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Testosterone for Men over 40

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by RickD, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. RickD

    RickD New Member


    Less a question and more a thank you. Can't thank you enough for convincing me to start Testosterone injections. As a 53 yr old guy I thought was I doing pretty well, but after a few months on Vitamin T I'm back to the person I was in my 30s. Energy level, mood, and yes even libido are all improved. To others get your levels tested and if they're mid range or below start supplementation to get them back up to the top quartile in the range. I really think this is the main reason guys age.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    A truth bomb for all men to ponder for sure!!!
  3. amyparez

    amyparez New Member

    Couldn’t agree more! Testosterone deficiency and aging are practically synonymous. Don’t let low testosterone bother you. If it’s a concern, take a few moments to go through Ageless Male supplement reviews. This testosterone booster raises the body’s free testosterone levels which can make signs like low libido, depression, and fatigue disappear and replace them with a high sex drive combined with loads of energy. Supplements alone work of course. You also need to follow a healthy meal and fitness schedule.

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