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SOS :: Spinal Fusion recommended as my only option...need 2nd opinion

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Cori, May 13, 2018.

  1. Cori

    Cori Silver

    I'm desperate need of advice and professional help. Emergency back surgery 2 years ago. Never recovered well. I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago and am steadily declining. I'm unable to function without someone home with me.

    I'm not going to lie...I'm hoping Dr. Jack will see this post and offer advice. I'm willing and hoping to travel to see him in his hospital too. I've attached the last MRI and surgical notes. I have late stage lyme and co-infections as well as Mast Cell disease and Lyme induced Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My connective tissue and collagen seems to be shredded and eaten by bugs. My Pelvis is very unstable and C1 and C2 are off by 3 degrees according to my LVI dentist that's working on Mal-occlusion with me. The muscles in my head and neck seem to be scarred together and are no longer functioning independently.

    Long story short, I'm in need of a new MRI and hoping to avoid a fusion but getting an appointment sooner rather than later is proving to be difficult.....until I start to pee my pants again.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    A 2017 study that does not appear that bad from the radiologist.......I wonder why they want to fuse you? You definitely need a new study but the surgeon who gives the opinion needs to see the pictures and not the radiologist's words

    Most of the time their words give their perspective and are not accurate in my view.
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  3. Cori

    Cori Silver

    Thank you for replying. Very grateful. My infectious disease doc and Lyme literates think that much of the pain is coming from shingles in the spine aka varicella zoster. My last lab test is outdated but my numbers were insanely elevated. Anti virals have helped me enough to stay at a baseline where I can function like a broken but not in the gutter being. My fall down a few weeks ago seems to be what's got me in such distress. I called your office recently and you are in network so I may be making a trek to you for an appointment as I know that you see a bigger picture.

    To be fair to the previous surgeon, he didn't want to do a fusion but said it was my only option. That's when we tried heavy hitting anti virals and it pulled me through and reduced my pain levels. He told me to avoid fusion for as long as possible and to stay thin as it's the best thing I can do for my back.
  4. Cori

    Cori Silver

    I meant to say the fall down our stairs is what's really got me to where I'm at today.
  5. Cori

    Cori Silver

    I don't want to step out of line but is it possible to mail the disks to your office and pay for a long distance appointment? I'm 100 percent willing to travel as I stated but want to make sure I come to you as prepared as possible for efficient appointment(s).
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  6. EStein

    EStein New Member

    might look into Sono-Spine Method of treatment? A good friend of mine who is one of the best Neurosurgeons started it. No knife option and avoid fusion. You're up & literally going for a run in a few hours post surgery. No Recovery - no pain. Nada. Easy Peasy

    Dr. Dilan Ellegala MD


  7. Cori

    Cori Silver

    Wow. Thank you for the info. I'm going to read up on it right now!
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