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So I'm thinking about going over to the dark side

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by chocolate, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I drank a scoop of d-ribose in water with my food last night. Its like an overnight facelift. I didn't sleep very well last night, though. My skin was tingling from the tanning booth and I thought I was hyper because of it. I was needing fat instead. I got up at two and ate some and really didn't want to wake up this morning. I set the alarm and usually turn it off after I wake up. I needed more sleep. The alarm woke me up. I don't know if I'm going to go tan tonight or not. It seems very incorrect. Tan at night. HMMH? The midday sun is doable but won't make vitamin d, I guess.
  2. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Well, shoot. I accidentally thawed my whole package of liver. I had it in a mini fridge freezer and got it too close to the fridge part. I fried it all and that is my dinner and breakfast, no one wants to party on organ meat, it seems. I went to the gym and did go tan. I only did 6 minutes. It was much warmer than yesterday and I think I may have taxed my dha. I had my head very well covered, actually every thing from my belly button up. I remember your eye needed to see the sun to make the vitamin d. I sure wish I could find something about serum levels rising. I don't think I'm going to do it in the late afternoon again. I might try a couple more at midday. I think it does work for people that need skin treatments. I know I will definitely not renew. It was really funny though, the gal said their boom time starts in March. People just go to get ready for the real sun. That's cool. They do the spray tans in the winter. IDK what's the deal, but I guess the masses have this one right.

    I tried to buy some pecans at Whole Foods and it was 12.99 for a half pound. I think they need to get right with their god. I did see that they have lots of pretty cheap clams, etc. The oysters were sold out. I haven't tried the new place, just because I hate going to multiple stores.

    found one: http://www.la-press.com/redirect_file.php?fileId=1790&filename=CMWH-2-Peterson-et-al&fileType=pdf

  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I ate too much liver last night. I woke up hyper and peed yellow. I guess I'll just eat fats and salad till evening. I wished I'd left the liver to the neighbor dog and watched the tanning to see if that was what made me hyper or if it was the liver. Liver just usually makes me feel really good. Surely, the tanning won't make you pee yellow. I wouldn't doubt it. I'm so weird about reacting to things.
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I just heard from my doctor. He said my cholesterol was high and said my liver wasn't really functioning properly. The yellow pee thing. After chatting, he thinks I might have gall stones. I've thought that for a while, but thought the fat would push them. I'm gonna try the Hulda Clark flush and get the ultrasound. I should know what it is.

    I'm thinking that's exactly what it is. I think my daughter is having bouts with them as well. We'll see.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    Maybe we dump phosphates to heal ourselves.

    I sure wish I had my labs. I was reading about ornithine and arginine helping clear them, but also causing growth hormone. I wonder if that's what the darned proteinuria is all about. Then the secondary intestinal infection that tends to go with gall stones. Dang. I really, really wish I had my labs.

    Something just rung a bell.... arginine is daytime bloodpressure and melatonin is nighttime blood pressure. It is circadian.... The stupid stones (if I have them) are happening because my gallbladder doesn't know night from day. I might be drinking olive oil and sea salt water everynight for a while.
  6. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Gallstones ... always reminds me of my chem class where we got to moosh up gallstones and figure out what they were made of. turns out they're about 98% cholesterol which precips out of solution in a pretty little snowfall of white flakes.

    Well, I thought it was interesting.
  7. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I think it is interesting also. I figure, if I can keep the inflammation down... I can do this. All that fat I'd been trying to get to my brain was not always making it. That won't do. I was reading about gallstones and auto immune. I did something to mess myself up. I think it was with that darned coconut milk and never quite undid it. My poor liver.
  8. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    My one and only official problems with my gallbladder was a number of years ago when had a green smoothie with coconut oil and milk every morning for months. It inflamed my gallbladder and they wanted to take it out...I just felt sick every time I ate for a few weeks and it resolved on its own. I've been careful about coconut stuff since then. I don't do more than a tablespoon full at a time. Other fats don't bother me a bit.
  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Thanks Seahorse. I read that if you delay the fat eating after you wake up, you build up bile and then you can eat fat and bilge it out. It kind of explains why all that melatonin I was taking was making my tummy better. The usual gi infection is an e coli that goes with it. That's not very nice. I actually had that in my blood when I had a hysterectomy. Hmmh... The lab guy that the doctor wouldn't give it to me but he did. I guess if you don't cut, you don't get paid.

