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So I'm thinking about going over to the dark side

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by chocolate, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Thanks, guys.... I don't quite know when I'm going to New York Teenie. My daughter is trying to work 7 days a week. I don't want her to, but.... It will be a weekend for sure. I have to wait and see what shakes out for her.

    I've decided that we actually do need a doctor asap. The idiot factor is too high. I have been hesitant about putting pen to paper so a doctor could review the history. Its kind of hard to talk about in sequence and my daughter and I just talk about incidences and possibilities. We are bigger than events in our life, but .... I just don't want to have to say it over and over.

    Our issue about the hospital was more that we hope the next person that goes for help gets a professional instead of a lying slug. We were relying on it, paying for it, and the doctor was also relying on it. Her labs reflected her symptoms and the nursing assessment said she denied any digestive issues... NOT! She went specifically for them. BITCH! How can you do that when you have an ethical duty to perform differently? I would have more respect for incompetence. Truly.

    I would love to meet with you Teenie. You are made out of the good stuff. I just know it. Ill let you know when I finally get my plane ticket.
  2. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Progesterone is a brain fixer... I know it. Lord knows we got some brains that need a fixin'. And I don't know why this blew right by me but.... estrogen preserves bone and progesterone lays down new. Well, if that isn't another screaming reason to get progesterone. I hate to keep piling on supps, but the bioidentical cream makes my daughter and I both sleep very quickly... soooo, we are starting the vitex. I 'm not sure its appropriate for me at my age, but the vitex makes me want to barf. It must be working.

    Honestly, after looking at the precursors, the pycnogenol as an ace and precursor


    Neurosteroid activity

    Pregnenolone and its sulfate, like DHEA and its sulfate and progesterone, belong to the group of neurosteroids that are found in high concentrations in certain areas of the brain, and are synthesized there. Neurosteroids affect synaptic functioning, are neuroprotective, and enhance myelinization. Pregnenolone and its sulfate ester are under investigation for their potential to improve cognitive and memory functioning.[3] Pregnenolone is also being considered as a potential treatment for schizophrenia.[4]

    Pregnenolone has been shown to act as a positive allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor with slightly less potency than allopregnanolone (its 3α,5α-isomer).[5] Accordingly, it has anxiolytic effects in animals, similarly to other neurosteroids like allopregnanolone and tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone (THDOC).[1]

    Interestingly, unlike pregnenolone, pregnenolone sulfate is a negative allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor[6] as well as a positive allosteric modulator of the NMDA receptor.[7] In addition, it has been shown to activate the transient receptor potential M3 (TRPM3) ion channel in hepatocytes and pancreatic islets causing calcium entry and subsequent insulin release.[8]


    We've at the minimum got adrenal exhaustion...

    That darned pineal gland and pregnenalone keeps popping up. Pregnenalone is a possible treatment for schizophrenia.... we are doing some stuff right... honestly, I don't know which way to turn... do we need the progesterone? how could we not? but then, we must need the darned potassium also. We both agree the betaine is very helpful. My daughter thinks she might be getting the oyster kick that everyone else is. I'm not feeling it. The canned crappy ones are a chore. But I am better. Something has got to lay that calcium down to bone and get it out of the blood stream. I sure hope our cells didn't de differentiate and the calcium isn't trying for naught to release insulin.
  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I talked to my daughter this morning and she is incredibly stoked. She is taking probiotics religiously, and feels much better, but had tried potassium iodide again, since she's been at the selenium and other now thyroid support. She broke up a cold with it, or it turned tail and ran quickly. The energy level is up and she told me she's been eating a beet salad and blueberries. I'm down with the beets, the betaine cofactors and all. The blueberries were like a wonder drug for her she said. I thought it was lithium in them or the cyanan beating up on bad flora.


    Life Extension Blog posted this article on FB this morning. I'm thinking its the insulin help. This is so frustrating. Really. The list of food was ok for some people, I think. Blueberries are all skin.

    I'm just gonna give them a try and see what they do to me. The skins would make the gut flora very busy.
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    It seems like such a fun family of problems to be associated with.

    On the website, there are 34 NCBI specific references. I guess no one is testing for this. I just bet its a gettable test. Somehow. HMMH? How? Maybe I should go through the references.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Kind of interesting list and the upregulation versus down regulation of betaine. Hypogonadism is even included. Now to figure out betain and vitamin d.... its not just a vitamin d deficiency that causes the proteinuria... because if you eat the same volume of protein but on alternate days, you kick the proteinuria.



