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The arc of the mitochondrial universe is long, but it bends toward optimization

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Foxglove, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Oh boy, this is going to be long…. Do y’all want a book? Lifestyles of the Sick and Never Diagnosed. I'll split this into three posts: personal history, matrilineal line, and labs/genes later, because they are in a disorganized pile.

    I’d never heard the term biohacker until recently, but I think I’ve been trying it since I was 17. I'm long-winded, but this journal is for my benefit, so, consider yourself warned. :)

    [Short version: Asthma, IBS, food allergies, eczema, rosacea, PCOS, gastritis, carb addiction, anemia, tonsillitis, fatigue, thyroiditis, hormonal migraine, PMDD, ANA, TPO antibodies, inflammatory arthritis, Raynaud’s... Never got a real diagnosis. I currently take no drugs every day.]

    My autoimmunity is like a chameleon. It changes and blends into its environment. It goes back to my great-grandmother, at least. I think I got a double dose of genes that hate the modern world, and a good helping of trauma to push it along. My dad is a surgeon. A highly dysfunctional intelligent person. I got that from him. He's personality disordered, possibly alcoholic. His matrilineal grandmother was 100% Irish and was either bipolar or schizophrenic, depending on who you ask. Definitely not optimal. I spent years wanting to be a neurosurgeon (HA!!) before I came to my senses. We found out he was leading a double life. I have no doubt that played a part in my symptoms. But on the bright side, I always tried to figure out what my symptoms meant and how to fix them. My mom also studied science. She's more of an intuitive “I know what I see” type. I got that from her. I've always been an observer and analyzer of people and nature.

    1985 - I had a traumatic birth at the military hospital in Honolulu. My mom drove herself to the hospital 8 mos pregnant because she couldn't feel me moving, and knew something was wrong. Low heart rate, intermittently dropped out. Fetal distress? Emergency C-section. First APGAR test was 2. I was in the NICU for weeks. Mom said an expert perinatologist happened to be visiting and directed my birth/care. I had an air pocket in my liver. Later I got necrotizing colitis. I recovered. Later I started having asthma attacks. My mom said that when I was a child, she stepped outside into the cold air, holding me, and my attack suddenly stopped. After that, when I would wheeze, she opened the freezer door and stuck my head in to make it stop. My first CT! :) She also said if I got upset I would hold my breath until I fainted. (Because of those observations I have self-diagnosed the asthma as being a possible vagal issue at heart.) Other than that, I was healthy.

    When I was 2 we moved to Anniston, AL (known toxic zone). We didn’t find out until later that it was polluted by Monsanto. We didn’t live in the flood plain where the PCB drainage ditch contaminated all the soil, but we were on the contaminated Army base for a month. Mom said she couldn't get us to wear shoes after living on the beach. I knew what was good for me!

    After age 4 I grew up in East TN. I loved to play outside. I climbed trees barefoot. I didn’t have any pollen or food allergies. I taught myself to read before I was in Kindergarten. My mom thought I was autistic because I was brilliant but very quiet. I read books in middle school that many people don’t read until HS or college.

    I think I started getting sick when I was 10 or 11. Right before I started my period.

    From age 11-16 everything declined. I had severe constipation that came and went (dx’d as IBS-C as an adult). The doctors told me to take fiber and exercise more. They gave me Miralax, which kids aren’t even supposed to take. I had an eczema-like bleeding rash of torture on my elbows that could have been Dermatitis Herpetiformis, but no one tested it. I had horrible periods and no pain medicine helped. Polycystic ovaries, they put me on BC pills. I had anxiety and TMJ, nightmares, and recurrent sleep paralysis. I could never fall asleep, I just laid there for hours. Skin allergies to makeup, detergent, jewelry. Rosacea. Multiple ear infections on the left side, tonsillitis, so repeated antibiotics. Sometimes I got Levaquin, which isn’t even proper protocol for minor infections. I started throwing up if I ate chicken that wasn’t organic. I was severely carb addicted. I remember making a box of macaroni and eating all of it myself. Despite how much I ate, I was always underweight and they made me drink Ensure. I got used to doctors dismissing me because I was young, and female. “You can't have Rosacea at 14.” I knew what I had. I used OTC sulfur gel on it.

    I was homeschooled for a few years. I played the piano for hours every day. I had the freedom to think outside the box and design my own curriculum. I spent years staying up until 2 and getting up at 9. We were never allowed to have TVs in our rooms or lots of video games. I never had a phone til I was 16, and we hardly got a cell signal at the house. We didn't have wireless internet. I didn't have a smart phone until I was 25. I did spent a lot of time on our desktop and a lot of time reading.

