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Spot CT... ?

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by MeghanK, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. MeghanK

    MeghanK New Member

    I tried to look this up because I'm sure it has been ask but I couldn't find it.... 2 questions...
    1) Can you "spot" CT... meaning reduce fat in certain areas of your body by putting ice on those areas and trying to increase the BAT there?
    2) Are there spots on the body that if you can't do a FULL tub CT, that you should focus on icing or putting ice packs on? (i.e. inner thigh, neck, back?)

  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    YES. you can spot CT. I spot CT my abdomen I also will spot CT my Neck/Back when I have a pinched nerve. CT where you can and when you can.

    I'm on a conference call... when I get done... I'm going to go up to the CVS - and buy a couple of ice packs b/c my neck is in serious pain.. the cold feels so good...
  3. MeghanK

    MeghanK New Member

    So what changes have you seen in your abdomen? How do you know if you are developing BAT....? How long do you "spot" CT for?
  4. Andrés

    Andrés New Member

    I didn't get to doing regular CT immersions yet (I hope to swim at the sea more often this winter) and my DIY-ice-vest sessions are a little less frequent nowadays, something like once a week. I keep driving with full blast AC-on year round, though.

    I don't think my belly has shrunk but I am not doing a low-carb enough (ketogenic) diet either. What I am quite positive is that after several months doing it my belly fat is generating heat of its own (I have the heat sensation afterwards) and I didn't shiver slightly until the 1 hour mark on winter.
  5. CTforlife

    CTforlife New Member

    CT for as long as you possibly can...

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