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So how did you hear about Dr. Kruse?

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by MamaGrok, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Just do it. It's not anything close to as hard as you think it might be. Just put an inch of warm water in the bath, sit in it, and turn on the cold and ignore it. Watch TV, sing, listen to a podcast, talk to a spouse, whatever. I was shocked how easy it was. NOTHING like the horror of a cold shower! Just do it!
  2. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    All I know is I found info on Dr K at the end of may - and by the end of the 1st week in June I'd started the Leptin reset - (We'd just left for a family vacation w/MIL)
  3. LinD

    LinD New Member

    You can do it, Janagram! Just get mean and snarly and put on your mental toughness. That will do the trick.
  4. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    I learned about Dr. Kruse through the monster thread at MDA. In fact, I'm still reading it and have a long way to go! I started the Leptin Reset about four days ago and since I'm dedicated, thought I would come over here to support his site while I log my progress.

    It's kind of funny (and sad!) to me...I "know" so many of you already from reading that thread (and cheering you on) and you know absolutely nothing about me! I hope to change that.
  5. Powder

    Powder New Member

    I am honestly not sure. I was just finishing up my 4th complete round of P90x, and still had a little belly fat and remainder of man boobs that just wouldn't go away. A friend of mine had read Wheat Belly, and was raving about it. I was too cheap to buy the book (at the time), and so I started reading what I could online. I was ready to get really serious about nutrition, because exercise alone, and the diet that I was on, wasn't getting me over that last hump. I knew something was still "off", and nutrition just seemed to be that piece. I was eating pretty good at the time, but had no real structure, and only my gut (pun intended) to tell me what was right or wrong.

    So, in about a two week span from the end of January into February, I bought Wheat Belly, started reading, continued to read what I could online, and stumbled across this site. Been hooked ever since, and I never even finished Wheat Belly. I just passed it on to somebody else, to hope that it could be an entry point for them as well. That being said, I still point everybody I can to this site.
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Twitter. I first heard of Dr. Kruse while following Dr. Michael Eades, sometime last autumn. I was referred to several of Dr. K's blog pages. After a few times, I started reading more of his stuff, until I was finally hooked. :)
  7. Susan M.

    Susan M. New Member

    Same thing here. I lurked over at MDA for about three years, and I don't think I commented the entire time but I sure did learn a lot!
  8. eva

    eva New Member

    facebook here
  9. Sherry

    Sherry Silver

    My hormones have been out of whack for years and after 15 years of BHRT and no real help I ditched them. So, I was looking for some natural way to reestablish balance when I came across some information about leptin and couldn't find enough factual background on how it was important so I googled it along with hormone balancing and Dr. K's website came up. This was in December and I still have not completely read each of his posts but I have a huge dent in the list now. I started the leptin Rx on Jan 1. I started the CT the day he wrote about it in February. While my hormones have not magically balanced, things are better. Oh wait, they're worse. OK, now they're better again. I'm trying to avoid BHRT again as I'm 56 and think my body should be fine the way nature intended but I'm keeping an open mind as I learned to trust Dr. K's input after just a few blogs. And, with the benefits of CT I'll just wait and see.
  10. Tizawee

    Tizawee New Member

    I have a friend who lives in South Africa. Sometime last year she found out she had leaky gut issues. I have celiac disease and a whole host of food allergies that I attribute to leaky gut. So when she emailed me a link to some Kruse guy's web site in January and asked me what I thought, I had to check it out. (There's alot of bad info out there about leaky gut.) Lo & Behold, the information was good. After I read the page, I saw something called Leptin Reset. Wondering to myself, "What is a leptin and why does it need a reset switch," I read that too. I was hooked. Before I knew it I was wading through the MDA Monster Thread, the Quilt, CT and seeing references to Dr Kruse and posts by him on other web sites I visit. I began LR on Feb 23rd and haven't looked back. Two weeks ago I got my husband started on it as well. I am currently face-dunking... DH is waiting to see if I drown before he tries it. :)
  11. NotAnother30

    NotAnother30 New Member

    Underground Wellness Paleo Summit. Amazing information that has changed my life
  12. kalibex

    kalibex New Member

    Saw him commenting on paleohacks forum, then found the fascinating stories of people's improved health outcomes in the leptin rx 'monster thread' over on the Mark's Daily Apple forum, then saw the announcement about this new blog. :)
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    my mirror......
  14. AKMan

    AKMan New Member

    Something tells me that's not true. I'll bet you had to look pretty deep to find the Jack Kruse we now know.
  15. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    yo mama.

    This text hidden just to meet text max.
  16. freesia

    freesia Old Member

    I saw Leptin mentioned on a Fibromyalgia forum a while back and a couple of those gut (stomach?) hormones as well. Filed it away then noticed journals on MDA talking about Leptin Reset. How I missed the monster thread I have NO idea!

    Anyway, googling Leptin Reset in the past couple of weeks brought me here quicksmart and I kinda fell in love with some of Dr Kruses other ideas too. So I signed up and I'm 4 days in to LR with CT just getting onboard.
  17. skline@peak.org

    skline@peak.org New Member

    Monster thread, like so many others. I resisted opening it for awhile, which just meant that I had a long reading task once I did.

    Told my sister about it, and directed her to some of the blog posts. She set out way late in the day to march through the whole Monster Thread, and she just as finished the MDA part of it and signed up here. She also has started CT with good results. Her low carb high BG numbers are considerably reduced. Her weight is the same and her pants are looser.

    I'm still just nibbling at the edges of cold, which sounds really wimpy, but I felt I needed to get over that super-high-pressure concert (which turned out to be incredible!) and to mop up other loose ends before loading another stress on top of what is already there.

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