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SkywayKate's Journey to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by skywaykate, May 3, 2012.

  1. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Sooooo...I'm here. I'm doing the LR, officially started yesterday.

    I'm going to record it all here as I go through this gauntlet, it is a matter of life-or-death. But I am going to do it!!!

    After the history, hopefully I can get some laughing going on. Need it to make life bearable.

    In case anyone is interested, a little background...

    The happy things: 33 y.o. SAHM of extremely active 2.5 y.o. twin girls. Live in downtown St. Paul, MN (for now, we will likely be moving this year). Have a husband very committed to our marriage, bc otherwise the effects of my health on our life would have driven us to divorce by now. He's an awesome father. I do a small amount of freelance small business marketing consulting, graphic & web design.

    The not-so-happy: Struggled with extreme fatigue on and off for the time I've known my husband, 10 years. Had my first bought of what might have been chronic fatigue soon after we met (only had catastrophic insurance), gained 50# in 5-6 months because I was eating to stay awake and finish school and work. Dead on the couch by 7pm, not like me AT ALL. Have continued to gain weight over the years, might take a little off here and there but gain it back. Have had times when I had to take 5+ hour naps on the weekends, in addition to 12+ hours of sleep to be functional during the week. Expected that once my girls started sleeping through the night, I would have more energy, but it has only gotten worse and worse. I tried following the Wheat Belly diet for 7 weeks, but didn't feel any better, and knew I could get the lift I needed from carbs to get through the day. Bottomed out around Christmas time, had about 4 hours of functional energy in a day, had to fight to stay awake the next day if I used more than that allotted amount. That means time spent showering, cooking, wrangling my girls to get them dressed, trying to get out of the house, etc.

    I got off my 2 high-dose "happy pills" and had my Armour dose tripled in the first part of this year. A very positive salivatory gluten antibody test in mid-April gave credence to my husband that I need to be reforming my eating, not just to loose weight/burn (or CT, as it is) fat off. He finally started to support my dietary changes, instead of no support back in February when I lasted 6 days on the LR. I know I have to do this for myself, but even marginal support goes a really long way when you have this little energy.

    Struggle on and off with major depression since the age of 11, but therapy has trained me to cope, along with a lot of work on my own.

    Did the candida diet for 8 months in 2001 to clear up painful tonsils and other things, like seasonal allergies.

    The unhappy: Besides being super overweight (I hate the word obese, just as a word, but I'm morbidly so), lacking energy even compared to a year or two ago, my BP is high-ish, though I've been able to skirt meds. My family history is horrible...my dad's cardiologist is Dr. William Davis, of Wheat Belly fame, bc my dad was thisclose to having a heart attack at 54, despite generally eating "healthy" and biking 700 miles that summer up to that point (August). His brother, my uncle, died at age 49 with 99% blockage in his corated (sp?) artery (though his life style was anything but healthy), my grandma of a clot-induced stroke at 62, my grandpa of mismanaged T2D at 70, which was 10 years later than anyone expected him to live. A little better on my maternal side, but still enough issues.

    Progesterone is low, Testosterone is high but still w/in "normal". Not taking any supplements at the moment but ordering them tonight. Had taken a slew for about 2 months at the beginning of 2009 based on the book by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Reverse Heart Disease Now, that's how I had enough energy to get pregnant, lol, but most were unknown for safety during pregnancy/breastfeeding so I stopped. Won't do that in the future if I get pregnant again!

    Twins are way more tiring in general than I ever expected, and I've done tons and tons of childcare--it was even easier when I had my friend's three in addition to mine!--but I keep trying to figure out what is wrong, thankfully God lead me to Dr. Meyer while researching. Doctors don't seem to believe me, most blame it on my weight, and now more recently, my lack of conditioning. No real help offered. Some testing done, nothing out of the ordinary but no where near optimal. Saliva cortisol test was low, DHEA high, progest low. Low Vit D (25.something).


    OK, need to go get busy for now, will come back later to add more, including stats and food and stuff.

    If you've read this far, wow, thank you!

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hang in there, Skyway! I used to sleep the weekends away, and most weekdays too, for that matter.

    Now I can't remember when I took a nap last, probably a year ago. My BP went down to normal, and I got off the presciption med, before I lost the first pound. It isn't necessarily the weight, it may be what you were eating.

    Glad you're with us.

  3. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Uh, was reading thru what I wrote, not sure where Dr. Meyer came from, because I meant Kruse!!

    Taking a two min break before pushing myself again to keep going and get stuff done at hone before my parents visit tomorrow for the weekend (they stay with us). Donno what possessed me, but I had a coffee w dinner last night and ended up wide awake til 2. I was anticipating doing tons of laundry, for side tracked by a "discussion" w hubby, ended up starting at 11:45, got 5 done last night. Got 5.5 hours of sleep. Normal is about 8. Did another 7 loads today. We had a huge backlog and the machines in the building are on the smaller side. One set on each floor, so I can do a bunch at a time but still requires a lot of walking!!

    The rest of the info (weight, measurements, etc) will have to wait at this point.


