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So I'm thinking about going over to the dark side

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by chocolate, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I have a bloated gut and all of the symptoms of proteinuria. I have ridiculous triglycerides last time I checked. My paternal grandpa died of nephritus and my aunt that has been married 6 times had it, but it went away with no protein. She is 79 and just had a pace maker put in. I have a funny feeling it had to do with magnesium levels.

    After reading for the past few days... I know what triggered this particular event. It was a day with not enough clean fat, too many nuts with too many minerals, fat and probably too much protein... not feeling so great... I just drank water the next day, ran out in a traffic jam, and binged on cherries that were supposed to be for the whole family. The boobs puffed up... argh.. I just tried to fast it away and thought it dodged a bullet.

    Then I ate out and rashed, and my tummy felt like it had been kicked by a mule.

    So after reading and reading... I am sure this comes and goes... soy and flaxseed help nephritis. Well, you can't quit dumping calcium until your magnesium is up.... which won't happen unless your estrogen is up. My estrogen went up from the stupid cherries dumping magnesium... that's what sugar does.

    The treatment is ace inhibitors and low protein or soy protein because it reduces the proteinuria. The soy or flax are mimickers for estrogen.... that's where the value is, to keep the magnesium and put the calcium back where it belongs. Ideally, I am a fat eater.

    I just have to try to fix this mess somehow. The soy also treats hyperlidema (my doctor wanted to put me on statins (127 weight) or have my weight at 118, leptin reset I lost the 5 or 6 lbs of belly fat and then filled out in the butt and thighs. I'm 5'8" and my classic weight is 119... I now weigh 130, but I think its fine. I need a new doctor, but this town is a sewing circle for the docs and their affiliations) ... which I think probably falls back to magnesium. But the enzymes aren't dumped.

    I am now nervous about dha and soy. The test I read with the soy and fish oil being combined, the fish oil added no benefit. Maybe they compete for the same receptors, as does the flax and dha, (maybe estrogen and dha? shrug). I figure stop dumping calcium, add magnesium, and the fat solubles and when the pee is right... go back to the fish and fat. And keep using the sesamin.

    The sticks can be bought off the internet to test with and I'll just go to the doctor when I'm "hot." And I guess it really is time to get very serious about hormone replacement. I was planning on waiting until the fall equinox and learning the moon chart... In the mean time, I'm going to use the bulgarian erection study sups, weak arginine and pycnogenol... both are blood pressure regulators and the pycnogenol is an ace inhibitor. I have low blood pressure compared to other people so I don't know how to get diagnosed other than urine. (although hyper lipids is a screaming sign... why statins?) There are some good meds, but hopefully, I won't need them.

    I frequently have very flawed logic and constantly have infinite amounts of ignorance. If anyone has any experience with this, I sure would appreciate input.

    For breakfast, I had bacon fried tofu and a magnesium sup.... I'm not sure if that was proper mixing of fats.
  2. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

  3. janagram

    janagram New Member

    I will follow your path with interest, but your knowledge is pretty vast, so not much help from me. Wishing you well.
  4. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Thanks. I decided I'm sticking with the melatonin, it heals the kidneys and converts to glutathione in daylight. I figure I need both. I posted this because I don't think critically enough sometimes. My thinking is that the proteinuria happens

    to dump the zinc so no more estrogen can be made. I guess I'll see if I get whiskers. I have no idea how soy works, I've never ridden it out.
  5. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I guess there might be sources of estrogen beside flax and soy.
  6. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    I guess I don't need soy, yet.
  7. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Been adding it to my Inger's Cocktails. Wasn't sure if it was any good but Dr k had a facebook link on it today. I crunch on spirulina tablets, too :) Not too bad. A little bit too hard to chew for my liking.

    After reading Dr K's link today to spirulina and chlorella, I now know why all my vegan raw food friends become obsessed with it.... b/c their brains are craving the only source of DHA in their diets!!!
  8. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


  9. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Mine look like horse pellets. Shoot, probably they were run through the same hopper.... dehydrated and smashed... its hard to get them down because they are big. I guess I could carry them in my purse. Four or five fill you right up.

    That soy was definitely a mistake. I had to force my self to eat this morning and I ate fish just fine last night with no raw tummy.
  10. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    They fill *you* right up.... 4 or 5? I can eat half my bottle in one sitting :eek: After a full meal :p
  11. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I bought the vitamin shoppe brand.... some guy quacking around on himself beat back cancer twice with it. He still smokes and had me feel his very soft skin... It was nice...lol. Not a blemish on him. He told me to take it with sulfur. They are huge and really like the large horse pellets, about like the alfalfa pellets.


    So, I guess if this stuff doesn't fix me, I can't be fixed.

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22153713 The Japanese a whipping ACE inhibotor soy souace, they are getting very good at it.
  12. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    is it ok to eat the 'possum that eats the nights shades?
  13. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    You girls are a wealth of knowledge. I'm glad you post your thoughts. I think I could definitely use some chlorella!
  14. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I went to the Doc with my daughter today and we looked at her labs. From a month ago, the doctor said she was fine and every thing looked good. The out of range stuff is the very thing that put her in the hospital. The shrink was ok with the labs, too. Anyway, she seems to be magnesium deficient, or d overloaded, based on a high protein/ carbohydrate diet, its no longer the case, but maybe it takes awhile. Anyway, I think the plot thickens. I think there is only magnesium deficient.

