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SlamSlask Journal - Reversing 3 Years in IT

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by SlamSlask, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    About me
    Hey my name is Mads
    I'm a 21-year-old male from Denmark, and I live in a harbor city called Esbjerg (Easy access to seafood), moved here about 3 years ago.
    I work as an IT Administrator Trainee for one of the major companies on the harbor. So a typical office job with lots of bad lightning and EMF exposure (You don't even dream of the EMF exposure in our server rooms LOL)

    After reading/listening to JK intensely for the last 2 weeks and implementing some of his advice I now decided to take this to the next level and make it a much bigger part of my life

    The result I have gotten from his advice so far have been much better than from any of the many diets I now have gone trough. Which brings me to the first part of my introduction....

    Guess I been trough most of the diet schemes at this point!
    Before moving away from my family to my own place here in Esbjerg I ate a SAD with a lot of Coca-cola (was my go to drink even before water) lots of wheat, pasta you get the idea ;)
    After I moved to Esbjerg, about 3 years ago, I decided to do something about it and started on a journey to fix my health.
    I started weight lifting 2-3 times a week and went on a typically very high carb/protein diet this was mostly oatmeal, ground beef, chicken, milk and peanut butter
    As I quickly hit a plateau in my overall health I started doing a more Paleo version of the same diet (Still high carb protein etc. but better foods overall)
    Finally about 8 months ago I started going full out Ketogenic/Paleo, Mostly following the advice I got from Tristian (Primal Edge Health). Here I also started to understand that macronutrients are not everything
    Here I discovered why vegetables and micronutrients are important and that I had to eat more of them.
    This has been the only thing that has really taken my health to another level before discovering JK

    Leptin reset/Exercise
    For about 8 weeks I have now followed the Leptin reset and the results have been amazing.
    This is also the reason why I have decided to implement as much of the other protocols and advice as I can.
    Before the Leptin Reset I was doing a standard Hypertrophy program (4 - 5 times a week for about 1 hour each session) I did this for 2 months and gained nearly 2 kgs of muscle mass (still a newbie) but while doing the Leptin Reset I cut down my exercise to mostly long walks.
    At this point I have more energy all throughout the day (which I never really had) hunger has also gone down quiet alot
    I do still feel a huge lack of energy most days but has gotten better

    I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy about 8 years ago after having 3 "attacks" in 3 months.
    After this, the doctors put me on medication the one I was prescribed is called Orfiril (300 mg) 1 pill at breakfast and dinner (Only thing I know about these is that they tapped me for most of my energy)
    But I haven't taken these since I moved to my own place (3 years)

    The other stuff I have done since digging into this new rabbit hole have all been in the last week so they will come in my future updates.
    These are the major things I can think of if any more context is needed then feel free to ask away and big thanks to JK for all the information he gives out for free!
    Looking forward to meeting all you "mithochondriacs"

    My current situation (Last update 08-10-2017)

    Current Symptoms:
    Bloated belly (Inflammation)
    Headaches (usually when at work and shortly after)
    Tinnitus when around nnEMF (especially Wi-Fi)
    Low vitamin D3 33ng/ml (was tested 6 months ago)
    Hard time building muscle
    Blue'ish lines under my eyes
    Lack of energy most days (This seems to getting better slowly)
    Lack of focus / lossing train of thought
    Acne (mostly in my face)

    Health Wins:
    Sugar cravings are finally completly gone (happend after a few months doing the leptin RX)
    Higher level of energy overall (still long from optimal)
    More energy when working out
    Less hunger (Only eating 2 meals most days now)
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    we need a pic please.....
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  3. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Could not get the uploader to work last night but here goes :)
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  4. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Today I looked at some pictures of myself from before I started on the Ketogenic diet
    Much has changed but especially my skin has gotten much healthier. Used to have to lots of pimples and dry skin
    Still not all good but much much better.

