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Taylor’s Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Tfreeman, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    January 2020 -5 years of chronic illness. Ready to start my Mitochondriac journal. Getting my sun in Huntington, NY then going for wild sushi. Watched the sunrise and now back outside at 11:30 hopefully for an hour at least. It’s 45 degrees and I’m in a tank top in the sun! UV index is 2 but I’m still getting plenty of healthy light colors in my eyes and on my body. Listening to a Dr Kruse podcast with my phone far away from my body. So excited to continue this journey.

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  2. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    How far away is far away? :coffee:
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  3. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    Definitely not far enough!! I’m ready to buy a rotary! Lol.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome to journal land Taylor!

    keep going .....baby steps!
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  5. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    Writing from the warmth of my new infrared lamp. I bought one Sauna Space and one lamp clamp - starting on my journey to optimal with Jack's tools. Any thoughts on how I can optimize this lamp? I'm wondering if it needs a shield? Any advice is helpful! I'm a true newbie.

    IMG_7185.jpeg IMG_7186.jpeg
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  6. criscarl

    criscarl New Member

    i hang mine over my bed
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  7. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    Do you keep yours on all day and night?
  8. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    I woke up today feeling ok. A bit of tiredness and anxiety from only sleeping from 11:30-5:30. I started GI Microbix two days ago to rearrange some gut bacteria, but I'm actually noticing I don't feel as well since stopping the Nystatin after 30 days - I definitely felt better on it. My doctor is repeating the Genova yeast culture after so we'll see what that says. I know I'm still detoxing from mold and my mast cells are still extremely active. Jack says: "altered histamine ubiquitination marking = methionine cycle is off = more Itching and swelling = a lack of purple and red light in your life and way too much blue and nnEMF light is in your life."

    So I bought my first near infrared light from Sauna Space and I used it yesterday during an epsom salt bath, then prior to bed after turning of all light. I'm still wondering if I need a faraday cage on it or it's fine -- Sauna Space is so much pricier for the cage with the bulb so I only bought the therabulb without the cage which is 300 cheaper. Guess I'll have to wait and see how it affects me.
    Now that I've started my extra red light journey I need to get some purple light, too. I get both from watching the sun rise most days but I still don't get enough sun living in NYC and working as a teacher. Lots of important decisions to make this year.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2020
  9. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    I realized I never started with my journey prior to finding Dr. Kruse's website in November 2019 so here it is:

    In Spring of 2015 I finally realized I was ready to come out to my parents. I started to get anxiety and panic attacks after starting a PPI called Prilosec for 2 weeks. I had GERD most likely from anxiety and depression, and I was also following a vegetarian diet for 2 years. Horrible decision - every time i meet a vegan or vegetarian since 2015 I give them my spiel about how it ruined my brain and body.
    So after I came out to my parents my anxiety did not go away and I actually started to get impending doom sensations. I knew that my personal life was not the only thing causing my mental illness. Throughout the next 2 years I went from doctor to doctor. On PPI's, anti depressants, and more. They kept telling me I was fine and nothing was wrong but my anxiety and gut issues would not resolve from any medications and I knew something deeper was going on. In Spring of 2017 I took myself off all medications and decided to attempt to go the natural root. I read article after study after article after study and saw no results from every supplement I tried. I knew there was also something wrong with my apartment - the smell was musty and old. I lived on the 6th floor of a 10 floor building. Holistic doctors couldn't help, integrative doctors did nothing, and finally I stumbled upon something called autonomic dysfunction. At this point in Spring of 2018 I was having episodes of fainting, feeling too calm, ataxia, neuropathy type nerve pain in my feet, anxiety, depression, hives, trouble breathing, mood swings, sugar cravings, and more. I went to see an autonomic specialist in NJ who diagnosed me with vasovagal syncope and autonomic dysfunction. The meds he put me on got me through the days but I was still unhappy and anxious. He put me on midodrine, nortriptyline, and left me on a low dose of prozac which I was already on. By now I had tried every supplement and anti-depressant but I was starting to feel relief in March of 2018, then in April I end up going through my first break up with my first girlfriend.
    Though I was grateful to be forced to be independent for the first time in my life, I had no idea how to function on my own. We lived together for 2 years of my illness and I was a mess and extremely co-dependent. Summer of 2018 I started to rebuild myself by spending time in the sun and going on walks. Looking back this was a great summer though I was so depressed with the breakup. I also lived on Long Island for that summer away from the city. I think the sun made it seem good even though I was so sad. Then in Fall of 2018 I met someone else and we are still together.
    In October of 2019 I found an affordable functional medicine doctor in Morristown, NJ. I live in NYC. I had been recommended a book called Toxic by Neil Nathan. Though very functionally minded, this book was eye opening for me as he says the people with the strongest chronic illness now either suffer from Lyme DIsease and co-infections or Mold Toxicity. I had been tested and treated for Lyme with no results so I knew it wasn't that. So when I went to see the dr for the first time I asked her to test me for mold. My levels for Ochratoxin were extremely high and I had some other types of excess mold, too (attached below.)
    She started me on Welchol and Optifiber lean, and then Nystatin. She also has me on high DHA fish oil, multiple phospholipids, glutathione, and more. My triglycerides and cholesterol are very high. I'v also attached my recent care summary with my lab levels.

