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The arc of the mitochondrial universe is long, but it bends toward optimization

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Foxglove, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Actually, something just struck me. Bilirubin is yellow... I think I get it now. I have some ideas. I think I already know what I was doing wrong.
  2. Danny

    Danny New Member

    You don't know what, what means? Sun callous or how long you should be in a tanning bed? Err on the side of less time in a tanning bed and work your way to a proper physiologic dose from the bottom up timewise. Meaning start at a minimal amount of time and work your way up.
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  3. Danny

    Danny New Member

    What do you think your were doing wrong? Also, everyone's redox or state of health is at different points. Yours may be lower than you realize and you really have to ramp things up. Figure out ways to maximize your outdoor time or quite possibly you might even have to consider changing jobs or moving?
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sometimes our brains are on acid—literally. The main source of these temporary surges is the carbon dioxide that is constantly released by glucose metabolism in mitochondria as the brain breaks down glucose, which subsequently turns into acid (protons) which lowers the pH and decreases the size of the exclusion zone in cytosolic water also made by glucose metabolism in the mitochondrion. Yet the chemistry in a healthy human brain tends to be relatively neutral with respect to pH because standard processes including respiration—which expels carbon dioxide—to help maintain CSF acid-base balance. Any fleeting acidity spikes usually go unnoticed. So what if most of the protons had a 1 spin, ya think it would matter???? How important is deuterium/H+ ratio in mitochondrial diseases??? Mitochondria process 1500 hydrogen molecules per second in the ATPase. Ya think heteroplasmy has no effect on that spin rate in the Fo's head???? https://www.scientificamerican.com/...hiatric-disorders-a-ph-problem/?sf110742011=1

    Mitochondriac lesson: The more MASSIVE a star is, the faster it dies....Let that SINK IN FOR A MOMENT BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER....the less MASSIVE a star the longer it lives. Why is MASS associated with death in star?????? You know stars most common element is hydrogen, huh? Hydrogen in a sun is in its H+ state and not in the isotope deuterium. Deuterium has double the MASS of H+. So are mitochondria, they also favor H+ over D..........interesting coincidence or might there be a deep link? MASS is a bad thing to a living system and to a star. The mitochondrial matrix abhors deuterium because of its mass............and stars hate deuterium too.........did you know that? Do you know why this fact exists? Deuterium DOUBLES the MASS of a star. The extra mass of D really ruins the size and shape of the mitochondrial matrix. As the matrix expands because of the extra mass, the respiratory proteins get stretched out on the inner mitochondrial membrane. In fact, every Angstrom they get from each other lowers electron tunneling on the inner mitochondrial membrane by a factor or TEN. What happens when ECT slows or stops in mitochondria? Disease and death........ What does this basic science lesson imply for "ignorant naked apes" on Earth who's matrix is filled with deuterium and not H+?????? What happens to those said "naked smart apes" (pun intended) when they make choices that ADD way too much deuterium to their mitochondrial matrices and not enough H+ from thing made by photosynthesis? You know technology use is the fastest way to add deuterium to the colony of stars in your cells called mitochondria? The power grid does it too........so do light bulbs on a relative basis. Some bulbs, like LED's, do it faster than others versions of light. Why? Not all light is equivalent. You are built to work with visible light from the sun, not the entire spectrum of light in the universe. Is your 5G network equivalent with the sun my "smart talking naked apes" ????? What does this connection about MASS and deuterium really imply to all those "smart naked ape" out there reading this with no blue blockers on, on their 5G Wifi network on their new iPhone they got for Xmas? It means you should've bought term life insurance with that phone if you understand one simple math equation about energy, life, longevity, and wellness. Most don't have a clue what you're missing. You're more concerned with Trump's real-time tweets than how those tweets on the phone are stealing your life force. Those 5G networks coming to population-dense cities will prove my insights correct very soon. What will all the smart naked apes do then????? Will they reach out to a 'marketing expert' non-mitochondriac for a well-formed marketing meme because those naked apes will refuse to see Nature's truth? Will you continue to elevate your beliefs, desires, wants, and needs above evolution's laws of energy use? The marketing guru will tell you about how bad mold is for you because he has a solution for the problem. Let's unpack the bull shit for a moment using MASS as the only needed example. MOLD/LYME/ MYCOTOXIN/PARASITE ANALOGY. Marino's book on Becker location 1341 (Kindle for the blue light toxic apes). Laboratory animals all have parasites in their brains that are normal kept quiet by the immune system and then they are uncloaked by altered magnetic fields of the lights and machines in the lab. (Rabbits and mice) This allows a ton of deuterium to enter the matrix of the mitochondria in their brains. Deuterium has to remain in the blood plasma for femtochemistry purposes. What is inflammation in biology? H+. Inflammation is a pH log scale of H+. Did you know that when Deuterium replaces H+ that inflammation is MORE SEVERE than it would be if it were just H+? Why? MASS. The Atomic mass is D is DOUBLED compared to H+. Now think about the star mentioned above..................You feeling nature's rules yet?
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Those receptors and ion channels in the mentally ill are over run with deuterium........and nobody realizes it. My black swan's will begin to realize it as they learn how to clear the mind of the clutter that is hindering their progress things can be changed.