    It has been very cloudy today and a bit rainy so could not catch much sunlight so went for a long walk around the city instead
    Here I went by the harbor and meet one of the local fishermen who I bought a whole trout from (finally something other than salmon)
    So for dinner, I made some homemade Sushi with cauliflower rice and avocado on side
    Desert was some Maca/Cacao brownie
    Both recipes can be found in the cookbook from Primal Edge Health:

    Rest of my day has been listing to music and packing my stuff down so that I'm ready to move tomorrow
    Currently looking into a reverse osmosis system for my new apartment
    But still, do not have clue which brand or model to go for? (anyone got some recommendation)
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks! What about just buying bottled spring water? apparently R/O water does a number on your pipes.....
  6. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    The basics of all this information is starting to make sense and im constantly connecting new dots
    Think i got kinda addicted to researching all this :D
    Have been changing alot of my routines and prioties according to the my new understanding of health
    Everytime i connect a "dot" a new question arises which is wonderful !
    I finally feel that i have a clear path to walk instead of jumping from dogma to dogma (changing diet and exercise routines)
    I have typed my questions in Italic casing

    Pretty quickly when i discovered JK i figured that my job was my biggest issue and after alot of thought i have decided to quit my traniee position
    Gonna finish as a lower tier of my education instead and that will done by the end of the year
    The money is simply not worth it to me anymore - and with the coming 5G technolgy etc. then the office is only gonna get worse

    Leptin RX:
    Been doing the Leptin RX for about 5 months now and my hunger has gone down tremendsly
    I rarely eat lunch anymore except on thursdays since they serve fish at work which is free ;)
    In the last weeks i started implemeting the guidelines for after the RX (https://www.jackkruse.com/so-you-completed-the-leptin-rx-what-is-next-2/)
    More on this in a upcoming update

    Been fitting in my workouts between 3 and 5 PM (Thank god for my semi flexible work hours)
    ATM im lifting 4 times a week for about 1 hour
    Have set up a HIT routine which i do 2 times a week in the nearby park (best area close to my aparment according to a Cornet)
    A few pepole have come up and asked me what is was doing and was pretty curios why i wear no shoes will running etc.

    Other than the leptin RX this has been the area i focused on the most since my job has a terrible light enviroment and my understanding is that this is the most critical to get right
    Been using alot of time researching how light sets the carcadian rythm especially the material that Jack talks about in his Vermont talk (Was really informative thanks @Jack Kruse)
    So had a pretty good understanding before i went and talked with a optican (Toke alot of time actually finding one who had some understanding of this)
    But with alot of persistence i ended up finding one yesterday who understand the effects of light on carcaidian rythms
    As soon as i told him about my project of making my own blue blockers i could see his eyes light up and he passionately started to listen to my plan :)
    He was really interested in helping me get the tinting "chemicals" (Last thing that keeps me from making some)
    So im currently waiting to see if he can get them

    I talked with the owner of the Gym i go to and told him the basics about blue light and carcaidian rythm
    A couple of weeks later he came back to me when i was doing my workout and asked me what he could do to improve the light in his Gym
    So i helped him order some red light bulbs on Amazon to replace the ones in the ceiling
    He also started turning of the (Currently) Blue lights in the daytime as the sun coming trough the windows is more than eoungh

    Started acting like the Sphinx every morning.
    I wake up at around 6:30 and first thing I do is taking out my breakfeast to my garden and eat it while sitting on the grass looking in the direction of the sun
    My landlord let me cut of a few branches on a big tree to allow the morning sun to hit the grass area
    on workday days im home at around 17:00 and after making my dinnner I go outside and read the books recommended by Jack (Just finished The fourth phase of water)
    These 2 things really helped me build my solar callus, before discovering JK i was nearly shining when i was in the sun lol
    Now i can stay there all day even here in the summer with a UV index beetween 5 and 7

    Have done alot of things too decrease the amount of EMF
    1. turned of most the wireless stuff on my smartphone - only running on the 2G network in order to recive calls etc. (airplane mode at night)
    2. Got 100 Meters of Ethernet cable which i have pulled around the celling in my apartment (No WiFi) - best i can do without moving because of my neighbours
    3. I unplug everything while it's not in use
    4. Turning off power at night
    5. Replaced my wireless keyboard and mouse at work with a wired set
    These are the major things
    Still need to do someting about my smart-meter - The power company won't replace it even though i pay for the 3 months upfront - what can i do in this case?

