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Solar power plant

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Brett Jacques ND, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. In looking at properties in Navarre, there is a solar power plant on an abandoned airfield.

    How far away should you live to avoid the EMFs/Dirty Electricity?

  2. I think the transmission lines are the real culprit, but without a meter to check, I would stay at least 100 meters away. i have taken my meter inside of and around big hydroelectric plants and was surprised how quickly the emf drops off as distance increases. if one is worried at all about emf, i believe having meters is essential. just assuming something does or doesn't give off high levels may lead you to bad decisions. I have seen huge variation among identical light fixtures, tools, motors ect. also huge differences between rooms in a house, or houses in a neighborhood. i have also noticed that in more rural areas, cell towers and powerlines seem more exposed and heinous, but in reality the levels are minute compared to just driving through cities, where the antennas are everywhere. buena suerte!

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