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TENSEGRITY 13 is live and ready for you comments

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    That's really neat... I'll have to keep practicing ;) I guess if you can contemplate the disassociation between your consciousness and your fleshpod properly at that moment, then the feasibility would have to be there. If your consciousness perceives your fleshpod as sleeping, but associates itself with the flesh, then I'd imagine the perception would jolt/shock the consciousness into said sleeping state without proper training. Maybe the 'starter' version would be to slip out and merely avoid perceiving the situation prior to the shift into the meditative state.
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  2. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    About 20 yrs ago for some unknown reason I was able to be consciously asleep for part of the night. After laying down in bed on my back, a wave of energy would slowly disembody my extremities and then my whole body. It seemed I could 'will' it simply by my concentrating on the 'feeling'. Sometimes I would go unconscious briefly during this transition but then become conscious when my body disappeared. I could not think but simply experienced the feeling. It was an energy state that I felt very intensely - kind of like a pulling on all the skin. Sometimes it felt 'tiring' after awhile and like Josh mentioned I too was a bit unsure what the point was. The next morning I would wake up suddenly and it was morning with no sense of time transition. I don't remember being tired or unrested.

    At that period in my life, this experience was a curiosity. I am not sure what changed but after a few weeks or months, this sleep mode was gone.
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  3. i like how you put "mind" in inverted commas, for it is not the mind as such, but the true nature of awareness that is perceiving. i know you know that :)
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  4. Josh

    Josh Gold

    You say "potato"...I say "potaato"...I find the language is secondary, until I had an experiential clue of what any of the people talking about this stuff were talking about, I was clueless....o_O
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  5. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    OK :rolleyes:, let me explain why I brought up the whole "drugs allowing us to tune into the Schumann" topic by getting back to topics from the blog.

    Quote from blog:

    The protein polymers in animals are dielectric semiconductors. The simple movement of sound via vibrations through our lipids and proteins alters their electric and optical properties.

    The photoelectric ability due to DHA’s presence selects for certain complimentary proteins for it to function with. These abilities manifest in the flexoelectric and piezoelectric ability of the cell and its membranes allowing it to connect to the collagen tensegrity network in the extracellular matrix.

    This network is piezoelectric at macroscopic levels and flexoelectric at nano-scales, and works to link the cell membrane to mitochondrial mmbranes and to the nuclear membrane.

    The atomic structure of this network “tunes” a cell to certain frequencies and harmonics of those waves.

    Any deformation of cell membranes can create and propagate an electric and magnetic field because of its piezoelectric and or its flexoelectric ability.

    These fields can propagate throughout cells and tissues to unify and to amplify their ability. This is how biologic coherence and signaling are developed.

    Let's take a case when collagen unwinds due to a lose of redox and the cascade that occurs. What is the way that the body restores the entire network from a series of loose fibrils?

    The whole network is no longer piezoelectric because collagen strands are too far apart (>100nm), but individual cells are flexoelectric, so there is potential to re-establish hydrophilic protein chains that eventually allow the re-building of the entire collagen matrix.

    Papers talking about flexoelectricity being an inherent property of specific crystalline structures:

    But isolated cells will not manifest electricity all of a sudden, and a stimulus is needed. What then is the flexoelectric stimulus to these diseased cells? The blog claims that magnetoelastic waves can propagate through the matrix without a medium, and I would think can cause flexoelectric generation of charge.

    The next step is then the fact that this ability to use magnetoelastic waves is tied to being able to tune into the Schumann resonance.

    Quote from blog:

    The Earth’s pulse has a wave that is 7.83 Hz; it corresponds to the alpha rhythm in the brain of all animals. That is one of the base wave forms in non REM sleep. This is where DHA is used in eukaryotes

    Harmonics of this wave form help direct morphogenic development and create proper healthy signaling in all tissues. This is why DHA is highly correlated with health of most organs, when you review the literature.

    DHA links size and shape of organs to electromechanical and quantum abilities. Waves that interfere with this pulsed frequency, or its harmonics, leads to neolithic diseases.

    Pulsed magnetoelastic waves were the first physical force coming from the Earth itself that life organized around in cellular design using pulsed waves forms electromechanically and viscoelastically.​

    So no doubt you need DHA, but you also need to be able to detect and tune into the magnetoelastic waves coming from the Earth.

    This is probably the mechanics being why my move from Melbourne to Cairns worked at restoring my sick cells. I could not detect the Schumann well either due to ambient non-native-EMF, or because I was not built to be able to tune into the magnetic field presented to me in Melbourne.