    Still don't own a Cornet as it is to expensive but the local university let me borrow one for a weekend which helped me track down alot of things
    Own a cheap meter from Amazon which measures only the nnEMF coming of the power grid

    In general i fell better and i have less trouble falling asleep at night (most days it takes about 10 mins) this was hugh issue for me not too long ago (shitty light all through the day)
    Becoming a member will be first thing i do as soon as i know how much money i got when starting on a new job
    With this information at hand health is only a choice
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  7. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Been wanting to move out of the city for the about a year now...
    Only been living inside the city since i moved for my current job (3 years) and to be honest i really miss the silence and peace
    Therefore i have been looking into renting a room outside the city and today my college offered me a very cheap one
    This will be perfect as long as I'm under education and need to go to the city on the weekdays

    Blue Blockers:
    The optician i been talking to has found some "tinting chemicals" so i can now get started making some more stylish blue blockers :D
  8. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    After sorting my finances i was finally able to become a Gold member
    Will have to watch the webinars from 2012 to match my reading of the blog (Currently reading CT7)

    All the moving stuff has now been coordinated and set into motion
    Worst case I will be moving on 1.nov if no one else wants my apartment before

    Will like to do my first labs next month before moving and changing my job to get a baseline before starting going all in :D
    My doctor won't help me get any testing except measuring cholesterol so have to figure out which "third party" test I should get

    Next month I will have a good amount of money saved up so affording a test from DUTCH or similar will be possible if needed
    I have added a list with the symptoms I have noticed in the first post
    Any help on figuring out which labs I should get is much appreciated and if there is a need for more information then feel free to ask :)

    Blue Blockers:
    The optician can only get BPI 500 and I'm not sure of the quality so not gonna take the chance
    But with perfect timing @Matty_M started his tinting service so will be ordering a pair tomorrow
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  9. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    SaSo a few things happend since my last update
    Currently im trying to get some information about my mother and grandmothers health which will be added soon

    I am able to move this coming weekend as someone wanted my apartment from the 1.nov
    So will be out of the city very soon
    Finished my final exam and tests last week some im now back to normal working hours :(
    But on the bright side they now have to pay me alot more
    My contract is running untill the end of year
    I have been offered a "study-job" at an IT company for beetween 15 - 20 hours a week after my current contract runs out
    All my hours will be in the daytime
    Smaller office fewer pepole but still bad overall
    Still not sure if i wanna take a job as it really fells like 2 steps forward one backwards

    Other than my cold showers i have used the decreasing tempature to do some CT while gathering the bit of sunlight there is currently
    Most days it is between 10 - 15 degress C so not the coldest but good for adapting a bit
    Had an 1 hours session yesterday at 13 C only wearing shorts and was impressed with the amount of energy i got for some time afterwards

    My doctor is not much for helping me get some blood work done currently
    But will try and tell im more about my symtomps and hopefully this will change his mind
    Else i will try and find another doctor

    Still drining tap water but have bought some glass bottels which i fill up and put into the ground
    Stated this after i heard Jack talk about placing ones water on a magnetico hopefully this will have somewhat of the same effect
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    thanks for the update....... nice.....
  12. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Okay so time for a update...
    The last 2 weeks have mostly been work, moving and alot of thinking/planning for the time to come
    After selling out of my electorning devices i can now count them on 1 hands :)
    Been working overtime the last week (about 50 hours per week) as we have been migrating some major systems
    This also gave me a very good time to think about my work enviroment which is litterally a" blue lid microwave reactor"

    Work enviroment:We are about 50 members of the IT department all of us are on the 5th floor
    I switch between the support and operations department which are both located in the same corner
    In these 2 teams we are 16 pepole in total
    Everyone has atleast 1 smartphone - Some also a tablet (Both of these i guess are connected to the WiFI)
    After we hired a few more we had to set up and extra "Router" so now there is one over each team
    Everyone has 2 to 4 screens and a laptop
    The building exterior is all glass (Guess this reflects back all the signals)
    The light are all 6200K LEDs

    Since i started this job about 3 years ago 2 of my colleges have gotten diabetes (now 4 out of 16)
    Many are overweight or complain about health issues - Insane why i have'nt connected any of these dots earlier !!!
    Conclusion: Can't wait to get out by the end of year - My dopamine has to be really low !
    Over time:
    With the over time i had been working from 7 in the morning til around 18 most days
    The first 2 days i hesitated to wear my blue blockers at work as just changing my screen whit Flux has caused an extreme amount of comments
    After 2 days of poor sleep and a very hard time falling asleep i finally decided to do the right thing and wear them all day
    This helped me fall asleep much eaiser but the sleep was still terrible (Not making melatonion from the lack of sunlight i guess)
    Moving out of the city:
    So finally the weekend of my move came by !
    I now live in a rented room in my colleges home which is about 15 km from the city center
    This is way out in the countryside so the 2 nearest neighbours are 0,5 and 1,2 km away
    This has been one of the best decisions so far

    nnEMF is much lower here got only 2 cell towers in a radius of 5km here i got 3/5 bars on 3,5G
    This is down from 5/5 4G whit a hell lot of towers in the city
    Still got no meter so have to rely on the network speed for now
    City = 50 - 80 Mbit - Here = 8 - 20 Mbits (Both Outside)
    Sometime calls will fall out when inside

