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Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Dec 11, 2018.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    What is life? Here is a major tweet storm (75 tweets) brought on by my critiques of Huberman's podcasts that leave much to be desired from a mitochondriac perspective. It bothers me that we are defaulting to centralized PhDs ideas that are mostly half-truths. If you feel a scientist is a stranger in the public's own forest you must change something in your life immediately to make the ignorant aware of what is being missed by following the centralized dogma they pass out on social media.
    Life, and, in particular, its amazing diversity spanning more than 21 orders of magnitude in size, is the most complex physical system in the universe. In spite of this, biological systems obey a host of remarkably simple and systematic empirical scaling laws which relate to how organismal features change with size over many orders of magnitude. These include fundamental quantities like metabolic rate (the rate at which energy must be supplied in order to sustain an organism), time scales (such as lifespan and heart rate), and sizes (such as length of the aorta or height of a tree trunk). It is a remarkable fact that all of these can be expressed as power-law relationships with exponents that are simple multiples of 1 (e.g. ~, 3, 3). They appear to be valid for almost all forms of life, whether it be mammalian, avian, reptilian, unicellular, or plant-like. Clearly, the universal character of these "laws" is telling us something important about the way life is organized and the constraints under which it has evolved.
    Most people really don’t want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth. My mouth is not a bakery. I don’t sugarcoat anything. If you ask me my opinion I’m going to tell you the truth, no matter what you want to hear.
    If you are a physician and don’t realize our profession is dying on its own vine due to its own ignorance of how Nature operates, you haven’t been paying attention.
    Mankind has not woven the web of life on this planet. We are but one small thread within it. We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That's what connects us all is that we're all broken in some small way, all beautifully imperfect in some fashion. https://twitter.com/DrJackKruse/status/1513673713673285636
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    New podcast out: What is decentralized medicine? This podcast lays it out.

    We NEED a trustless system to replace the existing system = decentralized networks.
    Nature and Bitcoin are the only decentralized networks on Earth. Ironically, both concern themselves with energy transformation. Jack, can you describe what decentralized means? “There is no one running the show, and yet everything that needs to be done is getting done on time 24/7. ”

    An alternative "point of view" can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding. People only see what they want to see or feel what they want to feel. When nature touches you deftly you become new. Nature is a system that is fully decentralized. There is no central controller. Light needs darkness to operate life. When your flesh is waiting, nature has electricity in the merest contact it makes with you. Nature's touch has a memory for our souls. To know nature's library is, in some measure, to know the possibility of the human mind. When kissed by lady evolution, our thoughts become burning stars, and our ideas, they shower and stretch the universe we choose to inhabit.
    Modern science is catching up to me but I still have them dusted by 15 years. Daylight alters the charge on proteins involved in biology. Light and dark cycles change charge density of biomolecules. This change in charge density is the key they continue to miss in centralized paradigms.

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Do you think modern centralized medicine that forces the doctor to use electronic medical records is safe and secure? What happens to all those patients' skin photos uploaded by your DERMATOLOGIST on their "leased EHR software" that the government requires for them to get fully paid on a diagnosis code? When you know better you do better. When you do not know better your freedoms are usurped and sold without your consent.

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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Future centralized doctors are ill prepared for a world of patients bathing in nnEMF that changes how organic chemistry operates in cells. Hire decentralized docs who aced organic chemistry and every other type of chemistry associated with the biophysics of life. I wonder if med school admissions departments will get the names of the premed students who signed this petition? It seems like an important piece of info when considering their fitness for medicine, no?https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/03/us/nyu-organic-chemistry-petition.html
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You should never waste time changing things by fighting the existing paradigm.

