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The 5th most important thing you need to know about Diet and Exercise

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Barry, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I just read Why We Get Fat, and I have to say that each and every one of these books that provide research-based evidence about what we, the choir already know, the more solid my own understanding gets, and the better I get at being able to understand and explain what I am doing, and why.

    And Barry, this conversation is just awesome. I love it. I love what people are saying, and I love the discussion. I have found that as I first started navigating the paleo world, I was overwhelmed with information, and I found myself questioning which choice to make and worrying over some details that didn't need to be worried about. I was not broken when I found this site, but I was certainly on a road to being there only it was micro-brewed beer that was my downfall, not much else. I have eaten "well" my whole life thanks to my location and early influences. I am an athlete and an herbalist. But beer was breaking me and it took some serious soul searching to wake up and stop.

    Thankfully, as a result of this site, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and Wheat Belly, and The Art and Science of Low-Carb Performance, I am back on track, and feeling really good. I still have some work to do, mentally, emotionally, physically, but I am finding my own balance based on my intuition, which is what I've always trusted.

    Thank you all for this conversation, I really do think it's worthwhile.
  2. Barry

    Barry New Member

    When you have a great conductor with an honest group of musicians , in a nice fish bowl with no extremities , where choice is controlled and happiness is synthesized, the orchestra plays beautifully ;-)
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    agreed.......we need to play more as a group.
  4. Barry

    Barry New Member

    The 6th post will relate to that ;-) coming soon ....
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    Sometimes I feel that what the mind can do might surprise us, and that much of what it can do may have little to do with conscious chains of reasoning.

    Some of the WAPF people - like Dr. Cowan - seem more open to that kind of thing than, say, paleo.

    And I can probably say the following here without provoking outrage.

    I got and read a couple of books on the "sleeping prophet" because Cowan mentioned him and came to the conclusion that something pretty interesting was going on when Cayce was out of his normal waking state. What impressed me was that his "prophecies" were so bad (many refuted now by the passage of time) yet the "cures" do seem to have worked in many cases. And again his esoteric notions of what the world was like and how his unusual gift fitted in seem like bunkum to me, but the *empirical* side of the "readings" ...

    If someone in a trance says, "The tin you want is on the top shelf" in a building he doesn't know in a town he's never visited, and it is ... You can only explain stuff like that in a manner that would satisfy "skeptics" by positing collusion in deceit by multiple people.

    If people must, I guess, and sure deceit does happen where unusual things seem to be occurring (c.f. Houdini's investigations.) But just maybe our ideas of what the mind can do are off.
  7. janagram

    janagram New Member

    interesting....it seems to me that prophecy differs from the other ("knowing" where a tin in a building is) by not having happened yet! I imagine that "prophets" tune into threads of possibility and can see how they would spin out, but then they don't always unfold that way, for so many reasons...i don't think Cayce was bunkum.
  8. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    The sleeping prophet is smarter than my wakeful husband. He called me after I had been trapped in the house for a week with him post spinal fusion and asked me where I kept his ice. I think anyone would know that had never been to my house.

    But I do believe the brains in some people contain infinite and amazing things. If you want to see how vast a mind is, watch someone brilliant trapped inside and trying to fight their way out. It's huge and we really do carry things with us for an eternity and relive them. Protein is very powerful.
  9. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

  10. Well, I question the title "Proof of heaven"..

    Dr. Alexander writes:

  11. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    I guess that's the sub-editors at the site that syndicated the Newsweek article. "Proof" would not seem to be the right word here.
  12. It's a little interesting - but I know I've read long ago about actually mapping the neuronal activity of people having both near death and alien abduction feelings. I think this was in an ethics class of all things. Interpretation of the event depends on external and genetic factors (do you have spiritual gene or not, plus upbringing).

    It's a brain fart, interpreted with each individual's bias. The person with the experience essentially HAS the experience. Their body reacts for all intents and purposes as if it truely happened. It was just all in their head in the life of their mind, not our physical world.

    Now, if "divine intervention" caused the brain fart - that would merit the existence of God conversation. . . but having the experience is a repeatable and explainable phenomena.

    It goes to an expanded discussion of the age old questions - if it happens in your mind and body (most spiritual things are in the beholders mind, not in my reality) does that make it more or less true.
  13. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    But the interesting thing about this case is that he didn't have a brain that would seem to be capable of "farting":

    In any case, I think the trouble with the kind of explanation that you were given in the course is that it assumes a certain picture of the world and rules out anything that doesn't fit in with that. One might feel more comfortable with the world by doing that - it's predictable and understandable and obeys such and such a ruleset - but whether it gets you to the truth is another matter.

    Why cannot we say something along the lines of "What is going on here is interesting, and moreover seems to contradict some pictures people have of what the world is like, but we don't really understand what occurred"?
  14. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    I suspect the problem remains where William James left it in his Gifford Lectures (later published as the Varieties of Religious Experience). And I would think that is always going to be the case. No-one can prove that the man's interpretation of his own experience is false, but his account of it can't possibly be coercive for anyone else.
  15. Linz

    Linz Gold

    The ability of our senses certainly improves but can it expand beyond our normal conciousness with ketosis, improved membrane structure/function and a full complement of DHA for electrical sensitivity?

