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T1D, Celiac, Hypothyroid, Osteo, possible Cushing's: A 20 yo epigenetic nightmare

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by TheHolyCat, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    Hey, everyone! Although I've been lurking around on the forums for months now, I have yet to post very much. I suppose there's no time like the present! The following lab results were obtained through web-based providers over a number of months between the ages of 19 & 20. In order to put some of my results in context, I feel that I should disclose a few of my past & current health conditions:

    Type 1 Diabetes (Dx age 11 months), Mild Concussion (age 8 years), Celiac Disease (Dx age 13 years?), Gastroparesis (suspected since age 13 or so), Hypothyroidism (Dx age 16 years), Hepatic Steatosis (aka Fatty Liver, Dx age 16 years, & normal BMI range), ADHD (Dx age 19 years), Osteopenia (Dx age 19 years), Hypercortisolism/possible Cushing's (FINALLY Dx by Endo after self-ordered labs, age 20 years), Morphea (a form of localized scleroderma, Dx age 17 years), and according to my last Urine Heavy Metals test, very elevated levels of Mercury & Lead.

    And finally, for good measure, I should also mention my perpetual raging sinus infections (2 ENTs advocate surgery, but will not proceed until several other issues have been addressed), hair loss, rapidly degenerating TMJ discs (confirmed by MRI), and sudden onset bout of DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) & still inexplicable pneumomediastinum (aka air in my chest cavity) in April. So, all in all, it's been an exciting past few years.

    And without further adieu, the numbers:

    12/23/11 Metametrix Fat Soluble Vitamin Profile

    Vitamin A

    Retinol 0.58mg/L (0.29-1.05mg/L)

    Beta-Carotene 0.17mg/L (0.10-2.71mg/L)

    Vitamin E

    Alpha-Tocopherol 8.1mg/L (6.8-31.7mg/L)

    Gamma-Tocopherol 0.64mg/L (0.06-2.99mg/L)

    Vitamin D

    25 Hydroxy D 26

    Vitamin K

    Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin 4.6ng/mL


  2. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    12/6/11 Thyroid Panel

    Free T3 2.5pg/mL (2.3-5.0pg/mL)

    Free T4 1.05ng/dL (0.93-1.60ng/dL)

    TPO Ab (Thyroid Peroxidase)
  3. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    1/13/12 Hormone Panel & ANA

    (All ref. ranges are for Ovulation phase...sorry if that's TMI)

    LH 2.5 mIU/mL (14.0-95.6mIU/mL)

    FSH 4.2 mIU/mL (4.7-21.5mIU/mL)

    Estradiol ECLIA methodology 62.8pg/mL (85.8-498.0pg/mL)

    Free Testosterone 1.0pg/mL REF. RANGE NOT GIVEN

    Progesterone 0.7ng/mL

    ANA (Antinuclear Antibodies) IFA

    Homogeneous Pattern 1:320 HIGH
    (Negative is
  4. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    2/8/12 ASI

    6-8AM 6 (13-24nM)

    11-1PM 20 (5-10nM)

    4-5PM 11 (3-8nM)

    10-MN 7 (1-4nM)

    Cortisol Load: 44 (23-42nM)

    DHEA Free (DHEA +DHEA-S)

    10ng/mL (3-10ng/mL)


    (3-12 uIU/mL)

    (5-20 uIU/mL)

    17-OH Progesterone


    Total Salivary SIgA


    Gliadin Ab, SIgA (Saliva): 5U/mL Negative
  5. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    3/12/12 DHT, IGF-1 & Homocysteine


    DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) 3.4ng/dL

    , Plasma 3.3umol/L (0.0-15.0umol/L)
  6. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    8/14/12 24hr UFC (Urinary Free Cortisol)

    Cortisol, Urinary Free 133ug/24hr HIGH (0-50ug/24hr)
  7. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    8/20/12 24hr UFC (Urinary Free Cortisol)

    Cortisol, Urinary Free 117ug/24hr HIGH (0-50ug/24hr)
  8. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    10/1/12 24hr UFC (Urinary Free Cortisol) & AM Serum Cortisol

    Cortisol, Urinary Free 142ug/24hr HIGH (0-50ug/24hr)

