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Stupid Questions Thread

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by seanb4, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    The answer is simple to your last question about carbohydrates. The body is designed to be in ketosis while sleeping. So to answer your question, if you ate carbs for 4 hours during daylight, then did not eat, then yes, aslong as you aren't bathing in nnemf, you will be in ketosis for sleeping. The question about converting the carbs to fat doesn't need to be addressed once you understand hot cold, winter summer, electron photon, and day and night. Carbs and fatty acids. It's all there to read between the lines, in his blogs.....
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  2. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    I have no idea. I'm learning from you! Lol!
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  3. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    -electron is now close enough to reactant to cause reaction
    -raised electron facilitates one of the many reactions constantly happening in cell

    Or in the case of hemoglobin
    -Exciton ejected from iron
    -Exciton finds the best route out of the protein using cool quantum effect (?)
    -This somehow helps the red blood cell move through body (???)

    @Cpt.Tired This is what I think happens although would like someone to confirm. Reading the book life on the edge by john joe mcfadden / jim alkihlili has really helped my understanding of things and I would suggest you check it out. It's short, easy to understand and VERY interesting.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    As a RBC travels through the vessel it sheds sulfate groups which carry a negative charge. This also means within the circulatory system we develop both and electric and magnetic field. The voltage change is caused by the motuons of the RBC itself.......DHA and sulfates in the cell membrane. The hemoglobin inside it a ferry boat of light to be given to cytochrome 1 of mitochondria. It is not involved in the shedding phenomena. Remember RBC's have no mitochondria by design......they have to bring light to cells with mitochondria. The voltage change with blood flow acts like an induction magnet. As the RBC's moves through the circulation the magnetic field induced allows the vessel wall to release nitric oxide and sulfate cholesterol. This occurs in the blood plasma which is filled with 93% water. The EZ augments blood flow this way.....because there is a lot of positive charge in the artery wall and a large negative charge in the RBC's and EZ of plasma. This allows the like like likes action to occur between the EZ and RBC's to improve laminar flow.

    Cholesterol plays a huge role here......Cholesterol stabilizes the artery wall by stablizing the cells in this tissue by stabilizing the inner mitochondrial membrane to lower vibrations in the Q cycle. This makes sure the " light deli slicer" (recent webinar) is accurate in making the key red light frequencies from the 340nm excited electrons that enter at cytochrome that will be shuttled to cytochrome 3 for the distal cytochromes. Most people know that sunlight has 42% IR-A light present in it. Most people do not know that red light at 613.5 and 623.5 nm (in one spectrum, at 606 nm), in the red maximum have some interesting effects on human tissue. RBC's like red light up until 600 nm only. That is where hemoglobin's peak ends sharply for absoption. Are there other key frequencies buried in the sun for healing other parts of our tissues? Yes. The far-red maximum has exact peak positions between 667.5 and 683.7 nm in different spectra. Two near infrared maxima have peak positions in the range 750.7-772.3 nm and 812.5-846.0 nm. Might these peaks be critical in our mitochondria too? Might this be why low cholesterol kills us with cancers? I think so and this mechanism above shows you why.

    Cholesterol is a polar molecule that needs the sun to sulfate it so that molecular vibrations are lowered. The isomerization step in the skin requires an elevated surface temperature, that UVB light gives the skin to photonically change cholesterol to its sulfated form and then S- cholesterol to its sulfated Vitamin D3 form. This is fundamentally why Ancel Keys 7 countries Study was completely worthless on quantum biology merits. He found that high un sulfated cholesterol linked to heart disease. That link should have been expected because in all seven countries he sampled the zip codes were missing UVB light. Lack of UVB light is what drives heart disease not the presence of LDL cholesterol. When you ascribe causation to food and not to light you make catastrophic errors in science.
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  5. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member


    I am confused about one point, how does the exciton remain in an excited state in the time between photon hitting blood and blood cell delivering exciton to mitochondria in another cell? I previously assumed it would be donated to an nad+ like protein.

    Also, once the photon releases the exciton from iron in hemoglobin, the iron will be left missing an electron. How is it replaced (grounding, water)?
  6. Cpt.Tired

    Cpt.Tired New Member

    Thanks Sean for the advice! I do have that book but didn't read very far. I will by the audio version of it. I find audio books are great for learning stuff while you are driving. Listening to a book 10 -15 times will even program the info into you with you even having to really try!
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  7. smith5

    smith5 New Member

    Just a few misunderstandings I've found:
    1) as JK mentioned in several podcasts and FB, positive charge=inflammation. That was meant as protonic positive charge most probably, but would be interesting to see opinions on the more or less established framework of Na+/K+ currents as main information (neuron action potential) carriers in the nervous system.
    Because by the token of "positive charge=inflammation" it turns out that any neuronal action potential carried out by Na+/K+ currents equals inflammation.
    2) it seemed that in several podcasts JK unintentionally misinterpreted electron transport for electron quantum tunneling in which an electron does not require a carrier by definition (just an unsystematic observation).
  8. lohd2015

    lohd2015 New Member

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