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Structuring The DDW

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by AdamF, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. AdamF

    AdamF New Member

    I have some DDW coming from Dr. Boros' clinic --

    Are there some simple ways to structure and enhance the DDW?

    Out in the sun with a Tibetan singing bowl to carry to blast it with sound waves and then to a dark steel container for the rest of the day?
  2. Allin

    Allin New Member

    On the bottles of DDW you will receive, it states store away from direct sunlight. I do have the other Preventa DDW bottles (which are plastic), not in the sun. I have put some of this DDW into a glass VOSS bottle, put in the frig to get cold and then drink the DDW water while outside getting sun and yes the glass bottle did experience some direct sunlight. I drink some cold DDW and then jump in the cold pool for 40 minutes, then get into the sun for an hour while drinking some more cold DDW. That is pretty much how I structure my DDW.
  3. TANN

    TANN New Member

    Hi Allin,
    long time since we talked and i recall you were very helpful when i first joined the forum.
    I trust you are doing well? I am very interested to know how you feel about the DDW and wondered how much you rate its performance etc?
    Best Regards
  4. Allin

    Allin New Member

    Hey Tann, Good hearing from you. I would rate DDW a must in todays world. I would like to see your levels close to or below 130 ppm of Deuterium. Mine was 147 ppm. I drank the DDW, along with spring water for 4 months and my level dropped to 130 ppm. I had increased mental clarity, more energy and less joint pain. DDW is not a magic pill but a tool to help you on the road to optimal. Sunrise sun and grounding, more sun in morning, blue blockers at night, etc are also needed. The BIG issue I have is population density and I am looking to move to east Texas. For example; a couple years ago I was in Studio City and out in the sun and had a great tan and my Vitamin D level was 19. I said what?...19...Now it is in the low 30s but I doubt if I will ever seen 40 or 50 here in West LA.
  5. TANN

    TANN New Member

    Good to hear from you Allin. Its very expensive so i dont think im going to be buying the DDW. It sounds very impressive what you achieved but its a shame that levels would raise again so quickly without continued use. I know people talk about re-freezing water as well but it seems that it doesnt achieve a considerable drop in dueterium.
    All the best with the move to East Texas!

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