    Cortisol, AM Serum 25.9ug/dL
  9. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    I have the results from a number of other labs, including the Metametrix DNA Stool Analysis, HLA DQA/DQB allele (genetic test tied to Celiac & autoimmune disease susceptibility) test, several CBCs, CMPs, a Holman Omega 3 test, a Genova Amino Acids Urinalysis, Heavy Metals Urinalysis, another ASI, a BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis), a DEXA scan, an ALCAT (or some other food allergy panel), mold testing done by my ENT, and several other panels done by my functional medicine doc, & Endocrinologist that I will put up at some point in the near future. I also plan to get a more complete hormone panel (Pregnenolone, DHEA, DHEA-s, SHBG, FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesterone, Testosterone, and all 3 Estrogens if I can convince someone to go for it), full antibody panel a-la cyrex's new array, th1/th2 balance, Renin & Aldosterone (I've been having major blood pressure fluctuations), hs-CRP, D3, & a full lipid panel with whatever else I can get done (hopefully VAP and/or NMR). I should also be receiving the results of a 23andme test, Spectracell's new(ish) Telomere length test, & a 3T MRI scan of my pituitary sometime soon, & will share whatever revelations those things bring. Here's to optimization!!!
  10. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

    Also, my 1/9/12 hs-CRP was 13.04. I wish I was kidding... 13.04mg/L on a 0-3mg/L ref. range.
  11. Good lord, one irritated kitty, get thee to an ice bath - stat!
  12. Endless

    Endless Guest

    I am in no way capable of helping you interpret these but just want to encourage you to book a consult and follow the above advice!
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hey TheHolyCat!

    It is not easy being kitty.

    I think that you have

    major problems hard to fix


    major problems that are fixable

    Many of your problems are due to toxins that you have accumulated either by your exposure to them or lack of ability to remove them in real time.

    Most of it likely means that you have bad fatty acids profile and likely have also accumulated undesirable fatty acids.

    I suggest that you:

    Stop thinking of your food as a souce of pleasure and think of it as you think of getting proper gasoline or diesel for your car.

    Change your died to EPI-PALEO Rx.

    When you read it, think DHA & AA.

    (Do not eat any Fish Oils, Krill Oils even when you get Fatty Acids Analysis done)

    You have already found number of defficiencies. Where possible, start supplementing (I will give you mine suggestions).

    Buy this book and spend some time on it:

    The Detoxx Book - Paperback $32.70


    On page 258 there is a phone 888 320 8338

    Ask them to provide list of names in your area.

    Hopefully you will be able to afford what they are offering.

    This is called PK Prococol or Detoxx,

    but it have to be personalized to each patient.

    PK stands for dr Patricia Kane

    You should also buy 1/2 hr consultation with dr. Kruse, hi should set you on proper course.

    If you go with someone recomended by dr Kane you should end up with multitude corrections,

    proper inflammation level, lots of micronutrients at the right levels.

    Your lipids may get improved but not fully.

    You would need separate attention to lipids and hormones.

    As far as I can tell, dr Kruse provides his input for it during consultations, but actual details are left to local doctor who hopefully is in tune with this type of program.

    That is to say, that you need local MD (I have DO) who will provide prescriptions and expertise for the recomendations given by dr Kruse.

    You will still be T1D but many of your problems should either resolve or become less.


    You mention that most of your labs are result of your own initiative.

    I like to operate this way about my own health. (I am not a doctor, but have really cooperative DO who humors me and keeps me on a long leash.)

    If you want, I can help you with


    Fatty Acids (but you likely need more)

    Lipid Panel

    Steroid Panel

    Thyroid Panel

    When considering Steroid Hormone Optimization, you would need to do blood tests that coincide with

    day (2-4) of menstruating cycle (minimum P & E levels) about same as in men

    day (19-21) (max P & E levels)

    ovulation, (if you have available resources)




    JULY 27, 2012 BY JACK

    1. shellfish (oysters) other than crustaceans

    2. crustaceans

    3. Fish

    4. Offal/organ meat of pastured/grassfed animals

    5. grass fed skeletal meats

    6. eggs

    7. Seeds and nuts


    1. Spring and summer: Coconut oil, ghee, palm oil, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon fat, duck fat, pastured butter

    2. Fall and Winter: ghee, pastured butter, duck fat, beef tallow, bacon fat, non hydrogenated lard, raw cream* Stick to animal fats in colder months. When you eat seafood try to use MUFA’s as the added fat.

    3. When you eat non seafood protein this is when you should add your saturated fats to your diet to the greatest degree!! Grass fed red meat and offal come packed with saturated fats by nature and fish do not

    Monounsaturated fats MUFA are red meat, whole milk products, nuts and high fat fruits such as olives and avocados. Olive oil.