    To change something, you must build a new framework that makes the existing paradigm obsolete.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Today's topic of centralized medical nonsense: UNLEARN TO RELEARN.
    ME: Ummm the sun prevents cancer. I should get more of it, right?
    MY #DERMATOLOGIST: That's woo-woo hippie quack talk, where did you hear that? Med school decreed that the sun gives you cancer. Wear sunscreen at all times and cover up your skin!
    HIPPIE QUACK: "This review consistently found strong inverse correlations with solar UVB for 15 types of cancer: bladder, breast, cervical, colon, endometrial, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22213311/
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why are the “fully vaxxed and boosted” people so angry with the unvaccinated? They believed vaccines were safe and effective, and now learned they are neither. They should be mad at FDA, CDC, and Fauci/Gottlieb, not the unvaccinated.

    You don’t ignore, gaslight, or censor people after they have been injured by a pharmaceutical product unless you value the injection's reputation more than human life.

  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    “The vaccine worked perfectly. It’s just that the virus immediately mutated to evade the vaccine.” This is an actual argument Covidians are making now to justify all the heart/clot complications.
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Medical textbooks of biochemistry are filled with beautiful diagrams to illustrate a falsehood belief that biomolecules are static actors who dance in ‘lock and key’ fashion. Biologists currently believe in this static principle of ‘recognition’ between enzymes and their respective substrates even today. They think this exists between signal molecules and their respective receptor proteins, as well as between different species of proteins.

    Yet, everything in quantum theory tells us that molecules never stand still, they always move and vibrate. How would a vibrating lock and key ever work? Moreover, the most important biomolecules, proteins are no exception to this vibration rule. Indeed, the most mobile proteins are enzymes which generally have great specificities for their substrates, and the most mobile parts of the antibody molecules are precisely those containing the recognition sites for corresponding antigens.

    These observations of reality are difficult to reconcile with the lock and key model.
    What is more likely to be responsible for intermolecular complexes in the cellular organization is the universal electromagnetic attractive forces between molecules.

    A tiny fraction of the 73 octaves present in light's spectrum would far outperform any specificity in the sizes & shapes of molecules. It is already well-known that molecules with the same intrinsic frequency of vibration not only resonate over long distances, and hence undergo coherent excitations, but can also attract one another over long distances. Quantum theory provides a better explanation of enzyme kinetics in cells.

    Here is some evidence for the idea:

    Cosic has provided fascinating evidence for his claim that resonance recognition is general to all protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions even when substrates are absent!

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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cosic found that groups of proteins with the same function or recognize each other share the same periodicity (think about PER genes now) in electronic potential along the polypeptide chain, which is related to the frequency of electromagnetic radiation they absorb, and by implication, emit when electrons are conducted along the polypeptide. Based on the paper above it appear quantum field theory of life show things unfold. You would think with papers like this above it would change the whole complexion of the bad ideas currently being used in biomolecular engineering. It also should clue people into how light creates and optical signaling network inside of cells.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Thermal energies, particularly at equilibrium, possess no information potential; whereas excitation of a specific frequency at a temperature where no other excitation of the same energy exists — in a system kept far from equilibrium by mitochondrial redox power — not only has just the requisite information to do the physiologic work but the inherent power to do it as well. Light quanta provide the motive force of attraction between appropriate reactive species and enable energy exchange to take place between biomolecules. Thus, ‘information’ is not something separate from energy and organization. This idea that energy and information are one and the same thing came from the fusion of ideas from Claude Shannon, Wheeler, and Landau.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Everyone wants to eat, but few are willing to hunt in life.
    You are not only hunted by others, you unknowingly hunt yourself when you choose poorly. If we act like prey, they’ll act like predators. Sometimes hunting preserves some things. Just because we don’t eat them doesn’t mean we have to stand there and let them eat us, right? Black Swan mitochondriacs refuse to settle for less than they deserve. Hunt wisely.