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  6. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    It's been a while since I posted an update. I stagnated for a while. Hibernated. Or maybe I was in a chrysalis.

    I have just gotten my IUD removed today, after reading a lot of disturbing papers on what the active ingredient could be doing to my hormone levels. I'm so sick of this PMS. No reason to dump gasoline on a fire, the fire being my brain! o_O

    I am weaning myself off caffeine. Not the first time I've tried it, but I'm more motivated this time.

    I joined a health club because they have a saltwater pool and a sauna. Once there I learned that their showers get COLD. My shower is nowhere close. The first time, I got a splitting headache but I've been working my way up to tolerating a few minutes. They also have lots of windows!

    I'm using my Amazon gift cards to read the suggested books. Health and Light will be first.

    I'm trying to catch up on the deuterium info, but I have a lot to take in.

    I have also been reading some other subjects, but it's a long story so I'll include it in another post.

    Edit: also forgot to mention that I've been drinking a bottle of San Pellegrino every day in the office.

    It's a cliche, but I've taken on a lot more changes to start my 2018 right. :love:
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  7. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Specifically, I think I was focusing too much on what lights I was looking at, and not my overall skin exposure. Less clothing in the morning, even in my cold morning walk to the mailbox, more time under my far-red lamp. I also had to change another light at my desk that I had overlooked. On the skin pigments side, I'm eating salmon more regularly, and anything with carotenoid pigments. I'm pretty sure I'm falling short of my Vitamin A goals though. I'm also bringing a loose black sweater to work, so I can always wear it in places where the lights are bad, like the kitchen. It's slow progress. I think I can do better, but I also want to make sure I've incorporated the basics into my routine so I don't overlook the easy stuff.
  8. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I'm having a weird symptom... When I used the super-cold shower at the gym last week, I was trying to keep my face in it for the vagal response. I started getting an involuntary swallowing. It's like I was gasping for air, except not for air - I was holding my breath, but swallowing for... something. Or as if my throat went suddenly dry, and I was just trying to swallow to make up for it. I don't know if my throat went dry, but that's how my reaction felt. Just swallowing about 5-10 times as I held my face under the water as long as possible. After I got out of the shower, I realized my face was very dry, to the point of being chapped. My face even felt a little tight, like around my eyes and cheeks didn't want to move as much. (After a few minutes that went away, the dry skin took a couple hours to feel better.) At first I thought it might be that I wasn't adapted to the extra cold, or that our colder than average weather was making my skin dry, but this morning the same thing happened at home after my cold shower. I thought I drank plenty of water. And just to be clear, this swallowing is just happening when the water is on my face.

    My anxiety is definitely worse than it used to be, which is why I stopped the birth control and caffeine. Could that be it? Do I need to do some vagal breathing exercises?

    I'm going to start the CT protocol soon. I am purging these extra chemicals from my body, because I'm pretty sure my brain and my glands haven't been able to communicate clearly for years. I want to make sure I do it correctly.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
  9. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Just had my annual eye exam, and my right eye improved!!! Nearsightedness decreased from -2.75 to -2.50. Woooooooo!!

    I'm so excited! I walked out of there feeling 6 feet tall. I'm finally getting validation for all those light bulbs I switched out, and blue blocking lenses I was wearing. Now I'm going home and I'm going to improve the left eye by next year! :glasses:
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  10. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I couldn't figure out why I'm still getting cold all the time, why I still get hungry and cold during fasting (which otherwise has shown me a lot of benefits). I decided I'm not eating enough fat!! Back in the day, I was eating a high fat ketogenic diet, and I felt amazing, but then I realized that I would be better off sticking to intermittent fasting and some water fasts (1-2 days once per month). Maybe I went too far in that direction. It's the winter now, and I thought it would be a good time for calorie restriction and seasonal foods (eggs, pastured meat, limit carbs to root vegetables or greens that grow almost year-round in the South). I did it without adding back my MCT oil or extra butter. We've had a much colder winter than usual. It has given me the chance to go out in 30 degree weather and get a chill on my skin, but dang I couldn't do my cold showers anymore! I just started shivering uncontrollably under the water. I hated it. It made my body so tense I got muscle cramps.

