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The blogs and a changing journey ...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Sue-UK, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    View from my bath, taken at 6 a.m. (7 am British Summer Time).

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  2. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Update on the overnight grounding. Sleep really good, I didn't think it would make the difference it has. But I get my skin cool with a shower, make sure its really dark and have the grounding band around my foot. The most obvious thing I can see is the change to my solar panels, just wish the weather was better to use them ... Did get one morning this week, the ground was sodden from the previous week's bad weather so after a short CT session and a nicotine gum, I used a fitball. Just sat on it to start with reading a blog, but finished up resting my back on it and holding myself steady with my legs, then when the ground had dried enough I flopped over it with my lower legs and hands grounding, with the printed blog in front of me.

    I found myself moving around and using my muscles, but it was gentle and seemed natural, and I could easily get the sun at the same time. So I'm adding a Fitball Sunbathe to my toolkit. :cool:
  3. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Ubi 21 ....... Is ACV a good summer bio hack because it is associated with indole? Does it somehow become like an auxin? (3-indole acetic acid)?
  4. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    So September has rolled round, my FIL died at the end of August, and my mother is now in the system for Alzheimer's. One family relationship has broken down completely (don't stand in the doorway ;)) Coldest wettest August I can remember, the early morning CT bath seemed to hover around 59 degrees, dropping to around 55 as September arrived. I feel like I was treading water in August, some days I thought I was sinking, but I let CT take the steam coming off me .:)...Just hopped in the CT bath when I could, even in the rain, and got what light I could. Sleep generally was pretty good. But without the summer sunshine, I think I've got to up my game now :confused:. Ubi 24 reflects why I intuitively prefer outside AM CT, so I'm back to my winter schedule, but stretching out on top of the water if there's a break in the clouds.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    keep the good fight up
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  6. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Beautiful September day, blue skies, a very gentle breeze. Going on holiday early next month and was supposed to be going shopping today for a few new clothes. Said forget it, the sun is more important today ... so they went off on their own and I just sunbathed all morning instead, after an hour's CT at 7.30 a.m. (50F). Sat outside and ate tinned mackerel. Re read Ubi 23 and 24.

    DH popped in to the car accessory shop and picked me up a couple of chamois leathers, great for cooling the carotids ... :cool: Adding to my evening protocol.

    I think my skin is changing.....its generally cooler, but when sunbathing the section that faces the sun feels warm but not excessively so, but as soon as I turn over or round, the same surface becomes very cool, very quickly.
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  7. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I went to a seminar on Saturday about wifi, they banned mobile phones, no artificial lights etc. Lot of ill people there. I had a slight problem with my vision in my right eye when I got there, but it got gradually worse as the day went on. I had a three quarters eclipse ..Left eye was fine. It is the same eye I had a retinal tear in a few years ago. But one of the speakers at the seminar was talking about microwaves coking from the inside out, and my feeling was that my optic nerve was inflamed, got DH to search optic nerve neuritis, which gave me a breather from being dragged off by him straight away and having strong lights shone into my eyes. If I could see some improvement by the morning he would give me another 24 hours .....Step 1, CT. Early night. Sunday morning 4 hours mix of CT and AM sunshine, used a cold wet chamois to cool my eyelids, and then faced the sun with my eyes shut. every so often I would hop out of the tub and get the sun on my cold skin. Enough improvement to buy me another 24 hours. good night sleep Sunday, more improvement Monday morning. Bad night sleep Monday (family meeting about my mum's Alzheimer's did not go well) but still some improvement. I can now see the light coming through the windows, I can see the grass, I could see the dog walking towards me across the grass. the eclipse is shrinking and I'm getting more light coming thru what is left. Main treatment CT, AM light, grounding, seafood, water. But it's working, big time :cool:

