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TENSEGRITY 9 is LIVE. Welcome comments here.

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Do you stop when you're tired or when you're done? Most people give up just before they break through to the next level. At the end of the day it's consistency that wins. Life is not a PG feel-good movie. Real life often ends badly for some. It's not always going to be rainbows and candy canes. Tough times don't last, but prepared people do! It's enduring through the tough times that builds character. No one wants to go through it, but we are better off once we do. It's just a 'season' that we go through. As we know seasons change. Make sure you are planting positive seeds in 'your springtime' so you can grow your relationships throughout the year.
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  2. kovita

    kovita Gold

    The generation of free radicals is a synonym for the redox potential energy within the cell. If you cannot make them, you can not have ideal health or cellular signaling. This is tied to the amount of electrons and protons in the system that can work at large distances apart in different chemicals like oxygen, nitric oxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

    I am still reading, but i can ask this already. There is a big business behind antioxidants. Here you openly say, that preventing free radicals formation is destroying your redox. Too many antioxidants prevent efficient autophagy. It is not the first time you say this, in the last few blogs this was mentioned repeatedly. Now where is the border between good and bad amount of free radicals/amtioxidants? Are there (even just theoretically) situations or stages in the lifw of a human, where eventually there is no upper limit for free radicals production without them becomeong the "bad guys" as it is hitting us from most health related books and magazines? Is there anything to be learnt from the fact the human embryo keeps hypoxic and without amtioxidant expression fro the first 10 weeks of the development?
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yes...........taking antioxidants is a losing strategy. I told you that in EE12 when I share Sinclair's work on SIRT 1.......but most missed the implication. Now I just spit it out.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yes there is a lot to learn about the embryo and what it does...........it is using those gases in the beginning when life spark hits cells to live until the interaction between mitochondria and the nucleus is cemented. Tensegrity 5 and 9 are hints in that direction.........spin entangled electron allow it to happen
  5. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I keep thinking about the movie The Brothers O'Toole, based in the tiny town of Molly-Be-Damned, Colorado. :) Or better known as Molly-Be-Deemed, for all the proper ladies in town. And there came one person to the town, who could actually pronounce molybdenum properly. Everyone was awed!
  6. I appreciate the 'support' especially Jude and Kovita: Thanks. Honestly Dr Kruse though I am a huge 'fan' of yours I find you manner a bit imperious and high handed. I am not 'disputing' anything, I have lived in LA for 36 years and now based especially on what you are saying I AM seriously thinking about moving to Ireland. But I do not feel it is necessary to brow beat me and kind of go on like I have brain damage or something. Maybe I do, maybe we all do. But I would warn you in the most friendly and best intentioned way your way of dealing with things can tend towards being a 'cult' You may find this ridiculous and maybe it is...............but time will tell.

    I see 'signs' of it already, the 'loyal lieutenants' who live to divine the thoughts of the Master, who live for praise, who get close but never quite make it who strain and strain to be 'loved' and accepted by the Master. Laugh if you will, I have seen 'great thinkers' fall into that trap before. Dr Janov was revered and followed until he wasn't......................and to flat out say to someone who is trying just to understand that they have some 'inability to entangle electrons' well maybe so but also maybe that's the beginning of Fascism and a kind of 'cult' thinking.

    I probably will regret saying this but I start to find the atmosphere a bit suffocating, too many groupies, not enough questioning maybe some of you guys are not 'entangling electrons' so well lol. I am not some newbie here either I have been reading and following Dr Kruse from 2011 already. I am not some idiot up to now I have appreciated and tried to understand everything he has to say. My friends mock me they say instead of "Dr Kruse" I should just say "My Guru". So no need for people to patronize me like I am some baby who don't know how to walk or something. Maybe I don't but do all the people here?.

    I understand the body is 'complicated' but there seems to be more and more 'obfuscation' quantum entanglement is not even 'proved' yet and now it has all these biological effects. Does is really or do you REALLY know? I am asking some fairly simple questions I DO NOT expect to be told what to do, tell me if you can and I can make up my own mind. No need for high handed jeremiads and way above the clouds advice. Frankly I find it unhelpful and VERY annoying
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Patrick your feelings are what they are. I can't change that. You chimmed in and said youre were confused and I tried to help you understand and you're still are pissed. I can't solve your feelings only you can. I can only show you what the science says you might consider. That choice is 100% yours and not that of a cult.
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  8. Dr Kruse: I am sure you have a good point. The thing is I was diagnosed as T2D 11 years ago and I have tried my best including try to implement EVERYTHING (magnetico, CT, DHA, no cell/wifi/blue light on and on and on) you say...............well maybe except not living in LA. But I asked or thought I did is there an 'aggregate effect' of EMF and I suppose I know the answer I am sure is is 'yes' But would it hurt to try to explain that a little bit and in English please. I feel 'played with' and taunted and not in a nice way.