    Betaine is naturally found in beets as well as spinach, and is a methyl donor nutrient, biochemically involved in the body with other methyl donor nutrients such as vitamin B12, folate, choline, and SAM-e. It has been reported to lower homocysteine levels.

    The discussion section of the research article, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, mentions that betaine may contribute to intracellular creatine synthesis, but reasons that more likely the performance benefits of betaine are due to its effective osmolyte effects, which would help muscle cell survival and protein synthesis, as well as fostering ongoing myosin ATPase action during intense stress.

    The full research article can be found online here:

    Betaine and muscle power http://www.jissn.com/content/9/1/12

    Reference: J Luke Pryor, Stuart AS Craig, Thomas Swensen. Effect of betaine supplementation on
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  7. Zorica Vuletic

    Zorica Vuletic New Member

    Yes, progesterone is super awesome! I don't have a cream or anything, but just what Jack says and everyone else's experiences...it's a wonderful hormone.

    I think it would be nice if using Betaine and Vitex can create the progesterone w/o having to use (even) bio-identicals. (Bio is obviously still really good...but if it's difficult to get, or if you're not with a dr. at the moment...) then something that creates progesterone is ideal.
  8. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I've been kicking back and forth of why I quit the d and I'm sure it was calcium symptoms. I think all of the digging I did about the vdr said there had to be enough iodine before it would be activated and conversion could happen. I'm sure I'm missing a step, but I know that the problem with the potassium iodide that was hitting in the summer was the clincher. Now everything seems fine as far as any form of iodine.

    I found an awesome website for the iodine vs vitamin d and the magnesium seems to work with both.

    The way I remember my original thinking was that the carnitine would allow the selenium, would allow the magnesium, would allow the iodine, would activate the vdr in the thyroid and/or kidneys. You get stopped cold with the magnesium if there is insulin resistance.

    The polyphenols in the blueberries seem kind of exciting... twenty to thirty percent improvement is medicinal for sure. I'm wondering if kelp is full of polyphenols... probably. I guess if we have periphereal vascular resistance, we are probably having two different insulin readings as well. The one we do ourselves may be as worthless as the blood pressure readings. I guess pulse deficit is what we are supposed to watch for. All of this and I'm feeling better, or at least less overwhelmed. My kid just sent a picture and she is looking so different. The iodine or oysters or something is agreeing.

    I loved the endocrine article Doc put on twitter. It was so helpful. It's another one I have to read over and over. And the high t4 study that says we get to be witless and demented in our old age. I think I'm on the express.
  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    http://forum.jackkruse.com/showthread.php?4103-Calling-all-Hashimoto-s-people/page4 box number thirty four...that's the clincher.... I have every reason to pile on the vitamin d... maybe that's why things are getting better. We finally got the iodine in and its hitting. The calcium levels because the pth is defending... the betaine does some of the heavy lifting ... and who doesn't want their junctions tightened?
  10. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I can't remember squat and I'm not thinking this through properly. I'm going for the anti diabetic effect. I bet I could learn to like it instead of tea... which I can't drink any way.
  12. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    OK I'm just going to hop in here and point out that when it comes to your hormones there shouldn't be ANY guessing. You can't just use progesterone willy nilly and expect things to work out. Yeah yeah I know. I'm lecturing. But. Been there. Done that. I have recommended TS Wiley's book "Sex, lies and menopause" so many times on this forum I'm blue in the face. Please please please ... some things you just simply cannot fix all by yourself. Getting on her protocol was the BEST thing I've done for myself in years.

    If you are menopausal or have lost your parts, as I did after DECADES of being estrogen dominant, you need to read that book.


    And just let me add that after nearly a year of wandering around this forum, and Jack's blog, and feeling like my brain fell out the back of my head, I finally gave in and booked a consult. It took getting evidence I am suffering from adrenal fatigue and then more evidence that my thyroid is out of whack to convince me to do it. I cannot ... CANNOT ... figure out what to do. I know my doc will NOT get any of this. Last time I complained about my weight he informed me we needed to talk calories. grrrrrrrrrrr

    So yes I'm still on the leptin reset, yes I bought some sea veggie, yes I'm trying to get some fish in several times a week. But I'm still bumbling around. And at almost 66 I want this fixed NOW not in 20 years when I'm really old and about ready to leave. I want it NOW, dammit. hence the appointment.
  13. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Well, I bought the consult... I just need to get labs.
  14. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I had kind of given up avoiding even one

    More supp. The bone broth isn't enough or the calcium is too much. We're both getting calf cramps and decided to add it. It works in the parathyroid and it's what breaks up calcium based KIDNEY stones allegedly. Why not just one more? We definitely need to get this whole food stuff going on.