    WIfi router also coming out shortly, no longer just on a timer, going to cabled. DH realises I'm as strong as my weakest link, and this is my second scare ......Anyway, time up on computer ...
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  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The UK is among the lowest quantum yield places on the planet to live.............and I would evacuate it if I lived there no matter what.
  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Well I managed to evacuate for a week .....Good points, Island of Menorca, accommodation right by a small beach, stayed out in the light for most of the day, AM sunlight by the bucket, a bit of shade midday and then usually headed off to a more distant beach where nude sunbathing was allowed, and stayed til early evening. Lots of water, seafood. The only real downside was the artificial lights at the resort, flimsy curtains, and shutters that let light through. We were standing chairs in front of the floorstanding light outside, hanging towels up etc, but it wasn't ideal. No TV, phone switched on twice a day to check for messages from the kids but otherwise off, same for getting emails. In and out of the sea, amber glasses on as soon as it got dark, and then I usually went to bed really early. I bought a pair of reading glasses at the airport on the way so that I could read a menu while we were away, but that was the only time I used them, I took some blogs to read and Lyall Watson's book "Jacobsons Organ" and used a large magnifying glass so that my eyes were always in the light. If there wasn't enough natural light to read, I didn't read.

    DH went off and did his own thing in the mornings, I was forever watching my feet climbing up the coastal paths, my vision was changing daily, and I wanted to concentrate on getting the right frequencies on my eyes. DH read ubi 24 and 25...:)and because my eye was improving while we were away, he is totally on board for another week in the sun in 6 weeks time, and then 6 weeks after that ..... Purely medicinal .....:DBack to low light levels and trees changing colour - trying to work out the best way of moving forward til I can get away again.

    As for the family's views on my Mums situation..... lets just say that someone else doing the caring for a week and my next 2 holiday plans has led to a change of tune .......;):D
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    smart to move closer to the sun........even on holiday
  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    So I am thinking that temporarily I might either have to increase the quantum yield artificially, or amplify the natural quantum signal ......:confused: In Jim Al-Khalili's book Life on the Edge, in the chapter on smell I think he says that we have lost the auxiliary olfactory sense found in other animals i.e. Jacobson's organ. Lyall Watson's book "Jacobson's organ and the remarkable nature of smell" disagrees ..... So I'm wondering, thinking of light as information, is the Jacobson's organ tissue more light sensitive than other nasal surface tissue, is it a more primitive put your nose out of the burrow and sniff the light and non odorous molecules using the accessory bulbs of the brain kind of thing that can be a useful back door amplifier.....? I bought some nasal spray nicotine a couple of months ago, and because of the Jacobson's organ issue I just kept looking at it wondering, was it a good idea to use it instead of the gum .....
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  12. Highly interesting!!!
  13. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    The sight in my right eye is gradually returning, but its more difficult to see than when I had no vision in it at all. If I close my left eye, through the right its like looking through a smeared amber glass , through a tight mesh cobweb, (which vibrates in the early morning light) and if for example I am looking at a sunlit window frame, the right eye is dropping the image of the window frame down on the left hand side. I am getting light through, and I can see colours. It started with seeing greens, then reds, and now on a bright clear day what was a turquoise sky now looks blue. The cobweb is clearing a bit from the middle. Its easier to see with just my left eye, but I'm working them as a pair, its a bit more tiring having the second slightly tilted amber image as well, but its the best way of getting the right frequencies, and I'm hoping it is encouraging repair of the camera .... That's what it feels like anyway.

    Poor light this morning, so I hope that a bit of added nostril flaring and sniffing the air is doing something ....:rofl:

    Now that I'm back the same old crap about my Mum's care slowly resurfaced, so by Tuesday DH had booked flights for the end of November to Fuerteventura. :cool:He ordered a map of the island on Monday, and new flight bags for hand luggage only. There's lots of accommodation available for the week we are there, so we are taking our time in finding that - the remoter and simpler the better.
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think we lost it because we went from trees to the water to become human...........but I think the more we stray from it the more we can increase it........if we collect purple light to do it. Light alone makes matter as you will soon find out.
  15. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    After a row with my brother, (who was in the UK for a couple of weeks) I finally got the support I needed to move my Mum into residential care. When Mum had mental capacity her decision was that residential care was always going to be the next step, but when she lost mental capacity she didn't accept that she had got that bad. I thought her behaviour said otherwise, and that she was verbalising an old pattern, (the pattern that she wasn't that bad), my brother said she still had enough mental capacity to say no to residential care. I told him I wasn't waiting to go under or lose the sight in my right eye permanently, he either supported me in getting her into residential care, or he moved back to the UK and took over her care completely.

