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So I'm thinking about going over to the dark side

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by chocolate, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    candida is the devil spawn.......and cause by bad human decisions.
  2. Melinda

    Melinda New Member

    Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever fungus) is its evil cousin. My DH has been recently dx with this in the ankle joint. Life is very hard right now with surgeries and tx. I speculate that it was unknowingly kept at bay off and on with fighting candida strategies.
  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    A recent study at a tertiary care medical center identified failure to administer appropriate antifungal therapy within 12 h of drawing the first positive blood culture as an independent predictor of hospitalization-associated mortality [92]. Likewise, a population-based active surveillance study conducted in Connecticut and in the Baltimore metropolitan area between 1998 and 2000 found a significant difference in mortality attributable to candidemia between patients receiving systemic antifungal therapy for at least 7 days after the first positive blood culture and patients receiving therapy for
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    In the candida world of mice..... candida is the thing here, not the mice...

    The UVC rays kill candida. Not the darn tanning bed rays.

    You can buy UV-C bulbs for koi ponds. I guess they would be fine for ct ponds also.

    But the whole point is to make vitamin d, which the beds do.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I'm a little annoyed lately. I have been watching my sugar and not getting the spike, even with a small apple when I wake up. (the gallstone thing). I've never liked hot food in my life. Room temp is my preferred. Anyway, I've had hot things off and on lately and I sweat on my forehead. That was never a problem, I just wonder if its a keto thing. A lot of sites say salivary glands, but this is my forehead. I'm going to think about it and pay a little more attention. The food is definitely warmer than room temp that does it and not even spicy. I think I might be taking in a little more sea salt than usual.
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I read Grizz's recent iodine postings about the vitamin c converting iodine to iodide. I'm back to thinking candida is purposeful inside the body. We just have way too much of it. And no oxalobacter, so we are magnesium deficient. The candida also must have a purpose in a little way that I can't figure. Magnesium deficiency is prevalent in alcoholics, and candida overgrowth is the same as being an alcoholic. A nutritionist told me in passing last week that alcohol follows the same pathways as fat. Anyway, it got me back on that trip about candida switch hitting for Zinc copper superoxide dismutase or what the hell ever. Maybe the iodine frees up the what the hell ever super oxide. I'm still just so sure we don't need no stinkin vitamin c. We done got plenty via the candida.

    Then I got a posting in my facebook about drinking alcohol (don't need no stinkin' alcohol neither) with fat makes it anti-inflammatory, which they must not have been talking about fish oil, its already not inflammatory. I think it was life extension. I have tons of stuff to post this week end from Psypost, now that I have my computer. I might need help signing into my account. I'm gonna give it another go before I bother the MM.

    I found the post but no article to go with it. It was something about alcohol making fats by products less nasty, not less inflammatory.
  7. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I guess this is why a systemic candida infection is like AIDS wasting.

    This seems pretty good.
  8. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I think this is the story of me. this is why we can't outfat the fructose.


    Oh and my kid's health insurance was cancelled today. She was using Cobra, and the place quit providing insurance because of U no wot. The shopping is going to suck.
  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I added an extra dose of d-ribose and slept much much warmer and dreamed insanely long. I really think it was the d-ribose. Maybe the blood is getting to my brain. I also found new sore spots near the surface. I've had a zit camped on my chin since I ate a candy when my blood sugar was low and I just needed to jump in the car and drive somewhere a few weeks ago. It is practically gone overnight. I guess the heart is pumping stuff further or harder and its getting the good push. Maybe sticky blood is from getting stuck LOL.

    The ad I posted mentioned a study that hearts are back up to snuff 48 hours later with d-ribose and without, they still aren't after about a month. Either I hit saturation from all the hit and miss dosing or the extra dose did it. The dreaming alone is super motivating. Never mind it was very unpleasant and from out of nowhere and ridiculous. It was like I rented a fiction movie that was never going to have an ending. It wasn't even a mystery, just stupid and full of random strangers.

    I guess you can put all the right stuff in your mouth but if it can't get to your brain, eh?
  10. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Luminal fructose inhibits rat intestinal sodium-phosphate cotransporter gene expression and phosphate uptake1,2,3,4,5

    I think I'm getting so much better and my daughter thinks she is also. I guess we have quite a ways to go. We're not rats, but the study fits. Every few days we've eaten something that would have interfered. The lime in the water, the whatever might have been in the salad dressing. Its all signaling.

    I just can't figure what the phosphates were for held back for, unless it was the oxalates made by the candida or with the food. Its just so much to try to figure out.
  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I keep thinking about bed wetting and the fructose causing sodium overload. And the fructose shutting down the vitamin d which shuts down the candida. And not being able to absorb phosphate with sugars involved. Its actually not the candida that is the aggressor, its the body accepting signals from the sugars, I think. But maybe the krill will rule. I think I'm just a carnivore. Now how to get rid of a sore liver. ugh.