    First biohack here:
    Yesterday i used 3 hours pulling cables around this new house to eliminate the 2 wifi networks here
    My laptop could see about 25 WiFi networks in my old apartment this is down to ZERO after my latest biohack
    Currently making a list with future biohacks/projects that has to be done out here

    My sleep has improved dramaticly since i moved (execpt the week i was doing overtime)
    I feel full of energy after seeing the sunrise now - even though its hard to catch to much of it when having to meet at 8 here in the winter time
    Can't wait to see if this gets even better now that the WiFi has been turned off also (the signal was not that good in my room)

    Labs / Doctor:
    After talking asking around in my network i managed to find another doctor
    My first visit was very brief but after explaning my sympthoms to him he quickly arranged another visit for my so hopefully some labs are coming up soon

    Diet:I have got back to eating 3 meals most days now
    Still do BABs which help me limit my food intake for the rest of day
    Been reading the newest blogs where @Jack Kruse talks about ketosis and the "programming" of Hydrogen i food and the link to sunlight
    So now im pretty confused as to if i should add more carbs than the about 50g of daily carbs i currently eat when taking my blue led enviroment into consideration ?


    Still using cold showers and the outside air only as i haven't been able to read much more of the CT blogs (still on CT3)
    I have started begin able to stay outside only wearing my shorts much longer so slowly getting more cold adapted
    As per my understanding so far one needs to have some atleast decent levels of Thyroid hormones before starting to do more deep CT?

    There is also a lake pretty close to my new place so hopefully that can be used for CT down the road

    Been slacking alot of my HIIT traning lately
    But finally picked it up again this this weekend
    Haven't been lifting weight for a while now as i just don't feel like it atm.
    Think this is okay as i have to get my health better before trying to build muscle again

    After all everything is slowly getting better :)
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Sounds like a great new place you have :) :)

    Can you get oysters there too? Are you close to the German border? I live a bout 30 min., from your border and if you ever want to come and pick a bag of oysters, let me know :)
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  14. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Yeah really enjoy this new place - Im still to explorer more of the nearby forests including the multiple lakes here
    There has too be one of them that will be good for doing CT :)

    My "seafood pusher" only gets oysters about ones a month :(
    So atm im mostly eating Macrel and Trout - Stopped buying farmed salmon after your advice (https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/more-on-why-seafood-is-brain-food.20145/#post-223557)
    been reading the first part of you journal lots of great ideas for preparing seafood - Gonna eat more of my seafood raw
    Gotta try the fish head smoothie after work :)

    Would love to come pick some oysters (Will send you a PM soon) :)
  15. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Blue Blockers:
    Got my new pair of blue blockers from @Matty_M yesterday
    Been using them at work today and my headaches was decreased drastically - They have also decreased the amount of questions i get from other customers when i get my groceries :D
    Really hope this will keep my headaches at a minimal for the rest of the year untill i get out of my current job

    My "seafood pusher" got me 30 oysters on friday so been eating them all weekend and finished the last of them this morning
    I started getting used to the special consistency :)

    The stuff that Jack is getting into still have not connected in my mind so can't wait for the November webinar which hopefully can help me connect some of the dots to something i allready know
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  16. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    I keep learning more and more - at this point most of my thinking goes into biohacking :)
    My projects list is getting longer everyday lol

    Starting to get to a point where i don't care about all the stuff i had before - Hopefully this is my Dopamine levels rising from the ashes ;)
    At this point i can count my electronics on one hand and will get rid of my laptop and smartphone soon to (Need this for work so can't get rid of them before my work contract runs out)
    Sold most of before i moved so at this point im left with a flatscreen i need to sell
    Feels so good to not be in need of all these things

    Even sold my huge HiFi setup which i have bought over the last 3 years - This hurt my heart a little bit but i know its for the better in the end

    Sunlight / CT:
    Have to go to work at 8 in the morning so can manage to get about 20-30 mins of the first part of the sunrise
    Started getting really fast at eating my lunch so that i can go out in parking lot and get abit of sunlight into my eyes - This seems to help me sleep better even when its only about 15 min
    This is one of the biggest problems for me atm
    On the weekends i can be naked outside for some untill it gets to cold (atm it is between 3 - 10C) - usally about 20 mins at a time which i try to do as much as i can
    This also seems to help me cold-adapt slowly as i can stay outside in the cold longer and longer

