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Sleeping position

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Foxglove, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Please keep us posted Martha if you get a weighted blanket.

    I have probably posted this before....Once when my DH was in the hospital for an extended stay - I stayed in the Lodge that the hospital provides for family of very ill patients.
    It was extremely cold one night and I didn't want to turn the heater on and so I piled all the blankets from the other beds on my single bed. I even had them doubled over. I had the best nights sleep, even tho my DH was gravely ill, and I never moved the entire night.

    I think that was my version of a weighted blanket and I have been keen to try one ever since. I think all the weight made me feel safe and comforted.
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  2. Have you seen or read about Temple Grandin? She is an autistic university professor that pioneered low stress animal handling. An amazing, inspiring story. I highly recommend her 2010 movie for all , and any of her books for those interested in animals.
    Anyway, while in college, struggling mightily with social stress, she built a squeeze chute to calm herself like the ones used in cattle handling. This squeeze effect may be similar to the weighted blanket or that provided by submersion in water. OG biohacker extraordinaire! Changed her environment and the environment of other stakeholders (animals).
    I see many parallels for those with developed natural field sensitivities or nnemf . 5GCanary ! We can improve our environment and advocate for other less represented members of our ecosytem.
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  3. Martha Barger

    Martha Barger Martha Ray

    I am very interested in better sleep.
    I deisred for many years (long b4 Jack Kruse).. to go to bed at sunset and wake with sunrise--- always made sense to me. But I never did it until this year and not acomplished at it...yet. Did read a Quirky but purposeful book on sleep titled
    Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, T. S. Wiley https://www.amazon.com/Lights-Out-Sleep-Sugar-Survival/dp/0671038680
    Very ancestral better re-read it now. I also read a great article that I think was by Victoria Boutenko author of Green for Life... will go try and find that one ..whoever it was she and her family were sleeping out doors in a 'yurt' ? type round building with high windows that opened .. again I will go try and find that... I hope I kept it--- It amazed me. If I find will post.

    I sleep on my back but wish I could more or change positions a little more.... I wonder about sleep wear, beds, bedding etc. I have to have things just so to get to sleep -- find afer that. Have been testing an Avana Comfort Mattress Elevator for Incline Bed Therapy and intersted in Weighted Blankets looking at Xalm https://xalm.co.uk/products/xalm-weighted-blanket also on Amazon... I think this is the brand Temple Grandin recommends but too expenisve for me might try a Yoga Pad like theRAVI Yoga | For Yoga Practice & Calming https://myravi.com/shop-ravi-yoga/

    I just shared the info below with Cozy Pure and Flo-Bed bedding product companies I've done business with in the past so I cut and pasted it here also mentions Mouth Taping that I believe has been a great find for our family. DH uses any wound tape but I started out with blue 3M wound tape for sensitive skin but I have such ultra sensitve skin I use Somnifix https://somnifix.com/products/mouth...MIxtrH4Kzr5gIVOYNaBR02fgfrEAAYASABEgJd1vD_BwE
    I have to remove some of the adheisive by stripping it putting in on clean organic fabric and pulling it off numerous times. Pricey but so critical to our sleep DH snors and I puff as my dentist explained. The Somnifix are supposed to be single use but I handle with care and get a week to 10 nights.
    Web articles and videos on Inclined Bed Therapy
    Avana Comfort 7" Elevator Mattress link - I am testing this product out now - so far so good.

    and Tip about Mouth Taping You Tube Video is below.
    Mouth Taping I know it sounds strange....I put it off for 6 months while DH tried it right away and the very next day he did not have usual afternoon nap. We have now been mouth taping for over 2 years and it has helped with both our sleep and our energy levels.
    • You Tube Video How To Mouth Tape For Better Sleep

      by Mark Burhenne, DDS of Ask The Dentist dot com https://askthedentist.com/ Mark Burhenne DDS is also the author of a great little book called the 8 hours sleep paradox.

      If you check out the articles and the links don't work just google and I'm sure they will come up
      May be too much infomation for some but I am dead serious about SLEEP I know it is critical.

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