    Maybe if I skip breakfast and eat later I can bilge out the alleged stones. I was feeling pretty darn good for awhile and decided to get new labs before I get the ultra sound.
  12. LinD

    LinD New Member

    Not sure what's happening, but I see mentioned candida, stones, and bi-polar mentioned....

    Here's some random thoughts, and admittedly maybe completely of-base.:

    2) Stop all the sugar.... even no spples or any fruit.

    2) SSKI:



    3) Progesterone
  13. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Not sure what's happening, but I see mentioned candida, stones, and bi-polar mentioned….
    Here's some random thoughts, and admittedly maybe completely of-base.:
    2) Stop all the sugar…. even no spples or any fruit.
    2) SSKI:

    Thanks LinD. I'm pretty much convinced that there is only extremes of metabolic disorder that are all carb related. I was trying do a gall bladder cleanse and made myself sicker. I think I just need to drink lots of water and eat sardines.

    I have been thinking about the fructose and the other sugar and loss of sleep. Fructose elevates uric acid and estrogen and burns up atp so you can't sleep AND get hyper thyroid. To make double sure, you hold back the phosphate to make atp. And you turn of the conversion of vitamin d to also make you hyper thyroid AND you give yeast the go ahead to grow to make more uric acid and estrogen/and or testosterone. The insulin resistance and elevated sugar starts dumping magnesium which causes hypokalemia, which also causes insomnia. And the fructose increases sodium absorption to make the imbalance even more extreme. Ultimately, you don't stand a hounds chance in hell of going to sleep under the circumstances. And somehow, none of this shows up on conventional blood tests or is in the normal range. WTH. Its so complicated, but so simple. I'm sure I'm missing something here, just too boggled to collect my thoughts.
    Well of course, the iodine can blast through the fat and free up some liver space and manage candida, nac can lower the fructose induced insulin resistance. I wonder how long it takes to recover from a bag of apples? I think liquor's quicker.
  14. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    so now I'm thinking, wow, the uric acid caused by the fructose makes the ammonia that makes the candida grow. its a conspiracy...
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I keep going back and forth about steroidogenisis and the purines and blah, blah, blah. We have such a mess of autoimmune in my husband's family, it seems like it must be epigenetically contagious on some level. We have our own mess of sinister, quiet ones on my side. I was reading about a purine analog curing  leukemia.  That's the most frustrating thing about my daughter's episodes. She seems to go through a glowing, healing period. Rashes disappear, skin glows, muscles rip in the most amazing way. The power she exhibits is crazy. I know calcium is required for chemotaxis and phagocytosis, which is actually why the body seems to mobilize the stuff, I guess. I really think her body is doing the best it can to heal, we just haven't had the fat and we've been running on candida instead of vitamin d.

    I was reading an article about tyrosine helping memory in cold and stress. Hello!


  16. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I've been crazy busy, the kind that makes you fall in bed and pass out for the day for weeks. I'm just starting to collect myself and have to learn to navigate this forum. I have to decide whether I want to get involved in someone's personal business in a very complicated way, out of the goodness of my heart. It means I'll have to answer a lot of phone calls and questions, luckily the person is smart and won't need info repeated. It's the grandson of a rancher that got a bunch of stuff embezzled and signed over some stuff when he wasn't of sound mind. GAG! Now the guy is mid 90's and destitute. He can't afford to pump water and maybe his water rights were sold by his skank book keeper. It sucks because I know his operation inside out and backwards and the politics in our corrupt county. All the good attorneys are on retainer so you can't get them to go up against anyone. We'll see. It might be ok, if they haven't been sold to a Buffett minion.

    It's just heartbreaking and I don't have time for it.


    In the meantime, I have been noodling this dha over and over for bipolar folks. The extra dheas is a bipolar problem, also. In warm adapted rats, extra dheas  occurs when they are vitamin e deficient. Two fat solubles in a row..... ding ding ding! I think, no, I know, it's an absorption problem. Somehow, I tripped over the taurine when I was trying to figure out my gallbladder issue and they give taurine to newborns with bilirubin problems these days. They give taurine to folks with kidney and liver problems and it cures them. Study after study. Anyway, I have been taking taurine and PABA for my pancreas. I feel noticeably better. Then I learn, people with too little PABA, have too much vitamin d.... 'nother fat soluble.... hmmmh. (I'm just sick all over about that girl at the tanning salon with the thyroidectomy) And vitamin D overload is suspected to be the reason for mania. Then I read somewhere, that too much vitamin d supplementation can cause magnesium deficiency because magnesium is required for the conversion of vitamin d to the active form. OK... now we're getting somewhere's . I thank.