    Still a little hesitant to jump into the lake that is pretty close to me - think it need to set up simple tube where i can control the water temp and cold-adapt further first

    Allways listened to alot of music (Mostly Electronic, Drum & Bass and older rock like Led Zeppelin, Metallica etc.)
    Most of my favorite albums have started to sound so different - The music does not sounds as fractal anymore and i hear it more as a whole
    Thought this was pretty interesting as most the songs i have been listing to so many times over many years

    Visiting @Inger / Diet:
    Toke a trip to Germany to visit Inger and what a lovely lady she is :)
    We discussed some biohacks and gathered our own Oysters - So a third of my fridge is now filled with Oysters :)
    Was really nice to meet another Mithocondriac and i learned alot too

    Also started eating fish everyday to try and mitigate my bad enviroment just a bit

    After alot of calls my power company i finally managed to make a deal that allows me to get rid of the smartmeter in my new living arrangment
    Will have to pay for the meter and electrian to change it and maybe a minor yearly fee
    This i can live with and should help alot with decrease the nnEMF

    Still have not gotten any meters but will order some soon now that i have a good amount of cash from selling most of my electronic

    As mentioned i got a new doctor and will go for my second consulation next week
    Last time he sounded pretty interested in my "project" but time will tell

    Some nights i have started dreaming alot sometimes soo much that i wake up in middle of night and wonder if it was real lol;)
    The night when i got back from Germany i woke up 2 times as i had these very wired dreams which i can still remeber most of
    Has to be all the sun seafood etc. that i got on my trip
    Can't remeber the last time i could remeber my dreams !

    Bought a used Quantlet which i can't wait to try out
    Hope this will help me on the more cloudy days

    Overall i keep feeling a little better everyday:)

    Fell like my Journal needs some pictures as it's getting a little boring
    Soo here is a picture of my dinner with some german Oysters and mackrel shashimi
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
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  17. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    A little update on this dream/sleep thing:
    Same thing happened this night I can still remember both of the dreams I had in detail even the scenery I remember
    Again I woke up at about 2 o'clock as I had to pee and fell asleep pretty quickly
    This is starting to worry me a bit as I never had these very "real" dreams before but hopefully, it is just my redox/health that is improving

    Thinking that all the peeing has to come from my change in the water I drink
    About 70% of the water I drink now is San-Pellegrino so I hope this is just my body begin on "overdrive" trying to deplete Deterium ;)
    In general, i have also started to pee a lot - between 3 & 5 times a day which I have never done before

    Mood / Cognitive:
    My mood has increased so much after my trip to Germany and it seems to stick for the time begin
    my default has changed to begin and happy most of the time and small things which used to annoy on the daily basis does not have much of an impact anymore and just laugh a bit now
    My thinking is so clear and fast atm

    Facial Skin / Blue Blockers:
    This just keeps improving so fast - Got some small improvements with this when I changed my diet to low-carb before starting Jack's protocols but nothing to compared to the improvements over the last 2 weeks
    This seems to be correlated to me starting to use my blueblockers at work
  18. Nicolaj Sølvsten

    Nicolaj Sølvsten New Member

    have you tried getting some more salt? I feel soo much better after eating "homemade" popcorn with ghee and a lot of himalyan pink salt.. it may help ur peeing issue..
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  19. SlamSlask

    SlamSlask Newcomer / Gold Klub

    Great idea will try that and report back :)
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Nice pic! :) A perfect meal :)

    I feel special about the members I meet at Jack kruses site.. it is as we are family somehow! It was so very nice to have you here :) :) I have not laughed that much in quite some time...lol

    I think remembering dreams is a great thing! I dream very clearly close to every single night... My dreams are like.. real. Crazy! But nice, because the dreams are often really nice :) and sometimes very weird..lol

    I would not worry about the peeing thing. When I drink a lot I do pee a lot, what to do ;)
    Just peeing in the middle of the night is not so good but for me it really helped to cut my breaker for the bedroom. I think it might have to do with nnEMF... Now I seldom pee in the night, and if, it is rather early in the morning.
    I am curious if you see any change when you find out how to cut yor breaker, or when you get rid of the smart meter. I am pretty sure it will help :)
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