    So I humoured the thought that "differences in genetic ancestry" just refers to an ability to sense the magnetic field at a certain place on the Earth, that's what I'll talk about in the next post ....
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
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  6. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Related to my previous comment is this post from Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/872967099382852/permalink/938933932786168/

    My comments start from here -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/872...id=940527942626767&offset=0&total_comments=60

    I'll quote all of my relevant posts:

    First off, I do think anyone can adapt to the CT protocol, which is basically 10C / 50F water, so long as they put enough DHA in their skin and are able to generate enough Nitric Oxide (via eNOS).

    But living up at the poles is a whole different ball game, with a whole different set of variables.

    Personally, I do not believe that we can adapt immediately to an environment, implying that some people are better adapted to certain environments based on their ancestry.

    I do believe that genetic engineering via proton tunnelling of DNA bases does occur during one's life time. Every time a cell division occurs, there is an opportunity to engineer the genome. See the paper below:


    Here is an old paper describing how the normal A-T base pairing can be altered to a A*-C pairing when Adenine tunnels a single proton in a process called Tautomerization (we denote the proton-tunnelled adenine as A*) --http://users.df.uba.ar/giribet/f4/adn.pdf

    Adenine* now is functionally equivalent to a Guanine molecule. Proton Tunnelling basically changes the actual DNA code and the actual proteins that are being expressed!

    Now, just because the DNA code can be modified by EMF, doesn't mean that it happens readily.

    Rate of change would definitely depend on how much sensitivity you have to the environment.

    A high redox across a cell's membrane basically de-sensitises it to the environment.

    The Energy and Epigenetics 7 blog post talks about how women have to be less myelinated, and have a lowered redox in some of the tissues of the CNS, in order to sense the environment and decide which egg to use for reproduction.

    Then on adapting to a new place:

    Personally, I have no clue what one has to do to adapt to a place that is "not ancestrally congruent".

    The gut flora definitely has to change to allow for good signalling, and I can imagine that happening relatively quickly (over the span of weeks or months)

    But the major factor is the sensing of factors like magnetic field strength and tilt by the SQUIDs in our head.

    I do not how much of that is tied to physical structures that require actual physical re-modelling to work well. AQA4 gates seem homogenous, but I don't think we know how factors like the shape of the ventricular system, or the composition of collagen structures in and around the CNS, affect our ability to sense the environment.

    Then I speculate on the magnetic differences between various places:

    When it comes to measuring the magnetic field of your current location, I found this website: http://magnetic-declination.com/


    Where I'm currently at: http://magnetic-declination.com/Australia/Trinity Beach/125259.html

    Latitude: 16° 46' 60" S
    Longitude: 145° 41' 60" E
    Magnetic declination: +6° 47'
    Declination is POSITIVE (EAST)
    Inclination: 44° 55'
    Magnetic field strength: 47473.1 nT


    Where my maternal ancestry comes from (you get your mitochondria from your mother): http://magnetic-declination.com/China/Haikou Shi/416776.html

    Latitude: 20° 2' 45" N
    Longitude: 110° 20' 30" E
    Magnetic declination: -1° 48'
    Declination is NEGATIVE (WEST)
    Inclination: 28° 48'
    Magnetic field strength: 44376.6 nT


    Where I was doing very poorly: http://magnetic-declination.com/Australia/Coburg/118242.html

    Latitude: 37° 45' 0" S
    Longitude: 144° 58' 0" E
    Magnetic declination: +11° 34'
    Declination is POSITIVE (EAST)
    Inclination: 68° 40'
    Magnetic field strength: 59980.6 nT


    You can definitely see that the magnetic characteristics of where I'm currently at vs my ancestral location are much more similar.

    I know this is a major effect, but don't know exactly what to do with all the information.​


    So that brings forward the thought of how cells actually tune into the aforementioned magnetoelastic waves.

    Is this tied to physical characteristics of the SQUIDs that are hard to change? How do different tissues sense that differently (especially noting the distinction between DHA-rich nervous system tissue, and DHA-poor peripheral collagen)

    And of course, how can we target specific tissues to do this flexoelectric reconstruction? (I also think this is where some experiments with a Schumann generator will be interesting)
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  7. the pia mater is essentially collagen, however it is not as fibrous as say the dura mater, it tends to have a more elastic property i believe (jack will confirm or refute) i'd be keen to know its deeper characteristics ie whether the amino acid structure is different
    its name is derived from the medieval latin menaing "tender mother" which i think was a nod to its encapsulation of CSF but with the knowledge we have now this could also be a term to describe its subtle listening ability as the SQUID
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    confirm........and it acts as the SQUID in my opinion and the source of many electrical problems of circuitry like Bi polar disorder etc.........
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  9. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    That's hopeful, in the sense that this is a homogenous tissue across all humans, and likely can be fixed through the same Optimal Health prescription already given.

