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Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Matt Fowler, May 23, 2020.

  1. Matt Fowler

    Matt Fowler London, England

    Hi Everyone,

    A friend recommended me to buy some nnEMF protection in the form of twisted copper rings or "TENSOR FIELD GENERATORS" (also made of copper). The manufacturers say that the method of construction turns them into continuous piezo-electric crystals which "clear" nnEMFs (INCLUDING 5G!!) from your surroundings. Some of the generators supposedly have a working radius of a mile and a half.

    Im a bit dubious and sceptical, but maybe theres something to it? What do you think?

    Here's a link to the video:

  2. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    They don't remove the signal from the area. They supposedly change the effect the signal has on the body. The effect of the tensor rings can supposedly be measured with a kind of dowsing instrument called a Lecher Antenna.

    It seems related to the "physics of quality" described from BioGeometry:
    which is related to dowsing techniques people have been using for thousands of years.


    Also called Radiesthesia:

    Attached is a book about the tensor rings.

    Attached Files:

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  3. Matt Fowler

    Matt Fowler London, England

    thank you for your reply Dan! This is an interesting concept, Im going to have a read of the information you sent. Whats your personal opinion based on what you know? Real or fantasy?
  4. Great stuff Dan!
    Not endorsing tensor rings or anything else,but am enjoying Slim's biography. Piqued my interest in dousing, which I did as a child and blacksmithing, which is on my bucket list. Dreaming of a solar forge.
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  5. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Maybe real fantasy? I don't know. Maybe it has an effect on the subconcious that a person could do without needing to use those things by psychological insight instead, and whether a person has that insight or not they could still use those things to do it for them in a way. But maybe there are side effects to having it done for you that might be disadvantageous in the long run. It reminds me of psychedelic use instead of the maintained effort of critical thinking and reflection. I can get profound insights during the trip that feel life-changing but oftentimes if I don't try to make an effort of about the same intensity throughout the day as the trip was and over several weeks -- what's sometimes called integration -- those seemingly life-changing perspectives are mostly forgotten and I go back to being mostly like I was before the trip. And in addition to that, I wonder if or kind of suspect that there are subconcious changes from the thoughts and then forgetting of them during and after the trip that I'm not aware of that were done to me by the intensity of the chemical effect rather than by my own conscious effort and so I don't know the context of those changes which affects how I can contextualize my changes in perspective and personality in the weeks and months after the trip -- what's because of subconscious effects from the trip that I didn't integrate and what's from my reasoning. It's like if I think about something and then come to a conclusion and then remember that conclusion as a takeaway compared to having someone else tell me the conclusion and I just believe it -- if I reasoned toward the conclusion, although I'm not perfectly reasonable so I don't completely understand why my thinking did or didn't make sense, I still have some more of a context to judge the conclusion with than if I'm just told the conclusion by someone else without knowing what their reasoning leading to it was. I've thought maybe psychedelics are like someone else telling me the conclusions of their reasoning without me knowing what their reasoning toward it was. And if those conclusions -- perspectives from the trip -- affect my subconscious in ways I'm not aware of, maybe my ability to become aware of those effects on my subconscious and so have more control over my state of mind depends on the difference in the context leading to them that I'm aware of, which I'm saying is more when got toward by relatively sober and conscious reasoning before becoming more subconscious and less when the reasoning is more subconsciously induced by the psychedelic before again becoming more subconscious. Like how much of the reasoning and consclusions are conscious, with psychedelics seeming to be less reasoning being conscious and more of just the conclusions being conscious, which I think is why it can be so exciting and profound -- it's like a shortcut to the perspectives from long effort and it suddenly overwhelms you with profundity and it's beautiful, but if that isn't matched in intensity by the effort of integration after the trip it can be like being set up to feel about as confused as I felt profoundly insightful during it. I think the integration is like reverse-engineering the insights, like the reverse of the way those insights could have been experienced by conscious effort instead of a psychedelic -- either put in the effort doing the reasoning and reflection to have those insights while aware of the leadup to it, or take the shortcut with the psychedelic to the insights but then if you don't do the reverse-engineering reasoning and reflection of integration after the shortcut then it's like those insights can backfire subconsciously because they aren't yours, you don't have the context needed to handle them long term and they backfire into confusion and hatred. Or something like that, I don't know what I'm talking about; I've just read too much Carl Jung that I didn't understand and done too many psychedelics for fun without taking the integration after seriously and so I've wondered what relative loss of insight and control of my state of mind those shortcuts of reading psychology and doing psychedelics have contributed to compared to if I had been more careful about paying attention to my own life some more instead. That's not to say never do psychedelics, but maybe do them carefully knowing that it can backfire long term even if you have a good trip. Maybe that's why a lot of people do well long term with microdosing, because it requires only microintegration, which is more like their normal day to day state of mind before starting the microdosing and so the microdoses just gently lean them a little toward integration in an amount that they're more comfortable handling day to day for weeks than the kind of intense-as-the-trip integration effort needed to reduce how much an intense high dose trip can backfire.

