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So what are you up to for Easter?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Glamorama, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. BJK77

    BJK77 Gold

    This was my first full Paleo Easter. Although I was so sick last year I barely ate anything, so I guess that could have passed for paleo too ;)

    - Pastured, organic ham

    - Zucchini noodles sauteed in bacon fat and topped with all the yummy crispy bits

    - Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

    - And of course sauerkraut because what's a meal without some ferments?!?!

    The kids and hubby had some fried sweet potatoes too, but I opted out of those to keep my carbs in check. Dessert was some cocoa nibs . . . and I was perfectly content and happy with my meal! My family, on the other hand (parents/siblings), thought I was crazy. They did decent too, but added in some mashed potatoes and of course dessert - fruit salad and carrot cake. Could have been worse I guess!
  2. ChristineKleiber

    ChristineKleiber New Member

    I worked on modifying all our family traditions this year. It wasn't perfect, but very good. Roast Leg of Lamb, swiss chard, broccoli, sweet potatoes. There was also bread on the table. I am a hard core Catholic and realize that I can either entice them like Jesus did or ram it down their throats. Right now, I'm evangelizing by my actions and not so much my words. It just works better with college kids who question everything.

    I did bake my Brown Bag Cookie Art cookies, but it was only one a piece. The rest were given away to neighbors who supplied the roaster when the oven died! Hopefully by next year I will be better apt at primal baking to create something truly worthy of this feast. Since I have college age kids who expected the usual Easter basket fare, it was minimal. I think they got the hint... especially the oldest who made her first visit home since January... with a "Mom you look really good".

    To fill out Easter baskets, I purchased an appropriate book for the little ones ... one was an exquisite art book about the importance of the Mass.


    The other was about being a good and virtuous friend.

    Another neighbor, originally from Texas shared their custom of filling colored eggs with birdseed and pasting the hole at the end with tissue. We had over 200 eggs "hidden" for 5 kids. When found, the fun is to crack them on each other heads expelling the seed and sharing it with birds.

    I did drink wine, and nibbled the naughty stuff, but probably the biggest change was sleep. Granted all the liturgical services of the Triduum can be alot, but what got my sleep really was having college kids home.... staring with a midnight arrival of their flight on Thurs night. My 10pm bedtime was shot to HE double toothpicks the whole weekend and I GAINED weight for the first time since I started the LRx.

    Overall, it was a beautiful Lent and Easter. Very illuminating on so many levels. Nothing like reading the Imitation of Christ sitting in a tub of cold water. It was good balance to keep my desire to look better out of the vanity category and more ordered on a virtuous approach to temperance and prudent good health. A priest friend said "That's a tough penance". I laughed. "You don't feel it after the first 5 minutes".

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