    I am 62 years old and have been around a bit, a long association with "Primal Therapy" and honestly I feel I can sense the beginnings of 'cult like' thinking. And to just say 'the science' says so not you THAT is even a kind of cult like way of talking. Because if the science says there is no arguing!! Just accept it or else be considered 'stupid' or something. I understand your frustrations with 'lessor minds' and honestly sometimes I wonder why you bother even with all of these 'bio-hackers' like I see you as streets ahead of them. Still.............and I 'admit' I am not in a good place I have to face the fact I don't seem to be able to 'conquer' T2D and maybe yes moving away from LA is the part of the puzzle for me to do now. I accept that I suppose. But even all that said the world is in very bad shape anyway, I heard today we may get 6 degrees Celsius warming by 2050. Is the world doomed anyway and for all the hope and need for DHA what if all the oceans are dead by that date. Where does that leave us, I think some 'humility' in the face of these facts would be more appropriate (better tunneling of electrons lol - see 2 can play that game) as a response To pull stuff like that at least to pull it routinely when anyone disagrees or simple don't understand IS 'cult like' IMO

    Also IMHO to 'reduce' everything to protons, electrons, magnetism is 'reductionism' almost by definition. I think you miss the aspect of 'feeling' which is what the body is instinctively telling itself for example if Jonathan has a real hard time going in the pool in the morning I would say maybe listen to his body and what it is telling him rather than 'lectures' about 'mass equivalence' or whatever. I don't think that is helpful and where are all the 'masochists' who were doing extreme CT last winter......................are they STILL doing it I doubt it though I could be wrong...........to me there is a serious need for more 'humility' and more 'realism'. Misty Williams was all gung ho on heavy CT is she STILL..................does anyone know or care..................
  9. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Pat, this is not my conversation. I just want to say, that there are too many little and big things that would at the end create health or disease. I think we have to look for the options, try to incorporate them, see how it fits, decide and move on. I know people who should be dead by now, but they are thriving and others who did nothing less than the best for their health and they are suffering. Fair play, I do not know, but if I noticed something, it is something about the mindset. I cannot say what or how, but I am after it myself.
  10. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Me too.

    Patrick, I return here because of the people that have interests that jive with my own. I've always been drawn to ways of improving my own health and wellness (physically and emotionally). Can't say I understand over half of quantum blogs, but I apply many principles I have learned here to my own life.

    I think you were here for some of the same reasons...

    p.s. Off to print out this blog for reading today.
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  11. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    Hey Pat, let's take the analogy of a microwave oven, as follows:
    - The inside of the microwave represents your environment
    - The 'power level' of the microwave is determined by the number and intensity of the sources of (non-native and native) EMF in your environment: wifi, cell towers, artificial light, the moon's phase/distance, your distance from the earth, etc.

    Now, consider that you are a potato :)

    When you cook a potato in a microwave, the higher you set the 'power level', the quicker the potato is going to cook. Think of the 'cooking' from the non-native EMF to be equivalent to causing chaos at the cellular level - be it cancer, T2D, or whatever other disease each specific fleshpod/(human body) has as it's weakest link... (or next successive weak link, depending on state of health...)

    I'd suggest going to http://www.antennasearch.com/sitestart.asp and plugging in your home address. This is a national database that will tell you how many various sized cell towers, broadcast antennas, etc. are within a 4 mile radius of any address in the USA. (Consider adding these figures together to provide you a rough 'power level' for your environment's microwave that is beyond your immediate control)

    After you've looked at your results, please try plugging in: Little Dry Rd, Cohagen, MT 59322. This search doesn't pull a direct result, but on the next page select the third option down: Cohagen, Montana, United States, then click process.

    The more non-native EMF around you, the harder your system has to work to prevent breakdown/disease. I don't know your address, but I am 100% certain that there are more cell towers and antenna in your antennasearch result than in the Cohagen, MT result - since there are zero there when I checked :).

    So consider 'your' personal situation - let's say you are seemingly doing 'everything right' - CTing, RO water, HFLC seafood-heavy diet, magnetico, mitigating blue light at night, sleeping well, following the sun or a firm circadian rhythm, etc.

    If your microwave's 'power level' is running at 500, but all of the activities you are doing only prepare your cell's to handle a maximum 'power level' of 400, then you are still leaving your fleshpod in a deficit exposure to a 'power level' of -100 delivering chaos and wreaking havok on your cells.

    Each fleshpod is VERY unique - as in 100% unique from every other fleshpod that has ever existed - no two matter bodies can exist in the same place at the same time in this reality, so it is literally impossible to perfectly duplicate a lifetime's environmental exposure. This means that if two people are doing the same 'everything right', one of them may be able to handle a much stronger 'power level' in their environmental microwave than the other, just due to the fact that their fleshpod responds better to what they're doing. This is why you may look around and see people living healthly lives in the same environment as others who cannot maintain health.

