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Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Slone07, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    Just popping my head in for a minute...I'm still going, going, going! I had a lot of dairy this past weekend in the form of cheese and cream cheese. I feel like it wasn't so great on my system (low energy, I broke out and my skin looked dull again), so I've already drastically cut a bunch of it out (including my beloved morning coffee with 1/4 c heavy cream), but am thinking I might just bite the bullet and get rid of it all together for the remainder of this reset. I haven't weighed in a few days, but last I did, I was still holding steady at around 230.

    Just plugging along, trying to fight the urge to go back to HCG just to drop some weight. I want to see this reset out and see myself healthier.
  2. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    Oh, and just wanted to add that my husband is doing phenomenally on this. He's not losing a boatload of weight yet, but he's feeling sooo much better.
  3. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    I did it. I started my hCG last night. It's the beginning of hot summer days here in TX and I'm miserable because none of my summer clothes from last year fit and though I felt AMAZING doing the LR, the stress from being so damn fat was exceedingly counter productive to my goal of a healthy mind. I always feel phenomenal on hCG, so I figured I'd do a round to help motivate me, applying some of the LR principles, then do full LR in between rounds. I'm also thinking about finding some books on changing my thought patterns to more positive ones. I've done it in the past, but would like some new material to inspire me. Anyway, I think this game plan will work the best for me, as it's a compromise between two things that are very important to me. Being a lower weight (and the things that come with it...like having energy and not being so self-conscious that I'm a party pooper), and being healthy.

    I'm excited. :)
  4. jeepifer@gmail.com

    jeepifer@gmail.com New Member

    Sounds awesome! I'm starting hCG tomorrow. It's new to me, so will be interesting to see how it all goes.

    I'd be interested in the books, if you'd care to share titles of anything you found helpful. Bonus points for e-versions (Kindle or iBook). ;)
  5. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    I did a vitamin D/sun experiment!

    I've been reading about how vitamin D produces natural sunscreen type results in our skin and helps prevent burning. During my reading, I've read several successful accounts from people who lived in or visited south Florida (where I've received a NASTY sunburn before, despite potent sunscreen!). I've been fascinated by this, as someone with ghostly white skin (my member pic/avatar is white not because of the lighting, but that's really what color I am). Yesterday, I was craving sunshine and that radiant warmth that it produces on your skin, so I did my own little experiment. After showering, I didn't put any oil or lotion on and went to sit outside with my legs in the sun. In a past chapter of my life, when I lived in the far north of no UV rays LOL, I ran a couple of tanning salons and am well-versed in sunburns, how to keep from burning, and the signs of a start of a burn (and of course, the bad things that can result from burns). I got really hot, but not tingly, which is a big sign of burning. After a while, I got too hot and came in. My legs were not quite lobster red, but they were definitely red and hot. No pain when I touched the skin. Over about 30 minutes, the redness faded and today, I have the slightest increase in color, but not any sign of burn. My vitamin D has been between 10,000 and 20,000 IU's a day for many months. I think that maybe I wouldn't have burned so badly on our SCUBA trip to the Keys this past summer if my vitamin D intake had been as regular as it has been for the past few months... *sigh*

  6. Good morning Slone!

    Good for you, I'm sure you will feel way better affter you do HCG, and now that you know about LR and CT, you'll feel even better and you won't gain back. Summer being so close, I hear you about the stress and everything. None of my clothes fit anymore, and I have no money to get new ones :( I asked my doctor about HCG, but he told me he prefers me to wait before I do that...

    Keep us posted, I'd like to know how it goes!!

  7. Slone07

    Slone07 New Member

    Doing awesome! Down 12 pounds already and feeling great. Not as energetic as I was my first round, last year, but still pretty darn good. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the leptin reset full-bore in between rounds and after to maintain. I was feeling sooo good with the LR. Can't spend a whole lot of time here because it makes me want to EAT! LOL
  8. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    WOW...12 lbs sounds awesome! I don't know much about the whole HCG thing, other than the calorie restriction but it sure sounds interesting & sounds like ppl lose weight even when they are resistent to quick weight loss? Anyway, good for you!! I'd love some weight loss. I really thought I'd be able to wear shorts this summer but it doesn't look that way; the majority of my weight is on my legs...urgh!
  9. Slone! How is it going? Are you still on the HCG protocol? Give some news :)

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