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Started Hucog 175 iu

Discussion in 'HCG Protocol' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Ladies, I have love in my heart today! Did you know there is a "spiritual gene"? often called the god gene? Tangent, but I love my weight so much today so much it almost flipped that genetic switch in me! I am usually the most skeptical non-spiritual being on the planet, but today. . . lurrrrrve.

    hehe sorry, that was me waxing poetic. Colleen, let me know when you need writing help ;)

    Weight down another lbd today, so I'm at 210.8, only 2.6 over LIW! Considering I had hit 6 lbds over on Saturday - this is happy making.

    So on food, I've been at least 4 days without eggs or nuts - I am eyeing those nuts as a culprit. I want to see if I can remain "stable" on weight before re-introducing them. I also tracked my blood glucose on the HWC and the foods I ate the last couple of days. Fasting BG was about 77, and my high after meals was about 98. I think those are good. Tomatoes and onions didn't spike me, HWC didn't spike BG. . .and weight went down.

    So now, is it crazy to want to get weight down to the 2 lbds of LIW? I'm feeling like my body needs some nutrition - but I'm thinking about doing another steak day today and see if I can move another lbd. Thoughts? Don't look gift horse in the mouth?

    So, when trying to "stabalize" should I try to make it 3 weeks with out a 2+ gain over LIW?

  2. I was waiting until today to answer, as I wanted to make sure I ate 2 days with no nuts (after having hidden cashews) for analysis. And lo, weight went down last two days.
  3. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Cashews are just plain evil. I love them but they are evil. LOL
  4. Well, I've had such positive days since dropping eggs and nuts - I'm going to keep rolling with this till after vacation. I want my clothes to fit!

    Today I'm at 210.4, EXACTLY 2 lbds over LIW. I feel quite good about that. Mid 3rd week post HCG round. Vaca week will be interesting. I plan on taking a big jar of CO to sip with tea through the day (and perhaps fat-fast a bit). Eggs are going to be tough, as that is the restaurant bfast staple.

    I bought a designer dress and some awesome shoes to enjoy my new look. Plus, it goes with my crazy orange glasses! That I could fit in to a designer dress is amazing. The last time I wore a dress (my freakishly large calves and pregnancy look have deterred that for me) was bout 6 yrs ago when I was forced to for a wedding. I told my husband he has to get some good photos of me at a poker tourney in my crazy glasses while wearing a designer frock. Hello boys, I'm an optimal lady!
  5. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Love this, cavemam!! If you eat eggs, try eating them with runny yokes. The cooking of the yokes causes the inflammation. I tried some today so we shall see.

  6. Thanks! so, I'm gonna wait till after vacation cause I wanna fit in my new fancy frock!
  7. Up 1.2 from day before. 3.2 lbs over LIW. Doing a salmon day + fat in coffee for Bfast and Lunch.

    I had a couple of big handsful of macadamia nuts yesterday - wonder if that influenced.
  8. colleencoble

    colleencoble New Member

    Probably. Nuts seem to be a common problem. :(

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