    Come to Nov 2019 after being on the protocol for mold for a while I started to feel a bit better. I was also put on Cymbalta 60mg for anxiety. But I'm not actually better. I'm obviously still struggling. My mood swings are bad, fainting is better, my digestive issues are not optimal, I still have sugar and carb cravings, still live in NYC. The worst of all is my mast cell activation which she also diagnosed me with. Apparently most say it comes from excess mold in the body and an inability to detoxify

    NYC is a terrible place to heal. The only good part is that we are forced to not be alone. I have a huge support system with my parents, brother, and girlfriend, but there's such a huge void in my life and that's being healthy. I haven't felt well since 2014 and even then I was struggling with anxiety.

    Now I'm on Midodrine, Nortriptyline, Cymbalta, Welchol, Optifiberlean, GI Microbix, fish oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Organ Complex, D-Hist, and I'm eating a semi paleo diet, definitely with too many carbs but my dopamine is so low that my body feels like it can't function without them.

    I'm 28 now. Since starting to read Jack's website I've worn my blue blockers more consistently and added a day walking pair during the day in school. I take them off when I go for walks throughout the day to get out of the building. I watch the sunrise on the way to school every day. Now I've bought an infrared light with a lamp clamp to get started on adding red light back into my life -- I need to find a purple/UVA/black light that has no flicker and fits Jack's guidelines for artificial bulbs/light. I also need to learn how to create an optimal environment to reduce nnEMF exposure until I am able to leave the city.

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  10. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    All your problems are from RF.
  11. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    What should be my first step?
  12. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    @Saichi What do you think of this service and the products they use? Am I better off just testing it myself? I know this company looks at full apartment buildings and their services rather than me just doing my studio apartment?


    "Here is just some of the equipment we use for EMF testing:
    All of our EMF Technicians use the Gigahertz Solutions MK70-3D Kit (NFA 1000, HF59B, and HF59D.) It is also the kit that was designed for all International Institute Building Biologists with the EMRS training. This package is capable of data logging and taking manually operated recordings of both unidirectional and isotropic omnidirectional HF signals and AC magnetic and electric fields with mapping.

    Used for scientific and industrial purposes, these instruments capture every signal with precision. Insist on the correct information."
  13. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

  14. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

  15. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Sunlight's the most important thing for human health. RF makes sunlight toxic to humans and most life on this planet in varying degrees.

    If you really value your health you'd go looking for answers in past threads either through search function or perusing. You've been asking me questions I've been answering in other threads just this week. The hardcore members here have devoted countless hours to both learning and implementing quantum health principles over the years. You need to read Inger's history since she walks the talk. I know no other non-fb internet site where you can learn from people applying these principles, my point is if you really care about your health then put in some effort.
  16. Tfreeman

    Tfreeman New Member

    Only due to your response in my journal. My apologies.
  17. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Correction above: roughly half UVB and nnUVC sunlight only. Still recovering from this horrible flu.
  18. drezy

    drezy New Member

    It's good to get to know you @Tfreeman.

    Keep listening to the podcasts and since you're "gold" status you have access to all previous webinars.

    My own gut tells me that I should make it clear to you that you have intrinsic and inherent value just by being you.

    I cannot stand by the certitude of this type of statement.
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  19. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    If you only knew the current RF fields in the city and surrounding Burroughs. Well BL too but that's easier to avoid.
  20. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I do know that it is horrendous.

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