    I was in multiple sports (gymnastics, ballet, tennis, swim team). I was slathered in SPF 50 most of the time, because REDHEAD CANCER. I always had a lean, athletic build. It takes very little effort for me to bulk up, so while on the swim team I was ripped. (Cold water every morning, anyone?) I thought I looked like a boy. I was so skinny I didn’t even have boobs until I was 20.

    Around age 16 I stopped doing sports. Music was the only thing that made me happy. Pounding Listz on the piano and feeling the musical vibrations. I played barefoot and I loved the feel of the metal pedals. (I still hate electric keyboards, because there’s no whole-body vibration.) I was in piano competitions. I played the violin in a Youth Orchestra. My parents expected perfection.

    Age 17 - I got severe heartburn and I was so sick I couldn’t eat anything without pain. 113 lbs. I was so fatigued I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs. Repeatedly tested for mono. A gastroenterologist found esophagitis, acid erosion, gastritis, enteritis, internal hemorrhoids, internal bleeding. Biopsies - inflammation everywhere, negative for H pylori, Crohn’s and celiac. I went on Nexium and Reglan. I tried numerous dietary changes and was eventually diagnosed with gluten intolerance (gliadin IgG antibodies). We has never heard of gluten back then. Beef allergy (IgG), didn’t eat that for 10 years. We didn’t have many processed GF options back then, so I had to learn to cook. Thank god for that. Mom put us on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and everything resolved on follow-up endoscopies. I stopped all the medicines. My skin allergies and sinus problems went away and I felt alive. I was less introverted. I realized that everything was connected. I had an autoimmunity issue, and it was strong in my family history. I’ve been 100% GF ever since. I knew my childhood doctors were full of crap. Then I started reading medical research publications. I haven't stopped.

    2005-2010 College. Health was okay. My dad woke up one day and moved out of the house. He caused constant emotional drama, lied and manipulated, stole money, and refused to get psychological treatment. Looking back I’m grateful he left, but at the time it destroyed me and our family structure. I felt lost. I was in an abusive relationship. Didn’t eat dairy or red meat. Anemia, fatigue, chronic tonsillitis (they were removed). Thrush after antibiotics, which I still get. Thyroiditis diagnosed with an ultrasound, but the endocrinologist told me I was “too young to have Hashimoto’s” and my labs were normal.

    I made positive changes…. I noticed I could sleep regularly from 11pm-6am and get up without an alarm, as long as the sun came in my room. I never used an alarm clock after that. When I sat outside in the sun, I felt like a different person, happy. I just wanted to hug the earth and feel the wind. When I laid in the sun, I wanted to go to sleep. I decided I couldn't study biochemistry anymore, because they kept me in a lab for hours like a caged animal. I decided not to go to med school because I wouldn’t like it. By now I hated anything having to do with money. I wanted to be a Zen monk. I still do. I loved botany and taking field courses. Looking at bugs and reptiles. Water sampling. Just being outside. I dumped my abusive fiancee.

    2010-2013 I needed a change. I left to study botany in England. I walked everywhere because I didn’t have a car. I loved the field courses. The radiator and hot water for the shower were on a timed schedule. Sometimes I was just cold and had to deal with it. Sometimes I had to stand out in a meadow in the rain. I loved it. I didn’t have the greatest diet, and probably drank too much alcohol at the pub, but I had friends and I was healthy.

    While writing my dissertation in 2011 I started getting anxiety and couldn’t eat. I couldn't sleep and started having panic attacks. When I finished and moved back to the US, I was miserable. I wanted to die. I was hospitalized for bronchitis when I couldn't use my inhaler to stop an asthma attack. I took Lexapro, which helped. I moved downtown in 2012 and I believe there was mold in the building, but didn't make that connection until 2014 when the ceiling started leaking. I weaned myself off Lexapro after 18mos because my thoughts were getting slow. I gained over 30 lbs (to 160) and couldn't lose it, despite walking 5 mi/day. I was doing street outreach for a homeless shelter all over downtown Birmingham, in all weather, because I wanted to help people. I think I saw mold in the building. Birmingham has some of the worst air pollution in the country. Over the next couple years I started getting migraines, skin allergies, sinus infections, pollen allergies, oral allergies. I couldn’t emotionally handle my job anymore.