    So anyway when people say things using concepts similar to BioGeometry or tensor rings or Radiesthesia, where it doesn't remove the EMF signal from the place but changes the person's response to it, I think maybe it has some subconscious effect -- which is a kind of interesting subject itself apart from the EMF risk mitigation part of it, the possibility that these things can interact with the psyche subconsciously in a systematic scientifically repeatable way -- which reminds me of the dynamic I've considered with psychedelics of the possible backfiring long term of using a subconscious shortcut without integration of understanding what that shortcut is doing psychologically instead of making a more difficult conscious effort of reason and reflection for the sake of more contextual awareness before the conclusions. So for example, if someone uses BioGeometry shapes or products or tensor rings to make EMFs not harm their body, then what do they do if the don't have those things with them? It's like someone being in a great mood and insightful when they're on a drug but then if they can't get that drug they have a problem. So even though I think the stuff like Biogeometry or Radiesthesia is kind of interesting, it seems like an unreliable idea to depend on it to protect your body from the environment. If those things have an effect on the body by affecting the subconscious, that means that the subconscious interacts with the environment in physically tangible ways at least within that person's body (I don't know what I think about telekinesis), and so the more reliable way to control the effect on the body from the interaction between the subconscious and the environment is to develop psychological insight to effectively influence what the environment is to the body instead of only being able to be places where there are the right Biogeometry shapes or the right size tensor ring being carried with you or using a pendulum to test whether a place is healthy for you -- maybe the implication of doing the psychological approach is that you become complicit in maintaining a world that's harmful to people who don't approach it that way as much, and so for example you'd not have a problem with more electropollution and some people would say why are you ok with that look at all the health risks and you'd think maybe forfeiting control of my psyche from the implication of believing the the environment can control it is more dangerous. Carl Jung wrote about the increase of technology in the early 1900s and its effect on the psyche and he said, I'm paraphrasing, the development of technology is inevitable and it's not realistic for man to go back to nature and so the only way to handle the health of the psyche (and also maintain some leverage of control over physical health) is to instead pursue the nature in man. He also said that, again roughly paraphrasing and maybe misremembering, he was able to learn more about his psyche when at his home in the country with minimal electrical technology, and he preferred to sit outside for hours while thinking. But I think maybe the reason for him saying he was able to learn more about his psyche in the low-tech environment wasn't because of a belief that the electricity itself impaired his thinking but because his process of learning about his psyche involved reflecting on his place within the context of his ancestors and culture, and since that kind of technology was new to his generation, to be able to relate better to ancestors and culture of the past that he had come from and that had influenced his unconscious psyche he wanted to live a lifestyle like those old ways. But he still used technologies from his and his kids' generations with some awareness of the meaning of the different context in his psyche of them. And so for people in more recent times who have grown up used to newer technologies than what there was in his time, like how Jung didn't avoid electricity because of physical effects it would necessarily have that would then also necessarily affect his psyche but avoided it sometimes when he wanted to relate more to his unconscious past ancestors because of the contextual meaning of the electricty to his psyche, if a person nowadays who's say 30 has an unconscious (what Jung considered like the repository of the ancestors influences) that has recently been influenced by the psyches of their parents and grandparents and the grandparents used electric lights and telephones and radios and TVs and the parents used all those plus computers and and now this person used all those plus cell phones and wifi, the equivalent of Jung being at his country home sitting outside and working in the garden and doing those things that his ancestors did would be for the modern person to use the technologies of their grandparents' and parents' generations and not as much of the technology of their generation. But Jung also only did that sometimes for the purpose of learning about his unconscious; he also still used the technologies of his generation and of generations after him because he could appreciate the convenience and psychological usefulness of the novelty and that context in his psyche of the usefulness of the novelty of the new technologies in relation to the unconscious influences of past generations' lifestyles. So one example I'm thinking of about that is with the satellite coverage of 5G, if sometime in say the next 5-10 years there's 5G satellite coverage pretty much everywhere on Earth, how will people who grew up without that technology be able to relate to the unconscious of their psyche (since none of their ancestors lived in a world iwth 5G and now 5G is everywhere)? Maybe like the way that Jung didn't avoid electricity because of a necessary physical effect but because of what the use of it meant in his psyche's context, and so the invisible effect of the electricity was psychological, and so it's not that he couldn't be somewhere with electricity or it's unseen effects would physically harm him but that the role of its use in his psyche could blind him psychologically to the extent that he didn't see the context of its role. And so similarly 5G might not necessarily do physical harm to the extent that the person is aware of the role of its uses in a generational psychic context, which I guess would mean looking at the ways it can be used and thinking about how those uses and the changes in way of life of them would affect the psychic ways of life of people using them compared to what affected the psychic lives of your ancestors? It's like the haplotype and moving to a place in the world that your ancestry would do well in but with the added freedom of (maybe if you want to call it that I guess), if the world and ancestors is in the mind, being able to resymbolize (or just symbolize) the psychic affects of the worlds of your ancestors in the forms of new ways of living that'll be healthy to the extent you consciously realize the context of your symbolizing. I guess easier said than done though, and I don't really know what I'm talking about, and I'm probably getting in over my head thinking like that, and it's probably terrible to think that way, I'm probably a terrible person, probably shouldn't have read Carl Jung or about EMF health risks or written any of that. Probably shouldn't post it.