    And helps metabolize fat, phosphorus.... I was using tapatalk inappropriately.
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Alright, so the phosphorus should be a good try for a few days. That arsenic in the rice is news around town out here. The darned rice straw is such a waste anyway, the water is no joke. Maybe they can grow grass and pasture hogs and decent cattle in its place.

    I was eating chicken as a back up but lost my appetite for it. The seafood soups at all of the Thai restaurants are in aluminum pots with cilantro and lemon juice, and the stench of sterno is a bonus.

    I had some lamb kabob and a root veggie salad. I hope I don't feel lazy in the morning. I'm eating so much protein that I'm just amped. I still want more. The hyperpigmentation on the sides of my neck is red and kind of swollen for no reason that I can think of.

    I talked to someone that went to a lecture on functional medicine this past weekend and he told me about some treating children with lemon water on an empty stomach, every half hour. I guess its kind of like the HIV study to prevent wasting, only no olive oil. The principle seems the same, to cause the gastric juices to dump, but he said it was the alternating alkaline acid environment that killed the pathogens in the study. I just didn't get much further into it. I have some kind of lemon or lime year round and I guess I will trim and groom my basil.

    I am pretty sleepless. And I haven't dreamed since I started back on the vitamin d, but I have also slacked on the p5p.

    I also notice that even more inflammation I didn't know I had is going away. I'm giving the oysters and betaine credit, or just time. I broke my humerus in an airbag accident in 2000, my shoulder was dislocated for months and the arm was in three pieces. Stupid me didn't know I shouldn't take motrin and no other pill helped. I took them tooooo much and dissolved bone. Any way, finally surgery was done to put my arm back but my shoulder was pretty much frozen. I still worked, but I was off balance. I didn't realize it was inflammation and no one else did either. I couldn't free it really good for any amount of therapy or hanging. Eating no grains freed it in about two weeks. Every now and then I hit these patches where I get even better and don't backslide. I know this isn't supposed to be linear, but the joint stuff is absolutely forward moving. I wear silicone toe spreaders and feel no bunion pain or knee pain. I never think about foot pain, ever.

    I guess I'm like everyone else, waiting for the oysters in olive oil.
  16. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Chocolate...this is what has been going on with me too....the inflammation in my joints continues to disappear and I continue to feel looser and more flexible. The gut and brain stuff is clearly a less linear process. It's nice to feel younger in the joints though isn't it?
  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I was very excited when I read this until I read the stuff isn't in orange juice or lemon or lime. I have a kumquat tree. I have to see if they are any of the ones on the list. I like that you eat them peel and all. I figure the kumquats are closer to what nature intended in a fruit. And if they are sugary, you never feel it.
  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I went to the doc today and got a lab slip, some kind of deluxe lipid panel and the thyroid kind of better one. He kept saying I looked great and asked about my daughter. (We are allowed to do that.) He gets laughs out of her. Once she went to quit a job and they gave her a raise. Now she's in NY and lying about her age and getting tacky modeling work and trying to avoid an agency, ( just because she's not settled in to where she really wants to live and she's still getting her eating groove down.) She's doing so much better with food than I am. She buys half an arsenic nourished duck a couple of times a week and uses the fat and bones for broth that she put Chinese broccoli in. She found a place to buy dead lobsters for 5 bucks a piece. We just don't know about it. She had an odd experience a few days ago that we are trying to figure out. There was a restaurant she needed to spend ten bucks in or pay a fee so she bought a green apple/spinach/ ginger freshly made juice and drank it. It gave the results of a cleanse. Not sure if it was a gall bladder tonic or liver. TMI... total black... She said she knew something was happening and she made an accelerated trip home. Maybe those biofilms are actually leaving the building.
  19. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I bought some kelp noodles at Wholefoods and they seem fine, as far as ingredients go. They are supposed to have lots of minerals. Obviously they are broken walled kelp, but.... the clearness of them screams overprocessed. I guess they are basically the thickener in so many foods, only packaged as kelp. I'm going to try them to slow the food I eat down. I shouldn't have to eat half a whale everyday. I just want to keep my sugar up a bit longer by slowing things down. Maybe I won't get more than a slow lift that way. No idea. Also, I think it might help a few other things absorb.

    It doesn't seem like it would invite any bad flora to grow. I should hurry and eat it before bg-13 goes live.
  20. Love to hear what u and ur daughter are up to. Been meaning to look for kelp noodles myself and yes I'd like to cut down on the amount of food I'm eating. I still need to she'd some blub too so it's interesting to me what u say about glucose under 85. Things that make Jen go hmmmm

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