    So I thought about what I need to do, and something clicked. Girl, you have a New World mitochondrial group. It went L>M>D>D4>D1. Your Ancestral groups also produced the Tibetans and the Inuit. D4 is still in Mongolia and Siberia. All those blog posts about other people living in the cold and eating high fat diets... The Sherpas burning through calories like oxygen... THAT'S YOU. Now go drink some yak butter tea and get with the program.

    I got some ghee and made my "yak butter tea" with my herbal teas that I'm drinking instead of coffee. I looked up the traditional recipe and it has salt in it, which I didn't know. Added Himalayan salt. It was delicious. :-9

    I have been doing face dunks in 50-55 degree water for a few days now. After I got used to it, it wasn't bad at all. It felt relaxing! Yesterday I held my breath for 45 seconds, twice.

    And I'm doing cold showers twice a day, but not on the coldest setting yet. I realized I had sort of conflated the body temperature and the skin sensations. I don't need to drop my body temp, I need to RAISE it, so I can get a cold skin sensation without actually being cold. Big difference. I'm just doing cool enough water for now, until I get through the two weeks of ice bags.

    I've been sitting outside in all black, light clothing, in 40 degrees full sunshine, at noon, to get a few drops of UVB. It feels awesome. When I went in yesterday, my chest, neck and face were pink. Still not sure if it was the sun or the cold, but it faded in a couple hours.

    Last night I actually had to throw the covers off of me. My face and my back were radiating heat like I'd been sunburned. I'm amazed.

    During the winter I keep my heat set on 60. So now I'm here in my warm socks, black pants, and nothing from the waist up except my wool hat, drinking butter tea.

    Still dealing with my hormones, keeping my dopamine up and cortisol down, but I'm moving in the right direction, faster. :)
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  11. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I went back into strict keto last week and ramped up everything I was doing on the protocols. It's making a difference!

    I'm pretty much just eating fatty meat, butter herbal tea, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, egg yolks, and incidental snacks. (Ok, I ate a Bulletproof collagen bar and some super dark chocolate, don't judge me.) Everything is smothered in ghee. Drinking cold RO water and SP. Face dunks (last one I held my breath for a minute.) Morning sunlight at sunrise, even if it's just 10 minutes. (I need to rearrange my day to improve this.) Took the freak weather as an opportunity to get outside in the cold. It snowed Monday and didn't get above freezing on Tuesday or Wednesday. I've been taking cold walks a few times per day. Occasionally taking longer lunches to get noon sun on the clear days.

    In the beginning there were a few fits and starts. I had a couple bruises around me knees. I ended up with great pain in my hands (probably the most damaged part of me from the bout of arthritis in 2014) and knees. I had forgotten what it was like to be in that much pain!! It reminded me to be thankful that I've been off the Celebrex, Prednisone, and Plaquenil for months now with no symptoms. I also had very mild Raynaud's but I'm glad to say it only started when the temp went down to 10 degrees. I'm wearing my compression arthritis gloves outside in the cold. That all pretty much passed within 2-3 days and I'm feeling better than before.

    Since I'd had so much trouble with getting hungry and cold, I decided to eat fat until my body told me to stop. I saw where JK said to "live like a polar bear and eat like a great white shark" so that's what I did. The amount of food I was eating was embarrassing. I even took a few spoonfuls of ghee (and damn, is that stuff good right out of the jar). I finally stopped getting hungry. Maybe I can try skipping dinner soon, Because it hasn't worked so far. At night I took a baby aspirin and went to bed early. I don't know if it was just what I needed to push me over the edge, but I was so hot under the comforter. Didn't need it. Yay, progress!

    This morning there was still snow on the gound. I was outside in my crop pants and tank top, grounding shoes and wool hat. 20 degrees, stayed there for 10 minutes. Then I took a walk at 10 on my break in a sleeveless shirt and flats, about 35 degrees for 15 minutes. I didn't feel cold at all! I felt amazing. Huge smile on my face. My coworkers were bundled up and thought I was nuts! I said, "I'm activating my brown fat!" and the response was, "You don't have any fat!" So I tried to explain it, but my friend didn't get the difference between "burning" fat and creating metabolically active fat. For lunch I went to the park across the street and sat in the grass, barefoot grounding, eating, reading without glasses. I'm starting Health and Light. It was about 48 and it felt great. Yay, progress!

    I'm trying so hard to read the blogs and books (more on order), but I feel like there is so much material that I need slides and a notebook. Actually I will start a notebook.

