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Some weightlifting while on the Leptin Reset?

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Xena, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Xena

    Xena New Member

    So, I know a cool trainer at a CrossFit place in Denver and he tells me that there are some studies show doing some weightlifting while one's adrenals are fatigued, help the adrenals get better. Has anyone else heard of this? I know Dr. K. doesn't say to do this until LS signs are coming in.

    My stats are: I have badly fatigued adrenals and have for several years. My numbers are slowly getting better. Doc is great and said no exercise except light walking which I do a few times a day. Next cortisol test is in a few months.

    I'm female, age 49, 6'1" tall and weigh 218. Sounds like a lot but I'm down to a size 14 tall which blows my mind. Still, I'd like to weigh less-trying to let that go. I've been on the reset for 7 weeks, haven't lost any weight (but lost 29.4 lbs just prior to going on the reset), but continue to lose inches. I'm doing the reset dairy free except a tiny bit of grass-fed butter in my coffee, mostly nut free (a few macadamias once a week) and nightshade free, although I don't have auto-immune disease. I eat organ meat a few times a week, stick to grass-fed, pastured everything and generally feel amazing every day. Optimal is coming, I can feel it.

    I'm on week 3 or so of CT and spot icing 1-2x per day in addition to face dunking.

    Appreciate any thoughts/hacking.

  2. I would make sure the trainer/coach knows your goals, and that you are able to do strength training only: oly or powerlifting. Not metcons. And by lifting I mean 5 x 5s etc, not metcons with a barbell. They are still metcons LOL

    Good luck, it is possible to do strength only programs at a crossfit gym. I do.
  3. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    I concur with Teenie Leek - if you can get your coach on board to customize the programming a bit for you to do this in a box - go for it. If not, figure out how to do the lifting on your own. Make sure though that you are adhering to the protocol. Most people take 6-8 weeks to get LS and you really shouldn't start lifting before that. That said, if you have the signs in your skin and your appetite that means you are heading the right direction. Since adrenals are very much part of the sleep equation, I wouldn't start weights until I had seen some improvement in that sign as well. And absolutely positively, if you do lift - don't do it more than 2-3x a week, see the value in bodyweight exercises as strength training as much as the barbells, and drop it like a 300# DL if you see any negative impact to doing it. Negatives would be rotten recovery - DOMS that is still there when you hit the second lift of the week, fatigue, or a down turn in your sleep.
  4. Xena

    Xena New Member

    Thanks, my sleep keeps improving and now I'm waking up right before my husband's alarm goes off at 5:15, sometimes an hour earlier. I'm not dragging around either. But I REALLY want optimal and am feeling more cautious about this today. I'll find out from my contact about the perimeters of doing this--I am only on week 8 of the reset and in some ways feeling like I'm still a beginner.

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