    2014-2015 I started commuting 20 miles to the suburbs for an indoors job. I got a flu shot, and two weeks later the worst sinus infection of my life. All my sinuses swelled shut. Levaquin, singulair, steroid shot and dose pack- it took a week to breathe. I lost weight and started sleeping for 12 hours/day. Singulair made me a raging bitch. After 3 months, I lost over 30 lbs (to 120) and had a complete autoimmune breakdown. All of my lymph nodes, glands, and joints swelled up. My face swelled. Metal allergy. Rosacea. I had a fever every day and was falling asleep every afternoon. I was always dizzy. Heart palpitations. I couldn’t walk or hold my steering wheel without pain. I got my first cavities and gum disease. My hair was falling out and my skin was so dry I could hardly wash it. Intense mood swings. Raynaud's. I went on pain medicine that gave me gastritis. I got BS answers because my blood tests were “normal”!! My GP said, “You don't have thyroid disease. Your TSH is normal. You probably have Crohn’s.” (The one disease I didn’t have the symptoms for?) He tried to put me on Lyrica but I wasn't having it. My 4th endo/colonoscopy in 10 years confirmed I still didn't have Crohn's or celiac. Anti-TTG (celiac) antibody test was present within normal range. I thought I had lymphoma and was going to die, because no one could help me.

    Referred to two other doctors... was dx’d with food allergies to corn and eggs, so I changed my diet again. Immunologist tested for Lyme and alpha-gal meat allergy… Negative. I DID have a positive ANA, TPO antibodies. I was diagnosed with unspecified polyarthritis. The diet changes fixed all my symptoms except fatigue. ESR dropped from 19 to 3. My rheumatologist told me to stay on my diet, and I get basic blood tests every 6 months (CBC, CMP, TSH, T4, ESR, CRP).

    2015 I started the Wahls Protocol and Intermittent fasting. People said I magically looked younger! Within 6 weeks my lung function tests (FEV) were normal, not asthmatic. I thought I had brain damage (probably from SSRI) because my cognition was so slow. I started listening to podcasts because my attention span was so bad that I couldn’t read anymore. Since then I’ve created an amalgam of the Wahls, Asprey, Kruse, and Hof methods. My first day in ketosis was like BAM! I woke up from being awake. I think I read 3 books that weekend. My food cravings vanished. For the first time ever, I wasn't angry and starving every two hours. My lungs were crystal clear. My body loves ketosis. After 6 weeks of keto I went back to Wahls. Now I do keto seasonally and as needed. I moved out of the city and into the suburbs, close to my job. No leaky ceiling! I reintroduced beef to my diet. Adaptogens (ashwagandha) resolved lingering mood swings.

    In December 2015 I did something stupid and went off my diet. The holidays are a bad time of year for a carb fest. Learned my lesson. I ended up on steroids AGAIN because I could hardly walk, had an ear infection that gave me tinnitus (still have it).

    2016 I went on Plaquenil for a year. My skin allergy to jewelry went away within a week. I felt awesome. The long term effects worried me. After 6 months I started skipping doses and eventually titrated to zero. I haven't taken it since Feb 2017.

    I stopped NuvaRing and suddenly experienced what it was like to wake up in the morning and not be depressed. I got a Mirena. PMDD/anxiety was treated with premenstrual Prozac... I am off of that. I still have hormonal acne and some moods, but otherwise my cycle is usually normal. Testing how to time fasting with my hormone cycle — the last couple days before my period works best.

    2017 hacks will be a different post.

    Timeline for Eyes/Vision (because I know Jack loves that stuff!)

    Glasses age 10
    Contacts at 17 (about when I stopped eating gluten) Rx never changed after that age.
    I’m -3.25 OD, -2.75 OS
    Wore contacts for 90% of waking hours for 10+ years.
    Age 18 Eye dr said “large choroidal nevus” in left eye and I had to wear sunglasses all the time
    2015 Vascularization in my corneas during flare. They looked bloodshot. Switched to silicone hydrogel for more O2. Fixed the problem (mostly).
    2016 Soon after starting Plaquenil I had a “lens flare” looking flash in my left eye. Only happened if I looked at a light source at a specific angle, and I could recreate it by moving my head back and forth. Self-diagnosed as a corneal drug or lipid deposit (accelerated by contact lens surface injury??). Stopped the drug and popped out the contacts and it’s gone.
    2017 New eye dr sent me to specialist, lectured me about nevus becoming melanoma because I ignored it for so long…. Retinal specialist said it’s “CHRPE” not choroidal nevus. Congenital Hyperplasia of Retinal Pigment Epithelium. He said this is rarely if ever becomes melanoma so no worries. It has been a dark patch 1cm across for over 10 yrs. Corneas were clear.