    I've got a GF London Broil at home that I'm planning to sear and cover with ghee. I love rare meat, and any excuse to eat it. I've almost consumed a whole jar of ghee this week, but I'll just eat fewer vegetables to make up for it in my grocery budget. ;)

    I'm feeling better and better at work. I've got a mostly-functional brain back, along with my sense of humor. I've passed the point of ovulation in my cycle, and so far I haven't crashed into PMDD land yet. (But since I got the IUD removed, I've had a few bouts of profuse bleeding. I never really stopped having my periods on it. I'm fine with that, because something needs to get out of me.) We'll see what happens in the next two weeks!! :)
  12. Anita

    Anita New Member

    Thanks @Foxglove for posting this about your experience with having skin sensitive to the sun. I also woke up two days ago with the same tiny itchy blisters on my chest area and the front of my shins and intuited it was from my intense sun exposure the last few days. I guess the body is saying slow down and forget trying to cram 20 years of sun avoidance into my initial dances with the sun. I'll be mindful now, and going forward, not obsessively dive into long periods of sun exposure at the outset and slowly build a solar callus. Lesson learned. Really appreciate your post.

  13. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I'm so bad at providing timely updates!

    I'm really surprised how well my body composition is holding up, even when I add extra carbs. I'm much calmer and my worst PMS symptoms have faded into things I can usually handle. (I hate that I ever got that Mirena demon.)

    My latest tweaks in a nutshell. I can expound on them later as needed.

    Been taking 200 or 400 mcg of selenomethionine per day, along with 200-300 mcg potassium iodide. (I just recently swapped this for half a drop of 2% Lugol's, pulsed dosing - we will see how that goes.) Originally I started on kelp tablets without selenium - no bueno! When I started this combo, my residual Rosacea pretty much vanished and now my salivary glands work!! I'm so happy. I had gotten tooth and gum problems from a bum salivary gland above my left molars. I started having uncomfortable dry mouth attacks when I was 16. Sometimes it felt like the back of a postage stamp. I've seriously never had such a wet mouth. This might be my favorite improvement so far.

    And I'm warm at night! I have a fan running along with my AC, And sometimes I still throw off that light blanket. I've *always* been cold-natured, so this feels wild. I've added other cofactors mentioned in the Brownstein protocol, like sea salt, magnesium, and trace Minerals. The salt made me feel a lot better. I should have listened to what @JanSz told me months ago.

    I had switched to salmon as my main seafood over the winter. (Summer was more shrimp.) Eating it every day seemed fine. Then I cut back to twice a week. My skin backslided, and my fatigue. Now I realize my body responds better to shrimp 2-3x per week than salmon. Not sure if that's an iodine thing, amino acids, or something else. I wish I had kept eating more shellfish. Now I'm going back to shrimp on a schedule.

    I started drinking Aquafina over the winter. It definitely made my sinuses drain. (I think I read someone else say this already!) I switched from Aquafina to Costco drinking water for a couple months. It definitely didn't have the same effect. Is it the deuterium, fluoride, or dissolved solids, or all of the above? Going back to Aquafina every day (and still drinking SP). I'm still getting the gallon jugs of Costco water for cooking and the kettle. The scale in my kettle is gone! I never paid attention to what hard-ass tap water I had. My friend told me about a spring outside town where you can fill up jugs. I might check that out soon. But what if it's hard water too?

    After reading an article about how drinking baking soda in the morning can help push your spleen in an anti-inflammatory direction, I tried an experiment. Unfortunately, I was too liberal with the baking soda. Instead of the scant teaspoon I was planning on, I accidentally poured about one tablespoon in my salt water. And I drank it anyway. That's how I discovered the next great intestinal cleansing program. If you follow my protocol, you will never have to take dulcolax or liquid prep solution before your next colonoscopy. (Seriously, don't do this.)
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  14. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I'm having some kind of electrolyte problem.

    My heart rate has been elevated, at times, starting in Nov/Dec 17. In January I realized it was a pattern and started bothering me. I noticed that my heart rate wouldn't drop enough when I laid down to sleep. My breathing is pretty relaxed, but when my heart starts doing this, not even laying down for 1 or 2 hours makes it slow down. This happened in multiple locations, even while housesitting in a home where I turned off the wifi and only saw one other network in the area. It seems to coincide with bad sleep, but I don't know the direction of cause/effect. It wasn't to the level of heart palpitations I used to get from a panic attack - just a simple observation of a rate that was too fast for what I was doing. I was doing a lot of fasting and keto over the winter.

    I can post more details later on, because I'm trying to hack this right now; tracking my heart rate and logging my diet and activities. But I'll get to the point: could eating more salt make my heart rate go down?

    My working theory is dehydration, caused by drinking too much plain water or not eating enough salt. So far, I haven't found a correlation with caffeine, activity level, or taking 300-600mg magnesium. You'd think coffee would make my HR go up, but no. There's a slight connection with drinking alcohol (dehydration again?). Putting 1/4 tsp Redmond salt in my water, or having a 500 mL San Pellegrino, improves my heart rate a lot within 10-30 minutes, but not equally, not every time. Potassium might be an important factor, but I don't have potassium supplements to verify this yet. I've only tested it using a meal of salted potatoes (big improvement). It may also have a connection with iodine - increased intake seems lower my HR that day and the next, while decreased or zero intake seems to make it worse within a day. Keep in mind I'm still keeping a diary to find the patterns.

