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skin benefits from CT

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Brent Patrick, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    This is not so much of a question but more of my thoughts on observing the benefits of CT
    I have been doing CT for the past month and started with short cold showers increasing length
    of time. I have upgraded to immersion in a tub with frozen Ice bricks and at the moment I am able to
    stay in the tub for 20 mins and hope to build on this.

    I have noticed my energy levels have increased and better clarity of thought with much deeper sleep
    but I wasn't expecting old scar tissue to heal as it has. Scars have become smaller and have blended in
    with surrounding skin much to my surprise. I actually look forward to CT which I have been doing each evening.

    Friends have noticed on the complexion of my skin (glow) of late. Getting several hours of morning Sun
    with Grounding and increased DHA from wild Salmon most days ,,feeling great !
    Please any one with thoughts on skin health and CT I would welcome your input.

    2016 Webinar "Dopamine and how its linked to biological time" Dr Kruse mentioned Cold Coupled to UV Light ,I really took a lot away from this presentation ,I am really interested in exploring this with the Coming Winter here in Australia.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Funny you mentioned the scars. I hadn't even noticed until now that a scar on my chest flattened into the surrounding skin. (2-ish months into all this).

    My mental model for my own mitochondria at this point:

    Mitochondria #1: Hey, big dumbass is actually doing a few things right these days how should we let him know?
    Mitochondria #2: Let's provide better sleep!
    Mitochondria #1: Maybe, you can try it.
    Mitochondria #2: Let's provide smoother skin and scar healing!
    Mitochondria #1: Sure, if you really want to... Look we're stuck inside of a man that we need to get paying attention, for God's sake, so you can do all that but I'm going to turn up his libido and fire up his "come hither" field. These men notice that.
  3. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    LoL spot on drezy us males often need a twist of the light bulb to start to shine ,I am really starting too pay attention to things that appear to be connected and often find solutions to everyday problems with a think out of the box attitude

    Jack I recall in many posts has mentioned this effect is related to Dopamine production, and you mentioned Libido well this has really increased :) ,cant wait to see future cross references!
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  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Light and cold also lost me weight.
    See here ( https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/i-think-im-turning-into-a-mitochondriac.19191/ ). Back then it was around 16-ish lbs as of today it's 23lbs lost. My wife was actually a bit bothered and said "It doesn't make sense, you're still drinking (alcohol)!"

    The other change I noticed, probably along the same lines as your "glow" admirers, was that when I keep up with the light and CT women start approaching me and complimenting me on something. Today 3 women complimented my shirt. I've had this shirt for 3 years. It' really not that cool a shirt. Gal assertive factor enhancer field or something. My wife notices this and instead of it being a bad thing she seems happier that I'm hers and she turns up her "interest" in me.

    Also, interesting dudes and chicks, started coming up to me and just telling me what they are up to. I was in a hardware store today and some guy started just telling me all about the honey bee hives(apiaries) he was building and exactly how he found the cheapest supplies and how he intends on building the nests.

    It just seems like if you take good care of your mitochondria other people's mitochondria want to either help you out a bit or maybe acquire your trick. There's always the chance that I'm just nuts but that's the great thing about a forum like this. I can pass it by you and you can confirm, deny, or just be nuts too.
  5. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Wow glad you brought this up,,,,that is what I have experienced in general with men and women magnetic attraction yes having mitochondria working more efficient the "field" is expanded. I guess prospective partners are attracted to this and
    I remember jack mention in a webinar or Podcast that IR light is stronger when Redox increases and is given to others in your vicinity and healings could be the result I think Pollack spoke about it with Mercola as well.
    I appreciate your comments Drezy plenty to ponder.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    My personal experience .... you start emitting quantum energy/light - and people are very attracted to that. We have often spoke about being invisible ....I used to always be invisible and then one day ....I wasn't!

    Now people [strangers] always smile at me and chat with me - it is noticeably different. People are attracted to positive energy in a very big way.

    I think we become much more open and giving and without even saying a word - people are aware of the energy.

