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Steph’s journey (take one x a million)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by StephanieF, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I hate to burst your bubble ......but your beautiful children and your DH should be up for sunrise too.
    It would be a wonderful start for your children ....they are lovely and young and you can put them on the right track to optimal health.

    In my opinion [and I am pretty positive that I speak for Jack as well] ......children should not be watching TV anytime ....especially in the evening before bed.

    Try using candles and playing games or ....just talking and telling stories.

    I understand that you value your alone time in the morning ....but the kiddos could be running around naked outside [ and listening to Jack's podcasts] and then they would fall into a deep sleep at their bedtime.

    Do you have an outdoor pool for C/T for all of you?.
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  2. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    no bubble burst yet- i was hoping to see a reply from you bc you seem to have clear direction. DH is always up for sunrise and recently he has started going outside in his boxers to get the sun instead of just laying in bed. He knows to give me space in the morning.

    I value what you shared about the kids. They are up by 7am, then we spend almost all morning outside until lunch. I can see them from the kitchen and try to be out there with them as much as possible. I make everything from scratch. We live in rural Colorado in the mountains at 8600’ elevation. Unincorporated Boulder County. dirt roads. well water. R.O. water filter for drinking and cooking on the house. LP tank. cold frame greenhouse waiting to be dug out and planted- we just got it. And my mother in law has a HUGE organic garden 20miles down the canyon and she loads us up every two weeks with produce. She is almost 90 and still gardens- no TV in her home and she does CT every morning! she’s amazing! She does this by intuition and they only eat breakfast and dinner. she has no idea who Jack is.

    we usually have our 5 yr old turn off the tv an hour before bedtime. I know it isn’t ideal. I also know this will change as they get older and that sooner is better. We do play games with her every night for an hour before her bed time and I read books to each girl while tucked in before sleep. My oldest can’t handle electronics for very long anyway. When they closed the schools they moved everything online and after two minutes of zoom meetings or some school scheduled you tube video my oldest would get unruly, and act wild. Many were like, “well you could try this” and i refused all of it. we opted out of all of it. I see the direct impact and we try to limit technology and teach her about how it effects her brain/body. We are looking into a tech free school in the near future.

    I have never had bedtime struggles. They both go to bed easily at the same time every night. They aren’t allowed to sleep past 7am... that has always been our strict wake up time then they pop off bed, get dressed, eat breakfast and typically go outside.

    DH and I recently talked about the tv again and we both agree less or none is still plenty. Our thought is once school starts a lot of this will change again and at some point there won’t be any time for tv due to coming home, having snack, homework, playing and bed. I love what you wrote and I totally agree and we are heading there as a family.

    no CT pool. We have a small plastic cheap circle pool we fill with hose water in the backyard and the girls love to play in it.

    I’m a mental health therapist so i’m usually very focused on the inner workings and our mental/emotional health as beings. I also believe that -until I am more centered and grounded all day long it would be more harmful to wake my kids up an hour earlier bc right now i need the time to center myself uninterrupted. I believe and have experienced that if I’m am really disregulated then my whole family is too... it sucks for me bc I realize what another mother once told me (much older and wiser) is really true... that it is the mother that is the glue that holds a family together. So I’m trying to find inner peace again so I can continue to shift my family towards optimum health too. I have got to kick this chronic state of overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety.

    DH has chronic IBS and S.A.D. he is fit and muscular but slightly under weight. He has sleep issues and anxiety... so we are both focused on trying to get him better (he is 50) bc he is worried about a short life and after Leptin Rx he will probably reach out to Jack as he has been dealing with this his whole life and grew up without tv, and working his moms garden. his mom and his family are from Germany but he was born here, in Colorado.

    Anyway, yes, and thank you again. you are a beacon
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020
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  3. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The reason I mentioned the TV .....your kiddos are still young enough and you still have complete control. I understand that once children get older and have their own phones etc and play games etc it is almost impossible to get them off of their devices without a huge fight.

    Please have a look at the carnivore diet which is really a stripped down version of paleo.
    It is a great way to eliminate stuff from your diet and then start adding stuff in if you want too. Your DH needs to feel a lot better than he does.

    You talked about feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and your anxiety ....this is a very common thread among people who have gone carnivore and changed their life.

    We all grow up being told to eat our vegetables. I did but I always hated them and always had stomach issues

    Phill Escott [member] was a very ill man until he went carnivore and really got his health back. He has a small book which Jack wrote the forward too.

    I will get some names [you tube] for you to watch and come back.

    Lots of people here have stock tanks that they use for C/T - they get them at big hardware type places.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    some carnivore names for you....

    Mikhaila Peterson .....she had huge health issues from very young

    Dr. Paul Saladino - website ....carnivore md

    Amber O'hearn .....very, very smart young woman

    Dr. Ken Berry

    Dr. Shawn Baker

    maybe get your DH to track some of this stuff down and see what he thinks?