    Hunting requires precise timing. In your life, regarding time........do you waste it? [​IMG]
    Unfortunately, your clock is ticking, the hours are going by. [​IMG]The past increases and the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, and regrets mounting.......
    But never settle. When you refuse to settle for less than the best...the best tends to HUNT you down. Don't ever let people tell you that you aren't good enough because you are. Don't ever give up your dreams [​IMG]because you and the world need them.
    Don't ever compromise your morals because they make you.
    Don't ever hide your feelings because of someone is unwilling to hear them. [​IMG]
    Don't ever think you've got it all figured out because the next moment you won't.
    Don't ever live your life in the past because then you'll miss out on the present. [​IMG]
    Don't ever let people bring you down, because they don't deserve that right.
    Don't ever be someone you aren't, because then you'll never know you who really are.
    Don't ever let someone tell you how you feel because it's not their right.
    Don't ever run away [​IMG]from your difficulties because they sculpt you.
    Don't ever be afraid to take risks because they make life worth living.
    Don't ever let someone take away your happiness because it was never theirs to usurp. [​IMG]
    Don't settle for someone else's version of the truth. [​IMG] Your mission, if you CHOOSE to accept the challenge life demands, is to HUNT that truth down every day. Never forget this less.

  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    \/ RX: experimental group needs

    ⁍ Increase RBC REDOX > SUN!
    ⁍ clean light environment = NO ALAN & nnEMF
    ⁍ exercise outside to craft mental well-being >sun > raise dopamine/melatonin
    ⁍ shake off addictions > sun > raise dopamine & melatonin
    ⁍ block energy vampires > stop draining your dopamine & melatonin levels
    ⁍ focus on your charter: become a mitochondriac
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Is energy a zero sum game?

    If energy is fixed in the universe, and the speed of light is fixed, what does it mean when we know there are one million photons present in the cosmos for every atom in the known universe?
    It means light is the Jacquard card of life and cells........Do you know what a Jacquard card is? Why was it used with a loon to weave fabrics?
    The jacquard attachment allowed complex patterns to be woven with the loon. The punch cards used in the Jacquard mechanism laid the foundation for modern computer programming. Jacquard cards were the software of the loon. Jacquard cards are like mitochondrial signals that drive epigenetics in a cell.

    Let us try to make sense of this using Bipolar disorder to teach you about light.
    Implications of this idea?
    Is this why bipolar humans seem to be in certain zip codes based on hospital data in cities?
    Why don't doctors or hospitals realize what it means?
    How on earth the lithium ion could have such a dramatic effect in treating mental conditions like bipolar disorder? Have you ever thought about this? Might the effect be linked to the quantum spin of Lithium? Moreover, could this be a key in why and how consciousness works? Lithium 7 and 6 only differ by having one more neutron, but this small change changes how they react in an electric and magnetic field because both isotopes have different nuclear spins. Most biologist and physical chemists have no idea how a nuclear spin affect physiologic ability.
    They believe that the chemistry of the two isotopes should be the same in a reaction, and the slight difference in atomic mass largely washes out in the "watery environment" inside cells. They do not even realize that this watery environment would be changed by this isotope effect and this would also affect the action of protons in water networks in cells.
    These water networks for an extreme Faraday cage inside of cells would protect it from environmental EMF and this would prevent or slow quantum decoherence by preserving the coherence of atoms embedded in the EZ water. What if I told you that these experiments were done in 1986 and show that Lithium does appear to work magnetically using its spin state to determine reality? Would you believe it?
    Could it be that in environments where magnetic flux is poor, Black Swan MDs should expect more bipolar people will exist because light in those areas is altered in some way that we do not appreciate today in medicine?
    How would you see if my insights are right?

    Go to a country with a high latitude with a mixed population diversity and see what has been found via zip codes.
    Quotes from the article below: "The incidence rate per 100 000 per year in south-east London was over twice that in Nottingham and Bristol. There was no significant difference in the rates of disorder in men and women. Incidence rates of bipolar disorder in the combined Black and minority ethnic groups in all three areas were significantly higher than those of the comparison White groups."
    Why might these relationships all exist thermodynamically? I will tell you it is the INVERSE SQUARE LAW staring you right in the face. London has way more people = a bad electromagnetic environment. Bristol and Nottingham much less.