    Anyway, listening to the Jan-2015 webinar now, 10 mins in, and it obviously ties into everything I wrote in the last 2 posts above :). Let's see what thoughts I have after I'm done.
  10. what then is the role of the arachnoid villi in the quantum sense? from memory it has a role in the passage of CSF into the bloostream..
  11. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    Everything is an onion. Fractals are life on every scale. We will discover in a different age. The math of the pyramids should make you think about drugs and what they say and are trying to get you to see. It depends which way you look, but one way you can look says that its not a coincidence of the coin flip and it was meant to fall in fractal progression... (diff day)

    The biggest thing I have learned from the pyramids is everything is fractal on some scale. Sound, resonance, frequency, light, electrons, planets, suns, mitochrondria, brain, etc....
    I will show one example of where to look in fractal nature:
    Epigenetics, the planets, your brain, and all matter around us follows this fractal "progression" and every time a new layer is created or experienced it adds pieces of the other dimension and reproduces it fractally. Fucking hard to explain without use of alcohol and being in person.

    If I have learned one thing from all these blogs its that nature and everything about her always has a reason if you look deep enough.
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  12. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    OK, quick ideas from the Jan 2015 Webinar ....

    I asked before if my current 5m elevation above sea level was that much different to my previous 70m elevation in Melbourne. The answer is YES, though I don't know how to do the exact calculations to see just how much my SCN has to speed up to compensate. But yes, the difference in elevation is significant. I now wonder how I would have fared where @Josh (Paleo Osteo) is, which is also only about 2-3m above sea level.

    Regarding my notes about the various magnetic factors above, this is what I intuitively feel (with no explanation behind some of the claims I make below):
    • The stronger the magnetic field the better
    • Greater absolute magnetic declination (just the amplitude, regardless of directionality of the vector) implies that the SCN and PVN need to "work harder" to offset the the change.
    • Magnetic inclination is of secondary importance, and the greater the inclination, the greater the effect (because it gets closer to perpendicular with the horizontal gravitational plane, interferes with it less, and is more easily sensed by the SCN)
    Unlike refraction, gravity bends all frequencies of light to the same degree.

    Does the fact that gravity is weaker at the equator than at the poles also mean that by me moving closer to the equator, my SCN needs to run faster to compensate? Even if so, does the speeding-up effect get offset by other factors?


    Finally, I need to think clearly about what the word "circadian signalling" really means, and come up with a good definition.

    Saying "circadian signalling is more important than food" can get confusing at times, since food can affect circadian signalling in some ways (and how significant that effect is going to be dependent on where you are and your redox potential).

    More thoughts probably later in the day after some beach time ....
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  13. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    strong work Paul G
  15. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    @Da-mo you may find this paper of interest Ionic Wave Propagation along Actin Filaments
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  17. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Does this infer.....that you will need a stint at Josh's location for another bio hack?:D
  18. magnetic field strength here: 60335.2nT
    magnetic declination here: +11deg 29'
  19. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    I'll need to read that paper in detail some time, thanks @PaulG :)

    BTW, everything that Don Scott talked about in this video of how Birkeland currents work in space is applicable to. As much as I think @CTforlife is a little too obsessed with fractals at the expense of other concepts :rolleyes:, this is one realm that it definitely applies.

    The 'Superconducting Water' talk by Mae-wan Ho is also relevant in explaining how water literally acts as an electrical conductor.


    But you know @Jack Kruse , I still don't understand the significance of bidirectional flow of current in the tracts of the brain, other than the fact that helical bidirectional flow is self-constricting (http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...lcome-comments-here.12199/page-14#post-148472), and that the DC current in neurons reverses during REM sleep -- http://jackkruse.com/energy-epigenetics-9-quantum-sleep/.

    My best guess is that the DC current reversal during REM sleep "silences the noise" but creating destructive interference with any ambient waves, and the energy is dispersed into the collagen matrix where vibrations are created.

    This is what I got from -- http://magnetic-declination.com/Australia/Torquay/125190.html

    Magnetic declination: +11° 29'
    Declination is POSITIVE (EAST)
    Inclination: 69° 15'
    Magnetic field strength: 60344.4 nT
    Very different from where I am, and if I have the resources, I should really do an experiment and stay down there from 3 of the most stressful months of the year (June-September) :p
  20. youre welcome to come stay, bring your sashimi knife
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