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TENSEGRITY 13 is live and ready for you comments

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So you want to know how how wakefulness and sleep interact to create the spark of life? Welcome to the new idea of how quantum noise develops into the quantum jazz that all cells dance too. http://ow.ly/GImcP
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  2. BTA

    BTA New Member

    I wonder if the angle of the sun relative to the Earth has a factor in health? In winter the sun is 23 degree from horizon - this means the sun is directly into your eyes. However during the summer the sun is 74 degrees from the horizon - which means the sun is not in your eyes.

  3. All I have to say now..................maybe more later..................

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  4. BTA

    BTA New Member

    DHA must be a carry over from the days long ago when humans were fish/lizards living in the ocean?

  5. bionaut

    bionaut New Member

    I was going to be lazy today, then I read tensegrity 13 and pulled the ice vest out of the fridge :).
    Here are some links I found helpful

    Here is a link to flexoelectric motion simulated in the same way the ear functions. You can see how solitons can form and amplify a wave.

    Primer for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    A few questions jack,

    You mention Piezoelectric effects are lost as thermal energy increases. Is this because of thermal motion, leading to loss of cellular structure, an example would be heating an egg yolk. The cell membranes and protein break down and the ability to emf through the tissue is lost.

    Does the DC current run in reverse during sleep to exert a different transverse force on our protons to initiate mitochondrial nuclear resonance? Then when they go back to their normal orientation they emit light? This looks just like a seasonal shift when you see the earths axis tilt.

    REM sleep is also associated with dreaming. So if through wakefulness, light exposure we are living in a specific eigenstate. Could REM and dreaming be nonlocal consciousness?

    "As an outgrowth of study of the quantum Zeno effect, it has become clear that applying a series of sufficiently strong and fast pulses with an appropriate symmetry can also decouple a system from its decohering environment. " Is this what the brain activity in meditation does? I am seeing parallels in sleep and meditation, quieting of the mind, stillness? Sense of well being afterwards.

    "This is tough to describe in words but it is using bad noise on other noisy waves to knock it back into the quantum realm."
    So our body is producing noise to act as a dampening affect, just like the noise cancelling in this video.

    Great blog, I am still taking it all in.
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  6. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    My Initial notes -- http://tanyewwei.com/notes/jk-tensegrity-13

    I think this answers a question I posed to Jack in NOLA: how does consciousness arise when a living organisms specific waveform can be infinitely unique?

    No matter how unique a waveform is, it can still be tuned to the harmonics of a particular base frequency (the Schumann Resonance in our case).
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  7. wakefulness and consciousness should not be confused. rather, consciousness and awareness should be seen as intergchangeable if we are to get anywhere.
  8. during the waking state, when thinking about deep sleep, the waking entity projects the notion of a blank because deep sleep is a non-experience: there are no objects in it, and knowledge of objects is the only kind of knowledge available to the waking person. Therefore, the blank state is not a fact, but a superimposition that occurs during the waking state. The actual experience of deep sleep remains beyond the comprehension of the waking person. In order to understand deep sleep, this superimposition also has to come to an end. Then deep sleep reveals itself to be the timeless background, our true nature. This was always my first understanding of Jack saying that we evolved wakefulness. I didnt think he would possibly mean we evolved "CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS"
    Unlike the waking and dreaming states, deep sleep is not a state, it is rather the background of all states.

    If you think deeply about it, you will come to the conclusion that your body is not always present. for instance when you think, during deep sleep, or between two thoughts.
    You as awareness exist independently of your body, which is made (to awareness) of sense perceptions.
    If you keep investigating, it should become clear you are not a thought either, as thoughts come and go, and you remain. Thus you are not your mind (at least the objective part, the thoughts)
    awareness is much more than the mind, much more than the six senses, and even much more than the universe that rises and falls in consciousness from moment to moment. it is the ground which all sentient beings have in common, the timeless presence which contains in a perfect simultaneity all possible worlds, with their pasts and futures.
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  9. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I was watching a program last night about the sun, and how they are trying to work out a better system to predict solar flares by listening to the changes in the sun's noises in the hours/days preceding a flare. Then came the quantum noise blog :cool: I seem to have collapsed a waveform that this blog is my favourite to date :D
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  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sue you are quite correct in your intuition
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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Things to consider:
    Sleepiness is one of the best known symptoms of infectious diseases. Hence one might hypothesize some relationship between the regulation of sleep and the body’s immune response to infection. Some scientists believe that certain hypnogenic peptides might cause fevers and mobilize the body’s immune response. For example, cytokines (that link this all to leptin), whose production is stimulated by infections and leptin/EMF issues, may cause an increase in sleep and thus help to increase the body’s immune defenses.