    Summer 2017 Recently got glasses with colorless blue-blocking coating, instead of contacts. Use for computer. Also have light yellow anti-glare glasses. Outside walks with no glasses. Sexy orange glasses at night. Use contacts after dark with the orange glasses if I have to.

    Living situation: Apartment. I have big windows and green space outside. Nice pool with a patio and outdoor fireplace. Afternoon swims and patio time. I'm probably being microwaved by numerous wifi networks.

    Work situation: I work at a computer all day. I have f.lux and told it that I live in Tierra del Fuego for their winter. Screen stays around 1500K. The fluorescent lights over my cube went out, but I made my manager leave it off because it “gave me migraines.” Halogen desk lamp and salt lamp. I take my coffee breaks to walk to the park across the street, with my glasses off. Thinking about getting an exercise ball to sit on instead of a chair.

    Water filter
    Measuring EMFs to hack my bedroom and work cubicle
    More grounding
    More oysters and seafood! :-9
    Infrared sauna at home, maybe focused infrared for tinnitus
    Following a protocol instead of sporadic inspiration moves
    I think I might need a therapist

    Current challenges:
    Hormonal acne and PMS migraines
    Eczema bumps on thighs, flaky calloused skin flares on tops of feet
    IBS appears randomly
    Sometimes I still have vague joint pain in my hands
    TMJ and neck pain
    Tinnitus in my left ear
    Poor ability to focus

    I have a weird symptom: on days where I sunbathe, right after the sun sets, I feel weak and achy in my joints and muscles. I go to bed when that happens.

    Current medication or supplements:
    Just NAC at the moment
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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  2. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Matrilineal Line - Haplogroup D

    Between the last 4 generations, I know of 5 types of AI antibodies (TPO, scleroderma, mitochondrial, Sjogren’s, anti-cardiolipin)

    Hashimoto’s or benign nodules in at least 5 women who share my mt DNA. 3 other cousins (different mtDNA) were on thyroid by the age of 25. IBS in all of those women.

    Mother: Has had various autoimmune-type issues but nothing specific. Early fibroids, heavy periods, thyroid nodules followed by partial removal at 19. Early adult: Two major car accident injuries (neck and back) resulting in PTSD and use of anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers for years. Hysterectomy and one oovarectomy (pre-malignant cyst). She almost died due to blood loss and lack of clotting, possibly a reaction to NSAID medication. She had almost no energy, exercise intolerance, I believe lactic acidosis was found, mito antibodies (which later disappeared). Took years to fully recover muscle function from that. IBS diagnosed as fructose intolerance with H breath test. Got a lot better after we went on the GF diet and did SCD together. Current health problems stem from old car accident, back muscle spasms, hardening of neck discs and calcification of a shoulder injury area. Raynaud’s in feet can be moderate to severe. I am trying to make her reduce blue light and do grounding outside.

    Another female relative has unspecified autoimmunity, maintains a GF diet. Lots of tooth decay problems, the dentist found the ANA. Sjogrens antibodies, and I think anti-cardiolipin. Have not convinced her to do paleo or change the light bulbs.

    Grandmother: VA/NC. Her dad ran a cotton mill and he was known to have Raynaud’s. I am told he had rabbit-fur lined gloves. Working mom, nurse for decades. Started cigarettes at a young age. In her younger years was lean and very intelligent, curious about geography and anthropology. Travelled all over the world and to all 50 states. She loved laying on the beach in Wilmington. She took to processed food to make home life easier. IBS later identified as fructose intolerance with a hydrogen breath test. She started developing foot pain, restless legs syndrome, and undiagnosed peripheral neuropathy in young/middle age. As a senior, stopped smoking, became overweight and got Hashimoto’s. (I've heard this is a common pattern.) They moved inland to avoid hurricanes and she hated it. Eventually ended up with diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis (I suspect scleroderma/MCTD), kidney damage, bone infection in her foot that resulted in amputation below the knee. The worst sugar diet I’ve ever seen. Spent years on steroids, diuretics, BP pills, muscle relaxers, etc. Said once that NAC was the only pill that ever helped her. Probably had a mood disorder. Compulsive shopper. Spent a lot of late nights on the computer playing solitaire until 2am. Died of heart failure at 72. I wish I could have helped her more. Thinking of her suffering keeps me on track.

