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TENSEGRITY 14: Comments are now welcome

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

  2. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Yew, excellent scientifical work as always ;-) I can definitely confirm that all attempts I made to use amethyst did fail for me. I have no meter, but my personal built-in meter in my head told me it hurts, not protect. The effect of the water brought to my mind a memory of a documentary movie abput the best czech gymnasts of all times, Vera Caslavska. She was the female hero of the 1968 Mexico OLympic Games. She is still very fit and preserves remarkably sharp brain. She said in the documentary her secret recipe is to fill her bathtub woth warm water each evening at 8pm, get in and fall asleep. She than wakes up after midnight in a room temperature water and moves to her bed. I always wondered what is the "magic" of this recipe, but after the last blogs I started to suspect the hydrostatic pressure and now I see there is another point to consider.
    It makes me thing as well about the fetus enclosed inside of the maternal body surrounded by wateralike liquid. Should be very reasonable emf protection, but than there is growing evidence that the fetus could be badly affected by the high nnEMF. So is it the maternal tissue somehow translating the high nnEMF into damage or is the fetus so sensitive that even such a powerfull filter as combination of water and flesh is not enough and the damaging effect happens directly? If the effect should be direct than it is reasonable to think the evolution did develope protection which is not reasonable for nowadays environment.

  3. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Oh wow, the Feb Q&A just mentioned all of this, plus a shoutout to you (featured in upcoming blogs ;))

    But yes, we were originally submerged in water in the womb, are likely born into water in our original natural sea-side habitat, and the idea is to be submerged in water as much as possible through our life.

    I actually think that I need to give the whole "sleep in a tub" thing a real shot when I get the right equipment to do so.

    Having a bedroom in the basement is under moist earth is also a good idea.


    Quote: "Water is nature's faraday cage"

    So yup, the fluid in your womb is protection the fetus from external nn-EMF :cool:.

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  4. BTA

    BTA New Member

    Yew & @Josh (Paleo Osteo) I going to ask if have you heard of the AkuRy? I believe the company can't ship the products outside of Germany? I had to have a friend sneak some items outof Germany when he fly to the US for business trip. Stupid FDA


    AkuRy GmbH, with its head offices in Langen near Frankfurt am Main, develops, produces and markets products that promote human well-being and reduce environmental pollution.
  5. Lisa Norton

    Lisa Norton Silver

    Hello BTA, Are you still using the SafeSpace products? And would you be willing to share your experience here? My friend is considering buying them.


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