    Those were anti-bodies actually, if I remember correctly. He just told me not to give blood for 6 months.
  10. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I guess these things go hand in hand, but no one checks. Oh wait... that study was done elsewhere. We shouldn't introduce information like this in the US. The UN stuff, heck that's all good.
  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I keep watching and reading about pre eclampsia. It seems like bi-polar in symptoms. The way it aligns with the menstrual cycle and a lot of the theories that go with it, pretty dead bang on. Just no pregnancy.


    but they are linked to spontaneous abortion?

    Search terms included "antiphospholipid syndrome," "Hughes' syndrome," "anticardiolipin antibodies," "antiphospholipid antibodies
    ," "anti-cardiolipin," " I think these words are interchangeable, in The Kid is reading.
  12. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I've been reading up on Hughes syndrome (anti-phospholipid syndrome) and its mistaken very often for MS. I guess it was discovered in the the 90's.


    There is a list of companies that do it with phone numbers. One company will send you a kit. It just takes a little tiny bit of blood on a paper. I don't know the skinny on it, but there are lots of things screened. There are a couple of labs outside the US. It seems like it must be pretty economical. I could be wrong. Certainly worth looking into, all the stuff they can find with a little drop of blood.
  13. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I'm pondering whether sticky blood gets helped by alcohol.... Maybe there is an evolutionary purpose for candida. Actually, it looks like candida causes sticky blood.


  14. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    And it looks like candida makes oxalates and vitamin c. Candida likes it colder, the subterranean temperature actually. And candida slows down the thyroid. Oxalates are anti-freeze, and something that clicked was the Andres 3 to 4 grams proportional to dogs and a study showed that similar amounts wouldn't break down to oxalates. Maybe the candida is where we get our vitamin c.

    this has me rethinking the ferments.

    and it seems a lot of the oxalates are goitrogens, unless you cook them. I don't know if you are supposed to cook them to do something to the oxalic acid or to kill the goitrogen. I think I have a new list to look at. The nuts ain't so cool for oxalates either. I have a new project to learn about. And I need to go to the ultrasound. Soon. I finally got the paper in the mail.

    So far behind on my reading of the blog, that I'm getting worried. I'm in an internet free space lately. Forces introspection. I just have notes everywhere. UG.
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Well oxalobacter is supposed to be in brie cheese and camembert. Its a rumen bacteria. HMMH?
  16. chocolate

    chocolate Silver



  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Candida study... pretty neat... it talks about dha and candida manufacturing resolvins identical to the ones humans make to quiet inflammation. I think candida isn't cancer, so .... idk... its taking up the slack for something...those deer guts with all the juices are starting to look pretty good. freeze dried without the maggots, please


    so, now we need to figure out how to signal candida in a dish to grow these resolvins. I think the fungus is smarter than us.
  19. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I'm am getting more and more confounded about the c abilcans and vitamin c. I was looking up the symtoms of c deficiency and muscle weakness was one of them. I know that candida makes c. I know that exercise makes ammonia that makes candida grow and makes testosterone. I know that il-6 is required to activate muscles. I know candida will activate il-6. I know iodine in the right places keeps candida in the right places. I know that sugar makes it overgrow. I know that candida will activate an ammonia environment if it needs to and cannibilize bad guys (one would hope) to make things happen. Its just the darned oxalobacter issue and the need for sun activated vitamin d to get the testosterone from a more desirable source, or is is candida again? Will the sun activated vitamin d free up the metals bound by the oxalates?
  20. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    So, the candida thing is totally getting kinkier. The spleen needs iodine to keep the candida at bay, other wise, it moves in and spreads through lymph? I don't know exactly.... just doesn't sound so good.

    I was looking for never before pasteurized milk cheeses. There are actually lots of them out there. I want that oxalobacter baaaaad. How much sugar can be in them?

    I'm pretty convinced that candida is a very good thing that isn't being treated the proper way. It is being overworked, too much of a good thing, etc.

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