    The radiesthesia stuff is kind of interesting though. One example I remember is a story from Dr. Robert Gilbert, who's I think like 2nd in command of the Biogeometry teachings -- he said he got interestedi in Biogeometry because he had been in a bad car wreck and had injuries that hadn't fully healed in several months, maybe it was years, and impaired his movement, and Dr. Ibrahim Karim met him and learned about the injuries and used either a pendulum or a symbol that healed the injuries immediately and Gilbert could move normally again, and he was so impressed by the sudden change that he became involved professionally. There's lots more interesting information about radiesthesia than just from the Biogeometry people though -- the concepts have been known about for thousands of years. In my post above, the libgen.is link for the "radiesthesia" search has a book by Vernon Wethered that seems more professional and trustworthy than some of the stuff online about it. There are also some quality books about radiesthesia from around the late 1800s early 1900s that are written in French; I think it was most popular in the last century in France.
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  6. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    As one who uses BioGeometry devices I realize these concepts are foreign to many people who are ready to dismiss anything that our much vaunted science cannot measure or explain. If you believe that most of science is pretty much settled, and that Newtonian and Quantum physics are all that there is know-- then BioGeometry and other esoteric disciplines will seem too woo-woo.

    My understanding of how BioGeometry devices work to help protect from EMF radiation is that their shapes modify harmful energy produced by electrosmog -- but just not at the physical 'physics' level (that is, the electromagnetic wave form, with electric field at right angles to magnetic field). That is what your EMF exposure meter detects, and these special shapes don't reduce that at all.

    What Biogeometry shapes do is mitigate other harmful energy field planes that accompany the electromagnetic fields-- on a mental, etheric, and other levels. Remember, energy follows shape or form.

    It is not bulletproof protection, and while it will lessen mental and physical distress from EMF exposure I don't think it reduces actual detrimental physical effects enough (e.g. oxidative stress, DNA damage, etc.)

    But since these days most of us are being exposed to harmful levels of EMF without our consent, particularly radio frequency microwaves, any intervention that helps is welcome.
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  7. Matt Fowler

    Matt Fowler London, England

    Thats really interesting, thank you. So, they work a bit but not enough to completely eliminate the dangers.