    Interleukin-1 is an example of these peptides that simultaneously stimulate the immune system and promote sleep. This peptide is synthesized in the glial cells of the brain and in the macrophages that remove foreign bodies from the organism. when vibrations change it alters ions channels in the cell membranes outside and inside the cell to alter the cytokine levels in the cell.

    Adenosine: Links sleep and meditation. Your intuition is correct.
    Research has shown that there are at least two different subtypes of adenosine receptors, with opposite effects: A1 receptors, which are inhibitory, and A2A receptors, which are excitatory. That is why adenosine can simultaneously have inhibitory effects via the A1 receptors on neurons that are active during wakefulness, such as those of the basal telencephalon, and excitatory effects via the A2A receptors in brain areas where neuronal activity encourages sleep.
    That said, some in vitro experiments have also shown that adenosine may act presynaptically by inhibiting some inhibitory GABAergic inputs, possibly via the A1 adenosine receptors. In this way, adenosine might, for example, disinhibit some neurons in the preoptic anterior hypothalamus, thus further encouraging sleep. Yet another example of the immensely complex potential combinations of effects on the synapses of the brain.

    REM is the entangling process and links directly to consciousness in eukaryotes.

    DREAMS: Deep non-REM sleep is comparable to the unconsciousness of anesthesia. In both cases, brain activity slows down considerably and we consistently lose the DC current. Now something few of you have asked.........Because sleep makes animals vulnerable, the adaptive advantages that they derive from it must be significant. In terms of energy conservation, because it is generally colder at night, the lower metabolism and lower body temperature that characterize sleep might be among the advantages of sleeping at night. This is where you begin to see why entanglement of photons, protons, and electrons allows for the things life can do......like dreaming and consciousness. Both happened in my opinion 600 million years ago at the Cambrian explosion because of the presence of O2 and the emergence of DHA and its specific quantum effects.

    Moreover, in the course of evolution, homeothermy, or warm-bloodedness (the ability to maintain a stable body temperature independently of the ambient temperature) developed at the same time as REM sleep (few people realize this simultaneity in nature but I did not miss it) : with the emergence of birds and mammals (FACTOR X alert). Fish, amphibians, and reptiles, which cannot maintain a stable body temperature on their own (BET YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS) , also do not seem to experience REM sleep (huge teaching lesson). REM sleep was thus a relatively recent phylogenetic acquisition that complemented the functions already performed by non-REM sleep.

    What purpose do dreams serve? And does it even make sense to begin with to ask whether dreams serve a biological function just like eating and breathing, for example?

    Some neurobiologists say not, seeing dreams as mere epiphenomena associated with brain activity. But others like me think that dreams contribute to epigenetic development or to the processing of recently acquired information. Speculative notions: look up dream theorists of Mark Solms and Jean-Pol Tassin. They have some things right and some things wrong based upon function MRI data I have looked at.
  12. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I don't really see it that my body (as an oscillating system) is ever not present, I see it more that my "observer" sometimes leaves (for example during meditation). It seems to alter my perception of time, so perhaps my observer leaves and returns at moments of rest in the oscillating field. So I am wondering do mitochondria "observe" the body's oscillations/vibrations in the normal way if the observer has left the building during meditation (or could it move us into the realms of superpositions) and is there any connection to that and where the observer goes during REM sleep? Wondering if duplicating the "noise" of rapid eye movement combined with deep meditation is a possible metabolic trap door...... :confused:
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    mediations slows oscillations and vibrations can emerge.......like a transition state. Yawning and bruxism have similar effects but not as affective because they only cause partial activation.........
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  14. is the "white noise" emerging from ocular muscle contraction, retinal motion ( like an endogenous purposeful electroretinogram) or motor neuron firing ( oculomotor nucleus seems prety close to pineal gland)?
  15. ciliaes.jpg
    is there a mechanical effect on ventricular surface?
  16. Thinking about the the oscillations of the eyes .. a swimming fish came to mind
    Is it a way to tell our old deep deep old brain that "everything is OK, we didn't leave the sea just yet"?
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  17. the smallest amino acid paralize us …. Gly.jpg
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  18. I'm gonna need to GABAck to sleep soon and digest this
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  19. Hopefully the big cytochromes will go quiet and let some IR light shine on those gems
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