    On my good days, my heart rate will briefly drop below 70 a couple times during daylight hours, and only go above 130 (cardio zone) when I'm doing an exercise like running up and down stairs. Good nights drop to 63, between 12 and 4am. On the worst days, my heart rate stayed above 68-70 all night, and rose above 130 while simply walking up stairs. At one point it jumped to 128 while I was doing nothing but washing the dishes; this was 30 or 40 minutes eating a grain-free sandwich to break an 18-hour fast. I wasn't upset or stresses, and suddenly my heart was pounding. For someone my age with great body composition, this is pretty bad. I suspect sodium, potassium, or both.

    I never noticed this symptom before last fall, and I can't connect it to anxiety.
    I have a long history with low blood pressure, and increased urination after drinking absolutely anything, but I'll get into that when I post my process and more of the data.

    Can anyone point me in a direction? JEMS: Just eat more salt?
  15. shiran

    shiran Curious

    Maybe it's tied to the thyroid gland
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  16. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I suspect something there... Any more details on how that works? I've had low level Hashi antibodies for a while, thyroiditis (ultrasound confirmed) about 7 years ago, and a big AI flare in 2012/3. That doesn't tell me what's doing it, though, or how to fix it. I just can't seem to hold water in my body. (Except during my autoimmune flare when I had edema and swollen glands all over my body.)

    Actually when I was a kid, I wet the bed a lot and they gave me desmopressin. It worked within a week and I never did it again. For most of my childhood, I hardly drank any water, I was never thirsty and I didn't pee very much.

    Then when I was 18-20, shortly after I started my gluten-free and simple carb-free diet of mostly whole foods, I started having dry mouth attacks in the middle of the night where I would wake up really thirsty and have to pee. My eyes felt like sandpaper and my tongue would stick to my mouth. I couldn't drink enough. It was torture. In my senior year of high school, I was constantly drinking water bottles and had to pee between every class. I couldn't wait. I got tested for Sjogrens and it was negative. My ANA was slight positive (which means inconclusive to the med profession) so they didn't know what to do. I was afraid I was getting diabetes. I went to an endocrinologist (before I knew they were all jerks) and he basically told me I was a hypochondriac and was wasting his time. He said "I don't know why you came to an endocrinologist for this." It was humiliating. He didn't test me for anything or care about my suffering. He said I had "sicca syndrome" and offered to give me a Rx drops for my dry eyes. I left and never went back. I started using Biotene dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste, and use it to this day.

    The only other time I went to an endocrinologist was when I was referred for thyroiditis. I had mononucleosis 3 months before. He didn't test my antibodies even though I told him 8 women in my family had Hashimoto's or nodules. 3 of my cousins were already on thyroxine in their early 20s. He saw my T4 was normal and dismissed me. He told me it would "go away on its own."

    I've been nearly rejected for blood donation because my pressure was so low. Sometimes they make me get up and walk around to raise it so they don't get in trouble for accepting me. One time I gave blood and almost passed out 20 minutes later.

    Since that time in high school, I've always peed more than anyone else. My family would say, "Kelly, you aren't allowed to drink coffee or water before this road trip, because we are NOT stopping!" Just the other day I was visiting with friends and I had to go 3 times within 3 hours. I could have gone again, but I was too embarrassed. My friend said, "Small bladder, huh?"

    I asked my mom about it recently. She said she went to a cardiologist for orthostatic hypotension. She would stand up quickly and feel dizzy and he heart would race. He didn't find a cardiac cause, but he thought she had a renin problem - that's the hormone your kidney makes to retain water - and gave her a steroid. It helped, but she hated the side effects so she quit taking it.

    Also, some people in my family have been diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Contractions, which show up under high stress and don't usually require medication. They described the symptoms. My cousin said it's like your heart has a really big beat and you feel it hit your chest. I've never had anything like that. I know some other people in my family have had intermittent heart murmur, passed out during an exercise stress test, or mitral valve insufficiency on an EKG. But no one has ever said that to me or suggested it based on my symptoms. I happened to have a small panic attack before a test once, as my HR shot up the Dr listened to my heart and said it sounded fine, just fast. I'm determined not to go to a cardiologist for this.

    Actually I never realized how much this lack of water retention has affected my life until I started thinking about it this week! It's been a problem for years and I just ignored it.

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  17. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Really glad you found it helpful!

