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Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Michael Polito, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Michael Polito

    Michael Polito New Member

    Wondering if anyone can offer some sleep aid suggestions. I have been trying set my C.R. Up in the morning 20 min facing the sun, I dont wear sunglasses, Im outdoors quite a bit, I have corrected the lighting in my home to amber at night, use amber glasses while watching tv, iphone computer etc. Try to stop eating by 7pm. I do however drink coffee in the morning, maybe a cup in the afternoon and sometimes a cup after dinner. I do have an occasional glass of wine for dinner. I know most will say, "duhhh" ditch the coffee especially at night, which i do sometimes, but it does not seem to help. 56 years old. Thank you.
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Is your bedroom very, very dark?

    Can you turn off the power to your bedroom? What is on the other side of your bedroom walls? above? below?

    Does your house have a smart meter?

    All electrons out of bedroom?

    How is your libido?

    What do you eat for dinner?
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  3. harmony

    harmony Harmony makes things grow lack of it things decay

    Before sleep Jack says get cold and exercise ( havn't quite got to that stage yet myself). Getting to sleep - try visualising things, work on turning something into an image, preferably in colour. Counting sheep is a classic example, I used to visualise peeling an orange. Staying asleep - darkness - cover the light sources, noiseless or white noise - my son used to turn on a fan for white noise. Waking and not getting back to sleep - get up and make a warm drink - just warm water if you're spartan, or chamomile tea, maybe read for a while if reading makes you sleepy, or visualise. Don't use this time to think about work, save that for the hour before you get up as it can be your most creative and productive thinking time.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Cells are designed to structure water during daylight hours and the effect lasts long into the night when quantum coherent excitations are occuring in the absence of light and during REM sleep when we are paralyzed. Motion disturbs the quantum state. Fake light night at light also disturbs a quantum state to a degree. Why is artifical light at night DEADLY: During daylight hours the sun builds a massive battery in cell water and water stores that potential energy for a long period of time as Gerald Pollack has showed. As that charge is built up during day this allows to a decoherence as the cell physical properties allows for decoherence with the environment under the power of the suns waves. They to understand is that in warm environment coherence can be maintained in transient fashion at night. During the absence of sun at night, while using the massive charges stored in cell water called the exclusion zone, cells become able to transiently able to become quantum coherent. This allows for regeneration and the creation of the living state. This implies that sleep was likely the original state that life began and living things evolved wakefulness during daylight hours. Nocturnal animals reversed this process and used other formation of cosmic radiation from the Van Allen belts at night and IR light present day and night to yoke their circadian systems. No matter how improbable this appears to physicists nature laws do not forbid quantum coherence by any know law or math proof, therefore, given enough time nature will find a way. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27499509
  5. Penny

    Penny New Member

    As the planetary expert on insomnia, I think I've tried everything... zero screen time at night - I mean, when that sun goes down, watch it and you are done... I have great luck running a red incandescent light next to me which I read by and then I pass out - in fact, my night time ritual is to take a shower, rub epsom salts and baking soda on my skin, and finish it with cold water - then while I'm still kinda not all the way dry, I head for bed where there are 2 UV lights running over the bed and one red light running next to me - I have lately been also throwing ice cold face dunks at night as well as in the morning - really, whenever I want a hit of energy and I have been hacking an IR Rubilux light which I shine on my forehead over my left eye - I think this is where dopamine/serotonin might be made in the PFC - it is where the sensor in my "Mindflex" was put so just a guess on my part - then I start OMing - no covers on either - you have to get cold - then I'm out -

    This all goes to crap if it's a hot night, if I haven't gotten rid of enough blood sugar and if I have too many carbs at night - then it's bathroom time por moi... so, for dinner which also needs to be finished by say 4:00 optimally for me - because when that sun goes down, digestion goes to crap - you're either digesting at night or doing cellular repair IMHO - if I eat even at 6:00 P.M. it's GERD time for me... dinner should be some protein and fat - I also find too much protein and I'm getting rid of ammonia instead of making serotonin - watch the bacon because the salt will dehydrate you and you won't sleep either - personally, I skip sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol after noon because it's too dehydrating -

    A word about oysters... it is just astounding to me how a silly little can of oysters can work better for sleep than any pill I've ever tried... I get a can down every day - they have electrons, zinc (which is used to convert B6 into P5P which is a cofactor for serotonin), viruses - think RNA here... and remember, zinc is used in the insulin molecule so anytime you look at light at night, you won't make melatonin and won't shut off the insulin pump which has a melatonin receptor - it takes 4 hours of complete darkness to make melatonin so you are leaving on that pump an extra 4 hours every time you "surf"... also, I wear black eye shades -

    Not sure about exercise after dinner - I have used the trampoline after dinner - it's funner to watch the sunset that way, but I think it would be way better to exercise between 2:00-5:00, then have dinner - Dr. K has mentioned that in his book -

    Give it up on the coffee - truly stupid IMHO - try ice cold face dunks instead - my new religion - also, methylene blue in the afternoon isn't a hot idea either - but that's just me -

    I've also slept with a giant ice pack on my abdomen or back and that works great also - you can also try thinking about someone/thing you love or even thinking the word "love" can do it and your next breath will be a perfect belly breath - it is crazy cool how that works - which is a direct hit to your vagus nerve -
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  6. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Thank you . Going to try these things. Sometimes it is not worth fighting it. Just get up like you said. Thank you.
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  7. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Thank you . Going to try these things. Sometimes it is not worth fighting it. Just get up like you said. Thank you.
  8. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Thank you Doctor. I knew some of this from your prior blogs and interviews, but you but you explained it here in a different LIGHT for me. Thank you.
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  9. Mover

    Mover New Member

    THANK YOU! some great ideas here that i never tried. I love the oyster idea and the red light reading. I do wear black eye shades. I hope this is just a temporary thing. I never had a problem falling asleep even after coffee at around 9pm. My body is changing perhaps. Thanks again!
  10. Mover

    Mover New Member

    Yes, i Like all you are saying. My diet is excellent i think. Fish mostly, grass fed beef and organic chicken. Mostly dark greens, not pastas, wheat or starches (except on birtdays and holidays i have massive desserts, lol) But overall i am about 10-12 % body fat. A trainer and fighter.

    My Libido sucks lately

    I do not have a smart meter.

    My bedroom is very dark and eliminated just about all EMFS

    I am doing all the right things. I think its nerves. I can't stop thinking of financial and business stuff. Meditation has helped (zazen)
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your libido should not suck at your age ..... forget about all the business/financial stuff - do your best and then shut it down by 5:00pm. It will keep until the next day.

    Maybe you need a career change? You should love what you do - if you don't - time for a change. Life is way too short - you know the drill!

    You have more important things to think about ...... some beautiful music, a beautiful lady, candlelight, maybe some great wine occasionally, some fresh oysters......
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Time 22 explains it all.
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  13. Dylan Petkus

    Dylan Petkus Quantum Clinician in Training

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  14. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    After a year in Brazile, I came back home.
    All was peachy, my trusty agent did a great job.
    I am trying to buy another house.
    the bank gives me grief because I still have unpaid about $3.50 (three dollars)
    (During a year my bank closed, my account went to the new bank, my agent missed this obscure charge).
    forget about all the business/financial stuff

    Arrange it in such a way that it would withstand 3 -5 years cruise around the world without the need for interventions.

    Interesting subject to streamline.
    I am still looking for a really automatic way of (checking the accuracy of bills) and their payment.
    real estate taxes
    variety of credit cards
    brokerage investments adjustments
    bank statements

    Some of the above can be made by pre-payments. I have not tried that yet.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
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