    Possible involvement of a magnesium dependent mitochondrial alkaline phosphatase in the regulation of the 25-hydroxyvitamin D3-1 alpha-and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3-24R-hydroxylases in LLC-PK1 cells.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7540407

    I won't be taking high doses of spirulina... I must have exhausted adrenals and the stuff is like coffee to me. At least the Trader Joes stuff is.http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/923.html I was reading that it has phenylalanine in it. The magnesium orotate soaks right in or so it seems, and it makes me very relaxed and sleepy. I think the threonate is a morning supplement. Focusing on the magnesium is the deal for both of us, I guess.


    there are a few paragraphs on this link that explain how to do n=1 with pregnenalone... no idea the source..based on adrenals
  15. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Part of todays trip to the doc was serendipitous, while completely enraging. My daughter felt the GABA was no longer working and took a zyprexa out of caution last night. She woke up fully aware that she felt really bugged and was bugged because she was bugged. We tried to talk to the doctor about seeing if she was a candidate for the cycloset. Anyway, when I was trying to explain the kidney problems in my family he acknowledged that the ammonia was taken care of in the kidney by the lithium and the liver by the zyprexa. So, I find that it is an anti cholergenic... which I must have known before,but it somehow meant nothing. Good ole Wikipedia led us to this supplement, I know, one more.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picamilon

    GABA isn't able to. This stuff with glycine and magnesium should make sleep happen. So anyway, we don't use the GABA now for sleep.

    http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag97/july-lbn297.html great article about it. It is supposed to be good for about a month then switch to a different supp... according to folks that are using it. I haven't seen any of them mention keto or very low carb... I'm still thinking this is just a bridging sup.

    Then we find out the lithium orotate goes everywhere, there is no reason to use the lithium salt that doesn't. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    We went to an Chinese seafood barbeque. Four entrees and you get half a duck. Of course, we went for it. Pork, duck, garlic fried fish, Chinese broccoli , and shellfish. I didn't flush, my daughter did. I'm about a day ahead on the big honkin' magnesium. The pork had the fat cut off. I'm not used to that. I wasn't prepared.

    The soup was some kind of feet. I think it was chicken feet. We don't know what the brown stuff was, but we ate it. The toenails on the feet stopped us from finishing it. So much food to bring home.
  16. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Wow! The Picamilon sounds amazing! Maybe those of us with sleep problems should be taking it....

    the lunch sounds kind of awesome..
  17. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    I forgot the part about the lithium being a sodium mimicker, but the orotate works. We've been reading everything over and over. The flax seed "heals' proteinuria faster than soy. It is higher in estrogen and has the b1/b2 ( it works by increasing magnesium absorption) We're trying another doctor again and waiting for the pee sticks. The magnesium definitely soaks in and makes a huge difference, I can't believe I was looking at a blood pressure medicine to fix the kidneys, when the magnesium is what makes the vitamin d work. Still, melatonin regulates at night, arginine in the day, which could explain the overload of growth hormone and the sodium dumps to manage blood pressure. 4oz of dark chocolate are suppose to compare nose to nose against certain blood pressure meds as ace inhibitors, but it is hard on the kidneys. All this crap from eating carbs. And the lab tests signify too much carbs/protein. Isn't that SAD? I guess the pee sticks say when you can eat meat. Hopefully we can get a few good seaweed pellets that aren't proprietary blends with hopped up stuff added. I'm ok with the vitamin world humongo pills. My daughter feels light years better after the magnesium. Its a relief to know that the zinc supps can't happen... only meat. We were wasting time.
  18. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    well, my daughter was down to two hours of sleep, every few days she lost hours... MOON? idk.. she took a zyprexa and woke up angry at the world and I got the magnesium in her. She felt so much better that she went looking for it later. After struggling through the day she went to bed and slept 6 straight. She's giving the magnesium credit. I will let everyone know how that picamilon works when it comes. We actually are looking for the 50 mg. I think the higher dose is the ADD type. Then we are probably getting the 150 mg pycnogenol. I have the smaller ones. I really don't want to do the arginine the more I think about it, I want to read up.
  19. chocolate

    chocolate Silver

    Another perspective http://apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/apjcn/volume17/vol17suppl.1/324-328S20-3.pdf

    Indonesia has the good soy and the good soy sauce... the low molecular weight stuff that helps blood pressure..

  20. chocolate

    chocolate Silver


    This guy has a pretty good collection of studies and concludes the only people that should watch their protein is kidney people. There is one study that shows the same amount of protein but fasting in between works. We're not in much of a position to play around with it yet, so we're going to count potassium and supplement accordingly. If you pee your brains out, obviously you need it. My keto buddy that saved himself keeps harping on it because of the pee volume. Ours just comes and goes. Hopefully that's on the pee strip, or we can figure out some clue to use.

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