    I haven't gotten a sunburn yet this year. Earlier in the season I did get some pink, and some bouts of itchiness, but I got in the shade whenever that happened. I've also found that being under blue lights after the light reaction breaks out makes it worse! Turn the inside lights off and just use red.
  18. Anita

    Anita New Member

    Thanks @Foxglove. I'm focusing on being outside at sunrise and sunset now and only a bit in the midday sun and so the itching is much less now. Gotta build the solar callus slowly I guess.

    I also suspect I have histadine issues after reading this JK Forum and have eliminated foods that are said to ignite a histamine release so will see what unfolds over the next 60 days without them. I've been literally scratching my head so much the last few years that I am figuring it must be something related to what I am ingesting.

    Thanks for the suggestions to improve the living areas. Yes, we have replaced all interior lights to 2700k and we use no lights while the sun is up. We have lots of windows and doors we open and a screened porch, thankfully. I changed all the lamps to have amber lights after sunset so should I change them to red? Also, we now have blue light shields on our laptops and phones and blue blockers. I also cover all my skin after dark, especially my thyroid, if watching a DVD or show on the TV.

    And FWIW...I have serum IgG/IgA antibodies to salmon and shellfish and am guessing the histadine issues may be related.

    I like following your journey @Foxglove! Every day we have new opportunities to test, trial, and learn right?!
    You have motivated me to begin an Optimum Journey to document my tests, trials, and what I have learned. Thanks for being here and sharing. We newbies need the guidance and insights of those of you farther up/down the path.


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  19. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I was gone for 8 months! I had to take a break from the forum to tackle some psychological struggles and depression I was having. I realized I was using it in an unhealthy way, like when you see all the interesting things other people post on social media and end up feeling bad about yourself. The truth is, I was overwhelmed. I have so much to overcome and it's natural for me to see everything I haven't done, rather than what I've accomplished. Between being afraid that I would never be able to do CT thanks to my skin problems, and freaking out about the deuterium concentration in Gulf Coast atmospheric water, I I couldn't focus on my step by step plan. I decided that I wasn't coming back to the forum unless 1) I had something really positive to say, and 2) I could use the forum to my benefit, taking joy in others' progress and not being afraid to be wrong about, well, everything. There is a lot to read here, and Dr Kruse continues to be a more prolific writer than I am a reader. :) It' also against my natural personality to blindly accept anything without questioning. I still consider that a positive trait and I know that JK wants all of his community to do their due diligence. But the truth is, he is the only one doing this and the one "online health personality" that has made the most impact on my life and my health. For that I'm thankful.

    And yes, I'm doing worlds better! I finally read The Fourth Phase of Water, The Body Electric, and Life on the Edge.

    From a psychological standpoint, I've stopped using social media in all forms. I might get on facebook once a month. I'm no longer beating myself over the head with "Where is my life going?" and "How did I get here?" (I'm singing Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" right now.)

    In 2018, my best friend had a serious health crisis that spiraled out of control, is now chronic, and started a domino effect of other serious health problems. I have tried to convince her of the importance of a few Epi-Paleo lifestyle changes, getting up every morning at a certain time, going off of some Rx's, getting sunlight and checking her vitamin D, but they never stuck. One day I heard her say something about not getting a pap smear in a long time, and I got mad and made her go to the dr ASAP. I realized she had other problems on her mind and this got pushed to the bottom of the list, but she has a family history of cancer, so I guilted her into going. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. They cut it off and she's being followed. She would never have known if I hadn't lectured her on how important it was. She is my age, and this totally knocked me on my ass. I sent her a box with B vitamins and some MCT oil. I don't know where I will be if I lose her. I love her with all my heart, and will support her forever, but I can't be sucked into a depressive quagmire over it. I need my emotional energy for me, and it's running low. I can't even think about my best friend dying.

    All I can do is the best I'm capable of right now, and keep putting one foot in front of the other until I reach the place I want to be. There's no guilt in that. In my next optimal journal entry I'll include the health hacks I'm trying out.
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  20. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Trying to pick up where I left off... Let's try to summarize the past eight months. Spoiler alert: there will be CT at the end.

    1) One of my goals was to improve my left eye, even just a little. I was very annoyed by the fact that when I read a book without glasses, my right eye is able to focus on the words at a comfortable distance, while my left eye required me to pull the book to an uncomfortably close position to focus. That gave me doubled, fuzzy letters at proper book reading distance. Not anymore! Recently I noticed that I can finally read at a normal distance with both eyes focused. I haven't had an updated eye exam, so I don't know if there was a Rx change yet, but I can tell that it's better. That means a lot to me, since it is my worse eye, and it has the CHRPE retinal hyperplasia.I was beginning to wonder if it was a lost cause. I'm so happy! A laptop screen is still fuzzy without glasses, on the left side. I think I'll make that my next benchmark.