    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You can call me what ever you like as long as you stick to it......youre on the road to optimal and we are here to help you. You success is my calling
  5. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Thank you, Dr. Kruse!!!!

    PS I'm bound and determined to be one of your best success stories. Keep me on my toes, ok?

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  6. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Awesome, Sally--thanks for the encouragement.

    Where are you in the process? How long did you do the Rx?


    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  7. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Ahh, the never-ending laundry train...I know it well, and I don't even have any kids!

    Hang in there. You're headed in the right direction!
  8. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Super cute picture, and the Urkel reference made me LOL...:D
  9. DarleenMB

    DarleenMB Silver

    Welcome! I'm fairly new at this myself but am determined, as you are, to see it through. so good luck to you :) and here's to a great journey.
  10. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Thank you, Darleen! Looking forward to journeying with you. :D

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  11. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Uh, beware if you're opening a new jar of coconut aminos stored at room temperature. It explodes like a fizzy, dizzy soda...in my case on me, the burner and other parts of the stove. Oh, and some on my meat, too, which is where it was intended. Making a top round steak for dinner instead of hubby's fall back of PB&j on wheat bread for the girls & likely a lunch meat turkey sandwich for himself (I would at least have leftover chicken burgers).

    The girls have already had cereal snacks in the snack baggies offered at church, a bunch of popcorn and then graham crackers. Need to get a nuts.com order in so I can make them coconut & almond flour options, STAT!!

    It says on the label to store the aminos in the fridge after opening to reduce fermentation fuzz, but I recommend before, too!

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  12. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Sooooo proud of myself for not eating anything after dinner tonight, considering I'm up really late and had to spend way too long at a conventional grocery store, so tons of tempting things to toss in the cart, and a McDonalds out front. Long story...I was under bright lights and it was sucky, but I survived and am going to sleep now...even been home an hour doing some editing for hubby and still resisting easily, not like me at all...this is AWESOME!!

    Good night!

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  13. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Hooray for resisting the urge to munch! I had to admit, it totally felt like magic to me the first few times I was able to just walk right by my beloved Dunkin' Donuts without even a second glance! Not having to fight yourself over whether or not to eat junk is awesome. Keep it up!
  14. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    BT (basal temp before getting out of bed): 97.33...much lower than I was expecting

    Plan to eat is ELAD (Eat Like a Dinosaur cookbook by Paleo Parents) Eggs in a Nest for breakfast, chicken sausage and salad for lunch, dinner will be shrimp scampi w cauliflower rice.

    Had to go to my 4th and 5th store for more Kerrygold butter last night. I had gotten some in the last 1-2 weeks at one of the places I normally shop, but they don't carry it any more, wherever that was. Super annoyed, but at least I know I have to go to Whole Foods, which is just an annoyance, not the end of the world. Picked up 3 of their 4 1/2# in stock, didn't want to take them all in case someone like me was out looking and getting desperate. (And store #4 was according to Kerrygold's website that they should have stocked it, but they hadn't ever heard of it, boo.)

    Expecting my bulletproof coffee in the mail today, hopefully! That was part of the reason for tracking down the butter.

    Warning, disturbing story about child abuse ahead. Skip to the next paragraph if you want the warm fuzzy part...

    Yesterday, a friend on FB posted a link to a news story about a father who broke his 3 mo triplet daughters legs on purpose, and described how they would become so hoarse from crying they would lose their voice and they would turn white from screaming so hard. I cried three times thinking about those girls, my heart aches for them.

    Their story, and others like it, are why I need to get healthy, and get my energy back. It has been strong on my heart since I was about middle school aged to do foster care and adoption. This is another reason to to what I'm doing and only adds to my resolve. I need to do it for myself, my own daughters, and for those kids that need good foster and adoptive parents.

    Here's to a great day!!

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  15. omg, what a heart breaking story!! :( How is that possible??
  16. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Today is LR day 10.

    Yahooo! Down 8.5" in the last week-- started measuring last Thursday--and that's with a very unusual night out last night (even on dates w hubs we're home by 10:30) where I had 2 pints hard cider and French fries at 11:00pm. Will post the deets later but needed to share.

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos
  17. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Thursday evening I ran a cool bath, not very cold for me but cool for most people, and my newly little meat eating Zoe hopped in with me. She's also a fish. She saw me in the tub and wanted in, I put her hand in to help her realize it was pretty cool, but she just gradually got more and more of her body in until she was dunking her head. Cracked me up, made it a lot more fun. My hips, knee on my right leg, and legs in general were sore for reasons I can't figure out (except not enough sleep), hence the cool bath in the first place. I wasn't going to officially start any CTing for a bit, but I'm so estrogen dominant, I might need to do that. Need to do more reading on the blog and elsewhere about estrogen dominance so I understand what it causes more.

    As I stated before, I lost 8.5" in my first week of measuring (Thursday-Thursday), days 2-9 of the LR. That breaks down...

    Calf: 20" (-.5")

    Thigh: 30" (-.5")

    Hips: 59.5" (-.5")

    Clothing waist: 54" (-3.5" woohoo!!)

