasonal carbs, added turmeric and garam masala, just whizzed so that its not completely smooth, I can just take a portion when I want it. I've found if I just open a tin of mackerel, chop it into a soup bowl and add a ladleful of hot soup, I can make a quick warm DHA and pigment rich meal, which keeps me going for hours.

    I also listened to the Mitochondria RX webinar twice on holiday and am adding in CoQ10 ....

    Got into the outside CT tub when I got up this morning, took out a cup of iced water and the jade roller and CT'd my eyes as well. Also pulled out the exercise bike, put it so that its by an outside door .... Thought a gentle warm up and add 30 seconds of going full out would help keep my electrons hopping in the ECT (read Nick Lane's the vital question on holiday ...) whilst I'm having to scavenge for light.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nick's book is excellent.......but he still believe's Peter Mitchell and he still has no idea why the ATPase was built before anything else.
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  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Observation 1 - I'm obviously CTing my right eye more than my left, my right eyelid is thinner than my left. (Thought I had a bulging left eye until I stopped panicking and checked where the difference actually was. :confused:) But I'm thinking that maybe that is an adaptation in cold climates to absorb light more efficiently?

    Observation 2 - I outside CT'd in the rain this morning, but it was pretty mild and although I had cold surfaces I didn't feel cold. I did a session with the tanner and when I turned my back to it, the muscles in my back started to quiver, not a shiver ..... its happened before and I have lost some back fat .... I'm wondering if the quivering is some form of photon sucking?
  10. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    My right eye seems to have lost any pain or sensitivity to the touch. I've used mini ice sticks a lot on both eyes, and gradually the feeling of rolling a piece of grit down has gone, both eyeballs seem less protruding, there is no muscle strain, I'm not trying to peer out of my right eye, I'm just observing. I hadn't used nicotine for a few days before Christmas eve, but in the evening I started to get an abcess under an upper tooth, right hand side. It wasn't too bad but I was getting some face swelling and I wasn't going to get to see a dentist that night.... so I chewed a bit of nicotine gum and used it like a poultice over the offending tooth and gum. A bit of what happens at the surface changes the biochemistry underneath .....? :) I also iced my cheek and gum. I unintentionally fell asleep with the gum pressed on, woke in the night, took it out and went straight back to sleep. DH thought I was nuts until I mentioned that nicotine used to be routinely used as a spray to kill garden pests ..... and that maybe my white blood cells could use a bit of a superoxide boost. (My redox still sucks.....:(). By morning there was no pain or swelling at the tooth, I could eat normally, my cheek has taken a bit longer, nicotine nasal spray works better there, but I didn't eat for 48 hours after Christmas lunch, and it made me a bit spaced out on an empty stomach, the dose is less controllable. Although there was a good improvement within about half an hour, because of the time I took it, I had to get DH to drive me to visit my Mum. Timing is everything! :confused:
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  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    So I'm back from Marrakech ...... The light was amazing ...... The call to prayer before dawn had me up on the roof terrace. The moon and starry sky, very cold .... And I would stand on the stone bench looking across the rooftops and wait ... And watch the sky between a couple of the roofs in the east ...... I would hum "sunnnnnnnn" instead of aum ...... My call to the sun, resonating through me. Eventually the sky would reveal the red ...... Time definitely seemed to be slower, later as the blue appeared it seemed to speed up, taking out the stars .... Except for two bright ones that held out .... I would go back in chilled ....

    Later we would walk to the square to get breakfast, and I would sit facing the sun ..... dopamine time, I could really feel it lifting my spirits :) It was interesting to sense it just through the eyes and on the face, had to be pretty well covered out and about. Then back to the roof terrace for some sunbathing. the roof terrace was about 12 ft by 12, with a high wall. Completely secluded, so I could do some photon harvesting before going out to explore Marrakesh. Worked my way up to doing some sun gazing as well. Started with moving my head across the skyline, stopping briefly to blink rapidly in front of the sun, then gradually increased the time, and then just went for it ...... I reasoned that the actinotherapy treatments on chronically infected skin done in the 40s caused acute responses that also took care of chronic conditions, and the eye is another surface . So I would ice the eye (I packed my own ice tray so I could use ice wands) and then sun gaze. It got easier to do after about 3 days, and I felt less anxious because although on day 1 my sight seemed worse, by day 3 there was definite improvements. My night vision is better, I can see much more in low light levels. Back to the UK, yesterday was blue skies so I sun gazed at the weaker sun, and am trying to work out how to keep triggering an ongoing improvement ..... Acute mega cold air comes to mind .....:eek:
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New podcast out tonight: Words tell most people when meaningful communication fails, when the reality is that a lack of sunlight and a lot of blue light destroy your choices to think by robbing you of dopamine to leave you untuned to nature. The only sound your here is silence or the meme's of those who know exactly what they are doing to the eye clock.
  13. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Recording a dream I had whilst I was away, which gave me the final shove to sungaze. I was procrastinating about whether I should get a professional opinion about my eye when I got home. And I'd been reading several blogs I'd printed out and taken with me, these included Ubi 16, 17, and 18, and time 3 and 5. In the dream I went to see the eye doc, a wise elderly man, he listened patiently while I told him why I was doing what I was doing, about the eye clocks, cameras, RPE, DHA etc, everything I remembered, the information just seemed to flow .... And then our "consultation" continued, but we were walking arm in arm along a long road, in the glorious sunshine, and he told me to carry on .....
  14. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Love time 6 ....:cool: Especially how ct can increase dopamine. In the 2000 study mentioned the immersion at 14c was for one hour which timewise I find difficult. (I wonder what the time threshold would be before the cold stressor became too much and dopamine started to drop ....) Yesterday was a cold morning in an otherwise mild winter. The water was 2.9 c. I stayed in for 15 minutes and it felt amazing ....I get the dopamine connection now, and why Inger's skinny dipping is possibly so successful for her.... I dried off in front of IR and uv, and then regularly iced my eyes through the day. Before bed I was out in the back porch in the dark with my head in the chest freezer ....eyes open and breathing in the cold air. :D
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  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Weather not great, but have got some CT in.... and I tramp across the field through the mud to get my water from the well, in my tan through ... I don't want to go back to Fuerteventura next month .... I'm not sure having the additional flight time so soon is a good idea, and it somehow just doesn't seem right. I need longer than a week's uvb and that just isn't practical. I've ordered some new tubes for the tanner - both UVB and red tubes... Going to try a combo.....