    Quote from the article: "The incidence of bipolar disorder was higher in south-east London than in the other two areas and was higher among Black and minority ethnic groups than in the White population."
    Why should this finding shock you? Nottingham is the in the middle of England at a higher latitude than London. This result tells the Black Swan that population density is far more important than latitude especially when you have White skin. It is a way bigger deal if you have dark skin.
    Why does race really matter here?
    Your surface skin tone is how you work electromagnetically with the light in that area. Black folks have equatorial shells.......this is why they get bipolar diseases more frequently in the UK. Is this why the stroke belt exists in the USA too? YEP.
    Their melanin needs more sunlight not less to maintain their neurologic function. It also tells us if you are dark-skinned and have an equatorial engine you have ZERO business living in a major 5G city.
    How many will realize these things without understanding light well?
    How many low dopamine critics will call this racist?
    When you observe nature as she is.......you can learn a lot. I pay attention to what most ignore when it comes to light.
    In the future, population density is the single biggest driver of diseases in our modern world because of these insights tied to light. This is an uncommon idea because up until 2015 life expectancy in humans has been climbing in cities. Today we now have proof Jack's insight about falling longevity in cities now exists.
    How did Jack know it would stop and reverse and show up in newspapers and nobody would know why?
    Jack understands how light works in cells.
    Do you understand it as well as you should?
    Are your current decisions based on this understanding?
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Using light to control a disease works. The choice of light however is critical. Instead of relying on a neurosurgeon's laser why not use the sun via your eyes and skin to perform brain surgery on yourself without a scalpel? It is more simple and a lot cheaper. It also cuts out the middleman because if you prevent a disease you would not utilize centralized systems, right? Just a thought.

    Here is centralized medical marketing. If you really examine this carefully you'll see the fallacy appear. Why would a clinician keep saying the patient outcome after the intervention was good but the tumor came back three times? Might repeat surgery for cancer be a profit center for cancer wings at centralized medical systems? Why was the use of X-radiation chosen from the electromagnetic spectrum to treat this cancer when there is way better data on Vitamin D levels from visible light to cure this? Might it be because the centralized system bought a ton of stereotactic X-ray machines from Siemens and GE to create a profit stream? Ya' know sunlight is free right? Why didn't the surgeon explore the environmental risk factors for this disease (latitude) that could be linked to the development of brain cancer? Ya' know high-latitude living is tied to brain cancer risk, huh? Might actually looking in the right place solve the issue and keep the patient from coming back? That might not be good for business. Without a conversation about the environmental risks could it be that the option for surgery and chemo would not be chosen? Was the discussion shelved because the centralized system in Baltimore could make more profit?

    Technology put the "fun" in dysfunctional. It provides us the illusion of progress as it slowly kills us from mitochondrial diseases doctors are impotent to cure.


    A now well-known problem caused by blue radiation in LED bulbs is that they cause a substantial and physiologic noticeable decrease in the concentration of melatonin in the human body. Melatonin is known as a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles (circadian or diurnal rhythms of the body), its release precedes falling asleep. Melatonin is created by sunlight when it contains UVA light.
    It has been proven in the literature many times that maintaining an optimal level of melatonin can prevent and even treat certain types of cancer (Brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer), the risk of which increases greatly with age, and a violation of circadian rhythms can lead to an imbalance of the correct metabolism in general.

    The psychophysiological effect of light from sources with a linear and unbalanced spectrum should not be underestimated by anyone—such light can provoke irritability and even cause depressive states. Light works in a non-linear fashion and this is why its effects as so misunderstood in biology. And numerous studies on the impact of computer screens and smartphones, which also use blue LEDs, even show that they can accelerate aging and cause brain diseases that are explosive in man today.

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