    Great-grandmother: NC. Family worked in a cotton mill, possibly some kind of abusive father situation. Hashimoto’s. Scleroderma, limited to hands, happened sometime in 1940s-1960s but didn’t progress. They called it “arthritis” but now I know. Her shiny, tight skin kept her fingers from moving. She lived through the 1918 flu pandemic. “That flu was so bad that I never got sick again.” Moved to VA where her husband ran a cotton mill. They were the first family in their small town to get a car. He died and she moved to the coast. Ate simple foods like soup. Always had a smile and laugh, good for hugs. She lived to be 95, almost fully mobile and independent. Contracted pneumonia after a hurricane, put on antibiotics and developed horrible thrush, died in the hospital. I try to model my health practices after her rather than my grandmother. I'm grateful I knew her.

    This year I found out our mitochondrial haplogroup is D, probably D1. Native American.

    Earliest known ancestor: Sarah, mixed/mulatto family, 1750 NC. Neighboring Robeson County is home to the Lumbee Tribe, a mixed group of free colored and various Native Americans whose tribes were destroyed. They made a community in the backwoods. My Native American mt DNA could have been from an NC tribe or a displaced VA coast tribe. I have found one other person on the internet who descends from this woman and she also tested as Haplogroup D. Our test couldn't assign to a subgroup, and information on these groups is relatively sparse.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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  3. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Lab Trends

    WBC always low (3-5.5) but lymph % goes High during a flare

    Platelets and neutrophils tend to be borderline/low at all times

    ESR stays at 2-3
    CRP stays at 0.3 or under

    TSH stays between 1 and 1.5
    T4 has been 1.15

    Fasting blood sugar usually 85-90

    August 2014 after flare:
    Positive ANA (1:160)
    TPO antibodies 35 (just above threshold)
    Anti-citrulline 5 (normal range)
    TG, Scle, Sjogrens A&B, dsDNA, cardiolipin, RF all negative

    Oct 2016, Cholesterol 191
    HDL 91
    LDL 100
    LDL : HDL = 1.1 (negative risk factor for heart disease)

    Vitamin D only tested twice
    Aug 2014 (flare): 51
    April 2017: 32

    Is that a seasonal variation?

    I can upload pics. I have also kept my CBCs for years. I have CMPs, an iron test, a few other things. I probably need to get a lot of tests that I've never had.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
  4. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Current Positive Changes Winter 2016 - Present.

    Changed all light bulbs and only have LEDs on midday timers for my orchids. Candles or amber bulb after dark. Stopped wearing sunglasses. Morning walks before sunrise.

    Wim Hof breathing and cool showers. I wasn’t using my heat over the winter, so it was usually 60 inside. The cool showers cured my Raynaud's and makes my skin look great. I got my freckles back! My skin heals quickly.

    Did the Valter Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet for 3 days monthly, 3 months in a row.

    I'm treating lifelong low back pain (anterior pelvic tilt) using strength exercises by a PT who specializes in that (Bret Contreras online). It's 95% controlled. I'm in better physical shape than I was when I was a teenager. My body is more feminine, but with good muscle definition.

    I still have unpredictable pockets of gum inflammation but I'm trying to treat it with chewable oral probiotic tablets. (Moderate success)

    Tretinoin cream fixed my acne and Rosacea about 90%. I'm using that as a hint. I keep trying other things to compare results.

    Recently I stopped turning on the car AC, despite 100 degree heat. This week my Rosacea didn't flare up when I walked outside into humidity!! Woo, progress!

    I'm also in a support group for children of dysfunctional families and it's going very well. Stephen Porges’ interviews on trauma and the vagal pathways have been invaluable.

    I am optimistic about the future.
  5. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    Holy shit! That was an epic read. You absolutely rock! Looking forward to following your journey.
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  6. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I'm overwhelmed. I feel like I shouldn't have shared any of that... I don't want to do this by myself anymore. I'm tired of fighting to be alive every day, and people making me feel like I should just take the pills. I almost left out everything and gave a list of symptoms. Thank you for reading it. :love:
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  7. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Genes/ Serotypes

    HLA DQ8….. One copy
    HLA DR4 ……. Homozygous

    DQ8- Celiac and Type I diabetes in Europeans. Distribution: coastal foraging populations and Central Americans. Negative correlation with wheat cultivation.
    DR4- Rheumatoid arthritis and Type I diabetes risk

    DR4/DQ8 combo is higher risk for autoimmune diseases

    677 normal (C;C)
    1298 normal (A;A)

    POMC (this is the only one on my test)
    rs6713532 (C;T)
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you have a histadine/histamine issue and this will tie RF to autoimmunity in a big way.