    Upper waist (my Urkle waist): 45" (-1.75")

    Band (bra band): 44" (-.75")

    Arm: 20.75" (-.5")

    Wednesday night I went out with my cousin who was here visiting us from Monday-Thursday. I didn't plan well for food on Thursday and ended up chowing 2 Larabars at almost lunchtime. I also ate mashed potatoes at Ikea, along with some chicken, both of which I went with because they were gluten free (as well as a salad, but the dressing probably wasn't gf). Thursday I started feeling flemy and my tonsils were swelling, which happens when I have too much yeast and/or sugar in my system, and it's still going pretty strong today. I had a small coffee frappuccino from Starbucks late afternoon Thursday. Full of sugar and milk. Had two more Larabars on Friday, one around lunch and one after dinner last night (*******no, I didn't! aha! found the one I thought I must have eaten mid-day this morning so I am amending this entry with this statement). Between the Larabars and the Paleo Parents Pumpkin Pucks from ELAD, I've also had a lot of nuts. So I'm backing up again and making sure to stick with the basics now today so I hopefully can shake this, because I went to sleep last night with a headache too. Yesterday I also ate 4 times, because I was hungry, but I hadn't had enough fats, and had too much sugar instead, relatively speaking here, this is a fraction of the sugar I was having even before starting the reset.

    I'm in the second half of my cycle now but I need to re-figure where I am, lost track this week, because then I can pin this also to my cycle. I know that I've always gotten very hungry in the second half of my cycle. Productive-ness with the cousin while she visited but also used brain power that went elsewhere before, like remembering where I was in my cycle.

    Going to jot my food down here including amounts, it's been too crazy to keep up with this week but I've been eating like I'm writing it down, lol. All meat is grass fed unless otherwise stated, eggs are organic

    Breakfast today was late because I got to sleep in/take a morning nap...

    2 5" breakfast sausages

    1 HB egg

    1.75 "rat on a stick" with mustard added after reheating (the second one had a few bites missing from it) -mini ground meat "loaves" baked on a skewer, shaped to look like rat-ish, from the ELAD book, inspired by Shrek cooking rats for Fiona in the movie. My newly carnivorous Zoe loved these when we had them for dinner. They were about 3.5 oz precooked weight, 1/2 beef 1/2 pork

    8 oz sweetened coconut milk

    1 pkt SB Via Caramel Coffee (24g sugar)...been waiting a week for my bulletproof coffee to come, need to contact them!!

    1 serving "manna junk" as I call it - ~2T coconut manna, 1t+ coconut oil, 1t raw cacao powder, 1/4t maple syrup, microwaved for 25 sec to melt, mix, eat with spoon...this has been an awesome way to make sure I'm satiated after breakfast or dinner.

    .5 oz 85% G&B chocolate...need to research this 99% chocolate mentioned, but for a little hit, this is good.

    Am thinking HB eggs for lunch/mid-day snack, going to try to not eat as much today in general, and I know we'll have meatloaf today, just a matter of when, maybe an early dinner. Need to hit the co-op for more breakfast meats, and will get more meats, eggs, veg, and...oh yeah, pregnancy prevention comes from the co-op too, lol, that's the other thing on my list. I like the brand they stock best.

    My brain is having trouble remembering if I started on Tuesday or Wednesday last week. It wasn't that long ago, but I had it in my head that when I started measuring it was that I started the reset on Tuesday, but now I can't recall. Need to go look back to see if this is Day 11 or Day 12. Not that it matters exactly, just want to know.
  18. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Ask and ye shall receive...the FedEx package that was first attempted to be delivered on Thursday was my bulletproof coffee, wahoo! Looking forward to trying it tomorrow. :D

    They said it would come USPS so I wasn't in a hurry for the FedEx package, but if I would have known it was this, I would have tried harder!
  19. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Not going to make it to dinner, and it's not likely going to be an early dinner, so I had about 2T apple tidbits (slightly dehydrated apple chunks w cinnamon coating, also from ELAD), 2 HB eggs, and a Larabar, the one I found that I didn't actually eat yesterday.
  20. skywaykate

    skywaykate Gold

    Dinner: had about 10 oz precook weight ground beef, 1/2 c mushrooms & a few tablespoons onion in a meatloaf, with about 1/3rd cup tomato sauce on top, made from diced tomatoes, paste and a few seasonings like red Thai chili paste, mustard & a bit of coconut aminos. 1/2 c green beans (can't wait for the real thing, frozen kinda suck), 4 oz Izze Blackberry in more sparkling water (10g sugar), 1 oz 85% G&B chocolate bar.

    Pissed off my system bc I still have swollen tonsils, snot and another developing headache. Hope to get some probiotics tonight at the co-op. Need to really get on finishing my research and actually order my full compliment of supplements, as well as my blue blockers and temp gun for CTing.

    Ugh, it's a few min later and still feeling worse, getting achier. Still have laundry to fold before going to bed, and the co-op run so I can have my BAB with more than just eggs. Maybe a dip in a cool tub will help, need to put kiddie to bed pretty soon (40ish min) and give hubby a break in the meantime, so need to fig out how I'm going to do this.

    sent from my phone while wrangling at least 1 toddler...expect typos, smile when you see them...the toddlers or the typos

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