    I was on some crazy assed websites reading. I have no idea how I got there. There is a product that increases semen designed for the porn industry and its loaded with gaba and taurine. Apparently, that is what is so groovy about sex. You get your bp up a little and the arginine converts the gaba to oxytocin. I think that's how it is. Anyway, its absorbable through the hoohah and doesn't convert. I don't know that the stuff converts anywhere anyway.


    I thought those experimental types might be able to come up with a psuedo semen suppository and fix their brains. It would be great for shift workers. LOL. Fake nooner and take a nap. lol


    I can't wait to catch up. Hi to everyone!
  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I've been reading up on buccally absorbed vitamins the past few days and prolactin and a little of this and that. It was kind of neat to learn that copper is buccally absorbed, as is vitamin c. There is a group of folks in India that have too much collagen in their mouths from chewing on some nut. Copper is also buccally absorbed and you can get it through your skin. Copper and vitamin c can disrupt each other. After this long trip around the flagpole, I learn that vitamin c is required to make carnitine, and has a saturation point for vitamin c in the gut, but not really in the mouth. I think of the pregnant women that destroy their teeth sucking lemons. I wonder if they have too much copper? Who knows? A little pub med article talks about a woman that had a copper iud and started lactating. They removed it and she was fine. Three years later they replaced it and she started lactating again. I guess since copper pools down there and rushes to the breasts when you are pregnant, its absorbs down there, too. It misses the vitals that way. I've about come to the conclusion that these things are circadian as well. Selenium is a copper antagonist, and you can't absorb iodine without selenium, there is no way to store it.... what the heck?

    I just want to conquer the fat solubles.
  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I've spent every spare minute the past week reading about taurine. I guess, it goes hand in hand with iodine to protect the brain. It keeps potassium in cells and magnesium needs it for regulation.... gee, everything I need. It prevents fructose induced insulin resistance, its an appetite suppressant, and it hedges the alcohol/candida disruption of stage four sleep. Candida disrupts taurine. I guess its the real darling of the supplement world. It is part of a huge study and I just read a really neat MIT powerpoint from a couple months back on taurine. It talks about how it is used in the brain to make bleach somehow to kill germs in encephalitis. The iodine is needed as a cofactor to prevent damage, according to another study. It heals alcoholic liver and it busts up the bile and cholesterol so your fats are metabolized properly and your cholesterol is available to do its good deeds. I feel much better and have a boatload of supps to use up. Kind of stupid, I should be down to just a few. I think I understand why muscle gets spent for no apparent reason now. If you are taurine deficient in your diet or your overloaded on candida, that is the only way to get taurine. anyway, studies have been done in warm adapted rats with taurine iodine and phosphlipids and the brain mass returns. The taurine needs methionine and cysteine to be produced and we all seem to have our methionine problems. Supposedly, if you have the taurine, you can just ditch all of the sulphur based aminos.

    I'm using my husband's computer and don't want to junk it up so I can't post articles. I've mailed them all to myself for later. I was also reading a compilation of iodine uses and treatments from last century (pre-penicillin era) and one of the things that came screaming off the page to me was about how parts of Manitoba supplied children with potassiumm iodide to prevent goiter and not one child receiving the SSKI contracted polio. pretty fabulous if you ask me. I had an aunt that was in her twenties mowing the lawn one evening and couldn't walk the next. For want of a little pill.
  19. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Wow that SSKI is great...

    good to learn about taurine...so much interesting stuff in your journal...
  20. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    A New Type of Nerve Cell Found in the Brain

    Dec. 21, 2012 — Scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, in collaboration with colleagues in Germany and the Netherlands, have identified a previously unknown group of nerve cells in the brain. The nerve cells regulate cardiovascular functions such as heart rhythm and blood pressure. It is hoped that the discovery, which is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, will be significant in the long term in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in humans."

    "This is, however, still far in the future. A more immediate conclusion is that it is of utmost importance to identify and treat pregnant women with hypothyroidism, since their low level of thyroid hormone may harm the production of these neurons in the fetus, and this may in the long run cause cardiovascular disorders in the offspring."

    I don't know if these are thyroid controlled or vice versa.... the thyroid hormone is involved in their development.  I'm sure there is a much better place for this article... just haven't been able to muddle through yet.

    I found another study about schizophrenia and cortical cells in white matter, when they are normally only in gray. I guess that's a good enough reason for mainstream medicine to start treating functional adrenal problems. Its just a little to individualized, I guess.


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