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The 10th.... YOUR STATE OF MIND (Part I)

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Barry, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Barry

    Barry New Member

    The 10th.... YOUR STATE OF MIND.. Part I

    This is my attempt at connecting my dots. My dots are the previous 9 posts I’ve written about the most important things for your health and performance. I cover many of them again along with a few new ones, but the real message is in between the lines….

    “Before I learned the art…..â€

    Life is art. It consists of various different colours, consists of many different textures and many different forms. Arguably, and most importantly, its beauty and its worth are governed by your own individual perception.

    We are all artists and we can choose whatever colours, textures and forms we like. More importantly, we can choose how our piece of art is perceived. However, there is a big problem in modern society and those that are trying to master their art. The problem is that people are not really choosing their own colours, they are not choosing their own textures and they are not choosing their own forms. These choices in today’s world are, for the majority, being made for you by others. These “others†are born out of research, literature, studies and reviews… interpretations of these, and the beliefs and dogmas that ensue. So with all of this freely available information, advice and recommendations, people have forgotten how to think and decide for themselves. They don’t know how to decide or how to choose, the choices are many, which leads to a paradox of choice.

    Furthermore, and this goes a bit deeper; but people seem to have lost the ability of self-perception. Living, health, performance and success are now all things that are dictated to you by society and not necessarily oneself. People are trying to succeed and achieve things that are determined by others and not themselves. It makes completely no sense and is probably one of the major causes of ill-health and unhappiness. Do not feel like you have to do what others or “dogma’s†tell you to do. Do what makes you feel happy regardless. People want you to live the way they live and to stay that way. They don’t like it when you do things differently and it works out. So create your own fishbowl and synthesize your own happiness. Perceive your own happiness, go on feel and do what you believe is right.

    Missing the Point

    With this optimized life that everybody is chasing, the bottom line is that you must get the point. The point is that health/fitness/performance is not a 1-dimensional being. It’s not just about nutrition, it’s not just about exercise and it’s not just about EMFs. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The physiological, physical, biological and even spiritual mechanisms that make us tick depend on an array of variables both controllable and for the large part, uncontrollable. This is all related to the dots and how they are connected. So a study on a food, medicine or type of exercise cannot be applicable to us all. It is simply impossible to accept the outcome of any study on a group of subjects, if the very dots that make them tick are not in place in the first instance.

    We now have paleo this and paleo that. Grass-fed pasture raised meats, omega 3 eggs and kale smoothes. We have eccentric loading, HIIT and movnat. We have IF, Ketosis, PPP, Metcons and bulletproof x, y and z. But you know what, and this hurts me to say, but those things really mean jack shit (excuse the pun). I’ll try and put this into a bit more context. I have been a die hard “you are what you eat†for a long time. I make my living now working in the world of sport and performance and I’ve also been a competitive athlete and have lived a healthy lifestyle for most of my life. But the more and more I look at the woods, and focus on the big picture, and look beyond conventional wisdom, the more I realise that there are far superior things that govern our health and physical existence. These are the things which I have learnt here through Jacks blogs and others. These are the things which are the very essence of what makes us tick. The simple laws of nature, the process by which our bodies make energy, and the ways in which we process our thoughts. I am now so convinced that our health and fitness is governed by these factors that given the ultimatum of “Paleo foods and Running†or “Nature and the Outdoorsâ€â€¦ I would choose the latter. It’s the reason I’ve stopped answering peoples questions about how many carbs I eat and how many miles I run. Not only are these things completely N=1 based, they are simply the bricks and mortar, not the foundations and framework.

    What I’m trying to say here is that we have ironically covered ourselves in a cloud of magic bullets which are blinding our view of what really matters. This is why you have hard core low carb zealots that are still overweight. It’s the reason you still have marathon runners and triathletes that are still not fit. And it’s the reason you still have “Krusers†that still can’t sleep, still have auto-immune diseases and still can’t reach ketosis.

    We need to take our heads out of the magic bullet clouds. We need to stop counting our carbs and stop timing our work-outs and stop looking at our keto strips. These are the very things that actually have the least influence on your health and fitness and are more likely to be causing you stress. The real bullets, that actually can work, are sitting right under our noses. Jack is explaining these things in detail. Your health and optimized life is governed by how your genes express themselves, and this is controlled by your natural environment and your state of mind.