    There are a few carnivore forums .......zero carb is one. You can talk to people and see their success stories. Lots of people have made huge gains.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2020
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  6. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    wow, that is very interesting!! I printed all that out and I will share with DH and most certainly dig deeper into the carnivore diet and look for that forum!!! i agree about the kids... we are going to get there sooner than later. We would like to get down to ONE movie night a week and that’s it. I grew up mostly without a tv too and when we got one it was black and white and we could ONLY watch it on Saturday for cartoons. So aside from how bad all the blue
    light is I also think it rots creativity and creates laziness. :eek: and that was
    before I heard about Jack. It also creates lazy parents :thumbsdown:
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    BTW .....I don't want you to think I have gone off the reservation altogether.

    When I started the leptin RX - I started eating mostly meat/seafood/protein because I couldn't cram any more food in. Then I started to realise that veg never did agree with me so I only ever had some carrots and a bit of lettuce. I do love fruit tho and had to cut way back.

    Long story short .....I really thrived. No more hunger 24/7 especially if I didn't eat fruit! and no more bloating from the vegetables. And - this was a biggie - no more screwed up bowels. I can relate to your Husbands issues - that is why I mentioned all this.

    So - I basically was eating carnivore and didn't even realise it. I don't think I had even heard about it until I ran into Phil.

    So - the leptin RX and C/T have made a huge difference for me.

    If you think of it ........if you are eating fruit and veg in season .....you are mostly eating protein anyway. Right now blueberries are in season here so I am enjoying a few.

    Always remember n=1
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  8. Daulatwant

    Daulatwant Kipras

    I struggled with mental health for 5 years. All of 2018 I had horrible anxiety and was unable to fall asleep. I took seroquel which reduced the anxiety and put me to sleep.

    I was already following a low carb paleo diet and intermittent fasting for a few months to regulate blood sugar/insulin. I started the carnivore diet, ate ground beef combined with beef fat trimmings, salt and nothing else. After 2 days anxiety was pretty much gone. So I cut seroquel cold turkey and after an all-nighter finally fell asleep and slept for 12 hours, haven't missed a night of sleep since then(maybe a few, can't remember). I started enjoying being alive again, for a few months I kept getting better every day.

    Watch your omega 3 and 6 intake. Maybe limit pork and chicken. Add in wild seafood.
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I have spent a lot of my life eating chicken. Jack has said Fowl is Foul and I totally agree - don't touch the stuff!

    I am now discovering that pork doesn't agree with me so that is out.

    And, yes, cans of wild sockeye salmon is great.

    You can also look into histamine reactions. After all this time I have just discovered that stiffness in my toes and itching is a food reaction. My Doc said it was arthritis.

    I look forward to all your discoveries on this journey to optimal health.

    I have another name for you ....have to look it up and will be back. Her youtube stuff and interviews are very informative.
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sally K. Norton is all about oxaletes.

    There are excellent youtube videos with her and about her discovering carnivore and oxalate dumping and all the crazy stuff she was dealing with.

    Also some really interesting women's issues that I had never heard about before.
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Hold this light for a couple of hours daily over your toes.
    Double check after the first hour or two, expect pain or discomfort to be gone.
    Keep that lamp very close to the skin. If it does not burn you, touching is ok.

    I do that to my left thumb when it reminds me of it self.


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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    May be potassium/magnesium and a few others.
    I had a great awakening after this:

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  13. Novah

    Novah Gold

    Hi Stephanie, if you can, you might want to send back the Cornett and get the Safe & Sound Pro II instead, it's more accurate.

    In case you don't know, Jack doesn't like Colorado due to all the military bases there. I imagine his first thing he'd say would be "move". That may not be feasible for you, but at least get your environment mitigated best you can. The EMF meter's a good start.
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  14. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    we are planning a big move...we are trying to consolidate our properties and tie up loose ends here so we can buy a farm- we are not sure where yet bc it hasn’t shown itself but looking to buy near no-tech school and somewhere away from big towns and ideally off grid or somewhat tucked away somewhere without completing isolating our girls. I think learning all this stuff now (Jack’s stuff) will also offer tremendous guidance.
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  15. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    thank you for all that!
  16. StephanieF

    StephanieF New Member

    i think that is the goal; to add more wild seafood in and thank you. My husband said he would totally love oysters for breakfast. so far I’m just trying to get enough protein period. It is our starting block... i made beef brisket last night for the first time ever. Going to heat up with bacon grease and eggs soon for breakfast. I’m also letting my pallet change and my mind shift too bc going from 90% plants to mostly carnivore. This change in eating is requiring a huge mental/psychology shift too. it is happening though and i appreciate your story!!! DH takes adderall and depression meds. he is starting to sleep better (taking Jack’s recommended Magnesium for leaky gut) but he woke up the other morning and peed in his sleep and never woke up! (we have separate beds side by side so it never effected me) oye! he has been getting in the sun though every sunrise and we are on a better path now. Times are changing
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    These changes affect
    micronutrients and PH.

    Think about them when GERD or muscle spasms arrive.
    Possibly also gout and kidney stones.

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your DH needs to get his "junk" in the sun!
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  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    There is a guest blog here ...from a member - about his move to Boulder Colorado. Have a read.

    I have a very dear friend travelling around the U.S. in a RV for the last 2+ years.
    She finds she has fantastic sleep in Colorado but they find it too cold there. They are cubans from Miami after all

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