    I've taken to having a cold shower in the late evening and icing my eyes, drinking cold water and using a nicotine gum. I either go outside to breathe in cold air, or stick my head in the chest freezer. All surfaces cold when I get into bed (DH not a fan ......:rofl:) I've been drawn back to nicotine .... I wanted to know why I was being drawn, and was reading about nicotine's affinity to melanin. I'm wondering if its an attempt to hold on to the tan I got in Marrakesh .... or if its something to do with eye pigments or neuromelanin. Still thinking about it .....

    In the daytime it certainly seems to give me a bit of a dopamine boost in the absence of much UV light. :)
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  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I've been using the new tubes on the tanning unit, I switched it to 3 uvb and 2 collagen, and I have a red/infra red lamp that I point at the tanner to bounce light off the reflecting surface at the back. Although not ideal, it's definitely helping.

    I was watching a TV programme called "the brain" with David Eagleman. (Still on bbc Iplayer). The first is called "what is reality?" There was some interesting stuff about vision, about how our eyes don't take in enough to form an accurate image, so the brain completes it, so that what we think is "reality" is more of a simulation. The time it takes for the brain to process the external information with what the brain does to complete the simulation means that visually we are not experiencing the present reality, but one very slightly in the past. The programme had me thinking that maybe I need to be thinking not just about the eye as a camera, but my brain as a visual simulator.
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  17. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I'm icing my eyes while in front of the tanner, allowing the light to hit my eyes for part of the time, and closed lids the rest. I'm working on the theory that the slight damage will stimulate repair of any new "damage" and take care of the existing damage at the same time. I ice my eyes at least 3 times a day.

    I searched on Amazon for a book on vision, and got Bruce Fife's book " Stop vision loss now! " I started massaging a bit of coconut oil onto my eyelids and the tear ducts before going to sleep, and that has helped prevent eye dryness. Got some interesting info from that and then bought his book "stop Alzheimer's now!" I'm incorporating coconut oil and epi paleo, I think it will help me get over this plateau ......
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  18. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    So I'm wondering about the relationship between MCT's ( in both breast milk and coconut oil) and UV light. An infant mammal born underground during winter, on mothers milk......
  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I think the coconut oil is helping .... I'm still holding too much weight round my belly ... So I'm working on the theory that if the BBB is resistant to insulin, blood sugar will pass, but the insulin my brain cells need to use it probably isn't. So the coconut oil as a source of ketones helps keep my energy levels up, so no carb cravings, and using nicotine to stimulate the superoxide burst ..... Morning light, grounding, water, uv tanner to offset UK weather .....

    Cognitively I feel better .... Working up the dose of coconut oil slowly.

    Watched the second episode of "The brain" last night. Some really interesting stuff again. One bit was about a study on nuns who are tested regularly over a number of years, physically, cognitively etc. On their death their brains are taken and tested for degeneration. IIRC one third of the brains tested showed the signs of full blown Alzheimer's, but pre-death testing said otherwise ..... Cognitive reserve. Wonder if it extends to eyes :D
  20. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Sue..I find coconut oil helps me a fair amount when it comes to cognition. I don't get the peaks and valleys that I experienced in the past and far less "deer in headlights" style anxiety (brain shutting down completely under stress). I usually take a TBSP in the AM and one more in the evening. I also put it in my coffee like Jack does.
    Lately I am finding that deep breathing a la Wim Hof is also helping a lot with mental energy.
    Just adding in my experiences..but it sounds like you have a real grasp of this stuff that Jack is sharing anyway. I hope that one day I will be able to get a stronger grasp than I currently have.
    I am noticing that sun gazing is contributing to headaches but I'm thinking the same like you- that maybe I'm gaining more from sun gazing than I am losing with headaches.
    Sound accurate to you?

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