    It ain’t Rocket Science

    Everything is simple when you know how. The knowing part though is the challenge. Do you need a Masters or PhD to understand Jacks blogs and his concepts? If you want to understand the biochemistry and quantum mechanics and how these are tied together, then you probably do or at least be someone with an extremely high intellect, its not music for the masses. I have a degree and masters in this area, work the field of health and performance and spend a lot of my spare time learning more. However, I have a hard time trying to understand it all and I even read the “For non-Geeks†part of the blogs. However, and this is one of the most important points I want to get across, the application is simple. Cytokines and hydrogen bonding might confuse people but walking on the grass barefoot is simple. Semi-conductors and Schumann resonance are complex topics but reading a book instead of staring at the computer screen is easy. Cytochromes and transcription factors are for geeks but eating real food in season can be done by anyone.

    I could go on. The point is that the science of rocket technology is complex but a monkey can press the button. I’m not quite sure why people just don’t get this. I think it’s a major hindrance and it could be related to the Bruce Lee quote which started this post with “Once I understood the art, a punch was just a punch, a kick just a kickâ€. As intelligent beings, we want to understand things first before we do them. In order to really feel something, to truly live and breathe it, it does help to have a deep understanding of whatever that something is. I might be answering my own question here. It may be the stumbling block for people that is preventing them from doing the simple things (which have complex science behind them). Not having a deep understanding of ketosis, photoelectric currents, inflammation, methlyation and so on might mean that they can’t truly practice or embrace the simplicity of the application.

    Move slowly and you see more

    What ties in with this simplicity is the practice of moving slow both physically and mentally. Nothing happens overnight and there are no golden tickets to health. Yet people appear to expect superhuman transformations after a few ice baths, a few grams of D-Ribose and a few swings of the kettlebell in the fasted state. However, the adaptations necessary to change the pathways and mechanisms that make us tick require a huge amount of molecular and cellular changes. The machinery such as enzymes, receptors, carrier molecules, hormones and signalling molecules take time to build. Once they’re built, they need time to work and they need to learn how to work efficiently and effectively. Finally, they need infinite time so that they can all work together in harmony.

    The essence is time. Take your time marching up that mountain. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post; pave your own path to the top. The growth occurs on the side of the mountain, not at the top. So spend your time and effort on the climb. This gives time for your machinery to be built, it allows them time to clock up some mileage and it means that they will have more time to get to know each other. This is all about the dots and how they connect. It’s as cut and dry as I can put it. So don’t rush about trying to go ketogenic or intermittent fast or do metcons and WOD’s. More importantly, don’t even think too quickly about any of this. If you move more slowly up the mountain, you will observe more. The more you observe the more you absorb. And this leads to the irony of the whole story, by moving more slowly and thinking less, you start to understand more.
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  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    Beautiful Barry.

    each of us should listen to our own heartbeat, it is the metronome and compass for where we should be going. Listening to someone else's heartbeat only will confuse you and get you lost. follow your heart and know your own path.

    you say this in every post - your path is different from mine, from Jack's, but the destination is the same. How we get there is our own journey, no one else's.
  3. cinnamon

    cinnamon Gold

    Bravo, Barry!

    It is so very unfortunate that a glitch in the forum programming is making it impossible for many to read this. I sure hope it is fixed quickly.

    I loved this. I struggle a lot with understanding the science. It does not stop me from applying the protocols; but I want to understand why it works and I want to be able to explain it to others. I strongly suspect that my brain is still quite a ways from optimal and I am holding out hope that if I just keep going with the protocols, my ability to see and understand will improve over time. I guess that is part of the climb you are talking about.

    People around me are noticing that I am different (in a really good way!) and they are curious as to why. When I explain what I'm doing, they have a hard time believing it as it is so contrary to all that ingrained conventional wisdom (I say ingrained, but much of the so-called conventional wisdom is pretty self-contradictory and we've all laughed at studies which tell us one week that we shouldn't eat chocolate and then next that it's the magic thing that solves all ills). They seem to focus on "having to give up so much", and how hard it is to swim against the tide of what everybody else is doing. They don't want to believe that the disconnect of all our tech gadgets, heated/cooled/lighted homes and offices is actually causing us to evolve in a negative way.

    The way I see it is that each of us has to take charge of our own journey, but I feel that part of mine is going to include helping others with theirs. I feel I have been helped on mine by others on this forum. I do see us as being "quantum entangled". I felt proof of that when the forum was off-line.

    I suppose I will take my time and be the pioneer, focussing on me for now. When those around me see that it hasn't killed me (despite their concerns that I am surely destroying my health) perhaps they will feel that it is safe to try their own version of the path to optimal.
  4. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Great post from you Barry (now that I've also figured out how to bypass the error and can read it). You've nailed it from your perspective.

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