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Skin in the game - Help with PCOS, Hashis and creativity! Journal

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by KruseKadet, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Kruse-Folk,
    Would love some help with my PCOS, Hashis, obesity and hormone mega-fail. I want to be a bright shiny peep, not a dreggy dopamine-vortex where creativity goes to die!! Would so appreciate help as am new to science!

    Had a quick one-on-one with Dr Kruse. He thought my labs were alarming, and possibly incorrect, re my super high oestrogen. He told me to change my environment, and get retested, which I am in the process of doing. Currently investigating EMF proofing, and getting 3 hrs am sunlight, fish meal each morning, grounding, icewater face dipping, and trying to avoid carbohydrates. I am failing on the latter. Still drawn obsessively back to sugar just when I think I have broken it’s back, so it’s clear my dopamine / beta endorphin production is not yet fully cooking. Despite BAB breaky, mood falls low at 4pm, and craving. This seems crucial to me.

    Is there anything else I can do to help support the changes to happen? I am on no thyroid meds, nor hormone assist at all. Australia is a wasteland for red-pilled doctors, zero help. Would progesterone or DHEA help me? Was put on it once before by a doc years ago and it seemed to help…

    If any other women are working these angles, PCOS, HASHIS etc, would love to hear from you, and share the progress.

    Much love to Dr Kruse for rocking our collective reality! X Kruse Kadet

    vegetarian from age 6.
    baby sat by TV from early age.
    sugar binging from age 7
    miopia age 8
    zero sun ever.
    yoyo dieting starving - sugar binging - obesity.
    glasses and contact lenses constantly.
    low DHEA, chronic anaemia, hypoglycaemia - diagnosed aged 22
    musician, working in studio is my job, blue light toxic for decades.
    depression - obsessive and negative thinking,
    night owl. 3am often the sleep time.
    No sweating and repulsion to cold.
    fried ovaries with laptop for decades.
    zero fish ever.
    obsessive worker till adrenal fatigue blow out. Now lacking drive for passion projects.
    low dopamine relationships (no more!)
    fibroids in uterus seen in ultrasound four years ago.
    periods stopped coming, huge build up of material but nothing coming out for a year and a half. Very uncomfortable, till I blasted them back to working with iodine painting.

    Obese but very lovely mother, athlete father, both older at conception.
    Mother arthritis and macular degeneration. Father faulty heart valve, glaucoma, died of an aneurysm after triple bypass surgery.


    IODINE URINE corrected - 51.0 - (when range for deficiency is 51>100)
    CREATININE Urine Spot - 4.9L - (when normal range between 5.0 >13.0 mmol)

    Result 76 - (Normal Range in Australia is between 50>250m IU/l)
    - I got this up from 50 in just 4 months!

    TSH 2.15 - (Normal Range 0.50 - 5.00 mIU/L)
    FREE T4 14.1 - (Normal Range - 11.0 - 21.0 pmol/L )
    FREE T3 4.5 - (Normal Range 3.1 - 6.0 pmol/L )
    Reverse T3 200.0 - (Normal Range *L 230.0 - 540.0 pmol/L )
    FT3 : Reverse T3 Ratio ( X 100) 2.235 - (Normal Range *H 1.200 - 2.200)

    THYROID PEROXIDASE Ab. 122 - (Normal Range *H 0.0 - 35.0 IU/mL )
    ANTITHYROGLOBULIN Ab. 56.3 - (Normal Range 0.0 - 115 IU/mL )
    TSH RECEPTOR AB <1.0 - (Normal Range 0.0 - 1.5)


    Progesterone Metabolites
    b-Pregnanediol - Below premenopausal range - 435.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 450 - 2300)
    a-Pregnanediol - Below premenopausal range - 90.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 120 - 740)

    Androgen Metabolites
    DHEAS - Low end of range - 68.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 23 - 350)
    Androsterone - Within range - 1282.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 400 - 1700)
    Etiocholanolone - High end of range- 855.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 260 - 950)
    Testosterone - Within range - 6.1 ng/mg - (Normal Range 4 - 14)
    5a-DHT - High end of range - 7.2 ng/mg - (Normal Range 0 - 8.8)
    5a-Androstanediol - Within range -18.6 ng/mg - (Normal Range 12 - 30)
    5b-Androstanediol - Above range - 145.4 ng/mg - (Normal Range 20 - 75)
    Epi-Testosterone - Low end of range - 5.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 4.5 - 22.3)

