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Sleeping Outdoors On A Hill With A System Of Mirrors Shining on my taint

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Nintendo 1889, Dec 23, 2022.


good idea?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. as with all things, the answers are highly nuanced

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  1. Nintendo 1889

    Nintendo 1889 New Member

    Like the guy from Arizona who built the moonlight collector, I want to build something like this (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...arizona-light-collector-idUSN0463343020071205) but on top of a hill and exclusively for waking directly in the morning sun - but then how would I be able to keep moonlight from making me a LUNAtic? Would the glass would have to be Quartz to get the full spectrum of visible and invisible light or would it work with regular glass, since the reflective material is behind the glass?


    I need to study the angles of the moonlight and sunlight and thankfully there are AR apps that make it easy and the angles at different dates. If you are camping out and have an android "sun's path" is the one I use.

    I suppose I could start simple and just have a basic platform on a hill and a tent on a platform and then build it from there.

    My thesis is that the morning light is the most healing, and does no damage. Would it be safe to receive concentrated amounts of morning light? I would be building a low tech version of the powerful near/far IR device that Jack has in his clinic.

    I would also sleep nude in the dirt on top of a hill where this light would hit me from both the sun and the mirrors (obviously I would burn the dirt and/or add potash to sanitize it and have a metal barrier for the worms etc...) but still have a grounding cable.

    Another thought was building a faraday cage to sleep in. I asked Jack on clubhouse about this and he said that there's a stanford study where people went crazy being buried underground (but I would prefer to sleep outdoors, maybe on a hill or platform for maximum sunlight[1]) - also if EMF ever reached my residence/healing center I could build a metal box that blocks most RF in most directions but still be in the dirt. I asked Jack if it is because a faraday cage disconnects us from the schumann resonance and he said yes.

    I'm seriously considering moving to El Salvador and am trying to save enough to have a portable house/RV etc, and do whatever I want since there's little regulation on starting a business: sell keto coffee on the beach (yes DA is a jerk). rent out jetskis, build a health retreat, make a farm, teach bitcoin to anyone, build a bitcoin mine/miner hosting/wireless isp, help to wire up bitcoin city, etc.... anything to get away from modern life. It sucks that I work in computers and IT, but health is my true passion, I just happen to be good at computers. Plus with the abundant virgin volcanic soil and mostly agrarian society I'll fit right in as an anti-EMF and offgridder.

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