    Although she changed her mind when it came to taking her in, when the subject was first raised with her, Mum agreed to go. On the Friday she agreed, on the Monday my brother left the UK as planned, by the Tuesday she had her assessment, by Wednesday she had forgotten she had agreed (and didn't remember my brother being around for 2 weeks). She moved the next day. That night was the best sleep I've had in weeks, she was safe. :) She's only been in a few days, but its interesting to see how much she was reliant on patterns .... she couldn't understand that she couldn't make tea in her own room, so was trying to make it anyway ..... with toothpaste ... So its been watching old patterns dissolve and trying to establish new ones ....

    My eye was slowly getting better, the image of the window frame through my right eye is now not dropping down on the left hand side, its straight. But when I come out of the nursing home my eye always feels a bit swollen and sore. I used cold compresses to start, but I've got hold of an eye bath and have also been using that as an eye dunk. Last couple of nights I've used the bioptron with the red filter over closed eye lids, last thing before I go to sleep. Better dreaming.

    The weather has changed, the clocks went back on Saturday night so early morning CT is better, its still cold but there's more light - I'm getting into winter battery mode. :) What happened with my eye was my own stupid fault - but with my Mum now sorted I think I can turn this round. :)
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  16. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Went out to the CT tub as soon as I got up this morning, stopping to grab a jug of water on the way. AM light on eyes, CT and a bit of light harvesting, 40 minutes .... Body surfaces got nice and cold, so I went back in and used the IR and red lamp, and the UV facial tanner together. Was toying with an idea and decided to go for it ..... I split open a omega 3 capsule (EPA 410 mg, DHA 315mg,) and spread a thin layer of the oil on my wrists and hands, and used what was left on my belly. Stood in front of the facial tanner and the IR and red lamp, and let the light hit the cold, oiled surfaces, 10 minutes. I felt I was harvesting light more efficiently but that might have been my imagination, or placebo .....

    I've also cut a small square of chamois leather to fit round the eye bath, I just slightly dampen it to start and put it round the eyebath which has an cube in it. Use that to cool down the surface of the eyelid, as the cube melts it cools the chamois, but the chamois is thick enough to protect the eyelid from ice burn, and as the cube melts the chamois stops the water dripping all down my face. I pat it around the eye socket as well. Much easier than trying to make a waterproof seal around the eye using the eyebath with liquid. Easy to take regular breaks in the day to pop and get a fresh ice cube.
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  17. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Hiya Sue,
    We are thinking along the same lines. I am using red palm oil. My musings come from an anecdote from the Kontiki expedition,where they used salami fat to protect them from the sun. Salami,sulfates,fat grease d3...are my musings.
    I used butter before but added red palm oil well because its red.
    Err was going to dabble with fishfat but was a little worried about odors. How was your experience with the capsules odour wise?
  18. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    What about iron on our skin, since it is the heart of the porphyrin ring for hemoglobin? Magnesium, after all, is the heart of the porphyrin ring for photosynthesis, and epsom salts help humans tan rather than burn.

    Red clay has iron oxide in it, right? It would have to be a thin coating, though, to let in the sunshine.
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  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    There was a very slight scent, but nothing remotely fishy. There is Rosemary extract in it, I asked DH what it smelled of and he said he didn't know, he couldn't place it either but nothing yuk.
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  20. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    Thinking some more about this .....Maybe I'm not drawn to red palm oil because it isn't native to the UK, and I don't want protection from the sun, I want to amplify what little we are getting .... Yesterday I cut the capsule into an egg cup to use it, and left the eggcup until this morning .... still no fishy or yukky smell. Is the DHA component of fish non odourous.....? Perhaps with UV its more pheremonal than olfactory ....

    Repeated yesterday this morning, and then sat outside in the sun and used the nicotine nasal spray, after a bit of eyebath CT. Interesting ..... I put it up my left nostril first, sneezed and then my left eye watered a lot, but my right eye stayed dry. So I put it up my right nostril, sneezed and then my right eye started streaming as well. I just let my eyes stream in the sunshine, sniffing in the sunshine as well and then tested my vision. Sky definitely bluer in my right eye, and better colour vision with both eyes at the same time, but its possibly only a temporary improvement because my right eye is generally still drier than my left, so not maintaining the charge?? .... Not sure yet how often to use the nicotine spray ...

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