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Stephen’s Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Stephen W, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Disappointed. Got in the tub 22°c water holding bag of ice on my torso, shivered like all hell the entire 35min. I just cannot “shake” the shivering! (pardon the pun).
    Shivering was the reason I went back to the start and followed Jacks protocol.
    Any suggestions? Just keep going?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You dont have to go that long. Shorten the time.......or raise the temp of the water.
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  3. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Thanks Jack, I might increase the temp then, and slowly work back down. because I shivered within the first couple minutes. (Thumbs up)
  4. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    These bad boys finally showed up! Ra Optics!
    Been using cheap blue blockers this past few weeks, looking forward to wearing these.

    Bit of an update, vasomotor rhinitis/stuffy nose hasn’t changed, still very sensitive to things, but I wouldn’t expect it yet. One thing however is my morning number 2s are getting better haha. I would say from getting my circadian rhythm more under control, and eating a lot of seafood!
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  5. drezy

    drezy Gold

    They look great on you.

    I just bought another pair from Matt.

    Someone very close to me initially said "I think you overpaid". Two weeks later I could not find the glasses because they were on her face while a chepo pair was left in their place! Total spousal robbery.
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  6. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Ah cheers!
    Hahaha I’m waiting for the same thing to happen to me! haha, when she “realises” the importants of what I’m doing! :)
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  7. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Been doing cold baths last couple weeks. However my cold intolerance still sucks and I’ve only been doing approximately 25-26°C (78f). Quite a Few shivers still going on though in the first 10min, then kind of less shivering for the next 20min. Sometimes nice feeling with no shivers for 10min or so.

    Doing this twice per day for a total of 1 hour.
    Temp under tongue is around 35.5 to 36 degrees C (approximately 96f) during the bath. However I have had it at 36.6 c one time after I was at the beach. I handled the cold bath easy that day. Don’t know what my body temp should be?

    Today I grounded my bed (earthing undersheet to grounding rod out the window) and an earthing mat on my balcony! Our living area is upstairs 2nd floor. Multimeter test (putting on my body) shows my voltage drops when I get on my bed now and when I stand on the mat! Cool!

    Been getting tons of sun. From early 5:30am onwards all times of the day. Bare feet walking the dog in the park. Getting quite tanned up!

    40% of food is seafood I reckon now.

    Dropped coffee for 5 days now, replaced with chicory.

    Drinking lots of Icelandic water, costing a lot but who gives a fuck, we’re talking about health here :D

    What really sucks though, is my nose is still an issue. Nothing has changed. The turbinates just swell all the damn time blocking my nose up.
    Especially when I lay down being the most annoying. It does clear after suffocating for a few minutes. What’s the go??!!

    I absolutely know this is a neuro or nervous system issue. For example, as soon as I have a couple alcohol drinks (which I haven’t been doing much lately) and I feel that relaxed feeling, my nose swells shut. When I shine a light in my nose I can see the turbinates are completely swollen shutting off my nasal passage.

    I can temporarily shrink them by holding my breath until adrenaline kicks in from suffocating and it makes the suckers shrink. And I can nose breathe quite easy... But only for a few minutes. And they swell again. And this is very uncomfortable to keep doing. This is what I have to do most of the day. My nose blocks up not just from alcohol, but from other things too like food and cold water. My nose is just about closed unless I’m moving and doing things, it’s much better.

    The other way I make them shrink is to produce adrenaline with heavy weights in the gym. Get the sympathetic nervous system going. Or even get in the ice bath! But it only last temporarily, and the turbinates start puffing up again.

    So it’s definitely a sympathetic/parasympathetic problem. I just don’t know if it’s something I’ve been born with and may never change it. I’ve had this issue as long as I can remember. It’s so frustrating. And again, I do have a dust mite allergy but this seems to maybe have escalated since my early teens to something such as maybe now vasomotor rhinitis..

    Also, if there is a low pressure system around, my turbinates swell badly as well. It’s like they are flogged out and can’t keep constricted...

    If anyone knows if there are articles that Jack covered involving nasal turbinates issue and the sympathetic/parasympathetic/adrenaline or similar please let me know.

    Oh and I got blood test done yesterday to check some basic stuff. Should have results in a week.
  8. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

    Some Labs are in! If anyone is kind enough to help me decipher this that would be much appreciated. Local doc says keep living a healthy life haha that doesn’t explain my dust mite allergy and my cold intolerance! :)

    FA42C6A2-A72E-46B4-9B6E-917D2F4E45BE.jpeg 317DADAE-42D5-439E-BB42-EAC9F97EE40A.jpeg A6DD7BA9-DF09-4CDD-9792-BA5633A656A3.jpeg 8907B98F-1D11-4731-B3E7-ED29744CDFD3.jpeg
  9. Stephen W

    Stephen W New Member

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