    What are the other harmful energy field planes?
  8. Matt Fowler

    Matt Fowler London, England

    Thanks for your reply, an interesting read.
  9. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

  10. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Attachment is a book in Spanish about radiesthesia.


    This Copen Labs one is more "radionics":
    Radiobiology Therapy - A Natural Healing Force by Bruce Copen


    Three books by Georges Lakhovsky:
    Radiations and Waves - Sources of Our Life
    The Secret of Life
    Waves That Heal

    Also attached is a five page document about Lakhovksy that I think I found on Scribd; I don't know who wrote it.


    By Albert Abrams, called "the father of radionics", related to all of this stuff somehow:

    Physico-Clinical Medicine - The Practical Application of the Electronic Theory in the Interpretation and Treatment of Disease by Albert Abrams.pdf

    Progressive Spondylotherapy - A Summary of New Clinico-Physiologic and Reflexologic Data by Albert Abrams 1913

    Attached Files:

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  11. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    According to BioGeometry tenets, we are multidimensional creatures that have energy fields beyond our physical bodies. These energy fields involve mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our existence. These higher energy fields involve compression waves, or scalar wave planes.

    These planes exist beyond the physical: vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual. BioGeometry-inspired shapes, sounds, and colors invoke balancing and harmonizing BG3 energies that help protect and restore all levels of our health. It is called the 'physics of quality' above and beyond the physics of physical world.
  12. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Excerpt of "Scalar Wave Driven Energy Applications" by Bahman Zohuri pages 295-300
    (about scalar wave effects on the human body)

    Excerpt of "Scalar Wave Driven Energy Applications" by Bahman Zohuri pages 482-490
    (about experiments and theories of scalar waves)

    CIA Scalar Waves, 3 page summary statement

    Four books in English by Konstantin Meyl
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  13. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    Delawarr Radionic Diagnostic Instrument Manual

    The Radionic Computer Handbook by Bruce Copen

    The Work of Dr Ruth Drown by Trevor James Constable

    The Radionics Handbook - How to analyse your health and enhance your wellbeing by Keith Mason

    The Secret Art - A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual by Duncan Laurie

    A Fun Course in Beginning Radionics by Pete Radatti
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  14. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

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  15. Matt Fowler

    Matt Fowler London, England

  16. Dan2

    Dan2 New Member

    I haven't read all those myself. I go on binges downloading and organizing all the ebooks I can find about an interesting subject sometimes so if I want to keep reading more about it later I have lots of quality sources to cross reference already. I figured I'd post most of what I have about radiesthesia, radionics and scalar so you or anyone on here interested don't have to search through Scribd, Libgen etc as much. There are others that I didn't upload; if you want to find more try searching for the authors or keywords on Scribd and Libgen.is. And to download on Scribd, you make an account, go to the page of the document you want to download, copy that URL, upload any document (it can be a .txt or .doc file) and while still on the first page you see as soon as the document has been uploaded you then paste the URL of the document you want to download into the address bar and go to it, then you can click "Download" for that document and the "Download as... PDF, TXT, DOC" etc box will show up. If you don't do the upload trick you only get I think 5 downloadds per day. Sometimes after you upload something (and link directly to the page of the document you want to download immediately after that) you get 5 downloads before having to upload another document, sometimes I've had to upload something to get each new download. I think it maybe only works for the files in the "Documents" category of the site, not sure if it works for files in the "Books" category. I just make a TXT file with 0s and 1s and change it a little and save it with a new filename to upload each time. Lots of people know about the Scribd upload trick and it's been that way for years so I guess the staff at Scribd doesn't mind having lots of junk documents on the site. I make the filenames just numbers so they don't show up when people are searching for keywords, and they can be deleted later.
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  17. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    As I recall, Dr Gilbert mainly attributed his recovery from his severe accident injuries/pain to Dr Karim's help with use of Biosignatures.

    Again, it demonstrates the power of shape and form to harness/focus all-pervading universal life energy (aether, prana, chi-- it is called by many names) that is nature's healer.

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