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Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by jumcc, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. jumcc

    jumcc New Member

    hi everyone. i have a real mix of supplements at the moment and wanting to get down to a few that i consistently take.

    I am doing CT and getting real detox symptoms!! I am wanting to know what are the most important supplements to take and also what brand or where you have ordered them from. Thanks guys!
  2. Petra

    Petra New Member

    I use MSM, also to get the extra estrogen out of my system. It means more detox, which manifests in headeache behind my left or right eye.

    Still after a cold shower, this is nothing!

    Besides that, some magnesium, before bed, when I drink more than 2 glasses of wine. It makes me feel refreshed the next morning.

    Multi vit 2 times a week.

    Still I prefer foods to be my supplements,

  3. meyoolia@gmail.com

    meyoolia@gmail.com New Member

    Jack suggests a number of LR/CT/optimization supplements.... and I'm still not sure I've got them straight... but I'm taking magnesium (to help cellularly *and* to help keep my colon clear ;) ), multi's, B complex, D3/K2, betaine HCL, krill oil and, when i remember, resveratrol. Before the reset and still now, I'm also taking heme iron with vitamin C. I'd love to hear other folks' list and reasoning.... I'm still a wee bit uneasy going bigtime keto like this for so long - seems like it's soooo deficient - I used to be all about the veggies!

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