    2) Most of the rest of the year can be summed up with.... IODINE. I can't remember what I last posted on iodine, so here is the gist: I started it about a year ago and my bad salivary gland started working again. I was only using 1-2 drops of 2% lugol's, and topically for fibrocystic breasts. The fibrocystic breasts improved at about 2-3 months. At this point I decided to STOP taking it to see what would happen. It took about 3 months, and the cyclical pain came back. Around this time, Aug-Sept, I noticed that my skin tan was fading faster than I thought it should. Over the spring and early summer, my skin undertone had changed from redheaded vampire to a sort of honey-golden color that I didn't know I had. It looked amazing! Then during a period of summer storms it started to fade fairly quickly. In September I laid outside (morning as usual) during what was going to be our last 75-degree sunny weekend of the year. I had another PMLE eruption and rash that required antihistamine and steroid. C'MON! I know I had gotten more sun than that without getting a rash. Right about now, I am starting to get really sick of this BS. I wasn't going to try CT and risk getting hives or urticaria if I couldn't get my skin in order.

    So I looked back on what I had changed. I was eating more carbs like rice to go along with a seasonal diet. I was taking Evening Primrose Oil for PMS, to hopefully get off the Vitex. And I had stopped the iodine. Omega-6, or iodine? Both? I dug into the research on PMLE to see if I could find anything whatsoever to point me in the right direction. I did find a research review article that mentioned two important things to me. 1. In some studies, an immune suppressant prevented the visible rash on the skin, but didn't prevent lymphocyte infiltration on the biopsies. So, as I suspected, the immune attack is secondary. 2. One researcher postulated that it's a fatty acid oxidation problem. (blank stare - light bulb moment) Ohhhh. And 3. I remembered that PMLE is common in people with autoimmune thyroid disorders. Ok, I get it now. Redox. Iodine. (Fast forward, I wish I had read JK's post on iodine being a cellular antioxidant much earlier!)

    Then I decided that I needed to do an iodine protocol for real. I had tried eating seafood 3-5 times per week. It actually got to the point where every time I tried to put salmon in my mouth, I started to gag. I switched to shrimp. I still had boob pain. This just wasn't working. And if I could have a salivary gland start to work after 15 years, I must have a serious deficiency. I went on a higher dose, with the goal of seeing how much it took to make my fibrocystic breast symptoms stop.

    In December I had worked up to 5 drops (12.5mg) of Lugol's. At that dose it was like a switch got flipped. I felt more energetic but mentally calmer at the same time. Extremely productive at work. I am no longer taking any herbs for PMS and I didn't have SAD this winter. I want to dance around and sing! Especially since my lungs feel clearer! After two weeks of this dose, I noticed a improvement in my wrist. I had joint popping and stiffness beginning with my ankle when I was a child. As a teenager doing gymnastics, my right wrist became a problem because it didn't bend back as far as my left, making floor work difficult without slightly bending my elbow. Try to put the heels of your palms and your elbows together; now bend back your hands as far as possible to form a flat surface with your palms. My left went down to 90 degrees but my right was stuck at 60 or 65 degrees. It's been that way since I was about 15. Well imagine my surprise when one day I wake up and stretch and notice that my right wrist has greater freedom of movement. After 18 years, my wrist can bend almost as far back as my left, about 85+ degrees. Amazing. I'm not sure if I had some calcification or scar tissue there. I'm also seeing some range of motion improvement in my right ankle and the right side of my neck, where I have chronic muscle tension, and my TMJ. But it's too soon to say what the full improvement on those will be. My skin tone also looks a lot better, considering it's the winter and I should look like a ghost by now. It's smoother, less puffy, and less flushed. It feels thinner but more solid, more integrity and less swelling, if that makes sense.

    Because of that, I felt good enough to start CT.

    3. Got a compression shirt in early January and used x-large ice packs (before I had any ice bags). I went for an hour, easy. I didnt' shiver until about 30 minutes in, and my skin stayed pink. I did that a couple times and moved on to ice bags. I only got to 45 minutes before I got a whitish spot on my stomach that measured 41 degrees, so I stopped. On my in between days I was doing other CT supporting activities like blasting the car AC when it was 40F outside, walking in a t-shirt, 60-degree shower for 10 minutes, etc. It feels amazing! And I'm continuing to get more freckles, in areas where I used to only have freckles when I was a child. On the first night after my hour of ice packs I woke up really hot around 3am, sat up, and somehow had a vision of myself being Kali. I have no idea where that came from! But my real name is Kelly... Did I just subconsciously create a cognate for my name? I also had a very strange dream where I was in front of a water tank, explaining to the other people present about some animals there, in this sort of zoo. I remember one was a salamander, a frog and maybe a bird. (This must have been because I read about Becker's animal experiments.) Here's the weird part: I showed them where the electrical sensing organs of a stingray are. In real life, have no idea where those are, or how they work, just that sharks and rays can detect electrical activity. But in the dream, I explained that they were on either side of the mouth below the opening, sort of where the animal's chin would be if it had one, and pointed. I told them something about having patches of electrons there! The next day, I suddenly remembered my dream, and decided that I should look them up. And yes, the ampullae of Lorenzini are right where I said they were.

