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Sunlight harmful when dehydrated?

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by seanb4, May 22, 2017.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Concentrate on increasing vasopressin,
    finding reason why it is low.

    It would help if you could test that area.
    If nothing else you would get official diagnosis, (possibly correct one), and that could help you with dealing with bureaucrats.

    Diabetes insipidus
    2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code E23.2

    Symptoms and causes


    2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code L74.4

    Anhidrosis is the inability to sweat normally.

    Risk factors

    Certain factors make anhidrosis more likely, including:

    Age. People age 65 and older, infants, and children are more prone to heat stress, which can contribute to anhidrosis.
    Certain health problems. Any medical condition that damages your autonomic nerves, such as diabetes, makes sweat gland problems more likely.
    Skin disorders. Many diseases that irritate or inflame the skin also affect the sweat glands. They include psoriasis; exfoliative dermatitis, which is marked by severe skin scaling; heat rash; scleroderma, which causes hard, tight skin; and ichthyosis — extremely dry, scaly skin.
    Genetic abnormalities. Mutations in certain genes can lead to disorders that affect the sweat glands.

    Anhidrosis occurs when your sweat glands don't function properly, either as a result of a condition you're born with (congenital condition) or one that affects your nerves or skin. Dehydration also can cause anhidrosis. Sometimes the cause of anhidrosis can't be found.

    Causes of anhidrosis include:

    Conditions you're born with, such as certain congenital displasias that affect the development of sweat glands
    Inherited conditions that affect your metabolic system, such as Fabry's disease
    Connective tissue diseases, such as Sjogren's syndrome, which causes dry eyes and mouth
    Skin damage, such as from burns or radiation therapy, or diseases that clog your pores (poral occlusion), such as psoriasis
    Conditions that cause nerve damage (neuropathy), such as diabetes, alcoholism and Guillain-Barre syndrome
    Certain drugs, such as morphine and botulinum toxin type A, and those used to treat psychosis.

    Tests and diagnosis

    Your doctor is likely to suspect anhidrosis based on your signs and symptoms, your medical history, and a physical exam. But you may need certain tests to confirm the diagnosis. These include:

    Sweat test. During this test, known as thermoregulatory sweat test, you're coated with a powder that changes color when and where you sweat. You then enter a chamber that causes your body temperature to increase to a level that makes most people perspire. Digital photos document the results, and the whole body surface can be tested at once.
    Skin biopsy. In some cases, your doctor might request a biopsy of the area suspected of anhidrosis. For this test, skin cells and sometimes sweat glands are removed for examination under a microscope.

    Treatments and drugs
    By Mayo Clinic Staff

    Anhidrosis often can't be prevented, but serious heat-related illnesses can. To stay safe:

      • Wear loose, light clothing when it's warm.
      • Stay indoors on hot days.
      • Monitor your activity level closely so you don't overdo.
      • Learn the signs of heat-related illness and how to treat them.

    Last edited: May 23, 2017
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  2. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    How are you getting on with your vasopressin experiment?

    I am pretty sure the reason is virus caused POTS, a common symptom in POTS is poor heat tolerance and little sweating. I am unsure how much vassopressin will affect the issue. If lack of blood volume is the issue, then it should help, if autonomic dysfunction due to virus/autoimmunity is the problem, then maybe not...
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Instead of going 3x to the bathroom at night I am going just once.
    In bed at 10PM.
    Getting up time 6AM

    And I have to go to bathroom at 5AM.
    I am thinking of just changing my getting up time to 5AM.
    Specially that on sunny days I am spending 1-2 hrs lying on grass and often dozing off,
    so practically I am sleeping too much.

    I was trying to increase my Desmopressin dose but small doses do not work, and I do not want to do any major increases.

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  4. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    My mitochondria have been trying to send me down to Patagonia. Latitude 37,less population,more cold,more magnetism. I have been resisting the idea as it seemed to be going against best practice of looking towards the equator. I have come to think that my haplotype is not meant for long hot summers. Short and hot with a good winter makes me go Ahhh. UV through altitude.That is my goal.
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
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  5. Hi Sean,

    Always nice to meet another Sean - and you are from the UK too! Which area are you from?

    Hopefully I can add something to this post that I think is missing in your search for an answer to your problems.

    1. I think your Frequency of exposure to AM and PM sun need to continue a lot longer before you can really measure any change.

    I live in the UK too. We had a semi-decent weekend with UV of around 6 at it's highest. That was in London, not sure where you are, but north of London had some areas being overcast all afternoon - thus reducing UV index to maybe half that.

    Prior to this, we didn't have a UV index of 6 until over a month ago in April. Which means:
    • You have had arguably 2 weekends in the last 2 months of UV exposure that is semi-decent
    • If you are not working, then there were some weekdays that were semi-decent... maybe a UV 5, here and there.
    • Overall, you have probably had max. 10 days of UV index above 5. That is being generous.
    1. Get out in the Sun more frequently, but not necessarily for long periods until you can take it
    Continue to get sun exposure, on a daily basis, as we move toward the summer. BUT, move OUT of the sun when you get this uncomfortable hot sensation. It CAN be harmful if you can't ABSORB it properly. This needs to be BUILT. Check this thread here:

    Your redox is clearly low, and your ability to assimilate light is not as good as others on this forum. It will take TIME. Be grateful for a hot summer and get out in it every day. By winter, you should have built up a better tolerance. This cannot be done in 10 days during April and May.

