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Short video of bacteria, biofilms & quorum sensing

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Jonathin, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Jonathin

    Jonathin Gold Member

    This animation illustrates how bacteria form a biofilm. A biofilm - more commonly know as "slime" - is a surface-attached community of microorganisms. Formation of a biofilm involves a series of bacterial processes, including bacterial signalling and quorum sensing, production of pili and secretion of an extracellular polymer matrix.
  2. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    I have studied Candida in the past to no conclusions. I tried a candida diet for a short while but it was so hard I was unable to stick with it. I took a candida product called Candex for a good long while and felt that it helped me but with time I lost interest in fighting candida.

    I was just re listened to some videos by Dr. Thomas Janossy one from a Summit I listened to and another presentation he did on You Tube titled, Our Toxic World. A little hard to follow due to his accent. I think he is Hungarian but he is from Canada, seems to be known for his detox protocol especially in Australia and with those using detoxing to treat Autism.
    So not sure how Fluoride, aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals mesh with Optimal Health.
    Since he mentioned Biofilms ....I googled Biofilms Jack Kruse and this post came up.
    Dr. Janossy mentioned Biofilms and that reminded me of a product by Food Research a 100% food product called Biofilm Detox. It looks effective for parasites as well. https://www.buyfoodresearch.com/products/biofilm-detox?_pos=1&_sid=34a3ab91f&_ss=r I have studied parasites and heavy metals as well to no conclusions ie no idea if these are an issue for me and no idea how to use a protocol for them.
    I am not in favor of synthetic supplements but am interested in herbs and food vs drugs for medicine. Not competing with what Light, Water and Magnetism accomplish but to support the body against toxins while not getting in the way of what the body does best. I am a newbie to the work of Dr. Jack Kruse and this OHF and still finding my way meshing what I am learning here with what I have wondered about before....

    Three issues I have never specifically addressed with my health are possible issues with parasites, heavy metals and candida. I am sensitive to some foods, most all drugs and chemicals and EMF. Detoxing has not been a priority for me.

    How to test to find out if Biofilm busting and Detox are needful ? And then, if needful, how to choose a protocol to treat?

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