    Buuuuut I'm also having some problems. :( I slowed my roll with CT because I had attacks of dizziness. These weren't during the CT, they were a couple hours after. And one of them happened while I was driving, which scared me. I haven't used the ice bags since.

    Back up a few months, so I can explain why the dizziness bothers me. When I was using my Fitbit in summer 2018, I tracked my heart rate because I was having intermittent palpitations... and eventually realized my resting heart rate was directly correlated with my hormone cycle. See this woman's post - http://i.imgur.com/rYQPNNA.jpg - her graph is exactly like mine was, except my RHR goes between 70 and 78 bpm between follicular and luteal phase, and it sometimes gets high enough that it's pounding in my ears and I can't sleep. I had figured out last winter I have a salt problem, so I tried to eat more salt. After I took the Mirena out in Jan 2018, my PMS symptoms improved, however I started getting these heart palpitations. As I mentioned in my last progress report, there's orthostatic hypotension in my family. So for a while, I tried drinking salted water. 1/2 tsp in a bottle of water. This was temporary and did nothing to adjust my resting heart rate. I PEE ALL THE TIME. Maybe once every 1-2 hours, all day. It's a huge burden, but what can I do? I absolutely hate it. I got sick of panicking over my pounding heart, stopped wearing the fitbit for the EMFs, and no doctor had an answer for me. I just decided it was estrogen or progesterone, plus genes, and there's nothing I can do. Then one day I read thru the "Top Ten EMF RX FAQ's" blog https://jackkruse.com/emf-rx-the-top-ten-emf-faqs/ and came across this section:

    "I think it is relate to water dehydration because fluorine replaces iodine in structured water in humans. Fluoridated water blocks rehydration and causes us to lose salt simultaneously. This directly has an effect on the renin angiotensin and aldosterone system and these hormones are what causes many of the symptoms we see in a pregnenolone steal syndrome and in an adrenal fatigue syndrome. Both of these syndromes are associated with low volume states in the plasma called hypovolemia. Dehydration leads to electron steal syndrome.

    Doctors will use this term but patients use the term dehydration for true water loss and the loss of sodium chloride. Patients who have a low volume or dehydrated state often “self-medicate” by naturally gravitating toward a higher-sodium diet (pickles and saurkraut, and kombucha) and by dramatically increasing their water intake. They also tend to drink a lot of coffee. The quality of water replacement usually will dictate how long the syndrome persists."

    FACEPALM. I wish I'd read that a long time ago. So it is a halide / iodine problem in the brain after all? Well, that explains a lot. I already know I have that problem.

    Right now, as of last week, I'm avoiding all tap water and just drinking SP, Aquafina and Poland Springs. I'm already taking iodine. But my dehydration/urination symptoms haven't improved yet. Now I'm in a quandary - should I avoid any cold baths until I fix the rehydration problem, or should I attack them simultaneously? If I'm already having dizziness before starting the baths, does that mean I'm too dehydrated to do CT safely? Or will it fix itself?

    If it was going to happen immediately, I wouldn't worry as much, but I don't want to be having severe low BP and dizziness attacks randomly throughout my day. I was also taking DIM for the estrogen effects - I had some serious flushing at ovulation, much worsened breast pain and heavier bleeding this time.

    My other question is to decide when I want to reduce the iodine load. I'm not interested in these 50-200mg doses. Maybe I'm going too fast. I was really concerned about the idea of having whole body iodine deficiency, because that makes redox status worse, and thyroid disorders are very strong in my matrilineal line. What if I inherited this from depleted breast milk and it just moves down the generations? I can't just spend 5 years eating little servings of seafood and having boob pain and skin rashes the whole time. To quote Southern civil rights legend Fannie Lou Hamer, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!" I'll probably want to have kids in a few years. I don't want to get to that time and suddenly say "Ooops I never fixed my hormones!" Honestly, not being able to have kids, or having genetically mutated kids, gives me extreme anxiety. It scares me even more than having autoimmune disease. There, I admitted it.

    Also, my main man is moving back to Alabama later this year when he finishes training. :) I would never want to be a burden on someone else because of some stupid health problems that I could have fixed myself. The idea of being a burden on someone also gives me a lot of anxiety, and makes me want to hurry up and fix it already. I've already got him into Wim Hof and cold showers. The grooming process is underway! One day I told him that there's a doctor online who explains how to adapt to cold training with ice baths, and he said, "Let's do it!" :love: Warm fuzzy feeling.
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