  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    5 drops/day Biotic Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, 1drop=2000iu Vit D ($15.20)

    2/day-->Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules (lef.org)

    eat selenium for 2-4 weeks before you start on Lugol's

    1 dropperfull/day

    Lugol's Iodine Family Pack -- 6 (2 fl. oz.) bottles Price: $73.90


    recalculate dose if using other iodine/iodide source.

    6/day--> zyflamend

    2/day Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ™ Catalog Number: 01568


    5/day CarlsonVitamin K2 Menatetrenone

    4/day Now Foods, NAC, 600 mg, 250 Vcaps N-Acetyl Cysteine


    3/day CoQ10 Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 100 mg, 60 softgels Item Catalog Number: 1226 lef.org




    Free T3 2.5pg/mL (2.3-5.0pg/mL)

    TSH 3.210

    Use 2 grains=2 pills of Thyroid-S, (from amazon.com)

    goal TSH(0.5-1.5)

    Hope that this will help use up your excess cortisol.


    Progesterone 0.7ng/mL (0.8-3.0ng/mL)(ovulation)

    aim at prog=3.0 or even little higher

    this requires overall look at at least pregnenolone, if low, you will try to raise prog by raising preg using

    pregnenolone Micronized Lipid Matrix from Nutricology/Allergy Research

    It would be better to start the process by analyzing results from day(2-4) blood draw

    Keep in mind that this pregnenolone is sustained release (among other assets).


    6-8AM 6 (13-24nM)

    11-1PM 20 (5-10nM)

    4-5PM 11 (3-8nM)

    10-MN 7 (1-4nM)

    Cortisol Load: 44 (23-42nM)

    DHEA Free (DHEA +DHEA-S)

    10ng/mL (3-10ng/mL)


    49uIU/mL (3-12 uIU/mL)

    23uIU/mL (5-20 uIU/mL)


    Cortisol, Urinary Free 142ug/24hr HIGH (0-50ug/24hr)

    Cortisol, AM Serum 25.9ug/dL (2.3-19.4ug/dL)


    Also, my 1/9/12 hs-CRP was 13.04. I wish I was kidding... 13.04mg/L on a 0-3mg/L ref. range.


    All grains, potatoes, sugar


    other carbohydrates are gone now from your diet.

    That should improve your insulin.


    You will start working on your Circadian Rhythm now.

    That should improve your cortisol profile.


    in legal darkroom that is also cold. Sleep uncovered, almost naked

    within 10PM-8PM window

    at wakeup time, look at as much light as possible, if looking at sun, look about 3 fingers below sun

    for at least 15-30 min, while eating BAB(BigAssBreakfast), that was prepared the night before. It is 50% of your daily food.

    Spend day outside or in very bright room.

    Eat lunch (if you want)

    4-6hrs before bed time eat dinner

    No snacking

    Very low light after sundown.

    Use UV blockers, some use UV + blue blockers

    Some use UV + blue blockers during day when they have to work in brightly lit office (you may want try that, only if it makes you feel better).


  15. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    JanSz is awesome at lab stuff... +1000 on epi-paleo dieting, following light (a HUGE source of inflammation) and doing CT as much as you can. These are big, but simple, things you can do immediately and on your own without a doc. Also, given that level of inflammation, I'd be taking as much curcumin as you can get... the recommendations in the published literature say you can take up to 8g per day without a problem (I think that would be 8 LEF super curcumin tabs per day). Good luck.
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I could use help.

    So far my bet is on Zyflamend.

    Is this good bet?


    Servings Per Container 30


    Servings Per Container 60

  17. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    JanSz, I'm not sure. The Zyflamed looks good (has adaptogens and green tea as well as turmeric), but I know Dr K has strongly mentioned the LEF bio curcumin is a great product. The Zyflamed appears to have only 25% the amount of curcumin as the Super Bio Curcumin product.
  18. mambo

    mambo New Member

    With that many autoimmune issues, I'd look into starting LDN.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    LDN= Low Dose Naltrexone


    Similar in composition to: Depade 50mg

    Generic: Naltrexone Hcl

    Our Brand: Naltima 50mg Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals India

    Strength(mg): 50

    Pack: 10 Pills

    Bonus: NA

    Price: $20.25






    Price: $3.99


    Put one 50mg pill into syringe.

    Suck in 10mL of water.

    Tablet dissolves very easily.

    It also settles very quickly.

    Shake and immediately dispense 1mL on a teaspoon.

    that is 5mg

    I have seen descriptions that 4.5m/day is considered low dose.

    Try few days, see if it makes a difference.

  20. TheHolyCat

    TheHolyCat New Member

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