    So what does that mean? If you are doing everything you are able (...willing) to, but still are not able to halt progression and/or reverse disease, then the only viable conclusion is, your fleshpod isn't capable of handling your environment's 'power level' effectively even given the fact you are doing 'everything right'. I see three clear potential options, though there are truly infinite:
    1 - do more to mitigate the full effect of your current environment's 'power level' of non-native EMF
    2 - put your fleshpod in an environment that what you're currently doing is sufficient to fully mitigate AND begin reversing disease
    3 - continue status quo, expecting status quo results
  12. Well me too. I am a major student of Dr Kruse and I hope stuff I say might be taken in a 'positive' way. It is not me intention to pull down or destroy in any way it is my way of making a contribution which we are constantly assured is ok or even the point...............but I think it is important to be honest to speak what I really think, it is too easy to let things slip and a kind of hate to say it again a 'cult like' situation develops. I don't need to be patronized like I am someone with some kind of huge problem but I would honestly ask people here to act less like 'groupies' and more like independent adults who CAN think for themselves at least as best as they can. When a difference of opinion or even just a question really is 'attacked' with some bogus stuff about an inability to tunnel electrons or whatever. Well as I said 2 can play that game, that to me is just 'power tripping'
  13. Thanks Joshua, that is a very good explanation I actually really appreciate that. And yes I think I will be making plans to leave LA and return to the West of Ireland. But I hope people can imagine this is not an easy thing to do but it CAN be done and I imagine now it will. I mean definitly something is off my sleep is basically 'thrashed' and in the Summer in Ireland I did seem to sleep much better and actually feel better too. Thanks again that's really nice of you
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  14. Josh

    Josh Gold

    Consider that by and large this is a site for inquiring into the nature of "reality". It is not a "get free medical treatment and advice site". It is illegal to give medical advice in this context. We are struggling with the identification of the best conceptual framework to assess our current COE's and make relevant choices to optimize ourselves here. Our individual "personalities" and "communication styles" are secondary and in fact irrelevant. It is important to understand when and if one needs an actual "healthcare practitioner/guide" to work through one's own relevant and pressing issues. Even a brilliant "understanding of the game" will not make one a great "player". A physicist may understand football better than a quaterback, but he would not survive 10 seconds in a game.
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  15. That's a good example Josh...................I guess basically I got a bit 'freaked out' by my situation like AM I really sitting here being 'microwaved' in spite of my best efforts. And it seems I am.
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  16. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    Cheers, my friend. Anytime! We are all sharing our love with you here, just all in our own way. Some comments may seem harsh at times, but instead try to read them as merely statements of facts/beliefs by each fleshpod - like stating 'grass is green'. It is not an offense or complement, merely a statement of fact.

    It is not until the reader interprets the comments that they become positive/negative in connotation.... When the Kentucky Blue Grass hears our comment 'grass is green', it may become perturbed :) But, this does not take away from the original comment only being intended as a statement of fact and not at all an offense against the Blue Grass.

    I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland back in summer '08... given the choice I'd rather be there than LA any day, and everyday!
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  17. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Your sleep is trashed...you slept better and felt better in Ireland. You already know your answer.

    I moved just over two years ago, the effect has been profound. I moved 3 children a husband and a dog....moving is not easy.....easy things are rarely rewarding.
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  18. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Pat,I sympathise with your plight. Not knowing you let me ask what are your options.I get the idea (by quantum entanglement,lol?)that going back to Ireland is not something you relish. How about if I rephrase the task to get out of LA on a permanent or semipermanent way what can you come up with?
    Another potato being microwaved on the other side of the world ;)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2014
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  19. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Stay in the game, even if it gets rough.

    What would a Dog do? Fight and bite one minute, licking and sleeping together the next, ready for the next moment.

    Due to a complex, fractal, emerging egoic mind-structure, humans hold onto things way too long . I've seen a fractal representation of it mapped on a huge 40 foot bulletin board.

    Everything is fractal! Human behavior as well!

  20. Brother John

    Brother John Silver

    In the blog you said:"This also points out why those advocating a low carb high fat diet who have bad mitochondria might be dispensing bad public information. There is a deep down side to these dietary templates and that is the lesson I am trying to teach you here today. Context is critical when you understand how a mitochondria works."
    But are not you advocating this same type of diet with increased DHA? The only person that I remember you saying could not do the low car high fat diet was Jeremy. He was the exception! Otherwise it was "Primordial" and would be a better way for just about anyone. Now it appears that you have widened that opinion to include those with trashed mitochondria. This may be true but you kind of just dropped that "Boom" in with everything else. I think this really interested Pat and it is very interesting to me also.
    My experiments with myself indicate that I Don't know how much carbs I need or and how much carbs I can "get away with" before my system goes down hill. I read and experience advantages of low carb but also some difficulties. So my not final conclusion is this: Carb req may vary...
    For you it seems that Wine and spices are "given a pass" in the "eat with the seasons" philosophy.
    Any expansion on this topic, i.e. trashed mitochondria and low car high fat diet difficulties appreciated.
    Also Thanks for some recent very intense, dense, informative, thought provoking and confusing for me, Blogs!!
    Brother John

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