    New article out on how to build your solar callus naturally. Your solar callus not not only offers protection but it is an ideal way to absorb sunlight properly to get light into your system to build wellness and improve your immunity. Our skin tones are tied to our solar callus and are perceived as most healthy and attractive to humans. We know know that red and yellow skin tones make you appear more attractive and send wireless signals to others that your immune system is optimized. Being pale is not a sign of wellness contrary to popular dermatologic speeches. Even animals besides humans use their solar callus to draw mates.

    Folks who spend time in the sun can change their surface color by assimilating certain frequencies of sunlight to take red tones tones because IR-A light increases our RBC's production when our skin is hit with sunlight it undergoes dermal pooling to make our skin flush with blood. When the sun has powerful UV light more oxygen is found in our blood changing its color to a deep red due to the increased amount of oxygen in it. From a biological/anthropological perspective, this signals health and vitality and a high redox potential to members of our species who see us in the nature. https://www.patreon.com/posts/13077291
  9. River

    River Gold

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You are a strong and awesome woman! Your journey has led you to this forum and Jack's work. Welcome home.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Haplogroup D, the closer to equator the better.

  11. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    This is very interesting. I'd noticed a lot of histamine symptoms but I didn't know there was a direct connection. I just read some brief articles. Histidine deficit causes eczema... so, too much degradation of histidine to histamine? Perhaps in the gut by bacteria or yeast?
  12. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    I've been considering the origin... It differentiated in Siberia though, and then continued east and downward into South America. Not sure what changed in the adaptation process.
  13. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Actually, I'm looking back at my sequence results again... I had used Dr James Lick's mthap tool (recommended by a genealogy site I use, because it takes into account the latest classifications). It said the closest mathematical match is D1, which is only in the Americas. The problem is, the test had a 'No-call' result at one important location (but matched the other 5 out of 6), and it didn't test a minor location needed for subgroup assignment (but it matched the other 20/22). I'm going to need a better test to be sure.

    When this happened, we didn't know we had NA ancestry so I wanted to be sure I wasn't going down a dead end in my genealogy documents. I even looked at some papers on Siberian mitochondrial groups to compare the SNPs. There's a super-low chance that it's actually native to Asia. So I decided it's likely to be D1.
  14. Foxglove, do you practice CT?
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If you wanna fly in life you got to give up the shit that weighs you down...............mitochondriac wisdom 101
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  16. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Not exactly. All I've done is take cool (not exactly cold) showers. Maybe a blast of cold water at the end. I haven't gotten into an ice bath or anything. I also kept my heat on about 59 last winter, and I tried not to wear a lot of warm clothes. So I guess you could say I'm trying to adapt to my environment's temperature.
  17. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    "Nature does not make things easy it just makes them worthwhile."

    I love that!!

    I noticed years ago that the only way I got a tan was to get low level sun exposure for days or weeks in a row. I got a tan after doing field courses or morning swim team, but I couldn't go out at noon and get a quick tan like everyone else. This is making sense now.

    I actually read some papers by a guy who was using UVA light treatment to break down scleroderma lesions. It took numerous treatments but they eventually dissolved. I took notice of that because of my family history.

    Urocanic acid... is that related to urea? My dermatologist had me to get a 20% urea cream for the thickened skin on my feet and it does a decent job of breaking it down.

    So many connections coming together here. And to think, they say my skin is delicate and needs to be protected....
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  18. Foxglove

    Foxglove New Member

    Oh... Another way to get mostly infrared light? Sit under a tree in the middle of the day. I shared this with a Facebook group recently.

    "Spectral Properties of Plants" http://www.forestwatch.sr.unh.edu/pdfs/Gatesetal_1965.pdf IMG_1645.JPG
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  19. CT for me was THE game-changer. Embrace the cold. Try it according to Jack's adaptation protocol. It may help or not. Every body is different.
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I was able to find my 10000 years ago grandmother, and am at 1 degree south of where she was.
    So, one assumption may be to figure out where was your grama of 10000 years ago.
    Ie, not to far not to close.
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