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Susan's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by SusanR, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. SusanR

    SusanR New Member

    Susan here. 69- but don’t feel like it. Most of my friends are in their 40s-50s and I can pretty much keep up with them or even out-do them. Grew up in northern New York state near the Adirondacks, about a 30-minute drive to Canada. Left the area in '75. Been living in Austin since 2007. Don’t like it here. Will be getting out of this crazy town later this year.

    I spend about 30 hours a week working in a periodontal office (hygienist), bathed in mega-bright overhead blue LED lighting, computer screens, and multiple wireless signals thruout the building. Ever since my office changed to LED lighting a couple of years ago, I’ve been noticing a steady slow decline in how well I feel. I know the only remedy is to quit. Will try to last until mid-June, then it’s all over. done. no more dental. ever. Dental has been very very unfulfilling anyway.

    While I can’t change the EMF bombardment at the perio office, I’ve taken what I’ve learned so far and have improved the environment in my home. Changed the lighting. Low-level red/amber at night. Blue-blocking glasses. IRIS computer app. Use an ethernet cable. Don’t even own a TV.

    I feast my eyes on the sunrise as often as possible, mostly just on weekends. On weekdays I’m driving to work during sunrise or am already there so I miss it. Lunchtime at work is only about 20 minutes on a good day. Even less if my morning patients’ charts need narratives. I step outside if there’s time.

    CT consists of dunking my face in cold water and ending showers with cold. Spending extra time outside when it's cold, but can’t go out there naked. Might get arrested.

    Austin’s 5G and all the wireless routers in the neighborhood that stay on 24/7 are beyond my control. So I’ll be leaving town. Don’t like it here anyway.
    The plan is to get rid of stuff, load up my little SUV with necessities, and travel / car-camp as far away from cities and nnEMFs as possible. Perhaps then I’ll start feeling like my better younger self again.

    I’m also a massage therapist, movement coach, and personal trainer. Currently, my kettlebell group meets in the park. outdoors. in the morning SUNlight. It’s so much more enjoyable that way. Once out of Austin, I'll coach my PT clients online.
    After traveling around a bit, I'll settle back east closer to family, and specialize in coaching clients with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Started working with PD clients two years ago. It's so rewarding.

    Geneology- European descent. Mostly English, French, German (Alsace-Lorraine). That's all I know.

    Healthwise- doing pretty well
    Med Hx-
    Lifetime of overweight ~15-25#
    T&A @ 2yrs age
    1980 - C-sec. (frank breech)- She wanted to come out mooning the world. OB doc wouldn’t let her. She's 38 now, and mooning the world.
    Mid 90s - Dx’d hypothyroid. Meds didn’t do anything except cause accelerated HR. Stopped taking.
    Menopause ~45 yrs age (~1994)
    Mid 90s - Short-term (4 months) period of hypertension, no Rx meds taken. corrected quickly and easily w/ diet and Mg supplementation.
    2014- Regenerative injections (PRP)- knee, hip, SIJ, finger. Worked very well. Avoided surgeries.
    Occasional (rare) cold or sinus infection. Haven’t had flu in decades.
    Considering repeat PRP.. touch up knee and hip.
    Ongoing PRN enjoyment of chiropractic and massage.

    Weight ~15-20# over (reading Leptin Rx)
    Distorted/ diminished sense of smell ever since a sinus infection/URI 2 years ago. ENT MD Rx’d Prednisone taper. I didn’t take it. Smell sense is returning on its own. The Mountain Laurels have bloomed here. Lovely scent.
    Tinnitus. Onset 2007 (Perhaps 10 years of loud live audio engineering & 30+ years of dental ultrasonic exposure have contributed)
    Probably still hypothyroid. Body temp is usually ~97˚
    Might have a bit of LPR. Feel much better by taking Betaine HCL and enzymes with meals.
    Occasional joint/muscle pain.
    Occasional tension or sinus headache.
    Rare visual migraine ~ maybe 2x/year - Probably stress related.

    No Rx meds
    Supplements- CBD oil, Betaine HCL, Digestive enzymes, Magnesium.
    Ibuprofen 100mg (youth dose) - only when absolutely desperate. Rarely take it.

    Family Med Hx-
    Immediate Family-
    Mother - Hypertension. GERD. Overweight. Emphysema. Heavy smoker. ≥ 2pks/day. Died at age 86
    Father - Emphysema. Alcohol use. Heavy smoker. ≥2pks/day. Died at age 72
    Brother - Emphysema. Alcohol use. Died at ~58 yrs.
    Sister - still living. 74 yrs age. Healthy. Bilateral knee replacements. Macular pucker. Cataract sx maybe. Not sure

    Other family members-
    Cancer deaths mostly, if my memory serves me. Mostly on my mother’s side. Records are few and unlikely to surface. I don’t know anything about my father’s side.
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  2. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    hi susan - I loved your "mooning the world" comment - it really made me laugh :)
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Susan ....and welcome!

    Sounds like you know where you are going girl ....way to go!
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  4. SusanR

    SusanR New Member

    haha! Thanks J! :)
  5. SusanR

    SusanR New Member

    So last week I resigned from my job with a month's notice. Now what?? I don't know. Will be in Austin for a few more months selling/donating my stuff, doing workshops, and deciding where to go next. It's scary, but exciting.
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