    How do we sense geopathic stress? I certainly think my ears give me some warnings.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your brain does this.......and if you look at levee number 30 it is built into the Quilt. I just have not spoken about it yet.
  17. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    That's something I've wondered about, too.

    I have no very certain religious beliefs (and some very sceptical moods). And, like many people, I don't think about it much of the time, but yet ...

    The other thing that interests me is that some of the people who do neurofeedback say that when the different areas of the brain important for normal waking consciousness are in better balance and other areas are strengthened some people begin to report "spiritual" type experiences.

    Also I'm not entirely happy at dismissing what many generations of people in the past have experienced as just illusion or the beliefs of primitives. Much of it may be, but how can I know it all is? Maybe, as with food, they know things and have experienced things that I haven't. There's an old argument to the effect that if your dog sees you reading a newspaper he probably concludes that you're smelling it. In fact, there's a whole world of experience there that he's unaware of, because it's outside his experience. We can always apply reductive explanations to phenomena; doesn't mean we're right to do so.
  18. Dali Dula

    Dali Dula Moderator

    Here's a fun postulate: Nothing outside your sensory experience exists and you can't prove it does. For example: As you leave for work in the morning as soon as your house is out of your sensory experience it does not exist. Well, I'll call home and speak to my wife and ask her if the house is there. My sensory experience is talking to my wife on the phone, but that doesn't mean she or my house exists. Nothing exists if you are not experiencing it and you can't prove that it does. Walk around with that in your head today.
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Re read it:Brain to testosterone to the bad eggs you want to eat at the wrong time of the yr:The brain allows us to sense the epigenetics alterations in our environment well. .I want you to now channel what I said about the heart and brain in Brain Gut 13 with respect to how the Na/K ATPase is affected in metabolic terms in all tissues. Then, I want you to think about the number one killer of all humans today: Heart disease. How does heart disease tie into this theory of whole body physiology?

    If you begin to alter your blood glucose because of dietary or any other epigenetics signal (light or temp) and cause inflammation at a cellular level by eating badly or not being mindful of circadian cycles, you start secreting large amounts of insulin from beta cells to deal with it. This alters your Magnesium levels which activate the metabolically efficient Na/K ratio because of DHA as laid out in BG 13. When we have an altered Na/K (low) ratio, this in turn, simultaneously cause brain metabolism to ratched down because its function is directly coupled to the efficiency of the Na/K ATPase for our species. As the brain’s metabolism falters, it begins to shunt energy to itself at the determent of other organs. It robs Peter to pay Paul. This physiologic bio energetic “stealing” of energy alters functions everywhere in the body to satisfy the brains needs. As other organs fail slowly under this physiologic directive this further alters brain function from the excessive 60% energy boon created by the DHA/ Na/K ATPase, which results in your feeling less well with less energy and you have a chronic cognitive haze. Is this sounding familiar to anyone?

    It is the modern human condition that most of us exist in. As this goes on chronically brain function is eroded (the real source of adrenal fatigue in the PVN) because there is an excess of Na ions, which alter our homeostatic brain controls of the renin angiotensin system and this alters our BP. The renin angiotensin system target organ is the kidneys. The kidneys control the electrolyte balance of the serum and ultimate of the CSF (ultrafiltrate of the serum) to further alter the function of our brain.

    This slow erosion of our kidney function goes on undetected and slowly undermines our electrical systems balance. This implies that our declining kidney function, directly efffects our electrical system of our heart (conduction system AV node and sinus pacemaker) to become less optimal or “foggy” too. The relays in the hearts electrical system is sticky and this cause all kinds of unusual heart rhythms. This shows you why declining brain function always correlates with declining heart function. Modern medicine has never made this link but they know it exists. These organs are chemically and electrically tied together by DHA and iodine at a foundational level physiologically in humans in our cell membranes. This all results in the many types of cardiac dysrythmias we see clinically. This is an early sign of major bio-energenic shifts in cells all tied to oxidation.

    When this goes on further brain function erodes and we can not sense it well. We, in essence, lose our primal sense of well being and eventually we develop an inability to sense vascular trouble before it happens clinically. This leads to a heart attack. Now think back to Inger………she can’t tell you any of this physiology……..but she can tell you that she feels a sense of well being now because her signaling and sensation in her brain is approaching optimal. This means the Na/K ATPase battery in her cell membranes in her brain that is driving her Ferrari engine, is working at the peak 60% efficiency I mention in BG 13. How did she intuitively find it? Look at what she eats: MHS and fermented raw heart in a jar!

    She has tapped into her brain sensation because this is what it needs to sense its world to avoid illness. That my friend is understanding heart disease from the Quilt’s perspective. Inger is a perfect example of where form has met evolutionary function. You sense better when your brain is loaded with brain specific nutrients........simple. Coma has a quantum effect on the pi electron clouds I spoke about in BG 5. Gamma coherence. Its a future blog.
  20. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    What goes on in sleep?

    That has such importance for so many cultures, such as Australian Aborigines. Dunne (An Experiment With Time) seemed to feel, rightly or wrongly, that his mind could be outside space and time when asleep - or more easily so.

    If people have had predictive visions - let's entertain the possibility at any rate - often as not it's been while asleep. Often a situation of extreme stress, such as a survival situation, seems to have been involved, too. Apparent examples here:



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