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Starting conversations and seeking advice

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by SHANNON SELL, Aug 4, 2022 at 7:35 PM.



    How do you discuss light water and magnetism with others who are outside this knowledge? I have not brought up much other than my blue light blockers… maybe my kiniki. Most of this Info is way over my head but I try to plunk along and reread a ton until I “get it”. I am far from being able to teach others about it.

    Right now I’m considering moving. And my husband wants me to get advice from friends and family. Because moving is going to be terrible. 6kids, both our families are here all our friends. No help. I would be leaving my tribe, my village, to go to a better place health wise. Which would bring a ton of stress and isolation. My husband thinks it’s pointless too because 5g will take over everywhere eventually.

    I just want out of this 5g area though to seek improvement. Advice from loved ones is difficult to gauge as everybody I know just laughs about tin foil hats when 5g is brought up. I don’t know how to approach the subject in a serious manner. I don’t know how to get relevant advice from them.

    This is a massive decision and I need advice but I don’t see what else can be done but move. 5g covers a huge area around where we live and the closest we can live 5g-free is going north into Wisconsin and I’m hesitant about going much higher latitude (at42) I’m thinking we need to move to the gulf coast either Texas or Florida..I did throw El Salvador out there as an option! Are there other families on this forum? How do you make a decision like this? How do you talk about the motives for moving with ‘outsiders?’
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  2. Hey Shannon,
    Trying to sell this mito narrative is imo complete folly. I think you are better off just saying "My doctor said I shouldn't expose myself to the fake flickering light. It sounds crazy but I feel way better when I avoid the fake light." If you can figure out your context, what is really important to you, and just live that way happily, others may come along. If you just struggle to convince others you look like a loon. Even Jack, with all his wisdom, passion, knowledge and credentials struggles to convince the masses what we believe wholeheartedly.
    We moved to the country to a place without much cell service. We got lots of resistance to moving from friends who took our leaving as a rejection of their lives. We are much happier here, have made lots of friends and community. When looking for a new place, you might want to find a good reason to move to a place instead of running from an invisible boogy man. For example, saying I want to pursue regenerative agriculture, grow our own food, homeschool might get the focus on finding a great place where you all can be happy instead of waving your arms and yelling about 5g. When you meet your new neighbors, tell them you moved there because you think its the most beautiful place/ nicest community in the world, ignoring the problems you are leaving behind. If you don't truly believe that, keep looking! Good luck
  3. @SHANNON SELL - well done for even considering it, thats a really difficult thing to get your head around.

    We kept making excuses for years until it became too hard too stay and had to leave with declining health in May.

    For what its worth, best decision we ever made with a little bit of stability and space to breath and work out the next step!

    We've met wonderful people along the way, experienced much kindness from complete strangers and with some better health and time in nature we are feeling better and can see clearly now what we need to do.

    Just take the first step, it can be a baby one, just go somewhere for a holiday and when you are away from the everyday stuff at home then you can think about the next thing you want/need to do, it will give you some clarity. I know you have little kids but getting to a new place will help, i can speak from experience.

    Also my opinion don't worry about anyone. You need to put you, your husband and children first - don't worry what people think, thats what made me sick my whole life worrying about others and never living my life, at 56 this has changed, we always have choices and you need to start thinking of you now.

    Others will never understand, they cant because they aren't in your shoes and most don't want to anyway. We had this issue too, my children have been nothing but supportive and have helped to tie up most things back in Melbourne so we can get going sooner yet others in the family especially siblings are morbid and depressed and have said they don't understand why we have to leave with Vince so sick yet and they want to come see him (not that they did in the 14 months since diagnosis) so you have to be good enough for your self and your children. People will drop away and you will find other like minded souls and make new friends.

    I also agree with Marco, just tell them something that is within their scope of understanding because they wont understand what we all believe.

    The hardest step will be the first one but you will be fine. Wishing you all the best.
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  4. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

  5. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    At some point, you stop caring what other people think.

    Said a different way, you have the capacity inside of yourself to know what you need to heal yourself. When that voice is strong enough, it won't matter to you what others' opinions are. Those others might include spouse, family, friends, and people here. Your journey is yours alone.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2022 at 10:22 AM
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  6. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Wise to remember... you can’t get healthy/wealthy in the same environment that you got sick/poor in. When “they” say you get a cost of living increase to live somewhere... those are the zip codes to run from. Zip code definitely matters!

    Most people don’t want to hear the truth because it becomes an inconvenient truth. I personally will never stop singing and you would be surprised how many people laughed at me and thought I was nuts that have come back years later now completely understanding why I’ve been singing.

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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yes to all of the above ..........so much wonderful advice.

    You have to do it for you.......in our experience family didn't understand then - and still don't.

    Family and friends seem to want you tethered to your old and tired and sick life.

    Nothing you say can change their mind. We went down the health route but even that was not acceptable. We thought that they would surely understand that we wanted to be in a place for optimal health and longevity ..........nope - they did not get it.

    You make the decision and then it is all about baby steps ....and slowly slowly it all comes together.

    It seems to me that the vast majority of our family and friends didn't want us to improve the conditions of our existence. I am positive they would deny it - but it seems to be the truth.

    It is an amazing adventure ......and we are really proud of ourselves -absolutely no regrets. We wanted a better life for ourselves and we had to leave our old life behind and make a new one.

    There are several families from this forum who outfitted old school buses as campers and hit the road ......went to Florida.

    Imagine a better life for you and your family .....now go get it!

    One thing ....Jack has consistently told us that we aren't going to escape 5g

    Good Luck and live the courage of your convictions - especially for your children.
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    BTW - one more thing .....I have been hanging around here for ten years and still couldn't really explain the science to anyone!
    Jack's science resonated with me from the very beginning and I went with it.

    Have I been able to influence others in all this time? ....not really They think I do weird things and have weird ideas.

    They do see that I am really healthy and well - but can't seem to connect the dots.

    Luckily I met a man who was already on this path - even tho he had never heard of Jack Kruse ...and we are on this great optimal journey together.

    We are in El Salvador - pm me if you like.
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  9. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    5G ubiquitousness aside, what you get by moving south is light. Within a few months of finding JK's work 7-8 years ago, I headed south from the upper Midwest. No regrets, no looking back.

    You will never know unless you try. And no amount of talking to others who don't get it (how could they) is going to substitute for experience.

    You are a mom of six, so sick you said you can't move for days. You've also said that you are currently living where there si a support network for you and your family. You've also said your husband would "allow" you to travel for a month but you'd need to find a place for you and all the kids.

    If I were you I would lean on that support network, explain you are sick and need to find out if you can feel better in a different environment. You need them to step up and watch the kids so you can focus on your healing.

    I'm a single parent of two without support from a coparent or family and I cannot imagine having to take care of 6 while so sick I felt I couldn't move. You will never be good for anyone else until you are good enough for yourself. You cannot give to others (spouse, childrren, family and friends) if you have no surplus.

    It's time for you to prioritize you.
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