    Estrogen Metabolites
    Estrone(E1) - Above range - 60.4 ng/mg - (Normal Range 12 - 26_
    Estradiol(E2) - Above range - 15.6 ng/mg - (Normal Range 1.8 - 4.5)
    Estriol(E3) - Above range - 30.8 ng/mg - (Normal Range 5 - 18)
    2-OH-E1 - Above range - 19.0 ng/mg - (Normal Range 4.6 - 14.4)
    4-OH-E1 - Above range - 2.7 ng/mg (Normal Range 0 - 1.8)
    16-OH-E1 - Above range - 4.6 ng/mg - (Normal Range 1 - 3.5)
    2-Methoxy-E1 - Above range - 13.6 ng/mg - (Normal Range 2 - 5.5)
    2-OH-E2 - Above range - 3.62 ng/mg (Normal Range 0 - 1.2)
  2. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Couldnt work out how to add my 'signature' info so here it is. XOX

    Age: 47 - Sex: F

    Location: Sydney, Australia, -33 latitude.

    Dx: PCOS, Hashimotos, depression, obesity, binge eating, carbohydrate addiction, super high oestrogen levels, hypo thyroidal.

    Current Rx: 3 hrs AM sunlight where possible. Fish meal each day. Blue blockers.

    Health WINS: Felling the best I have in years from the sunlight!!! Definitely cheery and more motivated!
    Depression and obsessive thought greatly lessened with sunlight.
    Elevated my vitamin D so it’s now on the board though low.
    Prior to learning about Kruse, did a high-dose iodine protocol which reverse period stopping due to PCOS and detoxed from halides.
    Sleeping far better, now in circadian pattern. sleeping by 10pm is a massive change.

    Currently investigating EMF proofing my bedroom, and lessening computer time.

    Health Goals: Depression-free, high-dopamine so creating/writing effortlessly, feeling natural drive and high energy, weightloss, hormones functioning well.
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi and welcome ....so glad you made it !

    Are you doing face dunks?
  4. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Yes! Used to face dunks now and actually quite like it as it warms me up afterwards!
    Thanks for the warm welcome. This, btw, is KruseKadet who you've been emailing with Caroline. Do you think I need to approach Janz and let him know about my photo as was discussed with you and Dr Kruse? He may not look at my labs case other wise?
    By the way, today I found one 'Paleo' doctor in Sydney, in case you're interested ... http://paleophysiciansnetwork.com/doctors/int/Australia/Sydney/dr-john-d-thorsell-i-md
    Haven't tried him, but will let you know if I do and it goes well. He seems to have his own 'schtick' so I'm not sure if he would allow me to monitor my Kruse therapies through him or not, but you don't know till you try!
    Thanks for all your kind help.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my pleasure KK .....Don't forget - Doctor's are so busy but hopefully they are willing to learn from us too!

    as I have said to you - My Doctor is very interested in all this - he is just so busy.

    Jan will show up at some point I am sure! He is so good at reading labs........
  6. Eliza

    Eliza Gold

    Hi Kruse-Kadet

    Welcome! Nice to see another Australian on here. There are quite a few of us!

    I just noticed you'd mentioned Dr John Thorsell. I could be completely wrong, and it would definitely be worth double checking, but I'm pretty sure I investigated going to him as well and he's either retired, or does something else now?

    When I was travelling to Sydney regularly, I saw Maria Mackey in Manly. Very expensive, but very lab-oriented, paleo (I think) and switched on. I had a fair bit of success with her! Don't get me wrong, my hormones are still a mess, but I'm much better than I was :)

    Good luck with finding a great gp, they can be really hard to find here!
    caroline likes this.
  7. Rela

    Rela New Member

    Welcome KK.... Can you please tell me little more about your iodine protocol? Other than periods did it help with anything?
  8. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Rela! Yes re iodine. I will Private Message you. Nice to meet you too. X

    And Eliza, thank you SO much for that lead on a good doctor. I am going to check her out for sure. Stay in touch if you need any Oz based pal like support. X
  9. KruseKadet

    KruseKadet New Member

    Hey Drezy, thanks so much! I've long enjoyed your posts.

    Currently doing a protocol to help clear my Liver Phase 2 Pathways as advised by Paleo Osteo.
    Includes taking MSM, crucera, manganese, indol 3 carbinol, lithium orate, glutathione, B vitamins, etc. Trying to release this high estrogen and inflammation and stop the headaches and carb cravings. Also back on selenium and Lugols iodine with co-factors. Need help making sure I am on the right track and not missing anything.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
    caroline likes this.

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