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Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by nonchalant, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. please see this excellent summary of DNS by my colleague Mark McGrath
  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    I have begun a squatting program. I'm aiming for 1 hour of squatting , while sunning, sqatting in the Gulf of Mexico. Three protocols in one. If I bring my breakfast I'll have four!
  3. JoeBranca

    JoeBranca Silver

    One bummer I've identified with my squatting is I've had for like over a year what sounds to be patellofemoral syndrome under the kneecaps. No pain, no noticeable instability, no limited mobility, but a distracting ripping sound upon knee extension like on rising from the squat or leg extension in the foot-hand crawl, more so on the left side (with a longer left leg I suppose that's no surprise if I've had too much asymmetric weight distribution in movement in years past).

    CW says "treatment" is avoiding natural movements (ha), NSAIDs and surgery. If any intervention, seems electrotherapy first would be the ticket.
  4. ketochi

    ketochi New Member

    I squat 3 times a week using the 5x5 protocol.
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  5. ssj3

    ssj3 Silver

    How do you like to structure this... vary the intensity over the week?
  6. ketochi

    ketochi New Member

    Always high intensity. Most people freak and tell me I'm over training when I tell them i squat 3 times a week but strong lifts 5x5 has been around for awhile and I've had good success. The exact workout I do can be found on the r/ketogains faq if you're interested.
  7. René Borg

    René Borg New Member

    The squat is a crucial motor skill milestone and we use it to assess whether a lot of the basic joint range of motion is present for more complex activities (such as running. More complex here = greater instability).

    Personally I found the best sources of learning the correct squat to be Lee Saxby (for the fundamentals of the natural resting squat especially the almost always overlooked aspect of proper foot mechanics and optimal loading points of the foot), MovNat (for a fitness system that incorporates the squat and its related motor skill milestones) and Ido Portal's 'Movement Culture' for his fantastic 'squat routine' and '30 minute squat challenge' which is extremely effective in improving the squat for those who are dedicated.

    I do not believe a study was ever done to show whether the ability to squat correctly correlates with reduced risk of injury (currently impossible because people don't agree on 'correct squat') but if someone can execute a full deep squat while keeping most of the bodyweight loading over the first metatarsal joint then we know almost for sure that normal joint range of motion exists in all key joints. That is the first prerequisite for injury-free athletic expression, at least from an isolated biomechanical perspective, with the second being the ability to successfully absorb and rebound the ground reaction forces created by the interaction with gravity during contact time in movement (i.e. no good having full joint range of motion if you're only capable of absorbing 1 x your bodyweight in GRF and you are suddenly subjected to 3 x bodyweight. You will still be squashed like a bug).
  8. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Squats are really good for strengthening the legs and the core if you do it properly. For those who need form advice, check out the videos of Allan Thrall and Strength Camp on youtube. I think the 3 big movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press) and their accessory exercises (overhead, row, good mornings, etc...) are the ultimate modern strength training... but spicing that with some HIIT circuit training once a week is even better :)
  9. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    also read Mark Rippetoe's book and videos
  10. René Borg

    René Borg New Member

    Well Alan Thrall now officially has the best scientific definition of 'foot width in squatting' - 'your stance should be as wide as when you take a dump in the woods'.

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