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So I'm thinking about going over to the dark side

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by chocolate, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I gave my kid the new supp list. She doesn't get cranky or question, she just looks at her own voodoo collection to see what she has or hasn't. She's off to get ubiquinol and d ribose. She's cramming the potassium iodine down her snot nosed roommate's throat. Its kind of serious because they both moved into a single bedroom and have a set of bunk beds. That speaks volumes for my daughter's health. Her joints used to ache so badly that she needed a king sized bed and pillows. Gotta love gluten.

    I have such a new lot of things to be grateful for.... my eyes being better is nice. I am trying not to be disappointed about waking in the night and eating fat. Really, I am so pain free, I shouldn't complain about anything. I'm just wondering if I have an inkling of any good flora. Even when I felt really good before I had all of that coconut milk that made my guts foul, I still discovered myself needing fat in the night. Maybe, I shouldn't be concerned right now.
  2. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I had a pretty good day. I had sardines, blueberries, and sunflower butter for breakfast. I pushed some pills down with my little cup of coffee. I had sardines and a spinach salad with lots of oil and pecans for lunch and a blob of sunflower butter. I haven't gotten nuts for awhile and I think I'm ready for them again. I love the Alzheimers study in ask Jack this morning. It kind of makes me feel a little less ashamed of the morning cup of coffee. Between the pills and fat, I just need it. (I will try to come up with some lemon balm, maybe.)

    The study had nothing to do with coffee, but coffee is supposed to clear beta amyloids somehow. I bet you its the morning cortisol that it causes. Isn't the morning when we are supposed to have cortisol?

    I am not dreaming again. I also am slouching on the p5p again. I think I'm just going to put it under my pillow. I feel pretty good. I'm taking ubiquinol three times a day and my toes are very warm. I didn't know they weren't until they warmed up. I guess that means my heart is happier.

    I just read today's blog and got plum weepy. I now believe that we really are getting so much better. I think everything's gonna be ok. I'm even starting to feel like I may be able to exhale. My daughter's roommate is completely sleep oriented and there is a group of LA kids in NY with her. She has one going to the Russian bath with her soon. I know if this gal said she'll go, she will.

    I took a chance and cooked some brussel sprouts in butter and water to have with pork chops. We'll see. I hope I don't pay for it. It would be nice to not need fat in the night.
  3. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Someone told me about a great whole food chewable vitamin b complex. I thought I might just need it. I started looking around for a product and the only ones I would be willing to use were just kelp. I keep forgetting kelp has zinc, magnesium, and iodine also. I am eating it. Just not enough. This was a pretty nice sight. It explains why I can't keep up with my nails. I think about the hair being different also. Not like the texture changed, just that you can't really see my scalp in a part any more. Its never been that way, even when I was young.


    I have ridges on a thumb nail and one fingernail. It's really bugging me. I was hoping as quickly as my nails were growing, it would've gone away. The signs of b-12 deficiency will hopefully go away in the next month. I'm obviously not doing enough of a few things. I'm not dreaming. :(

    I think the brussel sprouts were ok, I used ghee not butter. I actually slept without losing steam and needing to eat. Maybe it was a good thing. Or maybe I just need the cofactors for the sulfur.

    I'm going to wait a couple of days and try again. I think some bacon fried beets and greens would be ok, also. I bought a little bit of walnuts and they just didn't hit the spot for the first bite. I'm glad it was just a handful. A fellow from WV reminded me about hardcore mincemeat. I like it, actually. I think I'm going to look into it, seeing how spices are back on the agenda.

    I've been looking at the tiny gourmet apples, not all fruit, and plenty of quercetin...or there is the deal where you just eat close to the peel and core for the good antioxidants of a regular sized apple... I need someone brilliant to figure it out. By the time you throw away all of the watery flesh, you might as well pay 4.99 a pound for the tiny apples.
  4. janagram

    janagram New Member

    whats the deal on mincemeat? Its good for you? I shoulda known!
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    The real stuff is really fatty with meat and spices, just a little apple...
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I'm getting blood drawn tomorrow. I have been taking my supps all along. If figure any thing I find out will just be for direction. I wish these weren't cw labs. I had to go back and read through the bg 14 comments:

    to see if I need to mark a box. I pay for my stuff, with real money and the doctor questioned why I wanted testing. He must have gotten some sort of education about how to read labs because the last time I had talked to him, he wanted me on statins and now he says my labs were perfect when they were last drawn. I know that's not true, just because I felt like sh*t for so long. I don't even want to get into the fact that I might look white, but I'm Asian. I told him on the way out the door.
  7. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I keep thinking a bout the brussel sprouts and I think I better learn a little more about the kidney and keto . I've been taking supps and peeing clear for weeks. That pot luck fiasco had me peeing yellow. It went away after a couple of days and attacking it with magnesium.

    I think I'm just going to think about it a little more.

    I keep eyeing blackstrap molasses and I think I could use that for a hot drink. I took some to my class but the hot water machine is broken. A nice young man that reminded me about the mincemeat is using it for now. He isn't neurotic about the microwave, like I am becoming. That darn kid's science project floating around facebook has me nuts. (the one where they germinate a seed in regular water and one in microwave water and water them accordingly)

    I might just have to grow my own seeds to calm down or not.