    2. Your exposure to EMF needs to be reduced.

    The others are right, the forum is good to learn, but the goal is the less the better as... Forum = EMF and Blue light.

    These are both destroying your redox potential and dopamine, and thus your ability to assimilate light and build your redox potential and Dopamine levels.

    It's really a double edged sword.

    3. Read these books in the AM sun and PM sun (while you can tolerate it) and then move into a candle lit or IR light lit room to finish reading before bed:

    • The Body Electric by Robert O'Becker - skip straight to the chapter called "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and read this first. This will open your eyes to why you are not healing and the impact of your non-native Electromagnetic Field.
    • Health and Light by John Ott - this will open your eyes to the power of consistency in getting out in the Sun, and the correct levels and schedules for exposure to it.

    4. Final comment

    • Avoid all blue light with blue blockers and swap artificial light for candle light
    • Eating lots of DHA laden foods following a Keto Leptin Rx with periods fasting up to and around the 24 hour mark
    • Showering under the coldest tap water every day for 10 minutes
    You will eventually turn your Titanic ship of symptoms and illness away from the iceberg that will sink you over the course of the next 12 - 18 months.

    It didn't happen much quicker than that for me I'm afraid. So, be patient, be clinical and be consistent.

    This week and ahead of us, we are looking at UV index of 6 and
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  6. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    @Sean Waters Hello my friend. I am from Sheffield and I assure you it's grim here, feels like 90% of the time is overcast however recently its been good.

    I am afraid it is a little more complicated than you think. I have been following Kruse since 2011 however soon after I got a virus which has lead to CFS + POTS, and not sweating is a known symptom of this disease caused most likely by a fucked up autonomic system.

    I have been constistenly getting sun exposure since 2014 and playing with full spectrum lights since 2015 such that I have a strong tan for most of the year that gets regularly commented on. Lack of UV tolerance I don't think is the problem. I also sweated back then but since my health took a big dip last year I have been tolerating heat far worse.

    I am now off work sick and spend the majority of my time in the garden, meditating, or reading, my garden has good coverage of sun. I have read the books you have suggested and they are very informative. My emf is as low as I can get it. Computer time limited, IRIS installed, WIFI disabled dispite protests, phone constantly on airplane mode. I even have been experimenting with the tesla gold blue shield and a EMF protective neckalace.

    I am hoping I can turn the ship around by finding if the virus is still active and destroying it. Or if it has gone but left damage, repairing the damage. Sun exposure would go a long way to doing this however I am worried I am doing more harm than good by cooking myself in the sun. It feels like I'm massively overheated, in a lot of discomfort, heart rate and pounding increases, basically a stress response. Not good.

    I have noticed on some rare days I sweat okay but I cannot for the life of me figure out the variable that is causing this.

    I figure I will keep rotating my body, walking in and out of shade, splashing myself with water, and continue experimenting with things that help me sweat.
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    THERE IS NO TEMPORARY SOLUTION FOR NATURE. For three years you've been told that and ignored it. How much longer will you wait.........??? you know there are no do over's in nature?
  8. Yeah I'm from Birmingham, it's 2 hours up the road but whenever I go back there from London the weather changes quite a lot. It's always 2 or 3 degrees cooler up north, and a lot more rain and cloud - 90% overcast as you said.

    I appreciate that you have a more complex problem, and in most forums, medical institutions and general society, that "matters" in the solution to the problem.

    But, in nature, that's not the case.

    See inflammation, disease, illness is all the same thing - it's our environment causing disorder in our cells and the symptoms are presented where our mitochondria are weakest.

    Essentially, it's energy loss. Free radicals = lack of UV and IR in the mitochondria.

    When mitochondria lose energy, including in Immune cells, Virus and bacteria are allowed to run riot.

    Whether it's EMF, or lack of Sun, you need to change.

    "you can't get better in an environment you got sick in"...

    3 years of sun exposure in Sheffield, which is half way to Scotland, is clearly not enough for you. As you aren't getting better...

    There is something in your environment that is causing inflammation, that you can't control or see.

    If you can't Bio-Hack this with Cold Thermogenesis, Ketosis, Attuning to the light cycles (circadian), removal of EMF devices, then... I agree with the others - MOVE.
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  9. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I am well aware of this.

    This is the problem I had before, I can only realistically move to spain / italy. Youth unemployment there is very high, I don't speak the language, and most importantly I was struggling just to hold down a part time job whilst living with me brother here due to me being very ill. If I was fit and healthy I would be living in Gibraltar RIGHT NOW. There is nothing for me over here. No health, no friends, no future.
    However I could not see a way to sustain myself over there, I was trying to work it out then BOOM, last year I got significantly worse. Now I am housebound, on the sick, and have moved back in with my parents as I cant properly look after myself. My parents have no money.