    My take anyway and that is what happened to me.....

    now you guys seem to have turned into a chick magnet! ......nice
  7. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Well I don't know about being a chick magnet Caroline lol, but I have always been interested in CHI- life force -Prana and its relationship to Humans .Seeing a different perspective and the way Dr kruse tackles and connects the dots with Quantum Biology
    is so fascinating!
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  8. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    I'm one of the 'older' gals on the forum and the healing morning sun, dha and plenty of CT, various kinds, has turned me into an energy and light magnet too. People are just drawn to me wherever I go. I had one young man come up to me in a local business and ask me "Are you the lady who does the Kruse stuff"? I spent almost an hour just talking to him. For me, this is not uncommon at all anymore. I really enjoy connecting with people in person, face to face. And yes, if you can imagine a 56 year old ladies skin improving, mine has. I get monthly massages and my massage therapist knows my body well. She can't get over how I have improved my skins elasticity in the few short years that I have been faithfully doing this.
  9. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Mystic I like that "light magnet" pretty much sums it up!
    Mystic Rose60 likes this.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I would really love to be 56 again ....lol
    You are in your prime!
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  11. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I'm finding that I see DH as I am, not as he is .... I'm being re-mind-ed of why I married him.:love:
    ScottishEmma likes this.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sue can you expand on that please ^^^^ I would have thought that "seeing" a person as they really are - not as you wish them to be is the ideal
    ScottishEmma and Brent Patrick like this.
  13. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK New Member

    I think someone can be who they really are.... but the partner may stop seeing it if the partners redox lowers. Visually DH may look the same but I think if the light/phosphine interaction in the eyes drops, the relationship becomes a repeating pattern, taking things for granted until they are no longer granted (divorce, death). My redox is improving .... I see him as he is, I don't wish him to be any different, I am seeing him as I am now, I feel more appreciative of him, eye contact is more meaningful, more connected. I hadn't realised what I'd lost until I got it back .... Great gift for my 25th wedding anniversary this month. :love::D
  14. Mystic Rose60

    Mystic Rose60 Let the sun shine on you :))

    I just have to say, I LOVE this Sue! :love::love::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Sue-UK likes this.
  15. ScottishEmma

    ScottishEmma Silver

    This is my favourite thread! I too have noticed these effects.

    Yes, my husband and I have been doing face dunks and the glow is noticeable! Wrinkles are fading!

    And yes, I've noticed a magnetic effect with random people that I couldn't explain. It's magic.

    Definitely an incentive to keep it up!
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
    drezy, Mystic Rose60, Inger and 2 others like this.
  16. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    great work ScottishEmma ,,keep going the benefits keep rolling in.
    Magic is the word random people who I normally would not interact with start conversations with me,I notice that it is mainly people who are in tune with there bodies and Environment
    I guess that is no surprise when you really give it thought ,,,we are all connected we are all energy :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    quantum magic for sure......
    Mystic Rose60 and Brent Patrick like this.
  18. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Yes is it Caroline ,its nice and cold now for us here in Sydney I am sure you will agree, I am just about to do CT and my tub is outside whilst listening to "Nourish Vermont 2016 // Dr. Jack Kruse: How to Bio-Hack Your Zip Code for Optimal Health"

    Are you CTing Caroline now the temps have dropped?
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    We generally go to the rock pool in Wollongong - but they are doing a lot of work there so we go to Port Kembla now. I take cold showers.
    I hate, hate, hate sitting in a bathtub altho I did it for a couple of years. I would much rather walk in the surf on a really cold day.
    The ocean temp is quite warm down here still ...how is it in your neck the woods?

    Since we are thinking of relocating - I better listen to Nourish Vermont ASAP!

    How are you doing Brent?
    Brent Patrick likes this.
  20. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    I am well thanks Caroline ,I am so enjoying all of Dr kruses Blogs and U-Tube Interviews just absorbing as much as I can.
    Rock Pool will be nice once work is completed round it ,I am near Parramatta so if I go to the rock pool I usually go to Bronte
    but haven't gone this year as yet and hopping to get some CT in at night at Bronte Rock pool when I take a week off work in July.
    I am just about to start reading "Power, Sex, Suicide" by Nick Lane.
    Caroline are you reading anything at the moment?

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