    I had steak with lettuce and oil for breakfast. I found out if you salt the oiled lettuce, it actually tastes like something. The rain is kind of nice. I saw a kid loving life this morning for a long stretch on his skateboard while I was driving. It was contagious. I sure like seeing that. My kid sent me pix from that solo shoot and it was nice to see her, even though she was completely matte. She sure looked healthy to me. And there was a perv hovering and taking photos of her during the shoot because it was in public. A year ago she would have come home and vomited. She said she was able to pull it together and you can't tell she's bugged in the photos. Of course, she's closer to 30 than 20.... I 'm glad that medicine that made her unable to cope and cost thousands of dollars per year is no longer part of our life. She's got it for an emergency, but it's like forcing yourself to pull a trigger on your brain every day and that was her life.
  8. TerrierMom

    TerrierMom Gold

    What is this about supps and peeing clear? Is that bad? I lost you there, I recall JK saying something somewhere about the weird asparagus pee and if you get that after eating it, something's broken-forgot what. And if you don't that's a good thing. I always figure if you take supps you will have yellow pee.... Right?
  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I know if you go keto, it delays dialysis.. You actually heal. How cool is that? So, as long as I stay away from carbs, I don't trigger proteinuria. (Peeing yellow.) Yellow has been my color, just different intensities. Even with the supplements, I pee clear unless I have too much p5p or pentathenoic acid (id don't know what the heck that is b-5). I'm just going to start paying attention and try to figure out which one and how much is too much. The cabbage family is candida and fodmaps both. I might have just fermented that stuff in my guts and was knocked out drunk. I don't have the kidneys for alcohol. I feel like I'm pushing it with the odd lime. I'm kinda with Doctor Kruse on iodine being our vitamin c. My daughter and I just respond too well to it. I am going to make the mincemeat though, with apple peel just to shake things up.
  10. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I just unthunk the molasses thing, just because of the iron. I mix things up with beef and I don't want to absorb any extra. I take an 1p 6 every now and then to sweep my guts. I was reading about Crohn's and rheumatoid arthritis and the elevated tumor necrotic factor.... welp, its probably been mentioned on this forum before but it just sunk in from reading another website. The lactoferrin is supposed to be protective and I even think there is an evolutionary purpose for it, other animals have lactoferrin riddled mucosa. I don't have ferritin test coming back. I keep watching inside my lower eyelid and I don't look anemic, so I probably shouldn't eat the beef much either. I have some liver and I'm just sure I should eat it in dribs and drabs, seeins how I don't have an mhs quality blender. Actually, it might be good with the oysters.
  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I bet people just take the darn pills.
  12. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I just went to a safe tan salon that is supposedly good for vitamin d. I saw an article


    so now I'm totally sorry I bought a cheapie month. This study corresponds with our issues.
  13. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    UV radiation, vitamin D, and multiple sclerosis
  14. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    I'll be interested in how the tanning bed goes. I've been thinking about looking into it because (a) I never go outside unless I absolutely have to (fair skin = sunburns has been my life) and (b) living in Wyoming we're already way far North so have limited access to the "good" rays esp this time of year.
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I was brown as a bean until I moved to CA. I never could figure out my burning. I didn't eat the same in CA, though I had a jack-assed husband thinks you can't eat chicken without cranberries, roast beef without horseradish... I had to duplicate his mother's menus for twenty years. They eat potatoes and bread. When I was a kid, I had potatoes or bread. I'm pretty impressed with the beds actually. I'm going to try the natural sun one. The max you can stay in is twenty minutes and my little sweet girl that helped me said she would suggest only 6 minutes. This is a safe sun salon. I'm sure its just like vitamins though, it's not like the real thing. I paid for a month so I'll try it a few times.

    I lost my dad when I was twelve, Darleen. I didn't have the same issues you did. But I know our family fell apart. We had such a routine and I remember my mom never cooking for the longest, my dad was actually the cook. Then one day I was so happy she cooked. My chore was always to set the table. I counted out all of the plates like everyone was there, and everyone wasn't. To this day, I blue plate. My kids set the table nicely... I just avoid it somehow. That's something very small I don't cope with. I can't imagine fighting all of the battles you've fought alone.
  16. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Everyone has pain at some point in their life. I coped by living in total denial. I'm going to post about that in a bit. And how it relates to where I want to be.
  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I went to the suntan place and took my 6 minutes. I think 6 minutes was fine. I put sunblock on my face just in case. I swear, I wound up with sunblock in my eyes from those darned goggles. I had jojoba oil on because I just came from the gym. Not smeary and rude, just on my skin. I don't know if it was a good thing or not. It definitely does something. I'll poke around about the t-3.

    My kid was asking for the vegetarians have smaller brains article for a friend.


    It talks about the carnivore gut that humans have, and the metabolic demands of the vital organs after the brain.
  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  19. it"s cool to be tan all year round???

    It is with me but IDK
  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold



    Price: $33.50

    MT-2 (Melanotan II), 10mg.

    For me one vial is enough for a year.

    With very fair skin possibly another half may be need.

    Can be used only when the exposed skin is clean without blemishes that may become darker than the background.


    Each shot =0.5mg

    total 20 shots

    First shot =0.1mg to check for any allergic effect

    Follow up shots 0.5mg

    At first do 1-2 shots a week.

    Get 10-15min sun exposure on most of sunny days.

    When you get satisfactory tan, slow down to one shot every 2-4 weeks.

    It is natural tan, it fades with time when sun exposure is missing.


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