    I have been racking my brain trying to figure a way to move since before I got worse, I couldnt think of a way then and now it seems almost impossible. Yet I keep getting told move. I need to get my health up first, such that I can work and sustain myself. If there are any other ideas I am all ears.
  10. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    @SatoriHeart Yes I think trying to do a way of mild CT then sun, rinse repeat is best.

    I had been forcing through high fat for years but since I got worse last year, it's no longer possible

    I don't know my D levels.
  11. Could you apply for a council house down on the south coast of England... beats Sheffield... cite your illnesses and try get benefits maybe?

    Have you got any college A levels or qualifications?... You can get Student Finance of £9,000 a year if you have not been to University yet, and you could study a course down south coast of England. They also offer Grants of £1000 every few months for those with low income backgrounds. They also give maintenance loans of £3500 a year to assist Living costs.

    By the time you finish in 3 years, you could have a degree to get you money abroad, and have lived in a better location for 3 years with more UV.

    This is basically what I have done, except my company paid for my tuition. I have just finished my Degree. I work everyday in an EMF hell hole. But in 2 years time I can leave the company after working the period following graduation which I need to stay, and I'm fully qualified with 4 years experience.

    I can then go anywhere in the world and get employment... I'm heading for Central or South America I think.

    That was my long term plan, I've finished the hard part (the degree), now I just wait until I can leave.

    If you have no qualifications, you can do "Foundation" degrees which basically mean an extra year of study before you can get to the Bachelor's degree in Year 1.
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  12. For study ideas... look into Construction... the economy is booming and Contractors will take on anyone interested with little to no experience. They will even cover your tuition fees.

    Go for it
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  13. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    @Sean Waters I appreciate your help but the problem is, I am having trouble with any physical exertion, even standing up right too long lands me in big trouble and walking even 2 minutes kills me. This puts any job involving movement currently out of the question. As for university, I already have a degree in software development, with the loans I am still yet to pay off. On top of that Id need to spend a lot of time indoors on campus learning about whatever. Time I could be using being outdoors and learning about what I need to do to heal myself. On top of that my concentration is shitty and no doubt dopamine low so trying to learn new things will drain me further.

    Before I got this bad I was considering Gibrlatar. English language, high employment, high cost of living (though could love across border in spain), this would still have been very difficult for me to pull of at the time due to my illness however it was in the realms of possiblity. Unfortunately now it isn't. Although maybe there is some way I can get sick pay living there? I will look into it....
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  14. I see, I see... Well yeah exhaust all your options Sean... you have nothing to lose, only to gain
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  15. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    @SatoriHeart As for the fat problems, it is only the increase in gastroparesis that is the problem really. When gastroparesis is worse it makes all my other symptoms worse. If I didn't have this I would return to high fat tomorrow. I have tried all sorts to fix it but not much helps.

    I would be slightly hesitant with Deprenyl. As you have addressed I have problems with catechomines. I have full mutations in the 2 main COMT SNPs and MAO. It may do well, it may not, but it would be a hassle to obtain.

    I am intrigued by the Centrophenoxine. Have you tried it? I am also hesitant as I have a suspicion that my sympathetic system is having to compensate for my low blood volume/ lack of alpha adrenergic 1 activation/ pots and that any alterations in parasympathetic tone make the situation worse. As has been my experience with acupuncture and vagal supplements. Although it has to be said that once or twice I have experienced great relief using things like alpha GPC (which I could never recreate) so there may be something to this.

    I was wandering on what you said before about virus in the vagus and how long term antivirals can help. My question is, if we need to get the virus in the lytic phase before it is vunerable to attack, and this is why antivirals take so long to work because the thing is usually dormant and hidden away, then why do our symptoms persist if its dormant? And if its not dormant, then why do we need to wake it up with things like sodiium butyrate? I am missing a piece of the puzzle here. Is it something to do with drawing it out of the vagus nerve?
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    No place to hide.
    Wonder how far it spreads? Up to UK?

    What is La Calima (Canary Islands Dust Storm)

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    PPAR and RXR
    Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor

    Retinoid X receptor

    They are involved in catabolism of very long chain fatty acids, and number of other.
    One major reason to watch fatty acids (in detail).

    // Roundup, glyphosate ???

    roundup-wheat ??

    Last edited: May 25, 2017
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    And for my new members reading this page they might be wondering how Cold Thermogenesis works here to raise dopamine: UV-A and IR-A light and COLD are a medical solution to a medical problem.
    Cold water immersion at 14°C increased metabolic rate by 350%, norepinephrine by 530% & dopamine by 250%. Wow, even cold can raise dopamine. So this is why if you are away from the tropics (inside the 20's) you must CT to risk becoming an obedient idiot in a blue lit RF/microwaved world. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10751106/
  19. How long was the dopamine raised in the plasma for? Did it remain at that level for a long time?

    "Cortisol tended to decrease"

    14 degrees Celsius....... I tend to CT at temps lower than this, in the UK Winter the tap water temps are 7 degrees Celsius. You don't even need Ice.

  20. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    I checked the full article and the graph for dopamine doesn't go beyond 1hr after cold immersion, it's still raised compared to the baseline at that point.

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